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  1. Outside of VS, there is an emoji with a smile and sunglasses. Clicking on it does not produce the emoji as expected; instead, it produces the shortcut command, '8)'.
  2. Hello! I would like to bring to attention an extremely bad issue that was found today by me and a few others while looking through chat emotes. This issue not only affects the players who use it, but other players as well in drastic ways. The issue has to do with various unused chat emotes such as {blend_1}, {rarepromolarge}, and all energy emotes followed by "_64x64". The effect of this is drastic to begin with, with almost all assets except the basic UI and cards deloading. All text becomes unviewable. This generally will last until the player logs out and logs back in on the client or until they close and reopen the client. However, it can at times cause the player's game to become permanently corrupted and all text and most assets to become unviewable until reinstall. As a side effect of this, running the game in this state can cause Windows system crashes due to a "critical structure corruption" having to do as a result. This isn't just a problem for the users who type the messages in chats; anyone who views the messages will usually end up with at least needing to relog. As well, using the emotes in friend game chat will cause games to lock up and even will cause the client to crash sometimes. Another result due to the corruption and assets not loading is that going into a game will force an autoloss and prevent the player from conceding until they close and reopen the client. The best way to solve the issue would be to temporarily close all chats including friend game chats and the lobbies. Until the emotes are removed from the game and have been identified, this could have dire consequences. People can force other players to reinstall at any time if they even view a message. If this is not fixed urgently, it will end badly. To users reading this, DO NOT OPEN CHATS. No chats are safe. Wait until an emergency bug fix is implemented. -Panda, your friendly neighbourhood bug boy
  3. Hi all, First off, please see attachment. Now, as you can see I have played the aether paradise conservation area stadium card, which should allow all basic grass and lighting Pokemon take 30 less damage. The effect was activated when I dealt damage to opponent's pokemon but the damage was not reduce when my opponent attacked me. As a result, I conceded my game as there is no point playing an unfair match. The photos I uploaded, featured my venusar TT attacked my opponent venusaur TT, however, no damage was registered apart from the special conditions effect. And when opponent used pollen hazard, and solar beam I took the full damage. This did not happen thrice, it happened more times throughout the game. Opponent also knocked out my shaymin prism with 130 damage instead of 100 from Sceptile's second attack, which was apprehensive due to hp capacity but it showed the aether conservation was flawed. Thank you for your attention.
  4. Hello, I don't know if here is the right place to seek for help, but I didn't found a better topic. I'm sorry if I am doing it wrong. I just received a in-game notification warning me I have been reported for using innapropriate language at the chat (or something close to that). The problem is: I only use the pre-programmed sentences at the chat, so this is obviously a mistake. The message also said to contact the site if it was a mistake. How should I proceed to clarify that? Thank you!
  5. As per the update, we now receive those little pulsing, green exclamation points when an opponents "says" something in a match. However, the exclamation point is currently activated when you yourself make a comment as well. This is just a minor annoyance, but it is something that should be fixed.
  6. kevster888

    I can't use Game Chat

    I haven't been on the Pokemon TCGO in a while, and for some reason I can't use game chat. I have no idea if this is a bug, but I'm honestly just really confused. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  7. LordKieta

    Friends List Disappears

    Hello, This has been occuring for a few months now. I'm not entirely sure why I haven't reported it until now. But it's becoming way too infuriating to deal with that I need to report it to get to the root of the problem. So every time I log in, and I go to make a Private Trade with a friend, my friends list isn't there. It shows that I have zero friends. When I try to send a friend request, whether it be to someone new, or someone who had previously already been on my friends list, it still says "You are unable to add friends if you have 250 or more". For me to get my friends list back, I have to repeatedly log off and log back in, or continuously close my entire game, and reboot it back up, until randomly during one of the reboots, I have my friends list again and can interact with them.
  8. I cant use my game chat I get the messages but canot write back
  9. Like the title says, i can't change it, it stays at closed, even if i chose open, when i come back it stays at closed after that. Because of that my kids can't add friends and chat. Is there a way to work around that problem for the friends list and chat ( i tried to seach friends on the website and it gives me an error back each time) Thank you
  10. There are no "canned" chat messages available for me when playing the game in VS mode. Am I missing something???
  11. So ive been trying for over a week to play TCGO but it loads to 30% then closes i tried reinstalling the game i cleaned out my computer wasnt really much to clean out but still the same problem is anyone else having the same issues been wanting to play this forever
  12. PrideSP

    Can't type

    When I press enter after I type in game, it just deletes my message.
  13. If I don't get help here. I'm sending a ticket.
  14. when i go to download it goes in half download and then it say network error!!!! what can i do?
  15. It randomly happens from my knowledge, and it happens like once every 3 days, so not often but enough for it to be annoying and forces you to lose. It usually happens in the beginning of the game. When I use geomancy, and usually if I only have 1 Pokemon to do it with, when you click done and the deck pops up for you to pick which energy card you want to attached it with, the deck wouldn't pop up. You can't do anything but force to hit done. After that, everytime you use Geomancy, the deck will never pop up again. I have to concede and start a new game.
  16. I was playing pokemon tcg online in tournament and suddenly that logo appears and saying I have no internet connection but when I check I do have internet. It's really frustrating because I'm in the middle of a fight and that problem suddenly cause! What's with you pokemon Tcg online are you doing this to ruin someone's game !!! We want to play good game and you do this to us!? show some respect to your players!
  17. what is going on with pokemon online? they are giving answers like problems for people are few and far between when it is constant for everybody and has always been this way!! I keep having to switch servers just for it to barely work, I use a pc. I really hope pokemon online gets it together soon, most of the really good players at my league think its a joke and don't even play!
  18. I have a challenge, do 750 damage to the opposing Pokemon. I have Toxicroak-EX and use Triple Poison. As the turn keeps passing by, I did about 150 damage from the poison alone. The guy surrenders and the challenge didn't update and add in the 150. Please fix it, thank you.
  19. Is anyone else noticing this? When a friend on PTCGO messages me and the scrolling chat "window" on the right side is minimized (let's say I'm looking at public offers for example) I do not get a notification with an exclamation mark that there is a new message waiting for me, anymore. I know, not the biggest bug in the world, lol, but just wondering if others are noticing this as well? Des PS, I looked through the known bugs log Mathis and didn't see this one, but I could be completely blind. If I am, apologies. EDIT: Seems to work when people message you, but it does not work when you initiate a conversation with a friend and then when that friend responds to you and you have the chat minimized there is no notification that a new chat message is there for you. So there is bug there in that way at least.
  20. Client Version: OS: WIndows 10 Steps to reproduce: In "General Chat" type a few words then do ctrl+backspace Expected action: last word is deleted Actual action: Popup "Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.exe has stopped working" appears - game crashes
  21. ************************* Just a small bug where trading post chat room carried over to tournament.
  22. [Content removed - content removed and submitted to the Development team to prevent player misuse. Mod. Poplar]
  23. My social settings for Pokemon TCGO are set to "open" but I can't use the chat. I'd like to be able to talk with the people I play against, at least to say "gl hf" and "gg wp" but i can't do either because when I put in the message and hit enter, it never sends. I can play the game just fine, but I can't chat.
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