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Found 1,302 results

  1. Card: Ariados Card Number: Celestial Storm #6 Expected Action: Ariados' Reactive Poison should do 20 base damage + 50 per special condition. Actual Action: Does 20 base damage + 60 per special condition instead Steps to Reproduce: Attack with Ariados' Reactive Poison after status conditions exist (Koga's Trap, Tapu Lele's Charmed Charm ability, Poison Barb etc.) on opponent's Active Pokemon.
  2. Littledarkfury

    [GAME] Dewgong Dual Blizzard

    Hello, recently when i have tried to use Dewgong's dual blizzard attack the game would freeze for around 8-10 seconds then do dewgong's attacks, but just recently when i tried to use Dewgong's dual blizzard attack it froze, and crashed my game giving me an error stating, "We're sorry your game has crashed due to a server error".
  3. JayD37

    Alolan Marowak-GX bug

    While playing a game against an alolan marowak-GX deck I noticed that if his attack Fiery Bone, did enough damage to KO my active it was sent to the lost zone. This is a bug, or incorrect action of the game client as only Alolan Marowak-GX's GX attack sends pokemon to the lost zone if the damage KO's them. I saved the log 113. artemisquinn's Alolan Marowak-GX used Fiery Bone and did 90 damage to JayD37's Weezing. 114. artemisquinn took a Prize card. 115. JayD37's Double Colorless Energy was moved to the Lost Zone. 116. JayD37's Spell Tag was moved to the Lost Zone. 117. Tapu Koko became JayD37's new Active Pokémon. 118. JayD37's Koffing was moved to the Lost Zone. 119. JayD37's Weezing is no longer Burned. 120. JayD37's Weezing is no longer Confused. 121. JayD37's Weezing was moved to the Lost Zone. 122. JayD37's Weezing was Knocked Out. As you can see, he used an attack that should not have moved my pokemon into the lost zone, but they did. I noticed however that when my pokemon were KO'd from the burn portion everything was fine and they went to the discard pile as can be seen in the log here 137. It is now artemisquinn's turn (Turn #7). 138. artemisquinn drew a card. 139. artemisquinn attached a Fire Energy to Alolan Marowak-GX. 140. artemisquinn played Ultra Ball. 141. artemisquinn drew Alolan Marowak-GX. 142. artemisquinn put Alolan Marowak-GX onto the Bench. 143. artemisquinn's Cubone evolved into Alolan Marowak-GX. 144. JayD37's Tapu Koko is now Burned. 145. artemisquinn's Alolan Marowak-GX used Fiery Bone and did 90 damage to JayD37's Tapu Koko. 146. JayD37's Tapu Koko took 20 damage because it was Burned. 147. JayD37 flipped 1 coin(s), resulting in 0 heads and 1 tails, for Burned. 148. artemisquinn took a Prize card. 149. Weezing became JayD37's new Active Pokémon. 150. JayD37's Tapu Koko is no longer Burned. 151. JayD37's Tapu Koko is no longer Confused. 152. JayD37's Tapu Koko was Knocked Out. 153. It is now JayD37's turn (Turn #8).
  4. When playing cards like Custom Catcher or Mixed Herbs that have the option of "If you played 1 card then this effect happens or If you played 2 cards then this effect happens" online it always makes me choose the second option if available. For example, if I have 3 cards in hand: Cynthia, Custom Catcher, Custom Catcher, and then I use the customer catcher, it will always discard both and make me switch 1 of my opponent's Pokemon as opposed to giving me the option to either switch a Pokemon or draw a card. Similarly if I have 2 Mixed Herbs in my hand, it will always heal, remove all special conditions, and discard both as opposed to giving me the option. I feel like this is a glitch as the hand is private knowledge so I should have an option either way.
  5. EzriCat

    [Card] Clawitzer

    Card link: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/pokemon-cards/sm-series/sm6/26/ I used Clawitzer's "Standing By" attack. In my opponent's next turn, they used a supporter card to change my active pokemon, then knocked out the new pokemon. I selected Clawitzer as my active pokemon again. I used the "Sharpshooting" attack, but it's base damage was not increased like it was supposed to. The act of switching active pokemon seems to have broken that part of the logic, despite the requirements written on the card being fulfilled. Because I used "Sharpshooting" on my next turn after using "Standing By" with the same Clawitzer, the attack should have increased its base damage.
  6. Hello! Just like in title, I used Greninja attack called Shadow Stiching. This attack deal base 40 DMG and opponent cannot use any kind of his abilities till next turn. Opponent had a Gardevoir-GX on active. She attached two energies form hand(one from ability Secret ************************************************* is a screenshot form the game log Bug
  7. wiz27

    Bug report

    カード:アセロラ、ステルスフード、ミスターミーン(Team U p#66) 間違ったアクション:相手のベンチにMr.MineがあるときにAcerolaをStealthy Hood付きのPokemonとして使用すると、Stealthy Hoodだけがあなたの手札に戻ります 正解:アセロラを使用すると、ポケモンを持っているカードはすべて手札に戻される
  8. Martial Arts Dojo should not boost damage to benched Pokemon but it does.The text on the card says only to the active Pokemon. It boosted Hitmonlee from Team Up's damage to a benched Pokemon and it boosted Hitmontop from Unbroken Bonds Bench damage
  9. Card: Sigilyph-GX (LoT 98/214) & Metal Goggles (TeU 148/181) Expected Action: Metal Goggles should stop Sigilyph's ability from working and putting damage counters on my active Pokemon. Actual Action: Sigilyph's ability still worked. Steps to Reproduce: Attach Metal Goggles to your active Metal Pokemon and use an attack on your opponent's active Sigilyph-GX.
  10. Hi all, First off, please see attachment. Now, as you can see I have played the aether paradise conservation area stadium card, which should allow all basic grass and lighting Pokemon take 30 less damage. The effect was activated when I dealt damage to opponent's pokemon but the damage was not reduce when my opponent attacked me. As a result, I conceded my game as there is no point playing an unfair match. The photos I uploaded, featured my venusar TT attacked my opponent venusaur TT, however, no damage was registered apart from the special conditions effect. And when opponent used pollen hazard, and solar beam I took the full damage. This did not happen thrice, it happened more times throughout the game. Opponent also knocked out my shaymin prism with 130 damage instead of 100 from Sceptile's second attack, which was apprehensive due to hp capacity but it showed the aether conservation was flawed. Thank you for your attention.
  11. Chocotopian

    Can't Attack Next Turn

    If this has been addressed before, please direct me to the correct topic. I've noticed a lot of players bypassing the "This Pokémon can't attack during your next turn" element of moves by, on their next turn, retreating/switching and returning the same card to play (e.g. Zeraora GX), and then proceeding to repeat the attack (e.g. Plasma Fists). Would this be considered a bug? I would understand if the wording of the move referenced the card staying active, but all it states is "during your next turn". Given Zeraora GX's ability to retreat for free (assuming it has energy attached), along with Guzmas, Escape Ropes etc., I would consider this bypass to significantly overpower this card. A card such as Cobalion GX, under its Iron Rule GX attack, states "During your opponent's next turn, their Pokémon can't attack. (This includes Pokémon that come into play on that turn.)" Should we assume that any card without this additional wording is able to bypass the attack block through the whole switching situation?
  12. Mason Gambill

    Theme deck

    I bought a theme deck and it doesn't say that I own it. I thought that maybe it was because I bought two, but I want a refund.
  13. When using Tapu Koko's tapu thunder GX attack vs. an opponent who has more prizes and a counter energy in play, the counter energy only counts as 1 energy towards the attack.
  14. Crustle (Boundaries Crossed 85) Ability (Sturdy) If this Pokémon has full HP and would be Knocked Out by damage from an attack, this Pokémon is not Knocked Out and its remaining HP becomes 10 instead. Crustle was at full HP and opposing empoleon dealt 120 damage and KO'd it. Strangely empoleon's HP was reduced to 130 (so 10 less than it's full HP 140) so it seems that sturdy ability was applied to opponent's pokemon instead.
  15. Client 2.62.0 When playing, the use of Sky field (ROS 89) enlarges the bench but the Deckbox both sides, remains over the benches, covering the card on the left side (right for opponent). While still part of the card can be seen and enlarging the card through right click is possible, is unpleasant to play with some cards covered Steps to reproduce: Play an Expanded deck with Skyfield. Start the game and bench a couple Pokémon each player. A player plays Sky field stadium. Notice that the Deckbox remains over the bench covering some cards, both own and opponent's.
  16. After last update game, today - i see following errors: 1. Tropical Shake attack in deck tropical takedown not work before add 1-8 energy card. Attack only deals 20 damage for opponent card - in any game modes Card which is not work attack in game: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/pokemon-cards/sm-series/sm6/2/ 2. In any match type aftere my victories - instead of the victory screen, the defeat screen is shown and I do not get any rewards for the match Please test and correct this bugs
  17. Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 1846 Archetypes Bundle Version: 11545 Localization Bundle Version: 11544 Current Game ID: d78a7280-4e6c-11e9-b9fc-22000af885d6 Cards: Absol / Weavile Card Number: Team Up #88 (Absol) / Burning Shadows #86 (Weavile) Expected Action: Weavile's "Rule of Evil" attack should deal 60 damage to every Pokemon on the field with an ability, including an opponent's Absol in the active position. Actual Action: Weavile's "Rule of Evil" attack did not deal 60 damage to the previously mentioned opposing Absol in my opponent's active position. It did, however, deal 60 damage to every other Pokemon with an ability (opponent's psychic Alolan Muk and opponent's Zoroark-GX). My opponent's active Absol was immune, though, which is certainly a bug. Steps to Reproduce: Use Weavile's "Rule of Evil" attack against an Absol in the opponent's active position, with an Alolan Muk (from the Sun and Moon base set) and a Zoroark-GX on the opponent's bench. I can post the game log where this happened, if it would further help in resolving the issue.
  18. So, I was playing against a deck with Black Market, when I knocked out my opponent's Darkrai EX with Decidueye GX's ability it gave me only one prize. Black Market text reads: When a Darkness Pokémon (yours or your opponent's) that has any Darkness Energy attached to it is Knocked Out by damage from an opponent's attack, that player takes 1 fewer Prize card. It specifies damage from an attack, so it shouldn't be activating like that.
  19. I have Use tooltip check in the settings but they're not coming up. Help?
  20. When attacking a Pokemon with Hitmonchan hit and Run while the defending Pokemon has a Poison Barb attached to it, the Pokemon that Hitmonchan switches into becomes poisoned. while not being the attacking pokemon as Poison bard says on the card. There was no ability Toxapex in play in case you were wondering.
  21. TaurusFire

    M-Mewtwo-EX weakness type bug

    Heya, The Mega-Mewtwo-EX (full art) card (not sure about the non-full art version) has a bug in it. i've noticed it a few times now and i can never trace back why it is. the weakness of psychic is psychic. that is known to all. however when i attack with my M-Mewtwo-EX on another psychic pokemon the weakness never kicks in! so i don't get double damage. This happened more then once now. And yes, i'm aware some psychic pokemon weakness is dark, this is not the case. Card in question: M-Mewtwo-EX XY-Breakthrough series 160/162 Greetings,
  22. Hi everyone, this is my first time posting on the forums, so firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong forum. If it is, would a moderator kindly be able to move it to the correct home please! Now, I say it may be in the wrong place as I'm not sure if what I'm querying is a bug or an intentional game mechanic. It may well have already been addressed, but I've yet to find anything stating it, so please bare with me! The potential bug, although I guess just general question, is whether or not Gardevoir-GX's Secret Spring ability is bugged to not allow the attachment of a Fairy/Dark/Fighting Unit Energy through its use? I would like to highlight Quagsire's Wash Out ability; "As often as you like during your turn (before your attack), you may move a Water Energy from 1 of your Benched Pokémon to your Active Pokémon." This ability doesn't state that the Water Energy HAS to be a BASIC energy, and thus being able to move a Water/Fire/Grass Unit Energy with the use of this ability is possible, and has been done so in White Kyurem/Quagsire deck builds. So, with this in mind, I would also like to highlight Gardevoir-GX's Secret Spring ability; "Once during your turn (before your attack), you may attach a Fairy Energy card from your hand to 1 of your Pokemon." Again, this ability also does NOT state that the energy HAS to be a BASIC energy. So, my question, if Quagsire allows a player to move a Unit Energy (if it is the Water/Fire/Grass Unit Energy) with the use of its Wash Out ability, should Gardevoir-GX also allow a player to attach a Unit Energy (if it is the Fairy/Dark/Fighting Unit Energy) with the use of its Secret Spring ability? If anyone is able to shed any light on this, it would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks!
  23. I believe damage isn't being calculated correctly when facing off against Pokemon that block attack damage from GX/EX Pokemon. This scenario happened in expanded. Scenario: Opponent had Alolan Ninetales BUS 28 in the active and had no pokemon tool cards attached. They did not play any damage modifying cards or any defensive cards like hard charm. I had Marshadow-GX BUS 80 in the active, with 2 x Strong Energy FCO 115 attached, a Muscle Band XY 121, and two Regirock-EX FCO 84 on the bench. Normally Pokemon GX/EX cannot damage Alolan Ninetales BUS 28 because its ability reads: "Prevent all effects of attacks including damage, done to this Pokemon by your opponent's Pokemon-GX or Pokemon-EX." But Marshadow-GX BUS 80 can copy the attack of any basic Pokemon in the discard pile as long as the energy requirement is met and its ability has not been turned off by another card. Its ability reads: "This Pokemon can use the attacks of any Basic Pokemon in your discard pile. (You still need the necessary energy to use each attack)" Larvitar TEU 79 was in the discard pile and it has an attack that reads: Attack Cost: Two Colorless Energy - Chip Away 30 - This attack's damage isn't affected by any effects on your opponent's Active Pokemon. The Chip Away attack was used by Marshadow-GX BUS 80 and 90 damage was dealt to Alolan Ninetales BUS 28. I believe this damage calculation is inccorrect because: 30 base attack damage (pierces abilities due to attack text from Larvitar TEU 79. +20 from Strong Energy +20 from Strong Energy +20 from Muscle Band +10 from Regirock-EX ability +10 from Regirock-EX ability = 110 total damage Instead, 90 damage was dealt. I believe 110 is the correct damage amount and Alolan Ninetales BUS 28 survived when it should have been knocked out as 110 is it's total base HP. Again, Alolan Ninetales BUS 28 had no Pokemon Tool cards attached and the player had not played any defensive type cards what would affect the final damage calculation.
  24. krj0928

    Elekid 21/102?

    I have two Elekid cards that I would like to play with in my collection on Pokemon TCG. They show up in my collection but when I go to the deck manager, they are nowhere to be found. Is this a bug or maybe it was a banned card at one time? If anyone could assist, it would be greatly appreciated.
  25. thereisnoneleft

    Card: Mewtwo EX (BREAKthrough 62)

    I was fighting a battle, and my opponent was using the Mewtwo card listed above, and used Shatter Shot with 3 Psychic Energy against my Stakataka GX and dealt 150 damage with no special effects like Abilities/Trainer Cards/Special Energy or Resistance message. Then, next turn, they used Shatter Shot with 4 Psychic Energy on my Silvally GX to deal 240 damage. They did have a Dimension Valley in play, which could be the problem instead.
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