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  1. jaredspec714

    Celesteela GX Ability not working.

    Hello! I might be wrong about this but I have the game log and some (phone) pictures showing the pokemon in the game. My opponent had a magikarp and wailord GX in play and I had a Celesteela GX. My Celesteela GXs Ability states: "As long as this Pokemon is your Active Pokemon, Prevent all effects of your opponents GX attacks. INCLUDING damage done to your Pokemon." However the opponents GX still did damage. What gives? am I not understanding how this ability works? my opponent had no other ability in play that said it ignored my Pokemons ability so I'm very confused. I have considered the possibility that the card meant my benched pokemon? but it does not say that specifically. It just says "your Pokemon" which would include my Celesteela GX. Anyway here is the gamelog and there doesn't seem to be a way to add an attachment for the pictures... Game Log Output Begins Here:
  2. Pokemon Center Lady is currently legal in Standard. I assume it's because Hidden Fates has been programmed into the game and Pokemon Center Lady is getting a reprint. Screenshot Link The Full Art and Regular Art can be seen at the bottom of the screenshot. I don't know how to prove that I had these filters applied but they were in fact applied. I was also able to queue for standard with Pokemon Center Lady in my deck. (It might just be for me, but it seems to be censoring the link and I can't open it. Hopefully the mods are able to view it though).
  3. StHawlucha

    Online packet counter bug

    My son encountered the counter bug a few days ago. He opened approximately 40 online packets and received one GX but no other cards of consequence i.e. no full art trainers, no secret rares, no other GX or tag team GX, at best possibly one holo but likely none and kept getting the same common cards time after time. He lodged a complaint with support and received the answer that a ratio of 40 packets to 1 GX or ultra rare or better was acceptable. They insist it had nothing to do with the counter bug. My son has opened hundreds possibly thousands of packets online and never experienced a shocking ratio as above but we are now being forced to accept it based on a feeble argument utilising the word "random". I would appreciate anyone who experienced the same to post their experience here or message us. Thank you. Sincerely, Luke
  4. Card: Recycle Energy (Unified Minds 212) Expected Action: If this card is put into your discard pile from play, return it to your hand. Actual Action: This is an odd ******* Whimsicott-GX was knocked out by a Shrine of Punishment. Whimsicott-GX and Cottonee went to the discard pile, but instead of returning to my hand, all 3 Recycle Energies stayed ATTACHED to the Cottonee INSIDE the discard pile. When looking at my cards in my discard pile, I could see the 3 Energies attached to the Cottonee (three circles at the bottom of the ******** if they were still in play). I do have a screenshot of the discard pile that could be very helpful, though I'm pretty sure we can't post those here. Steps to Reproduce: The log should help, there was a lot going on: Spell Tag, Shrine of Punishment, two knock outs... (around lines 325-335 of the game log output), Game log :
  5. After attaching 2 Fire energies and 1 Burning energy to Heatran-GX with its ability it only does 100 Damage with its GX attack instead of 100. ~ last 10 steps of the following Game Log: Game Log Output Begins Here:
  6. Hello, I just finished a game where I had the Ear Ringing Bell attached to a couple of my benched Pokémon and on my Active Pokémon and was battling against and Muk & Alolan Muk Tag Team. The opponent used severe poison but in turn was not effected by the Ear Ringing Bell’s effect on from my active Pokémon and was left unconfused. Does severe poison bypass Ear Ringing Bell or is this a bug? Thank you in advance for your help.
  7. I chose to go second. I had placed Treecko as my active and Bounsweet as my benched pokémon. My opponent takes their turn and then it's my turn. I use a cherish ball to get Rowlet & Alolan Exeggutor GX and place him on my bench. Add a grass energy to Treecko to retreat him and then select Rowlet & Alolan Exeggutor GX as my active. I used his attack to evolve a basic pokémon but it wouldn't allow me to select either Grovyle or Steenee to evolve into. My opponent takes their next turn and then I add a grass energy to Rowlet & Alolan Exeggutor GX and use his attack and this time it did allow me to evolve Bounsweet to Steenee and then to Tsareena.
  8. Hi, There appears to be a major bug with Persian-GX (UNB-149, UNB-207, UNB-227) and its Ability Cat Walk; it seems in the current version that the Ability can be used during your turn regardless if whether or not one of your Pokemon-EX/GX were Knocked Out during your opponent's last turn EDIT: After further testing, it appears that the option appears to use Cat Walk every turn, but if it is selected on a turn when a Pokemon-EX/GX was NOT Knocked Out during your opponent's last turn, the Ability will immediately fail. Even so, being able to select an Ability that cannot be used still seems like a bug
  9. During a tournament, I faced off against a player with a Reshiram & Charizard-GX card from the Unbroken Bonds set. The text of the card limits its Flare Strike attack to once every other turn with the text "This Pokémon can't use Flare Strike during your next turn". However, during the match, the opponent was able to use Flare Strike every turn. I don't know if this is a bug related to my opponent's use of Jirachi's Stellar Wish ability and Escape Board item, but the text on card was clearly ignored. The bug contributed to my tournament loss. Below is a copy of the full game log detailing the match, you'll notice the use of Flare Strike on turns 3, 5, and 7 on lines 89, 134, and 182.
  10. Apparently, when stuff from shop, I usually check the cards the theme decks have. However, it has come to my attention that unowned cards no longer grey out in the theme decks as they previously did. Making it harder to find, which cards you already own, until you zoom in them and find that you own 0 copies of that particular card !
  11. Drofyalp19

    Cacturne feint attack

    Cacturne CES 20 did not deal 50 damage to benched Charizard TEU 14 it dealt 30 instead. No other effects to reduce damage were on the field. Forgot to save the game log so can’t provide it. Can someone test this out? Played another game with cacturne in the active and whimsicott-gx as opponents active. Following a failed coin flip by opponent feint attack still only applied 30 damage.
  12. curiousynthetic

    Cyrus <Prism Star>

    Couldn't seem to play Cyrus. I'd satisfied the conditions my active pokemon was Vaporeon GX, the opponent had 2 pokemon on the bench, there is no mention of the opponent having a minimum number of benched pokemon. I could play any of my other supporter cards. I have a screenshot but it seems we aren't allowed to post them which is very unhelpful. The screenshot is more useful than the game log in this case.
  13. hevvychef

    [GAME BUG} Seismetoad-EX

    I was playing in EXP. Quaking punch was in effect - Seismetoad-EX was active, on his bench was a garbotoxin with float stone attached and a Shaymin. the stadium was Virbank city placed by my opponent. I had a Ubb Dugtrio with a choice band in the active and a Jirachi with escape board on the bench although there were no other effects in place, I was locked out of all trainers. I couldn't play either supporters or stadium cards from my hand. I hope i made the post correctly
  14. This occurred on client When using Lanturn and an exp share on my Oranguru, my Treeko died with a grass and electric energy attached to it. I selected the grass energy to go onto my Oranguru, and the electric energy to go onto the Lanturn. What should have happened is I have a Treeko in discard, a grass energy on my Oranguru and an electric energy on my Lanturn. What actually happened is, the treeko and grass energy got discarded, while the electric energy went onto my Lanturn. While I have not tested this thoroughly, this has happened to me twice while using the Leaf Charge deck and could easily happen to anybody playing the strategy deck.
  15. I just played a seismitoad deck and when they used quaking punch I wasn't able play any trainer cards. Can someone please fix this.
  16. I was using my Golduck (Team up 27) in a theme battle versus another torrential cannon theme deck. The opponent's golduck used Amnesia on my golduck and I couldn't use my attack (in this case Swim), however, when I used Amnesia on his golduck, I couldn't choose which attack to disable. On his next turn (following mine) there was no effect nor an arrow to indicate that i disabled the attack, and he could still use Amnesia. The only think i noticed is that my golduck had 3 water energies and his only 2 water energies. I don't have the log. This is the text of the attack: Choose 1 of your opponent's Active Pokémon's attacks. That Pokémon can't use that attack during your opponent's next turn.
  17. clive441

    Articuno bug

    articuno's cold cyclone has been changed to attach two bench bench pokemons as if they prefer energy, instead of attaching two benches pokemon two. I would like correspondence
  18. Cheebacca

    Luxio (UPR 47) itemlock bug

    EDIT: Nevermind. Just found out it's a known issue. Moderators can delete this thread. Have a nice day! C
  19. Aurorus_(Furious_Fists_26) Was playing a match in trainer challenge. The opponents active pokemon was Aurorus and had 1 water energy attached. No damage reduction from ice shield was being applied. None of my decks for trainer challenge have anything that nullifies abilities.
  20. curiousynthetic

    Wishful Baton

    Opponent used an attack that knocked out one of my benched pokemon as well as my active pokemon (Tag Bolt GX). My wishful baton was on my active pokemon (Leafeon-GX) which had 3 grass energy and the benched bulbasaur that was knocked out had 1 grass energy. This then resolved to moving energy from my bulbasaur not my Leafeon. The log is fairly useless as it doesn't record how the energy was moved, it does show the damage knocking out leafeon first then bulbasaur.
  21. Insouciance

    [GAME BUG} Seismetoad-EX

    Quaking punch prevents item card from being played, but I was not able to play pokemon center lady which is not an item card. Why?
  22. TheBlackxRanger

    [CARD]Roaring skies collection numbers

    Roaring skies collection number 109 and 110 are counted as part of the set. Both cards are secret rares and should not be considered part of the main set. Correct listing in game should be collection numbers 109/108 and 110/108 Please let me know if this is the correct method for submitting collection errors or if a formal ticket should be submitted. Thanks!
  23. Littledarkfury

    [GAME] Dewgong Dual Blizzard

    Hello, recently when i have tried to use Dewgong's dual blizzard attack the game would freeze for around 8-10 seconds then do dewgong's attacks, but just recently when i tried to use Dewgong's dual blizzard attack it froze, and crashed my game giving me an error stating, "We're sorry your game has crashed due to a server error".
  24. Had to put 370 damage on muk and Muk gx. I have a screenshot with 320 on Muk muk gx. No gamelog available Edit: Actually looks like Admin aware of the issue but couldnt get the bug to appear again. I was playing weezing spread and im not sure if its mr. mimes ability, acerola being used to no effect, weezings ability, or something bugged with using spell tag on something with buff padding [edited out by Mod_GuruLot - keep your links official]
  25. Card: Ariados Card Number: Celestial Storm #6 Expected Action: Ariados' Reactive Poison should do 20 base damage + 50 per special condition. Actual Action: Does 20 base damage + 60 per special condition instead Steps to Reproduce: Attack with Ariados' Reactive Poison after status conditions exist (Koga's Trap, Tapu Lele's Charmed Charm ability, Poison Barb etc.) on opponent's Active Pokemon.
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