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  1. Have noticed this for a while now, When attaching energies to Charizard from XY Evolutions card 11/108 that are not fire energies it attacks and works and then randomly will not work again for rest of the match????I have been told it was escalated to the Dev team and heard nothing since that was 4 months ago ( I am sure you guys are busy) I am not complaining just making aware I have tested with only water energies, a water and a triple excel energy, and a list of other combos it just stops working.It worked fine for my first 2-3 matches and then all of a sudden stopped. I can select the card but the move Fire spin is not shown that it can be used. I can only retreat the Charizard.The energy Burn ability is meant to turn what ever energies are attached to charizard into fire but seems to not work all the time??? I have recorded this and taken screenshots of what I mean in matches where I would have won:( I hope that the Dev team can one day look into this Thank you
  2. So I started the match and the game asked me if I want to draw a card because my opponent didn’t have a type of mon or something and so I accept it but it doesn’t work so I proceeded to spam it until it worked after 7 seconds of spamming it it finally worked but it gave way more then one card my deck was so full I couldn’t even see what I was picking because the cards where covering the other cards right now I’m just worried I’ll get banned for being mistaken as a hacker since I just started has this happened to anybody else?
  3. This just caused me a loss in the first round of a tournament. I want my 8 tickets back. Cards: Noivern 77/111 FUF & Morpeko VMAX 080/202, 204/202 SWSH Expected action: When Morpeko uses its attack, the player should have to flip a coin to see if it worked, due to Noivern's ability. Actual action: No coin flip was performed and the ability was ignored, even though nothing was in play that would've blocked it. I had a game log copied to my clipboard but accidentally deleted it. It should be reproducable though.
  4. Just played a match against Ho-oh EX and Marshadow GX. When the Marshadow used Ho-oh's Rainbow Burn with 3 types of energy attached, it did 210 damage and 420 damage with weakness against my lightning pokemon. The attack should only do 20 + 60, according to the attack description, to total 80 damage or 160 with weakness. Marshadow did not have any tools attached and there were no cards in play that increased the damage.
  5. I found out that keldeo with the ability pure heart(with a special energy attached (line 64)) can hit alolan persian with smug face. How is that? Game Log Output Begins Here: May you please help me out? thanks!
  6. Ultra Necroza the Dragon form. It cannot attack unless your opponent has 2 or less prize cards, It always attacks no matter how many prize cards you have left 6, 5,4, etc. Thanks,
  7. Barraskewda from the Rebel Clash set is doing 260 damage instead of its standard 130. Hitting for Weakness it is doing 520. As much as I love this change, figured I should report it the only way I know how
  8. How was my opponent's pokemon Rayquaza GX able to do 140 damage to my pokemon? Rayquaza Gx used Dragon Break attack (does 30 damages times the amount of basic grass and electric energy attached to your pokemon). Rayguaza had only 3 energies. My opponent used Professor Kukui in that turn. So, wasn't Rayquaza supposed to do 110 damages?
  9. My opponent was able to use Professor’s Research and Boss’s Orders on the same turn. However, they did not play any cards that allowed them to play more than one supporter. I have attached the game log.Game Log Output Begins Here: *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2111 Archetypes Bundle Version: 14752 Localization Bundle Version: 14756 Current Game ID: 16bdedc0-fd48-11ea-9105-0617c4d36ced
  10. I have encountered a bug while playing in trainer's challange, the card Wally ROS 94, was at first working normally then at one game it had ban symbol on it. The oppornent played wally twice and both time it had ban symbol but before that match it had no ban symbol.
  11. Littledarkfury

    Galarian Stunfisk Glimwood Bug

    I found another Coin flip based Pokemon that is bugged with Glimwood Tangle. Galarian Stunfisk(132 swsh)'s attack Damage Rush does not re flip coins when Glimwood Tangle in play.
  12. I Just had my cinderace VMax wiped out by an opponents second Barrelling Blitz from normalium-Z tool card, I read the card, it even says on the card only one GX can be used per game, is this a bug or can somebody it to me please? Thanks in advance
  13. I have never really looked into my collection in the list view option and I have noticed Zekrom Promo XY76 in list view is spelled as "ekrom"
  14. My opponent and I were both playing decks with Pokemon which evolved from Unidentified Fossil. My opponent had put Pokemon Research Lab in play and had used it on their turn. I was unable to use their stadium on my turns. I can attach the game log, though it does not provide any evidence of my inability to use the card.
  15. Pasting game log below. You can see they used it twice in one turn at #139 and #147 Game Log Output Begins Here:
  16. Hello dev team! Today I just encountered this issue: When I put in play my Steelix (cosmic eclipse) evolving it from onix, and using the 2nd attack (which does 100x damage for each head until I get tails) w/ a TAE attached, in first place, after coin flipping, the turn bugs and let the opponent decide if I have to flip the coins or not. Also, after doing this my TAE goes to the discard pile for no reason, it supposed to stay on steelix while it is an evolution pokemon (this bugs are really annoying tbh). I've read that a lot of people are having issues with glimwood tangle, hope it'll get fixed soon! Also, I dont have the game log ;(((
  17. JuuhPanda

    Lost my packs and coins

    I just won a tournament, and got 6 packs, with one addition for doing the daily bonus, but then the tournament page got in maintanence and lost those packs and the coins. What should I do? Sorry for bad english, it's not my first language
  18. When i used Slowpoke & Psyduck GX's GX attack; Thrilling Times for 2 energy & also with the total of 8 water energy on it to flip 10 coins instead of 1, the game did not give me the option to Re flip the coins when Glimwood Tangle was in play.
  19. This same bug has happened a few times in the past week and it happened to me months ago when I played Mewtwo Mew in the past. I had enough energy and had never used a GX attack that game and when I went to attack Flare Blitz GX was not available when there was no reason I could not use. Clearly I lost the game because of this. This seems to happen enough to make me not want to play this deck even though I enjoy it a lot. There is no reason this bug should still not be fixed with this card being in play for so long. Here is the game log *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2103 Archetypes Bundle Version: 14625 Localization Bundle Version: 14646 Current Game ID: e4296d20-ee61-11ea-9ca1-06569368bd57
  20. I just finished playing a match against a player that had a pheromosa and buzzwole tag team card on their active spot. The player had one grass energy attached to the card and used the "Jet Punch" attack on me. The player was able to do 30 damage on my active pokemon even though the card reads that damage should be done on one of my benched pokemon (the link to the card's description is down below). Was my opponent playing the card correctly or is there some sort of issue with how the card works in ptcgo? I had mew on my bench that prevents damage from being done to bench pokemon so I was expecting my opponent to pass his turn. pheromosa and buzzwole tag team card
  21. My opponent had 1 AE attached to Pancham (FL) and it triggered the extra damage effect. It only counts as 1 energy at a time so that shouldn't happen.
  22. According to TPCi's FAQ for Darkness Ablaze, When the only Eternatus Vmax on the player's side of the board is knocked out, the bench size reduction occurs before promoting a new pokemon to the active slot. In my game, I knocked out the only Eternatus Vmax on the opponent's side and they promoted before reducing bench size. Q. If my only Eternatus VMAX with "Eternal Zone" Ability is Active and gets KO'd, do I reduce my bench size down to 5 Pokemon before or after promoting one to the Active Slot? A. You discard down to 5 Benched Pokemon before promoting a new Active Pokemon in this scenario. (Aug 20, 2020 TPCi Rules Team)
  23. I just battled three different opponents who had three different Gx cards as their active Pokemon (MewToo and Mew, Celebi & Venosaur, and one other regular GX, I believe it was Ho-Oh). Every time they attacked Celesteela took damage, yet the ability states that it should not take damage from GX Pokemon based on its immunity. No stadium cards or effects were in play at the time. Can you please clarify why this is occurring?
  24. Avogadrosnumber

    [CARD] Dust Island Bug with Switch

    Hello, During my last match, my opponent used Switch to switch their poisoned active Pokemon with a benched one. Dust Island was the active stadium in play at the time. Their new Pokemon did not retain the poisoned trait up;on becoming the new active Pokemon. This happened twice during the match. Game log included below. I have made bold and underlined the areas of concern in the log. Game Log Output Begins Here: *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2095 Archetypes Bundle Version: 14597 Localization Bundle Version: 14621 Current Game ID: 1a969820-e65f-11ea-af95-06e20e97e0f1
  25. If you use Seaking UNB 49's attack Enhanced Horn while Glimwood Tangle is in play, you don't get to chose to flip again using the Stadium and the opponent gets to chose instead. This happens regardless of Seaking having a Tool attached or not. I managed to replicate the situation this happened in. Here's the game log: Game Log Output Begins Here:
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