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  1. A brand new bug appeared with this morning's update (v 2.63), one that I've never seen before. We share devices in my family. As of this morning, only my Avatar appears when playing a game. I think it's funny, and am glad it chose mine as the default, but my son and another family member don't think so much of it. It happens on both our iPad and PC, in all game areas, including the Trainer Challenge. On her account and my son's, the Avatar Creator shows them properly, but it always shows ME when they're playing a game.
  2. Littledarkfury

    Charizard Avatar Items Rarity Bug

    Not a huge game breaking bug, but when i am in public trades and see offers involving the Purple Rarity Charizard avatar items they show up as green rarity instead of purple rarity. Thought id report this because it could confuse some people
  3. I just noticed there are some new Tapu Koko gear at the Trainer Store on the Official Pokémon website. But my tokens from Pokémon Trading Card Game Online are not all showing up in the Trainer Store. In the game, I have rate now 4,765 tokens. But in the Trainer Store, I am showing to only have 35 tokens. Did something happen where they are not the same tokens or is this a bug or what? Is there a way to transfer them or are they suppose to show up automatically. In the past, when I used my tokens in the Trainer Store, it deducted tokens from my Pokémon TGCO account. Do I have to play minigames
  4. As the title says, since the recent patch, beards are not beeing displayed. A minor issue maybe, but I personally find it a bit disturbing. I suggest you check the avatar modification stuff and find out what's wrong. I might aswell use this occasion to ask for more beard options. The long beard (or santa claus beard if you will) comes with the overlip-beard, and I have been looking for an option of a long beard without the overlip-beard for a long time.
  5. I have checkd to make sure my beard was on and it was I even changed my beard on my avatar to a mustache and to another beard it says it saves and is working but its not thee. I go online its not there. i click on my challenges and it shows my avatar my head hat all there but my beard not showing please fix.
  6. twinbee_12

    Sinc problem with two items

    Hello: I bought the following items before the online shop was closes temporaly: -Torchic Trainer Set - Shirt -Treecko Trainer Set - Jacket Both item appear in my online profile but no in the game client. This was a problem by that time. I write to ask if they could be sincroniced by the support or if the support could enable me to buy again the items on the online shop so they will sincronice properly. Thanks in advance. Note: the sinc problem between the online shop and game client is now solved (I bought other items and now works well).
  7. As the title says, Items I've brought in the trainer shop on the website does not show up when I click on customize trainer on the website. The items, however, do show up on the online game. So while I can customize my avatar fine on the online game, but I can't do it on the website, which makes my forum look different from my online look. That is very annoying. And I already submitted a ticket, and the response is hilarious. I wrote: The Pokemon website won't let me customize my look, it keeps changing it to default look and all the items I've brought previously do not show up (importa
  8. So, I usually play my game on my iPad but I also have TCG downloaded on my macbook. When I try to play on my Macbook, I am able to login with my username and password, but when it loads none of my user data is there. All of my coins disappear, my characters look is completely different, and I don't have a lot of cards in my collection that are on my iPad. I would like to be able to use my mac, but it seems impossible when all my hard work is lost even though it's still my account. The player you see to the left is the player it puts in when I log into my macbook. My iPad character is a gi
  9. melissa56700

    serveur indisponible

    bonjour je peux *** me connecter au jeux sa marque serveur indisponible
  10. darkshadow200

    is the game not wroking 100%

    i just installed the game was loading up completely fine until it got stuck at 99% for two hours and when i tried to reopen it it turned off right away before it could load. p.s whoever is in charge of pokemon tcg online see this please fix this bug on the game because its not just effecting me its happening to a lot of other players incluing one of my friends on skype so i hope you can get this fixed so we can continue playing or in my case start playing this game
  11. I just started having this issue where I can't select avatar, gameplay, or packs to receive in a public trade. The issue has stopped, please delete this thread
  12. It's been a week & the shop is still unavailable.. So kinda need to be reported , hope you will fix it soon.
  13. Before the update when I bought an item in the trainer store (https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-trainer-builder/trainer-store/) these items appears in the client of the game (a message says that I have new items) I buy a "treeko trainer set - jacket" and a torchit shirt and they only appear in the pokemon page not in the game client. I think that the triner store has a sync problem with the game.
  14. Hi, I just made an account and it just kind of made me a guy. Is there any way I can change this? I don't even recall it asking what gender I was. :/
  15. robotboy3002


    When i downloaded the game i opend it and registerd and it was running fine i went to the tutorial (i did make my avatar) and then when the battle started in the tutorial my game crashed please tell me how to fix it
  16. Browsing around the game requires me to load and reload my card cache multiple times. My hand, discard pile, deck, and prize cards have to load and reload constantly during a match. Sometimes before a match, my avatar and opponent's avatar loads fully then other matches, they fail to. After the match, I have to wait for my cards and avatar to load before clicking done or else the match will not leave resulting in me restarting the entire game. Please help.
  17. Before the match, the avatar looks funny. Sometimes, it is a glitch graphic or no avatar at all on either player. After this, it takes a lot of time to load the game. During the game, my avatar fails to load on the box above my username (just blank) This occur frequently after the March 31 patch. How can I post the screenshot here?
  18. Whenever I press save to confirm my avatar it crashes takes me to the login screen and my avatar isn't saved is this happening to anyone else and can it be fixed please.
  19. It says do 750 damage with my Leaf Pokemon to my opponent. I did about half of that and it didn't went up.
  20. Hello! For some reason, every single time I try to change my avatar's shoes and save those changes, I get the "The network connection with the server has been lost" message. This hasn't happened before, but is happening every single time I try now. If the server is just down, I'm fine waiting a bit. However, I also lost connection during a game, which doesn't usually happen to me. My internet connection is just fine though. bonus: Since I'm already posting this bug, I figure it's worth mentioning that my profile avatar on the website never syncs with the avatar from the game. In f
  21. Heej, I don't know if it's reported before but, !. The Dutch language isn't working correctly(i think something like Swedish is thru it). 2. When I try to change my avatar my game logs out. I hope these bugs where usefull to take a look at it kind regards, OuweNol
  22. Everytime i try to change something on my avatar, the game crashes, I tried with 4 different PCs, so... Help
  23. Good Evening Trainers, Since I've wore gengar trainer set , it won't let me change and save any avatar. Every time I want to change to the new set and try to save the new avatar set, it won't happen and my account automatically disconnect from the server. is this kind of bug? please help me, I want to change my avatar set Thanks a lot Warm Regards, Erick
  24. The midriff of the avatar when wearing this item in the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online client does not match the skin tone of the trainer avatar like it would on character customization on pokemon.com.
  25. Hola Comunidad. Quería informar de un problema el cual no se si a otros usuarios les a ocurrido lo mismo, bueno el asunto es que cuando edito mi avatar y le doy a guardar, el juego cierra mi sesión y dice ''Se a perdido la conexión con el servidor'' y cuando vuelvo a entrar los cambios que le hice a mi avatar no se guardan. Aprovechando esta instancia quería pedir que por favor le devuelvan la autonomía (por decirlo de algún modo) que tenia el juego, me refiero a que cuando NO te salia Pokemon Básico o solo tenias un Pokemon Básico, el juego solo te sacaba 7 nuevas cartas o ponía a tu
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