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Found 11 results

  1. my pokemon tcg online write is im add support to update
  2. dear pokemon... On my Windows machine that has a AMD Ryzen 3 CPU and a Realtek HD 3 Soundcard the audio at times gets glicthy and crackly like for say attaching energy to your Active PKMN or collecting your prizecards What should I do?, Update my soundcard's driver, reinstall the game or even reinstall the Windows OS? Can somebody help me Sincerely
  3. I have no sound in PTCG. Yes my sound is on, everything else on my pc is working except this game. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still no sound.
  4. Eu fui dá uma olhada no ranking no site do pokémon TCG, e fui procurar a minha classificação no modo versus, formado expandido, não achei minha classificação de forma alguma, eu tenho834 ponto e não acho por lá, já coloquei em várias estações mas não aparece nada. Como faço para meu nome aparecer lá?
  5. Addie462

    The game keeps crashing.

    I went to download this on my Samsung Galaxy s7 edge which I found out it is not compatible with my device. (Which I see why it shouldn't work as long as I have a wifi connection.) So I downloaded it onto my iPad. I started the game today and started the tutorial but it keeps crashing. It would completely turn off the game and go back to my homescreen. When I go back into the app I have to start the tutorial all over again!! I tried about 4 times the same tutorial but cant pass it as it keeps crashing.
  6. StarslayerDeath

    Sound when you go on countdown

    Can you guys please implement a sort of sound when you go on a 15-second countdown? And when a new game start? We hate afks and so do you, keep everything in place but just add a sound that signals when ur at 15 seconds. Some of us are busy doing other things and an audio reminder would be nice.
  7. I found a lot that recently, whenever I'm in the game, just browsing through my collection or making a deck, everything is fine, but when ever I battle someone, it keeps saying I've lost connection mid-duel then sends me back to log-in screen with the notice "The network connection has been lost." My internet is fine, high-speeds, and it only happens with the application, I've even had a background ******* tab open playing music while it crashes and it's fine, still have a 4 bar connection. I'd really appreciate any fixes to this problem, as it's making me start to give up on the game.
  8. When I play the game, I can't get sound working (it's not muted). Does anyone else have no audio on the iOS port? (iOS 9, not 10, just fyi)
  9. Reeceyboy360

    2016 Easter tins

    I buyed all 3 tins I redeemed the codes but absolutely zero cards I'm bit worried as this as never happened before please help
  10. I've had 4 support tickets about this question and I keep getting wrong information. Can someone please tell me how to report other players. These hackers are ruining this game. I run into atleast 2 a day. People being able to play any amount of trainer cards and energy. PS you need to change the tags because the one I HAVE to select has nothing to do with this.
  11. WrightJustice

    Paralysis stops music

    When a pokemon becomes paralysed the music completely stops for the rest of that duel/game/battle and won't come back until after one of us wins. In past versions I had trouble with other special conditions not returning music to normal until after a few turns but it seems it has at least been cut down to just paralysis, though now for the whole battle.
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