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Found 582 results

  1. Skyfield Card Zone Merge While happily testing out a new deck idea of sweet sleeping face pokemon and the new 'Skyfield' card. The bug occurs when I play skyfield and the enemy bench is full (Or full enough to scale the cards down.) When an enemy is defeated, the cards shift to the left and 2-3 cards merge together. As seen below, 2 cards become 'merged' into the same card zone, and in some cases 3, as seen in the screenshot, Mega Lucario and Regirock overlap each other but while hovering over certain parts of the zone 'Machop' is displayed showing 3 cards have merged into one. (Screenshot:***************************************************************************************** 'Duplicate Handle' I have also experienced some crashes while playing with Skyfield, I receive a 'Duplicate Handle' error, I assume this is because both me and my opponent has full benches and the application has freaked out somewhere down the line and threw up a 'Duplicate error' Another possibility is that the 'Duplicate Handle' could refer to the Skyfield Card Zone Merge mentioned earlier and the duplicate or merged card zones. Unfortunaltey I never got a picture of the error window or subsequent error details (The error log in the Application files have stopped recording errors since 2014) -Thanks Edit after reading Bug Report posting rules: Client Number: Latest client as of 14/05/2015 Card: Skyfield Error: Cards merging together Steps to reproduce: Set Skyfield, When opponent's bench is full knock out any number of pokemon.
  2. In theory this weekend all packs of mysterious boxes would be XY-Roarning Skies. Well the thing is I've got two envelopes by this method and are XY-Flashfire. I feel cheated.
  3. I played today against m rayuqaza deck, my oppoent played skyfield,and used robo subistute,but the problemiis that i didn;t know about this because i couldn't see them, between his keldeos was gap, i could only see his 4 pokemons,that;s why i was so suprised i got hit for 180 damage,it this problem already known?
  4. Wanted to report that I had a game freeze during a Ninetales' Bright Look Pokemon Power (This is the Dragons Exalted Ninetales). Opponent's active Pokemon (A Seismitoad-EX) was burned and poisoned already, so when I played Ninetales onto my Vulpix, I said "No" when asked if I wanted to switch my opponent's Active pokemon, and the game froze. Both my opponent and I were locked out of the "Concede" button when this occurred as well. Besides those pokemon, my opponent had a Swirlix (Primal Clash, I believe) benched, and I had a Malamar-EX benched. No prizes had been taken, as it was only the 3rd turn of the game. Thanks!
  5. This has been happening a multitude of times for the past couple days, and its rather aggravating. Every so often, I get logged off and pushed out of what I'm doing, and I'm given the notification that says "I've been Inactive for too long, and have been disconnected". But I haven't been inactive at all. I could be talking to someone, making a deck, or even in a battle, and the game forces me out of whatever I was doing for "inactivity". On top of that, the game doesn't let me log back in afterwards, and I have to reload the browser.
  6. Mods i have got a serious bug Client: Card: Junk Arm Card Number: Triumphunt #87 Expected Action: Junk must be able to put pull any trainer card from discard pile. In discard pile selection all trainers cards must appear for selction Actual Action: Junk arm is only pulling item cards from discard pile. In discard pile selection screen only item cards are shown Steps to Reproduce: Junk arm must be able to pull all trainers cards including supporters , stadiums and item cards.
  7. Ok...after the Fairy Accelled Ursaring Disaster....I made this new deck based off of the suggestions made in the last one....here it is! EDIT- i just added pyroar... Pokemon-14 2-2 Aromatisse line (obviously...it's to move energy for attacking and retreating with fairy garden!) 2 Palkia EX (sets up lugia) 2 Lugia EX (is a beast) 2 Deoxys EX (boosts palkia, is a beast with helix force) 1 Keldeo EX (+fairy garden switches) 1-1 Pyroar line (wall for palkia ex to strafe into) 1 Xerneas (accelerates) Trainers-32 Supporters-12 4 N 4 Professor Sycamore 1 Shadow Triad 2 Colress 1 Skyla Items-12 2 Level Ball 3 Ultra Ball 1 Team Plasma Ball 3 Colress Machine 2 Tool Scrapper 1 Super Rod 1 Switch Stadiums-3 3 Fairy Garden Tools (including ACE SPEC)-4 3 Muscle Band 1 Life Dew (wish i had Dowsing Machine) Energy-14 6 Fairy Energy 4 Plasma Energy 2 Double Colorless 2 Rainbow Energy Please leave comments and suggestions!
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