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  1. ZenoV2

    Reward not received

    I did not receive 5 boosters of the reward Versus (1670v + 2 packs won previously and 2 confine how is it made ? And do you can repair that ?
  2. I already filed my ticket, but yet I'm still curious about a potential bug... Has everyone else encountered an inability to attach energy to any of their pokemon, although they could still select the energy and drag it, as a result of an earthquake from an opponent's attacking dugtrio(from evolutions) that, as mentioned in topic, KO's its own bench pokemon? ^ As I don't see it on the bugs list, I'm curious to see if any other players encountered the same thing I did...
  3. I am not fully sure that this is a bug per se because I have not found any answers to the ruling in question, nonetheless, if it is a bug then I figured I might as well report it. While playing a deck with Mega Slowbro EX (Evolutions 27), there were Heavy Boots (Breakthrough 141) attached to my active Mega Slowbro and a Manaphy (Breakpoint 116) on the bench. I used Low Roll Spin and became confused. I see where the interaction could occur due to Manaphy's Aqua Tube granting pokemon with Water Energy attached No Retreat Cost and Heavy Boots only working on Pokemon with 3 Retreat Cost or more, but I was under the impression that as long as the Pokemon had 3 retreat on the card, then Heavy Boots would work, despite other potential abilities or effects. If that interaction is correct and this is not a bug, then my next question would be, would a non-team aqua pokemon with a 1 retreat cost be able to use the effects of Heavy Boots if Team Aqua's Secret Base (Double Crisis 28) were in play?
  4. Played a match where magearna-ex knocked out my chandelure with faint spell ability, the ability flipped heads but magearna was not knocked out. There were no other factors in play but Magearna-ex's ability that prevents effects from attacks. Is this how its supposed to work?
  5. Clearlove518

    Fighting Fury Belt Bug

    I found that the fighting fury belt's +10 damage is not working on Dragonite's (Roaring skies 52/108) Heavy Impact. I not sure about other cards.
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