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Found 614 results

  1. Just used my Salazzle (Guardians Rising 16/145) against Solgaleo (Guardians Rising 87/145) , used Flamethrower and Solgaleo did not take x2 weakness damage. Am I blind or is this a bug, no trainers was used.
  2. Here's hoping I report this correctly! So, I wasn't smart enough to Export a log (rather, I didn't realize / think to do it before I shut the summary window)... Was playing a match against a player with Primarina GX (42/149). The issue was with the Bubble Beat Attack. Based on the attack rules, the attack should have been doing 10 + (20x water energy on all pokemon), but throughout the entire match, the attack was consistently doing more damage than it should have. When the attack should have been ***************, it was doing 110. When it should have been doing 90 total, it was doing 210 or so damage. There were no other Trainer cards attached, and no other Pkmn Abilities that could have affected the damage. If anyone else can duplicate similar results, would love to hear if I was just completely overlooking something, or if there's indeed an issue with the card. Thanks!
  3. I have encountered this issue many MANY times. I have not shared a game log as the log does not show the issue anyway. Let me explain; here's my issue in the form of a game scenario: -I still have all 6 prize cards as it is early in the game. -I can see my prize cards because I used 'Town Map.' -I achieve a knockout using Latios EX's 'Fast Raid' attack. -The opponets active pokemon was not EX or GX. -The prize cards pop up prompting me to choose a prize card. -I click the bottom-left to draw Pokemon Fan Club. It starts glowing yellow but doesn't do anything. -The game acts like it's waiting on me to pick a second prize card, but clicking any other card makes all the cards glow green again. -No matter how many times I click, I can not select the 'Pokemon Fan Club' card because clicking it just toggles it between selected and not selected. Even when selected, the game does not award me with the card. -Clicking another card while the first card I selected is glowing yellow simply deselects the card and they all glow green again. -Sometimes, clicking another card instead of the one I want will award me the newly selected card properly. -Most of the time, the previous step of clicking another card will not award me that card either and will continue the same pattern of toggling on and off when I click it. -In this case, I have to wait for the inactivity timer to appear ("15 seconds remaining!"). -When this timer reaches zero, the first card at the top-left is always given to me reguardless if a different card is actively selected. The prize menu closes, and the game returns to normal. As mentioned before, I am not including a game log as doing so wouldn't aid in any way. The log shows "Player defeated opponents active pokemon. Player drew a prize card [prize card name]." _____ I am not sure if this occurs when using Latios EX's other move, Light Pulse. The prize card rewards work normally when defeating an opponent's EX or GX pokemon, likely because I am supposed to draw two prize cards.
  4. Hello, I recently just played a match in which I played Mega Manectric EX, my turn ended and the opponent drew a card, however the timer had not stopped, and would rally between my timer and their timer, this carried on until both timers stopped and the game crashed, I could not concede either. I am unsure whether this is a bug or whether the other player was manipulating the game somehow as he had not communicated during any of the time. I have 3 screenshots, the exported Match Log and a video of the match while the bug was occurring, I will upload all but the video when I figure out how to attach them. I have issued a support ticket, but wanted to post just in case people had similar problems or may be able to elaborate if my hacking claim has any credit. Thanks, Ben
  5. Version 2.44.1 Card: Garbodor Action: Game went into Sudden Death. My opponent Played Garbodor (BKP 57) with the Garbotoxin Ability, before sudden death, and the ability stayed despite the Pokemon not being in play. Expected Action: Before Sudden Death is activated, Garbodor's ability is removed from the field What happened: As the Game Restarted in Sudden Death mode, Garbodor's ability was present although Garbodor was not on the field. Steps to Reproduce: Enter Versus Mode. Have Garbodor in play. Enter sudden death mode using an attack such as Turtonator-GX's Trap Shell. Make Sure Garbodor is NOT the pokemon Knocked out to trigger Sudden death (but is on the bench). Observe the lack of abilities on all pokemon.
  6. 3:45 est i played quad lapras vs a zygarde ex deck.... it seemed to gain additional effects such as extra ability, reduced damage, and effects that prevent energy removal..... unless im mistaken i dont know how this was possible. i didnt see any card or ability that would produce the results. please check my game log and see if the results are similar. basically he would attack and gain a new effect. my team flare grunt wouldnt remove his energy, same with crushing hammer. also damage that i did to him was reduced for no particular reason.
  7. I forgot to save the game logs, sorry. I hope I can describe the events of the turn (I did LOOK at the log, and it clearly said the opponent Retreated twice. I was playing Lapras-GX Waterbox, my opponent was playing Quad Lapras (with one Octillery) Lapras was my Active Pokemon, it had used Blizzard Burn at the end of my last turn. On the bench, I had Articuno (ancient trait) as well as Manaphy-EX and another Lapras-GX (three energy on it) My Opponent also had a lapras that had used Blizzard Burn during its last turn. They had Octillery on the bench. Both Lapras-GX and Octillery had Float Stone attached. Opponent's turn began. They played Escape Rope, I promoted Articuno (ROS Ancient trait) to the active position with 3 energy on it. They promoted Octillery. Octillery retreated. They played Pokemon Ranger. They played Energy Switch, moving an energy from Octillery to the active Lapras-GX. My opponent used Abyssal Hand to draw 3(?) more cards. They played another Escape Rope. I promoted my Lapras-GX, they promoted Octillery. (the logs say '... became [player]'s active pokemon" Octillery retreated. (this was their second retreat) They used Blizzard Burn for the KO. I promoted my other Lapras-GX. I eventually won the game, but I immediately realized after the game ended that I forgot to save the game log. Hopefully this description helps identify the bug (I can't remember if Ranger was before or after the first escape rope, or if Abyssal Hand was before or after the first retreat. I'm sure Energy Switch was played right before Abyssal Hand. I think this is the correct order, though) thanks! Summary of edits: Corrected a typographical error and added extra clarification
  8. My opponent has an active Altaria EX (normal type that is 2x weak to electric type). I'm fighting with my active Excadrill that is steel type normally but I had a Jolteon in play on my bench with the ability Electric Effect. This is SUPPOSE to make each and every of my Stage 1 Pokemon into Electric type as well as it's existing type. Why was I not dealing double damage then? There's clearly a bug or glitch that was denying me this effect. I will continue to test it out but it makes including Jolteon/Flareon/Vaporeon etc in decks for the type coverage pointless if it doesn't work.
  9. I was just in Versus Mode using Wave Slasher deck and my opponent was using Mental Might; I had the Fighting Fury Belt attached to my Slow King. My opponent took out my Slow King after a total accumulation of 100 points rather than 140. There were no Pokemon with any abilities affecting trainer cards in play. The same thing happened yesterday also while I was using Wave Slasher but I do not remember any other details. Thank you! NVM - as pointed out below my goon up! Thanx first responder!
  10. KyleTroy

    Mega Rayquaza EX

    Rayquaza EX seems to be able to evolve into Mega Rayquaza on its first or second turn, without a spirit link or any other additional effect on it.
  11. First of all, why is there no direct link on the main page for support for the online TCG? They have support emails for all other games, but not this one?! And, I sent an email and it told me it's for card replacements only?! But, anyway, I just wanted to report a bug that Zapdos resistance is not properly working in the Pokemon online TCG. It states on his card that he takes -20 fighting pokemon damage. I was fighting against a fighting type Pokemon and it did not apply any resistance. There were no buffs or stadiums to prevent my resistance. It’s a pretty bad bug. Thanks for any help.
  12. WHEN the Other player put the "Head ringer Team Flare hyper gear" on my pokemon EX and the pokemon has energy atached to him, the energy dissapears if i Play the "ninja boy" card and switch that EX pokemon for a basic pokemon card (The Head ringer Team Flare hyper gear dissapears because the mew pokemon isnt ex but take the energys to)
  13. LegendofZapdos5

    Bug in 16-ko Challenge/Pyukumuku

    I did not see a title for this subject so I started a new one. I was using my Volcanion EX deck and I was ko,ing my opponents pokemon with my Volcanion EX (Not regular Volcanion) for my water-16 ko challenge I got this morning. My opponent was using a non-EX/GX deck so I was able to get all 6 prize cards without getting 2 at a time. The problem is when the battle finished the challenge only gave me 1 credit towards ko's even though I got all 6 prizes and all ko's were done with my Volcanion EX (Which is water and fire type) Which I usually use for water or fire ko challenge. NOTE: My opponent was using the new Pyukumuku for the S&M-which I managed to ko 5 of them (He used a super rod to pull some back after 3 were ko'ed). I belive the game is not giving me credit for ko'ing these pokemon. I believe this is the bug. NOTE 2: I just beat 3 EX/GX grass pokemon with my Volcanion EX and I got 2 prizes for each (3 ko's counted) towards the ko challenge and I got all 3 credits for the ko's so I'm 100% sure it is ko'ing the Pyukumuku which DOES NOT count towards the ko challenge.
  14. Pokékillaclub


    Gx espeon's divide gxx attack penetrates diglett's submerge ability, allowing espeon to damage​ diglett while it is on the bench and​ unmitigated.
  15. On Occasion, when in a Versus battle, My game will crash in the middle of my turn and nothing else. If you need it I can post a crash log
  16. The_Lone_Reaper

    Lapras-GX bug?

    I used the attack on Lapras-GX where you can no longer attack the next turn, well on my next turn I switched into a benched one then used Manaphy-EX to retreat back into the one I just attacked with and it didn't let me attack. Is this normal or nah?
  17. ​Hey, ​mir ist es nun das dritte Mal passiert, dass ich die Poke-Ausrüstung Kampfgeistgürtel ​(+40Kp, +10 Angriff) an einer aktiven Karte angelegt habe und die Karte einfach ignoriert wurde, sprich die 40 zusätzlichen KP nicht mit berechnet wurden oder meine Angriffe keinen erhöhten Schaden machten. Alle drei Spiele deswegen verloren.
  18. Is there any reason for the odd number of tokens? The wheel is giving 47 tokens where it's usually 50 and 99 where is usually 100. Was this decided as part of the bonus tokens for the week celebrating pokemon day, or is it possible that the system is being hacked to take a small amount of tokens from every player to put in a given account as they earn them? Those are the only two reasons I can think of to see such odd numbers in the price wheel. Although admittedly the staff could have just randomly felt like using strange numbers for no discernible reason, I suppose. But that would be a little strange don't you think?
  19. Running on Windows 10. Game will lockup and freeze after using Noivern's AIR SLASH. Will freeze during animation, requires force close of game. Happened twice in 10 minutes today. Game updated last night. Have used the attack maybe 8 times with no issue, happens randomly.
  20. JaggedShaymin

    Meganium Prime

    I was in a game on the versus ladder , and I was using Meganium Prime. I had Meganium Prime, Vileplume (Allergy Flower), Darkrai (Dark Cloak) and Cobalion Ex on my board with a Pichu in the active spot. I had a Blend Energy on my Vileplume.(Honestly It was either a Blend energy (The grass one) or it was a Rainbow or Prism Energy. One of those 3 was on my vileplume and I wanted to move it onto my darkrai. For some reason I couldn't move it off of vileplume with Meganium. This isn't the first time it has happened, at first I thought It must not have been a grass energy. Yet I checked my deck list and the blend energy was grass compatible.. I did win the game yet if this is a bug it could hurt me in the future. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong here. Also Meganium was not affected by a special condition, she was on the bench the entire game. The second time this happened I couldn't move the energy off of my Meganium onto another Pokemon. Though this was a bit weird or I'm missing something here. Hope you can help. ~Jagged
  21. Lonelyricist

    Slowking bug

    Slowkings psych up attack says next turn this attack does 40 more damage.. with a base attack of 40 the attack power used each turn should + 40.. The card at the moment is going as follows.. 1st turn: 40 2nd turn: 80 3rd turn: 80 4th turn: 80... The attack stops adding 40 each turn when technically it should.. the attack should work like this... 1st turn: 40 2nd turn: 80 3rd turn: 120 4th turn: 160 ... And so on.. can someone please help me fix this.. how do i report this bug it's ruined my deck completely..
  22. I just played a game and lost badly because my opponent, who was running Mega Sceptile and Starmie was able to discard a basic green energy and get two back with the ability even though the text reads "You can't choose a card you discarded with the effect of this ability". My opponent did that at least twice in game though. They did use the new Sun/Moon energies which may be the culprit.
  23. When playing the parallel city stadium and attacking with "Mega Charizard Y" I have both the attack and the damage effect
  24. Yep. The sleeves show up and the box doesn't hope it gets fixed soon
  25. This is a difficult bug to describe. Okay, so I'm playing Ancient Trait Fearow Promo XY57. This has the Ancient Trait that I can evolve it from Spearow the turn that I play Spearow. This is irrelevant to the bug, as far as I know. My opponent was playing Ancient Trait Articuno from Roaring Skies. This has the Ancient Trait that it can take one extra prize when it takes a knockout. Fearow already had some damage on it. So did Articuno. I gave Fearow a Bursting Balloon. Articuno knocked out Fearow, but I also knocked out Articuno with the damage from the balloon. The bug here, is that I got to take two prize cards. Only my opponent should have been allowed the extra prize card. Magearna EX was also in play at the time and Fearow did have a metal energy on it, so I'm not totally sure if that played a role in this or not.
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