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Found 614 results

  1. GOREBYSS DAMAGE ERROR I just experienced a damage error when attacking with an SM: CELESTIAL STORM NO. 368 Gorebyss against a SM: CRIMSON INVASION NO. 322 Numel. The attack is supposed to do 30 damage and protect it from all evolution damage next turn. Due to its weakness, Numel should receive 60 damage from the attack. In spite of this, in my previous game, I attacked Numel and did 100 damage, instantly defeating it in the process due to its 80 point health pool. I am not sure, but in the worst case scenario, this issue could affect multiple other matchups that I have not experienced. If you have Gorebyss and have experienced something like this please help me confirm the issue in this topic. Anyone who wants to help with detecting this issue, please play some matches with Gorebyss, that would help a lot. I'll add any more things I find.
  2. iugagt

    Electric Oricorio BUG

    For some reason the card Oricorio (Electric) Guardians Rising 46/145 when you use feather dance the next turn the base damage of pom-pom punch doesn't change and still be 20 not 100 Client Version Card : Guardians rising 46/145
  3. In Versus mode, it seems that I am constantly being paired with people who have better decks, not equivalent decks. Three moves and I concede. This gets tiresome. Is this a property of the user who responds? Or is this a bit of tuning for the AI? I have tried to post this to the correct sub forum. If it is wrong, please tell me.
  4. ProfessorElms

    Mt Coronet BUG

    Anytime I try to use Mt Coronet te retrieve two metal energy from my discardpile to my hand the option will not pop-out, time will be called and my turn will end not before retrieving the energies.
  5. You are able to use Alolan Diglett's LOT #122 Call for family attack when your bench is full. The game will not allow you to add to your bench when full but since it is public knowledge that you have a full bench you should not be able to use the attack at all.
  6. Client: Android Card: Ninja Boy Card Number: XY-Steam Siege 103/114 Expected Action: The selected Basic Pokemon is replaced by a selected Basic Pokemon form the deck with all existing tools, energy, damage and special conditions and effects transferred to the new Pokemon. Actual Action: Game ends with error message: "Error! We're sorry! Your game has crashed due to a server error. Your win streak has not been affected, though, so you can join another game with your current win streak." Steps to Reproduce: Use Ninja Boy on active Pokemon with attached energy with no Pokemon on the bench. (Screenshots attached) (I'm not sure if it has to be the Active Pokemon or no Pokemon on the bench but the error message always appears in this situation.)
  7. I Tried To Open Versus, Deck Manager, And Shop, As Well As The Other Interface Managers, And When I Click On Them, They Fade Away Into A Transparent Gray, And I Cant Access Or Use Any Of Them? Is Anyone Else Having This Issue? Do I Have To Reinstall?
  8. I'm pretty sure that the opponent using Zygarde GX with the 'Verdict' GX move used it at least twice since my EX pokemon's attack got nullified twice. I think I saw this more than once. could you investigate into this?
  9. I was playing in the Legacy format and had a Sableye with a dark energy attached, with a Mewtwo EX on the bench with a dark energy attached and equipped with an EXP share. The Sableye was KO'd, and the energy went to the discard pile. I remember this issue existed before, why is this happening again? As a matter of fact, why do old bugs reappear? These simple gameplay issues are getting old devs.
  10. To Whom it may concern, I came across a game breaking bug in the game during one of my streams on May 29th, 2018 at approx. 9:15pm Pacific Time zone. This is in regards to having Wobbuffett (XY-Phantom Forces 36/119) in play as your active pokemon and Malamar (Sun/Moon - Forbidden Light 51/131) on your bench. Wobbuffet's Ability reads as follows: "As long as this Pokémon is your Active Pokémon, each Pokémon in play, in each player's hand, and in each player's discard pile has no Abilities (except for Psychic Pokemon)". As it reads, every pokemon in play, hand, or discard pile have no abilities except for psychic pokemon. Malamar is a psychic pokemon. which by the card rules, means you should be able to use malamar's abiilty: "Once during your turn (before your attack), you may attach a Psychic Energy card from your discard pile to 1 of your Benched Pokémon." I activated Malamar's Ability, was able to select a Psychic energy and then went to apply it to a Mimikyu on the bench. But when i clicked on Mimikyu to apply the energy, the game blocked the energy attachment and wasted my Malamar's ability. i tried one more time with another Malamar on my bench and the ability fizzled out when trying to attach the energy. Please look into this as many player's are using Malamar right now. By my judgement and by the rules of both cards, the energy should have been attached. If Wobbuffet did not allow Malamar's ability, I shouldn't have been able to activate it. Thank you for your time, D. Lyne
  11. So I placed down a skyfield during the first turn, and the game freezes on me. The game didn't crash completely, so my timer was still going down, but I was unable to select anything, including the menu on the top right except emoticons. I was forced to close my client.
  12. I was playing a match in versus mode with an electric deck. I had my Ampharos EX use Sparkling Tail onto my opponent's Pressure Lugia (which is weak to electric). As stated, Sparkling Tail ignored the weakness, but what it didn't ignore was pressure, which allowed my opponent to win the game. There was no stadium in play, and no tool cards or special energy (excluding double colorless) either. I'll list the text of Pressure and Sparkling Tail here. Ability Pressure As long as this Pokémon is your Active Pokémon, any damage done by attacks from your opponent's Active Pokémon is reduced by 20 (before applying Weakness and Resistance). Attack Sparkling Tail This attack's damage isn't affected by Weakness, Resistance, or any other effects on your opponent's active Pokémon.
  13. Client: Card: Dawn Wings Necrozma GX Card Number: Ultra Prism #63, #143, #161 Expected Action: Moon's Eclipse GX should do 180 damage before applying weakness and resistance +30 for Choice Band, -20 for psychic resistance of Zoroark-GX, resulting in 190 damage. Actual Action: Moon's Eclipse GX plus choice band did 210 damage. It appears as though resistance was not factored into the attack. Steps to Reproduce: Use Dawn Wings Necrozma's GX attack with a choice band attached and attack a Zoroark-GX.
  14. Kyurem EX's Icecalibur move does the specified 130 damage when used, but it does not force an energy to be discarded like it says on the card.
  15. Hello, I'm in a match right now and the opponent used Buzzap Thunder, now we are waiting for nothing. No one can do anything. I'm pretty sure the guy knows about that bug because he doens't leave the game, though I'm not either. What kind of winning strategy is that, just ban that card please until it gets fixed. EDIT: Oh well not a strategy because it's even impossible to forfeit, I really don't understand how that card isn't forbidden yet.
  16. Poipole Ultra Beast 55/131 Forbidden Light Card: Poipole Card Number: Forbidden Light #55 Expected Action:During your opponent's next turn, if this Pokémon is Knocked Out, your opponent can't take any Prize cards for it. Actual Action: However if Poipole is Knocked Out by any other method than damage from opponent's attack (poisoned, burned, damage counters), opponent still takes the prize card while the text says just "Knocked Out". Steps to Reproduce: 1.Attach an energy to Poipole. 2.Use "Knockout Reviver" attack while Dimension Valley stadium card is on play. 3. Let opponent to Knockout Poipole by any other method than damage.
  17. Card: Espeon EX (or possibly Beedrill) Card Number: Breakpoint #52 (or Evolutions #7) Expected Action: Espeon EX's Miraculous Shine attack devolves all opposing pokemon (in this case 3 Beedrill EVO 7). All attached cards and damage counters remain on devolved pokemon. Actual Action: X All opposing pokemon devolve. All damage counters remain attached to devolved pokemon. All energy cards attached to devolved pokemon are discarded. Steps to Reproduce: Attach energy to evolved pokemon. Use miraculous shine to devolve evolved pokemon. This happened multiple times in game. Forcing to multiple beedrill both active and on the bench. Attached energy were basic grass energy and Counter energy CRI 100
  18. Game Log Output Begins Here: **removed** Game Log Output Ends Here
  19. Hi, So the title speaks for itself. Armor Press should give the ability to Type: Null to take 30 less damage from attacks during opponent's next turn, yet it doesn't do anything like that right now.

    Solgaleo not factoring in weakness

    Client: Card: Solgaleo Card Number: Guardians Rising #87 Expected Action: Flareon's Heat Breath should do 120 damage to Solgaleo due to Solgaleo's 2X weakness to fire attacks. Actual Action: Flareon (Ancient Origins #13) used Heat Breath and did 60 damage to Solgaleo; not factoring Solgaleo's 2X weakness to fire. Steps to Reproduce: Attack Solgaleo with any flame attack / pokemon. Attacked multiple times with flame pokemon / attacks before knocking it out and Solgaleo's 2X weakness to flame attacks was never factored in.
  21. EmilRaichu

    [GAME] Charizard EX exploit

    An opponent in versus mode used Charizard EX's Combustion Blast against me two turns in a row, even though that attack explicitly states that: "This Pokemon can't use Combustion Blast during your next turn". Pretty sure it was the Illus. Planeta 12/116 card. (Sadly, I did not record the fight). The way he did it was to use a Float stone on the Charizard EX in combination with Guzma, in order to retreat the Charizard EX that had just attacked using Combustion Blast the turn before, and then switch the Charizard EX back in using Guzma. To my complete surprise, this allowed him to use Combustion Blast again for a second turn in a row! This, to my mind, must be categorized as an unlawful exploit - and hence a bug.
  22. M Glalie Ex had more than 10 damage on it but it's attack would only do 100 damage to the defending pokemon This has happened multiple times already. Game Log Output: 189. SteContiero played Parallel City. ***. SteContiero played Professor's Letter. 191. SteContiero drew Psychic Energy. 192. SteContiero attached a Psychic Energy to Trevenant. 193. SteContiero played Professor Sycamore. 194. SteContiero drew a card. 195. SteContiero drew a card. 196. SteContiero drew a card. 197. SteContiero drew a card. 198. SteContiero drew a card. 199. SteContiero drew a card. 200. SteContiero drew a card. 201. SteContiero played Evosoda. 202. SteContiero's Trevenant evolved into Trevenant BREAK. 203. SteContiero played Level Ball. 204. SteContiero drew Phantump. 205. SteContiero put Phantump onto the Bench. 206. SteContiero played Super Rod. 207. SteContiero's Trevenant BREAK used Energy Press and did 100 damage to ChrisFont's M Glalie-EX. 208. SteContiero took a Prize card. 209. SteContiero took a Prize card. 210. M Glalie-EX became ChrisFont's new Active Pokémon. 211. ChrisFont's M Glalie-EX was Knocked Out. 212. It is now ChrisFont's turn (Turn #12). 213. ChrisFont drew VS Seeker. 214. ChrisFon********** a Double Colorless Energy to Glalie-EX. 215. ChrisFont put M Glalie-EX onto the Bench. 216. ChrisFon********** a Glalie Spirit Link to M Glalie-EX. 217. ChrisFont's Glalie-EX evolved into M Glalie-EX. 218. ChrisFont played Mega Turbo. 219. ChrisFon********** a Water Energy to M Glalie-EX. 220. ChrisFont's M Glalie-EX used Cryo Mouth and did 80 damage to SteContiero's Trevenant BREAK. 221. It is now SteContiero's turn (Turn #13). 222. SteContiero drew a card. 223. SteContiero attached a Psychic Energy to Phantump. 224. SteContiero put Trevenant onto the Bench. 225. SteContiero's Phantump evolved into Trevenant. 226. ChrisFont's M Glalie-EX had 3 damage counters put on it from Silent Fear. 227. ChrisFont's Octillery had 3 damage counters put on it from Silent Fear. 228. ChrisFont's Manaphy-EX had 3 damage counters put on it from Silent Fear. 229. ChrisFont's M Glalie-EX had 3 damage counters put on it from Silent Fear. 230. ChrisFont's Glalie-EX had 3 damage counters put on it from Silent Fear. 231. SteContiero's Trevenant BREAK used its Silent Fear attack. 232. SteContiero took a Prize card. 233. ChrisFont's Octillery was Knocked Out. 234. It is now ChrisFont's turn (Turn #14). 235. ChrisFont drew Professor Sycamore. 236. ChrisFon********** a Water Energy to Glalie-EX. 237. ChrisFont played Super Rod. 238. ChrisFont played Professor Sycamore. 239. ChrisFont drew VS Seeker. 240. ChrisFont drew Glalie Spirit Link. 241. ChrisFont drew Water Energy. 242. ChrisFont drew Lysandre. 243. ChrisFont drew Water Energy. 244. ChrisFont drew Water Energy. 245. ChrisFont drew Octillery. 246. ChrisFon********** a Glalie Spirit Link to Glalie-EX. 247. ChrisFont's M Glalie-EX used Cryo Mouth and did 80 damage to SteContiero's Trevenant BREAK. 248. ChrisFont took a Prize card. 249. Trevenant became SteContiero's new Active Pokémon. 250. SteContiero's Trevenant BREAK was Knocked Out. 251. It is now SteContiero's turn (Turn #15). 252. SteContiero drew a card. 253. SteContiero put Alakazam-EX onto the Bench. 254. SteContiero attached a Double Colorless Energy to Trevenant. 255. SteContiero attached a Alakazam Spirit Link to Alakazam-EX. 256. SteContiero played Shrine of Memories. 257. SteContiero played Trainers' Mail. 258. SteContiero drew Bursting Balloon. 259. SteContiero attached a Bursting Balloon to Trevenant. 260. SteContiero's Trevenant used Energy Press and did 100 damage to ChrisFont's M Glalie-EX. 261. It is now ChrisFont's turn (Turn #16). 262. ChrisFont drew Remoraid. 263. SteContiero's Trevenant retreated. 264. ChrisFont played Lysandre. 265. Alakazam-EX became SteContiero's new Active Pokémon. 266. ChrisFont's M Glalie-EX used Cryo Mouth and did 250 damage to SteContiero's Alakazam-EX. **********Font took a Prize card. 268. ChrisFont took a Prize card. 269. SteContiero's Alakazam-EX was Knocked Out. Game Log Output Ends Here *** Debug Game Log Output Begins Here ***
  23. So I built a deck using Unidentified Fossils. In a match, my opponent put my active pokemon to sleep. I didn't get a heads, so I decided to use switch to make my Unidentified Fossil the active pokemon, then, I went to send it to the discard pile to let my previous pokemon pop back up. With no other pokemon on my bench, it did it automatically, but then the game froze. I am still looking at the match board. The little light is still spinning around my avatar, though no time is counting down for either player, and I can't select concede in the gear icon. I'm going to go ahead and close out of the program and try battling with the deck again. If any issues pop back up, I'll reply to this topic to let you know.
  24. ​​RIP free ladder pack, I've lost 2 packs now one from 2 ladders ago and now again. So idk it happened both times on the first free pack of the ladder. I don't get a notification of it then I go to collection and it's gone. I didn't want to bring it up the first time but now it happen again so it's adding up. plz help
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