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  1. Lysandre trump card ban seems to have wrecked the game for me. 1. Ghetsis caused my turn to end for the first time ever in my case. 2. Cammie inactive notification popped up which of lately hasn't been happening to me. Now this happened in my first three vs matches since the ban, only one was played out normally and even that one was cut short with my opponent conceding. Will report if any other bugs arise but i'm very much concerned right now.
  2. Game based actions, or whatever they're called, don't work. A big one for me is revenge. I am not getting the extra 70 dmg. I have a deck that is built around that, and has items to boost attack even further, but it still only does 20 dmg!!! I lost 3 games because of that. Other similar attacks won't get extra dmg either. I forget which ones though. And some items also don't work. Like Muscle band or something, the one that boosts attack, sometimes won't work. It just flops. UGH!! Help?
  3. During a theme battle (Storm Rider vs Mental Might) when using Electrode's Energy Bomb attack and chose No to not move all energy to bench pokemon all actions froze and was unable to do anything but resume when inactive player message appeared. Couldn't even concede as that option was greyed out. Screenshots provided below. Client/Server number posted below but also in screenshots in case i made a mistake reading them. Server Version: Client Version: Electrode card number 22 3 Grass Energy & 1 Lightning energy 2
  4. Hi, I am mikel-mikel, and my friend (momo3020) and I play together. He can see when I am online, but I cannot see him. He can still challenge me to a battle, but I cannot challenge him. This also happens for some other friends. However, some friends I can see online, such as ov3rkil1. When momo3020 challenges me, and I look at the friends list, it says he is offline. We can still battle and everything is fine, but I would like to be able to see my friends online and be the one to issue challenges as well. Thanks!
  5. Today I'm trying to play some TCGO matches, but a problem is ruining my experience. At first one single freeze happened: I activated Swampert's Ability and the game didn't proceed anymore. Then, trying new matches, every single move has been super slow, taking 10-15 seconds to complete. And some of these moves got so slow that the game gave me a lost match authomatically. My internet connection seems alright, with great ping and a decent 6MB download. These are my normal internet data, I play everyday perfectly with 6MB download and 30-40 ping, but today doesn't seem like a good one. I don
  6. Today as i was grinding for tokens on three seperate occasions after using corkscrew smash the game semi freezes inbetween my turn and the opponents next turn i can zoom in on cards like normal but i cant concede (its grayed out) and if it was a knockout i can't select a prize. The only thing ive noticed in common between the games is that lucario-ex has 2 energy (strong or fighting) and that i have fighting stadium out. I didn't know about the export feature till i read a few topics here so ill try it next time it happens. im on vista 64 bit if that helps.
  7. Sometimes when my Klefki uses its "Look for Keys" move it'll search my deck and not find any, when clearly there are item cards it seems to pass up. It doesn't happen all the time and I haven't found any correlation on when it does and when it doesn't happen. At first I thought "Well maybe sometimes some cards don't work with it or something", but then I used the move on the next turn and it worked just fine. It's annoying because it shows my entire deck to the opponent :/
  8. I'm sicking and ******* tired of this game always freezing, always crashing, or unable to adequately handle certain cards and causing me to lose matches time and time again. I'm currently sitting here after having KO'd an opponent's Pokemon hav8ng a dominant lead on the game and being unable to select a prize or do anything, with the opponent's Pokemon just sitting there with a negative HP count, being told by "Cammie" that I'm inactive and just mindlessly clicking resume as my only option in hopes my opponent will leave. But rather than making sure the game actually ******* works well as offi
  9. First bug is that i couldn't concede twice now, it just doesn't react when i press concede. Second, it triggered Cammie when i pressed it once so i had to force close the game.
  10. I am unable to use any of my custom decks. They all have warning symbols next to them.
  11. Jirachi from Roaring Skies is bugged atm. Its attack Doom Desire for [c]: discard all energy attached to this Pokemon. the defending Pokemon is knocked out at the end of your opponents next turn.......KO's the Pokemon that was Doomed even if it switches to the bench. Currently as long as the Pokemon that Doom Desire was used on stays in play it will get KO'd, EX and non-EX alike. This happened to my Crobat that was active then switched to Landorus and at the end of my turn Crobat still was KO'd while being on the bench from Doom Desire.
  12. I knocked out an ex with plasma lugia and took 3 prizes but instead of the prizes I selected it picked them starting from the bottom and the right. Then I used Alph lithograph to peek at the prizes and saw my ace spec that I wanted to get. I went to take the ace spec after knocking out a non-ex with lugia. But it was not in the lowest spot (now the middle since the other 3 were taken) like I thought it was. I didn't take a screenshot though so I ca n't be sure. I know it wasn't picking the ones I selected but I think it was also moving around the positions. Game Log Output Begins Here: 1. D
  13. Hi- In two games today, a Pokemon was knocked out by damage with a Focus Sash still attached. The scenarios were very different (one knocked out by an EX, one was a Stage 1 Ancient Trait Pokemon. I've never heard of any ruling that would prevent the Focus Sash from working as long as it's attached. Happy to be corrected on that, but I hope if I'm right, the bug gets fixed. Thanks.
  14. Skyfield Card Zone Merge While happily testing out a new deck idea of sweet sleeping face pokemon and the new 'Skyfield' card. The bug occurs when I play skyfield and the enemy bench is full (Or full enough to scale the cards down.) When an enemy is defeated, the cards shift to the left and 2-3 cards merge together. As seen below, 2 cards become 'merged' into the same card zone, and in some cases 3, as seen in the screenshot, Mega Lucario and Regirock overlap each other but while hovering over certain parts of the zone 'Machop' is displayed showing 3 cards have merged into one. (Screens
  15. In theory this weekend all packs of mysterious boxes would be XY-Roarning Skies. Well the thing is I've got two envelopes by this method and are XY-Flashfire. I feel cheated.
  16. I played today against m rayuqaza deck, my oppoent played skyfield,and used robo subistute,but the problemiis that i didn;t know about this because i couldn't see them, between his keldeos was gap, i could only see his 4 pokemons,that;s why i was so suprised i got hit for 180 damage,it this problem already known?
  17. Wanted to report that I had a game freeze during a Ninetales' Bright Look Pokemon Power (This is the Dragons Exalted Ninetales). Opponent's active Pokemon (A Seismitoad-EX) was burned and poisoned already, so when I played Ninetales onto my Vulpix, I said "No" when asked if I wanted to switch my opponent's Active pokemon, and the game froze. Both my opponent and I were locked out of the "Concede" button when this occurred as well. Besides those pokemon, my opponent had a Swirlix (Primal Clash, I believe) benched, and I had a Malamar-EX benched. No prizes had been taken, as it was only the
  18. This has been happening a multitude of times for the past couple days, and its rather aggravating. Every so often, I get logged off and pushed out of what I'm doing, and I'm given the notification that says "I've been Inactive for too long, and have been disconnected". But I haven't been inactive at all. I could be talking to someone, making a deck, or even in a battle, and the game forces me out of whatever I was doing for "inactivity". On top of that, the game doesn't let me log back in afterwards, and I have to reload the browser.
  19. Mods i have got a serious bug Client: Card: Junk Arm Card Number: Triumphunt #87 Expected Action: Junk must be able to put pull any trainer card from discard pile. In discard pile selection all trainers cards must appear for selction Actual Action: Junk arm is only pulling item cards from discard pile. In discard pile selection screen only item cards are shown Steps to Reproduce: Junk arm must be able to pull all trainers cards including supporters , stadiums and item cards.
  20. Ok...after the Fairy Accelled Ursaring Disaster....I made this new deck based off of the suggestions made in the last one....here it is! EDIT- i just added pyroar... Pokemon-14 2-2 Aromatisse line (obviously...it's to move energy for attacking and retreating with fairy garden!) 2 Palkia EX (sets up lugia) 2 Lugia EX (is a beast) 2 Deoxys EX (boosts palkia, is a beast with helix force) 1 Keldeo EX (+fairy garden switches) 1-1 Pyroar line (wall for palkia ex to strafe into) 1 Xerneas (accelerates) Trainers-32 Supporters-12 4 N 4 Professor Sycamore 1 Shadow Triad 2 Colress 1 S
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