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  1. Twice already today i have had that the game just completely freezes during a game. Both times it happened it was on a different laptop. When It happens it will show the following behaviour: - Card animation is frozen. - Animation around Avatar is frozen - Remaining time does not seem elapse for either me or my opponent - I cannot play any cards or use any ability / stadium - I can enter the settings menu, but none of the options seem responsive. For example pressing the concede button will not do anything - I do not seem to timeout of my turn. Wh
  2. Hi, I was playing against a Glaceon GX (200HP) with a Big Charm (+30HP) tool attached, did 60 damage and then 190 damage, meaning it now had 250 damage on it - but it still wasn't knocked out. Game log captured below. Tim
  3. Snorlax 158/214 UNB has an ability that heals 10 damage between turns. Before the Pokemon Checkup rule change, you'd have survived 150 damage because the Snorlax would heal 10 damage after getting the damage. But now, the Pokemon are checked to be Knocked Out before the abilities. However, I am prettery sure that in the TCG you can choose whether to check for KO and apply ability in an order. I am quite confused as because before the Snorlax would survive with 150 damage taked out of its 150 HP but now it doesn't... Why doesn't the ability work like Donphan
  4. Client: Card: Guzzlord-GX, Shiftry-GX Card Number: Crimson Invasion #105, Celestial Storm #169 Expected Action: Opposing Shiftry-GX confused my Guzzlord-GX. I then proceeded to flip coins on subsequent turns for a 50% chance to attack. Actual Action: When flipping heads to attack through the confusion, the attack animation played, but no attack actually occurred, and no damage was dealt. Steps to Reproduce: Exact steps not known. Likely: Use Shiftry-GX to confuse Guzzlord-GX, then attempt to attack through confusion with Guzzlord-GX. ===========
  5. Whimsicott GX cant prevent damage when strike by the three legendery bird tag team card, didn't even flip the coin, just stright knock out.
  6. Hi! I'm playing TCGO after the last update and I noticed that the triple acceleration energy is no long going to my deck after the Downburst attack of Unfezant. Anybody knows if this is right or am I missing something? The energy goes to my discard pile either selecting yes or no in the effect window. My opponents get their energies and attached cards to their decks tho. Client: Cards: Unfezant from Unified Minds 176/236, Triple Acceleration Energy from Unbroken Bonds 190/214.
  7. Good day! While I was playing a Versus challenge against my friend, the client hanged once they defeated my active Pokemon (Versus). Then, while going on a Trainer Challenge, I also encountered the same problem (Trainer Challenge). The only way I was able to play the game was to close the game and open it once again. I tried "Conceding" the match but it did not let me exit the match.
  8. sebek5000

    [Game] Game locked

    Today around 10PM when my opponent retreated his Pidgeotto with Recycle Energy the game locked. Energy was put to the hand but nothing more happened. After a while hist timer stopped and mine started to run but I couldn't do anything. After a while I was prompted that I have 15 seconds but I still couldn't do anything so my time stopped running and then my opponent's started. And this occurred three times and then our both's timers stopped. Then I decided to turn the game off. But when I started the game my streak went to zero (just like I would lost the game). I'm not very happy with it beca
  9. Hi,I got a bug when my opponent retreat his necrozma with one recycle energy. Both of us can't play, the time start first on my part then the timer of my opponent as well. I try to surrender and I had to close the game and restart it to comeback on the homescreen. I probably lose my streak victory after this bug. 😥
  10. I just played a match where I had discarded my Altaria gx to allow my Mewtwo/Mew to use the Bright Tone attack. My opponent had a Keldeo gx in the active which prevented the damage from Bright Tone as it should, however I would still take damage from the Keldeo gx attacks. My understanding of the Pure Heart ability and Bright Tone attack is that these would cancel each other out resulting in neither of us taking damage.
  11. Hello PTCGO, I may have seen a bug... In one game earlier, I played 2 Electropower on Alolan Raichu, twice and discarded one energy to knockout a 90 HP Zygarde (UNM #124).... This game log shows a game I just recently played and some added info that will be needed for my discussion. Electropower I believe is bugged possibly because it isn't calculating the damage regularily... It showed damage equal to one electropower being used instead of 3. Hope this helps. Game Log Output Begins Here:
  12. i noticed a bug. i started a match, and the connection buffered a bit before my opponent flipped a coin to start it. afterwards the coin was still in the center of the screen and i could see my active Pokemon without hovering on it. this is the first time it happened to me.
  13. The Giratina and Garchomp tag team card does not work about 50% percent of the time. I have both the sm193 promo, and the unified minds 146/236 print. When I have the full energy cost for any of the attacks I am not able to use them as though I have not paid the energy cost. This happens with basic energy along with special energy. Even when trying to use Linear Attack, you may be unable. This happens without the effects of an opponents attacks, and it is very frustrating. Client: Garchomp & Giratina GXCard Number: Black Star Promo SM193, Unified Minds #146, U
  14. When I look at the TCG Online Leaderboards I get a message " You haven't earned any Versus Points from Standard format matches in Versus Mode yet this season." I have over 900 points this season and all of them are from standard matches. Is there a setting that needs to be turned so that your profile appears on the leaderboards?
  15. AlexLikesBacon

    [GAME] Sudden Death bug

    A standard match I was playing online today ended in sudden death. When setting up for the sudden death match, the game used the old rules for sudden death matches, wherein both players would set out 1 prize card each, and the first player to reach a win condition takes the game. New rules (as of July 2019) say that sudden death matches are set up like regular matches, where both players set out 6 prize cards and the first player to either reach a win condition or have less prizes remaining than their opponent would take the game. Due to this incorrect behavior, the match started with myself t
  16. Hello, I just achieved the goal of 3 unified packs on the timeline on versus and I received nothing. Seems it's a bug. Could someone please send me the locked packs? Thanks!
  17. During a VS mode game, I was playing my Charizard deck against a Pidgeotto/Beheeyem control deck. After the opponent used their Air Mail Ability, the game seemed to lock up. My timer started counting down, then I was given the countdown warning, but I couldn't do anything. My opponent's timer then began to count down, without them doing anything. This process repeated about 2 or 3 times, and now both timers are frozen (me: 20:05 left, opponent: 20:24 left) and the Concede option is greyed out. No progress was made (no cards drawn, no cards played) at all during this episode. I pasted the game
  18. EDIT: Zapdos attack specifically states that it doesn't apply weakness so I'm wrong In turn 100, Zapdos should have knocked out the other Zapdos but for some reason weakness wasn't applied. I'm not aware of any item, stadium or any modifier in the game. The opponent's Zapdos had choice band so maybe there is a bug with it. Log:
  19. GuitaristMatt

    Escape Rope broke match

    I had a celebi & venusaur gx out. Opponent played escape rope on their turn. I immediately selected my benched celebi & venusaur gx. The highlights went away implying I had properly selected, but nothing happened. The AFK (away from keyboard) countdown started and reached 0, but nothing occurred. Total play time timer went down from 22 minutes to 0 minutes and still nothing has happened. The game is stuck and not proceeding to allow the opponent to change their pokemon out. Emotes do not appear to be working though, and I have not seen any emotes from the opponent. Game log
  20. Glitch666

    [GAME] Wishful Baton glitch

    Situation: I had a Wishful Baton and 3 Fire Energy attached to my active Blacephalon (UNB); I was Escape Roped into it by my opponent. My bench: damaged Blacephalon-GX (150 damage taken) with a Fire Energy attached, and regular (UNB) Blacephalon with nothing attached. My opponent used Tag Bolt GX (with Thunder Mountain on the field and 5 Lightning Energy attached) to kill both my active Blacephalon, and my benched Blacephalon-GX. The game somehow thought my Wishful Baton was on my (benched!) Blacephalon-GX and only allowed me to move the one Fire Energy that was attached
  21. P250

    Lure Ball Unusable

    The Lure Ball item from Celestial Storm was unusable today in the Standard Format. It just sat there and I couldn't use it. Unfortunately no screenshot but definitely not normal.
  22. tyrug33

    Forfeit Loss Bug

    I don’t know if it's just me, but I just got the new battle mind deck and it plays so well that I have made 3 people forfeit (I'm guessing) in the last day. Problem is, every time that they forfeit it says that I lost? Please let me know if anyone else has had a similar experience or if you know a fix. Thanks!
  23. Hello! Just like in title, I used Greninja attack called Shadow Stiching. This attack deal base 40 DMG and opponent cannot use any kind of his abilities till next turn. Opponent had a Gardevoir-GX on active. She attached two energies form hand(one from ability Secret ************************************************* is a screenshot form the game log Bug
  24. Card: Sigilyph-GX (LoT 98/214) & Metal Goggles (TeU 148/181) Expected Action: Metal Goggles should stop Sigilyph's ability from working and putting damage counters on my active Pokemon. Actual Action: Sigilyph's ability still worked. Steps to Reproduce: Attach Metal Goggles to your active Metal Pokemon and use an attack on your opponent's active Sigilyph-GX.
  25. Hi all, First off, please see attachment. Now, as you can see I have played the aether paradise conservation area stadium card, which should allow all basic grass and lighting Pokemon take 30 less damage. The effect was activated when I dealt damage to opponent's pokemon but the damage was not reduce when my opponent attacked me. As a result, I conceded my game as there is no point playing an unfair match. The photos I uploaded, featured my venusar TT attacked my opponent venusaur TT, however, no damage was registered apart from the special conditions effect. And when opponent u
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