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Found 268 results

  1. Grugan

    Alakazam EX evolution

    I noticed when I evolve Alakazam EX into Mega Alakazam EX it does not count as putting an evolution card into play (noticed because I didn't get the proper amount of progress towards the "Phantom Power" daily challenge). From what I could deduce from the game, every time I evolved WITH using the ability of Alakazam EX to do damage, it didn't count as putting an evolution into play. While under ability lock evolving did seem to count. For the daily challenge this is a pretty minor bug I guess, but I don't know if it might have any other implications what coding and card interactions concerns. Greetings
  2. kipperfan124

    game crashes

    whenever i log in and it does the second loading part and it finishes loading it just crashes is there anything i can do to solve this? ive already tried **************** reinstalling the game idk what else to do
  3. Cuando van a arreglar los problemas de conexión?, siempre sucede lo mismo, vas ganando un torneo, o vs, se queda pegado, cuando tienes que escoger premios o simplemente se desconecta, arreglenlo luego, es bastante fastidioso. Plataforma Android. __________________________________________________________________________ When they go to fix connection problems ?, always happens the same, you're winning a tournament, or vs, is stuck, when you have to choose prizes or simply disconnects, then Fix it, it's pretty annoying. Android platform.
  4. I think it would be a good idea to make a sticky thread explaining the iPad code redemption removal, as it seems to be a frequent question, which is always answered with the typical cut and paste answer.
  5. Gothika250

    Purple Screen?

    When i start up the game all i get in the Pokemon TCGO window, but its all purple? I cant play or see anything. Anyone else have this issue?
  6. I redeemed 5 Double Crisis pack codes last night and only received 5 packs. In the past I received 4 packs per code. I am missing packs.
  7. Lost a shaymin ex in private trade, trade cancel but didn't receive the card back. Please check my trade history. I need my shaman ex back
  8. Whenever I open up the application on my Computer I see it quickly check for updates then it later says "Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.exe is not responding." I am unsure as to why this is happening but if anyone knowns please let me know below. Thank you -LM_David
  9. I just landed on my first prize wheel of the day and it supposedly granted "100 coins". Nope. Still at the exact amount as I was prior to the match - which actually means I didn't get the coins for my win either. I have a screen shot of the grant, but I'm still unable to create tickets (my emails have gone unaddressed as well). Thanks.
  10. trepeezy092

    Breakpoint FA Skyla

    When I add the Breakpoint FA Skyla to my legacy deck it wont let me use my deck in legacy
  11. Hi, So I am still new to playing PTCGO, but have been playing the last few days on my PC. This issue has occurred three times now in the past 48 hours or so. This also seems to occur when I am doing well (winning) or have just made a play which will turn the match in my favour. After I take my turn... Opponent's turn starts. Disconnect icon appears beside my avatar. Icon is present until match end. Opponent draws, then nothing. About a minute goes by. Both opponent's and my player timers are counting down. 15-second warning pops up by my avatar. My cards are completely unresponsive. Waiting, 30-45 seconds. 15-second warning pops up for me again. This occurs 2-3 more times as I wait for whatever is happening to the connection to un-happen. (??????) Defeated. The most recent battle log, which I tried to copy here with no success, stated that my opponent had fainted all of my active Pokémon, despite the play mat and battle log showing nothing had occurred. At the time I had one active Pokémon and two on the bench. Could anyone in tech support provide some insight into what is occurring here, and how to prevent it in the future? ​Also, are there any plans to implement a "report issue" button or link directly within the game? To either report a problem with a particular match, or with a particular player? (Also had some unsavoury interactions so far, and it's only been three days...)
  12. When I click on trade history to look at the latest trade I made it crashes. I tried reinstaliing it but it still crashes
  13. HunTeR_SS

    it automatically close...

    it automatically close when ever i open it.. even the new client i installed. it is still the same.. i tried on 3 of my computer.. it is the same for all 3 of them.. i am using windows 10.. acer laptop, windows 10 gigabyte desktop..
  14. Silent Lab Shouldn't be shutting down Magnetic Circuit. I would post video evidence, but i can't.
  15. ShutItDown

    Prerelease Box Code Not Working

    I went to my prerelease, i got a code for a deck box for Ptcgo and it says Invalid Code everytime I input it in redeem code section. So Im hoping this issue will get resolved Please FIX
  16. I installed this game on my younger brothers computer and every single time he attempts to fight the tutorial battle his game crashes, on top of that it only happens as the screen loads and the red bar stating opponents turn starts to appear. Whats odd is that when I tried logging in on his computer with my account I was able to do an entire trainer challenge without a single problem. As of this moment I have attempted to do a clean install multiple times and i have it set for xp3 compatibility and to run as admin. So far none of these options have worked and I am unsure of how to fix this.
  17. I just finished the platinum league for the first time but didn't get any boosters! I'm supposed to get them if I finish a league for the 1st time, right? Also, I just completed the Mighty Mind challenge (beat 2 pokemon with a purple eye energy pokemon) but didn't get the booster! Why is this happening? This all started after the update on May 2nd. Somebody please help me! And is it possible to get my booster?
  18. Hello! My Pokemon TCG Online has been stuck on the Please wait, loading assets screen and is stuck at 0% on my MacBook Pro. It has been that way for the last three days, no matter how many times I close and re-open it. I also have deleted and re-installed the program itself twice. Help!
  19. kushina22


    the game is crashing as soon as I open it and when I tried to troubleshoot the program, it says that the game is no longer compatible what should i do?
  20. I have tried to download the TCG game multiple times. It supposedly downloads successfully, and it opens correctly. I sign in, then the first battle is supposed to start (I am guessing the tutorial), but it crashes right as the battle opens every time. Is there a setting that may be causing this on my laptop (PC)? Thank you and I hope you can help! I am very excited to play!
  21. CCargoe2

    Randomly crashes

    I signed up for Pokemon TCGO and i tried installing the game to play and upload all my codes that i got. But every single time i try loading the game it stops working and i get a random pop-up that say "Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.exe has stopped working" "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available". Can someone PLEASE help me fix this so i can play and enjoy the game? In dire need of assistant please.
  22. Yesterday I traded a booster for 4 Butterfrees, after that I went to sleep. When I woke up today, I decided to make a deck with them and I noticed they wore no longer in my collection. Why is this? Can I get them back? It was one of the first trades I ever did...
  23. Ever since the update today may 2nd, it crashes upon startup. tried restarting computer, re-downloading, etc. It crashes immediately when the window opens and the loading screen begins to show. System Specifications: Macbook Pro 17 inch 2010. OS 10.10.5. 2.53 GHz intel core i5 processor. 4GB GB 1067 MHz DDR3 Ram.
  24. Not shown, the hologram effect, in Android - Serie XY (Deck - Sky Guardian) Serie XY- Fates Collide, (Spanish without translation) Serie XY- Fates collide Blister Pack with Pansear (Spanish without translation) Cover letters (all) - Spanish without translation
  25. Canberrakilla

    Can't redeem codes

    I can't access the area in game to redeem codes! Everything else works just not the redeem area the button is in pressable
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