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Found 263 results

  1. I got locked out after only two password attempts and then after waiting 15 minutes I got locked out again even though I am 100% sure the password I used is correct because I had to sign in to make this topic.
  2. When i logged on i started at the tutorial and i played through and realized i lost all my trainer tokens, pokemon, booster packs, etc. I did not do anything else i just logged on. Why did this happen and how do I fix this?
  3. This is the second time I lost in a final without dealing a single card. The game didn't let me play the match until 30 seconds after the 60-second countdown was done. I lost automatically because "I was idle for too long." Please do something about this!!!
  4. It seems the team fixed the M Absol Coins' appearance, and it no longer looks like a red Arceus anymore. Thanks for that! ^^ However, there's another glitch: When you enter a match with someone, at the start of the match you flip for the first turn right? Well the Absol Coin is strangely on the OPPONENTS SIDE, and on my side, there's a big white box where the coin is supposed to be. I'd appreciate if someone from the team could take a look at this, thanks!
  5. Well the bug is this, Dratini and Dragonair have a weakness against fairy pokemons, but just a moment ago a Fraxure weas dealing doble damage against my Dragonair, like if Dragonair is weak against dragons, so yeah you may want to take a look of that.
  6. I think this is a bug because the card Regirock XY 49 cannot be obtain in PTCGO via code. The card is in the data base, but because Regirck is a promo card, it never had a redeemable code. Please add Regirock for purchase in the shop zone.
  7. I have a primal clash ´s pack in my collection. This afternoon, i tried to open the pack but the game said me that it ´s in trade but, it isn´t true. Help please
  8. when you filter full art cards in collection.....every card is shown, it doesn't filter only the full arts please correct the filter
  9. It seems like my water energy cards briefly flashed, but then stopped being selectable forcing me to concede since the clock was still ticking down and I couldn't do anything. e: I don't see any way to attach screenshot of my game, so I'll just write down the version numbers: Server: Client:
  10. Hi, The game just updated but unfortunately I can't make it past the landing page. Selecting any of the options (verses, tournaments, trainer challenge etc.) crashes the game. I don't know how to attach files to my topic, but have uploaded the crash reports to my dropbox. I can't post a link in the topic either, it stars it out so how can I provide the files for you? Thank you
  11. PTCGO is poorly optimized for the IPad. I am using the newest IPAD air 2, and on many instances I encounter stuttering performance, such as, slow downs, blank cards, etc. another issue that I despise is that while I Am playing PTCGO onIpad, I cannot multitask. If I navigate away fromPTCGO for just a second and browse the Internet, it will log me out or freeze-up. I have a reliable Internet connection, so that cannot be the culprit.
  12. theakhil

    loading forever

    the game says refresher patch and comes halfway and strucks forever and if we try do close the game doesn't respond
  13. marrrkk

    Tokens not Showing Up

    I just logged on a little bit ago, to my surprise my tokens aren't showing up! All there is is a red do not enter sign where my tokens should be... Can someone tell me what's wrong? Edit: My tournament tickets are doing the same thing Edit: Not sure what happened but I logged out and in again and there back. Sorry to freak out, but I still wonder the issue and at least now it's been brought up. Close thread?
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