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Found 330 results

  1. Giovah

    Infinite loading 100%

    I'm getting infinite loading assets screen and doesn't happen anything . Am I the only one?
  2. Ultrabald

    TCGO Not Loading

    Yesterday the game started crashing every time I tried to add energy to a new expanded deck, but it worked in every other respect. Today, it won't even start loading assets on my pc. It comes up with the loading assets bar then just freezes at 0%. It works fine on my iPad, but I find it very slow and it takes a huge amount of battery power. I've uninstalled the game, deleted the remaining local files manually and reinstalled it but I'm getting the same problem. Any help please.
  3. Serofina

    Can Someone help?

    From 3-4 days, my game is loading till 89% or 90% whatever, and then it closes I want to play this game but I can't I even tried to re-install my game more than 10 times, still same problem... ... Plz Help!
  4. I'm bored, I tried to re-install this game many times still it reaches till 90% and then my game closes... Plz help me, I want to play this game... ...
  5. the game is loading normaly and then after loading the assets it stops when there are two players standing with a pokemon ball in the middle of them. How do I fix it?
  6. after the last patch, i open the game and the game load assets normaly, when the loading bar is %100 game freezed :S i uninstall the game and reinstall but doenst work same issue countinue what can i do ? P.S: Sorry for my terrible english.
  7. Y2WOODY

    Is server still down?

    Game unable to load gets to 8% then displays unable to connect to server.. Never had any issue until the scheduled maintenance and cant log in for past 2 days??
  8. Kurtbusch

    Can't log in on iPad

    So everything was working fine on my iPad. Since code redemption was disabled, I decided to download the game on my PC to redeem my codes. I logged in with my account and redeemed them. But after I logged out, I can't log in anymore on my iPad. It says "the servers are currently offline. Please try again later." However, I know this is not true, because my friend is currently playing online with his iPad. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! EDIT: I can log in to my account fine using my friend's iPad, but mine still doesn't work. EDIT2: I fixed it. I hadn't updated my app for Fates Collide (facepalm).
  9. Arick2016

    Game log in crash

    Ever since I downloaded the game I have had problems connecting to the server.I log in and it starts to load but stops at 8% then says there is a error and brings me back to the start.I have deleted this 3 times and re-downloaded it but still does not work.I will apprecite the help thanks!
  10. Hi, So I get an error each time I try to go to CS to report a bug. I actually have this problem for nearly a year now, but no one ever figured out how to fix it, so here I am again asking for help. Whenever I try to login to the CS interface, I get this error. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! Macro We're sorry, an unexpected error has occurred The service you are trying to reach is currently unavailable. Please refresh the page and try again. If this error continues, please contact Parature Support and reference the Error ID # listed below. ec9ae5e7-e362-4f52-8020-b312f5aafb79 Go back to the page you were previously viewing or click the Back button on your browser.
  11. I wanted to play tcgo this morning when the app said I am banned ???????? I invested so much time in the game and never cheated !! Why this happened ? I am absolutely angry because around 1-2 weeks ago I contacted support because I wasn't able to trade anymore and I didn't got an answer. I don't want to start new only because some idiots give various bans ???? I want answers now !! (Nickname pattidins)
  12. I've tried logging in with this account, but it kept saying log in information incorrect so I created a new account to see if that would make a difference and it still won't let me log in with that account either. I would really like to log in as I just downloaded it and I've been waiting to play it for ages now. Am I doing something wrong, or is something going on? How do I solve this issue?
  13. Futurepants

    Fix for new patch crashes!

    Like many after patching my client started crashing on startup, I tried reinstalling and it did not work. I did find a fix however, completely uninstall the program you might want to use a program such as C cleaner which is free. Make sure all the files are deleted. Download the new client from the website, right click the installer and choose "troubleshoot compatibility". This worked for me, in my case the troubleshooter disabled "version check". Usually the trouble shooter will be able to find out what files or registry entries are not being installed correctly or are being incorrectly referenced. Please let me know if this works for anyone else, I hope this helps some of you out there having one of the issues the new patch seems to have caused.
  14. Buenas noches. Hoy como lo hago habitualmente intente ingresa a mi cuanta y resulta que me lanza un aviso de que mi cuenta esta suspendida sin ningún previo aviso y/o justificación de esta, ingreso a la pagina y a mi corre y no tengo ningún mensaje que acredite o justifique esta suspensión.... ¿que paso?¿que problema tuve?¿alguna respuesta?. Saludos. **: lamento el mal ingles ya que use traductor ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Goodnight. Today as I do usually try to enter my how much and it turns out that throws me a notice that my account is suspended without notice and / or justification for this, admission to the page and my runs and I have no message stating or justify this suspension .... What happened? The problem I had? No response ?. regards PS: I regret the bad use English as translator
  15. MogMooglechan

    Why can't I log in?

    Hey! I downloaded the OTCG today and tried to log in but it tells me my username and password are incorrect? I've even tried making a new account with a different email address but that won't work either. Can anyone tell me whats wrong?

    game ends by himself

    The game ends by himself when it reach 90% of the account downloading. Since this happened this morning i haven't achieved login successfully. does it happen to someone else?
  17. Gardnmat

    Yesterday's Update

    After my tcgo went through its update yesterday afternoon I logged back in and all my saved data including cards and progress through the trainer challenge and versus has been lost! Does anyone know why this may have happened?
  18. Gardnmat

    Yesterday's Update

    After my tcgo went through its update yesterday afternoon I logged back in and all my saved data including cards and progress through the trainer challenge and versus has been lost! Does anyone know why this may have happened?
  19. After downloading the new version, the game sits on 100% at the screen that says "please wait, loading assets" Tried reinstalling the game 3 times - same issue each time! Please help
  20. So, about 1 month ago I got banned, and in the email I received it didn't tell me what reason I was banned for. I submitted a support ticket the same day, probably 3 hours after I got the email and I didn't get an answer until tonight (a month later). In the message it says I was banned for trading for exploited cards. How am I supposed to know if cards/packs are exploited? Also there is no rule that states that it is a bannable offense to trade for exploited things. In the message they sent today it also says that the support will ignore any further responses about this, so they can't help me out, or clarify any of my questions (which is weird since that's what a support team should do). Would be nice if any mod/dev could help me out here
  21. I've been stuck on loading data from server for a few hours. It hangs at 8% after clicking login and then after a few minutes, disconnects from the server. Additional info: on Mac - OS X 10.10.4 I just started playing and didn't have any issues until the after the maintenance.
  22. wwhsdjhudj

    Cant get into the game

    Simple as said above, every time I try to load the application it closes itself. Successfully installed the refresher update and tried restarting my computer as well as reinstalling the application. Please advise
  23. Well, I try to login the game, but it can't login and then said "could not reach pokemon.com login service. try again in a minute". I don't know how to fix this. Can the Support Team help me to fix this problem?
  24. When I logged in and the game was loading I received the pack redeemed message before it reached 100%. when I went into my packs there are now two generations packs. Is this a glitch or some sort of compensation for the server issues? Last thing I need is a trade ban. I did enter a generation code on Monday but I got my packs.
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