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Found 330 results

  1. Desde segunda feira após a atualização o jogo não abre, fechando automaticamente na tela de carregando ativos, pesquisei nos fóruns mas não consegui consertar o jogo por causa que não consigo desinstala-lo aparecendo erro de PROPERTY.user_profile. Eu tentei resolver o problema de user por meio do forum mas não consegui também porque aparece a mensagem de erro novamente Editado: Já consegui arrumar
  2. support portal still won't let u sign in. it keeps taking you to a page not found.
  3. GolenarSp

    Verify Email Problems

    Hi everyone, I created my first account two days ago, but i figured out that the email I used for the account has been permanently blocked for inactivity by yahoo. As you can imagine, i can't log in anymore in game cause i can't check the verify email. I'd like to know if the support team could help me someway. I could create another account but i found in a booster pack a "Shaymi Ex ★", wich I figured out is as rare as usefull card and the idea that I can't have it drives me crazy x_x Thank you all for your patience!.
  4. Ajuda? Baixei o TCGO de boas e joguei normal, mas no dia seguinte, quando chega em 90% ele fecha. Já reinstalei, executei como ADM e nn foi. AJUDA!
  5. Hello! i use Windows 7. After bad game update, i can not start to play game. 1 - When i try to dclick game icon, game starts and immediately closed. 2 - I try to unnistal game from Programm tool But got classic error: USER_PROFILE 3 - Okay, my brother help me and delete game from Unnistaller and install game. But this is not help. 4 - Refresher not work (screenshot attached) ************************************************** Please help me!
  6. I have the game installed already uninstalled it once and and tried to login again. If any one has a solution or has the same issue on windows ten any help will help
  7. DefiantTetsujin

    Pokemon TCG Online won't let me log in

    I've just downloaded the Pokemon TCG Online and attempted to log in with my usual login on this website. It said it didn't work so I assumed I'd have to make a whole new account since I haven't played the TCG Online yet. I filled in the details to match the ones on here, since it says on the Pokemon website under my TCG Online settings the screen name that'd be used on the TCG Online. But then it said the user name and screen name was already in use! So now I don't know how to log in, basically. Do I have to make a whole account that isn't linked to this one? I'd really like the names to be the same, and I know no one else is using my screen name because it was in my Pokemon TCG Online Settings on this website, but when I try to log in it says my details are wrong. What do I do? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, i recently created an account for TCGO and i didn't receive the mail to activate my account. Moreover i can't connect to the game without having checked this email. Can anyone help me [content removed - Mod_Jynthu]
  9. I created a account to play the game but every time I try to log in it says "username or password wrong" but I am 100% sure that I got both right
  10. Hi the game keeps crashing for me at one specific point in the tutorial. As soon as the AI attaches an energy to evee, as i draw a card the game crashes everytime. I have tried reinstalling a few times and I have tried to make multiple accounts in order to try and skip the tutorial, however I cant seem to log in with new accounts, only the original where it crashes each time! Please gamefreak, moderators or even arceus himself! Please help me as I am very disappointed with my experience so far but I am still very eager to play. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I get to the loading screen. Enter my login info. Then it gets stuck on the loading bar screen at 8%. then i get the error message saying that it could not load the data from the servers even though the servers are up and working. My internet connection is fine. I have tried reinstalling and restarting. I am running it on a Macbook.
  12. Culhane925

    not workin, windows

    sense last night when i log in, it only loads to 90 percent and then the program shuts off. it happens everytime i try to load the game, ill log in, it will load to 90 and then it just disapears. Also, the training does not work. when i log in it goes to the point where the comp puts an energy on his pokemon, i draw a card, and then the game crashes.
  13. Serofina

    I Can't play PTCGO

    I was offline just for 1 month maybe, and now its not letting me to login That ''please wait, loading assets'' stops at 0%, how much time should I wait? Don't suggest me to re-install this game, coz I already tried it 2 times I don't know what to do more lol, I just know that I want to play this game...
  14. Upon opening up the game client I receive a pop-up saying "Checking for refresher update", after a few seconds an error pops up saying "cannot connect to servers". I have no idea what the issue is because the game works on my other PCs but not this one. I have tried un* installing*../ re-installing several times, but the issue persists. I've also made sure to delete all folders related to the game prior to re-installing.
  15. Trying to log in for the first time in over a year. I just uninstalled the game and reinstalled it with the newest installer after the "updates" failed and left the patcher unable to open. Now, all I can see for hours on end is that message. I've tried on multiple connections, so I'm sure it's not my wifi. Meaning it's likely either my PC, their server, or a combination of both. Anything I can do?
  16. Khoiboyy

    Game Crash at 90%

    I have already tried deleting the Localization DB file and uninstalling my game. Both didn't work. The support site to make a ticket doesn't let me submit a ticket so I can't even report it to you guys. I'm stuck in every direction and I just wanna play Pokemon
  17. khaosdestroyer

    Cannot log in

    Yea i was just playing less then 30 minutes ago, and i logged out to log into another account, and now itd saying servers are offline, is anyone else having this issue?
  18. Im upgraded my windows several days ago, then when i tried to login my account it said "Server are currently offline. Try again later." Tried about 50~ times, whats wrong?
  19. PrideSP

    Is the Server offline?

    I can't log in. Says can't connect to Pokemon.com. Please try again in a few minutes.
  20. Hello fellow players! It looks like some of you are having an issue getting the game to load. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. I have alerted our team so they can look into this as soon as possible. Please hang tight. We definitely appreciate your patience. I do want you to know that I am personally keeping an eye on the forums so that I can relay information to you as it comes.
  21. Basically every time I close PKTCGO I cannot open it from the .exe. I have tried downloading it multiple places even on the other harddrive. When I try to open it is give me a message stating "You do not have permission or something is blocking the file path" or something along the lines. So I just redownload 2-3 times a day. Maybe you guys could give me the file path of your .exe IE :C/Pokemon/wontwork*. I have turned off fire wall and antivirus as well. I am running on windows 10.
  22. jpalan

    Help pokemon tcg

    It keep loading in 8 % and then say unable to connect to the server please try again later. I have i good wifi
  23. JusticeOfeLLe

    Account muted

    Hello, i believe around a year ago, my account got muted for whatever reason, i didn't mind that at the time since i wasn't playing much. About some month ago i got back to the game and i couldn't find a solution to fix this, whenever i try to say something in any chat(even friends) i get the message telling me my account got muted by a moderator and to check the associated e-mail for further informations. Problem is i never received any e-mail about that. Is there a way out for this? Thank you for your time, and i'm hoping for somebody to help me
  24. DP47

    Server always offline?

    I'll start up the game and log in, but it loads the assets to 8% then it says the servers are offline. I've re-installed a few times and tried logging in when my friend could log in, but it doesn't work. Help?
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