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  1. Hi I am running my game under win10 in Traditional Chinese but game in English. I start the game today but fail to direct to login page, it keeps direct me to the window about patch update. When it is updated, I click play but it all run again. I tried to install/uninstall the game again but is shows error message"property.USER_PROFILE not found" Please check how it could be fixed
  2. Its_Ran

    [GENERAL] Cannot Login

    I recently started a new TCG online account after deleting my previous one. I did the entire starting, and then i wanted to upgrade my account. I tried doing it, but was unable to as it always took forever, even after i waited for 30 minutes. I then tried to log in the other way instead of clicking the "new to TCG" button but then it says error occured. My location is set to India. Please get to me as soon as possible, considering I already uninstalled the game once, and before I deleted my old account i tried logging in but even then it said error occured (why i deleted that account).
  3. Obert13

    [ACCOUNT] Cannot Log In

    I have been trying to log in for the past or so now. First I tried to recover my account cause i havent played for a year. Once doing so i tried to log in and the game said "Authentication Error, Wrong Log in or Pawword". So i reset my password (for the second time today). After resetting my password i copy and pasted it to my notepad just to make sure im not gonna type it wrong. But the same error message is produced "Authentication Error, Wrong Log in or Pawword". I dont want to reset my password again so i googled a fix and saw this link (https://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/22232-authorization-failure/) but it did not work for me. I dont know what to do now
  4. Can not connect and can barely login to website. I am new and just trying to figure it out and thought it would be interesting but it is really hard to do anything. I have deleted and reinstalled and reset password and took firewall off. Have no clue what is going on.
  5. so i have an account i made years ago and i use the same password for everything, but since the garbage system make you add a symbol, i have no idea what my password is. i have been looking for hours and i still cannot get in. i put a false date of birth so i cant reset my password. so basically the system is too secure lol.
  6. curiousynthetic

    Where to find redemption history?

    I have hundreds of cards to redeem at this point, being able to see what products I have redeemed and what I received would be a big help. Its possible on many services to get an order/code history is this available anywhere for PTCGO? I'm just after the product name, and hopefully what that got me. So a list that looks like Detective Pikachu Special Case File -1 Silver Detective Pikachu Coin -1 SMxxx promo card SM9 ***** Blister -1 SM9 Booster Pack -1 SMxxx promo card
  7. Eu tinha jogado Pokemon TCGO á uns anos e agora á pouco tempo voltei a jogar mas não me lembro da pass e não consigo recuperar a pass. Gostaria de recuperar as minhas contas porque tinha lá muitos items.
  8. Hi! I have two accounts in pokemon TCGO but i can't login, and i try too many times to reset my passwords and never works. If someone help me to recover my accounts I aprecciate it. I had the email and Username in one of the accounts and only the email in the other one.
  9. quatrobracao

    [GENERAL] Nome de Tela

    Olá gostaria de saber como eu faço para trocar o nome de tela, porque o meu esta bloqueado
  10. Hi. I had not played the game for some time, and decided to get back again. However the client boots up but as soon as I press Log in, it instantly shows up with the pop up "The network connection with the server has been lost". Does anyone know any solutions?
  11. A moderator disabled my account chat. I dont now why. Also they said i would get an email but i didnt got anything. Anyone that can help me? Thanks Alot Greats, Jermo (Sorry for bad english btw im from the netherlands)
  12. It's not letting me log in I tried changing it but it says I've tried and it says to wait, butI never get that email, please help?!
  13. Hello, I’m trying to login into my TCG account but when I do the screen just freezes. I’ve tried to download the game again but it still freezes. Can you help me?
  14. Game has been working fine for some but now every time i log in i get this message. I cannot for the life if me get around this thanks for the help!
  15. I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game.
  16. this is starting to be insane
  17. So i had issues logging into the game, eventually i got some help by using a vpn. But i played quite a bit on the "New to Pokemon TCGO? ~Start~" aka guest account... (limited.) Many hours was spent on it because i simply tried everything from past moderator posts on other discussions and tried contacting them using a ticket to get no reply i had no choice. If there is any way i can transfer data to this account (Slumpin) or get compensation for at least my decks i'll truly be grateful i love this pokemon related card game and the community so far. Any data i can send to confirm my guest account has this i'll gladly send over.. Here are screenshots of some of the decks i had and would really appreciate compensation for on my main. Deck1 Deck2 Proof of my progress on the guest account. Money and tickets Trainers Versus Proof the decks are legitimate from my guest "start" account aka guest. Proof The account i was unable to log into "Slumpin" Acc
  18. I went a few months not playing the pokemon TCGO on my MacBook Pro, I have reinstalled the software and after entering the correct information, It gives me a message reading "Invalid Login or Password". I don't want to have to start over with a new account. What can be done to fix this... I can log in on the official pokemon website so I know I have the correct password. This has been a problem since the end of May. I have deleted and redownloaded the software multiple times. I'm extremely stuck and don't know how to fix this
  19. I have been playing for the past few months, and normally I have no issues logging in. (I have both my screen name and password set to autofill.) But today, the game claims my password is incorrect. I tried resetting it, and did so successfully, but when I try to log into the game it still tells me that it is incorrect. Have submitted a help ticket, but I have had poor experiences with them in the past, I hope someone might be able to give some advice.
  20. Hi all, I'm new to this site. I'm trying to update my profile picture on both the Pokemon.com and the forums but when i click on the profile picture icon, it doesn't give me any option to upload or choose from a premade avatar. It's just giving me a blank window. Then, when I click on next, it has me resize the generic profile photo I currently have. There is also NO OPTION to include a screenshot of this issue in this post, which is frustrating because I want to show a visual of what is going on. I am using Google Chrome on an iMac. Thank you for your help
  21. BenitoTaquito

    The game won't let me log in

    I just installed the game and made a club account. I can log in perfectly fine on the website, but when i try to log in the game, it keeps saying "invalid login and password" even know I know they are not wrong. I already uninstalled and reinstalled the game with no success and I even changed the password but still it won't work. I am playing on an android phone. I just redeemed 30 codes so I would love to play and see what I got and not have wasted the codes. Thanks.
  22. i left the game a few moths ago, and now that i want to come back, i cant log in the game, i can log in here though which is weird, can someone helpme or how can i gat some help
  23. Xx_Krokorok_xX

    [GENERAL] Can't log in

    Hey I just started getting into Pokemon tcg online but every time I try to log in in-game it gives me the message "the network connection with the server has been lost". I've completed the tutorial and gotten to the point where I just have to upgrade my account, but every time I do it just tells me it's verifying my account for around half an hour. I have good enough WiFi that I can connect to online games but I just can't log in. I've also completely reinstalled the game and restarted my computer. I would appreciate any support.
  24. Hi all, After installing several times, i have never been able to login in the game, it always gives me the error : "Could not reach Pokemon.com login service. Try Again in a Minute ". I Can login in the website, i already change the DNS and tried to login by WiFi and wired too. Please, could someone help me with this? Thanks a lot.
  25. I can't log in for like 4 days straight now after the **** always shows this message after i press "Log In" i dont know what the problem is . could anyone help me out please ? [link edited out by Mod_Gurulot]
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