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Found 346 results

  1. Although I still have access to this account the email associated with it has been hacked and even with my best efforts I have not been able to recover it, so instead I want to change the email associated with this account but when I try to it sends an email to the email account I can no longer log into. How can I change the email in another way? I cannot find another way to contact support.
  2. Hello, So quite a long time ago I started playing this game with my little brother. We redeemed some codes we got and all that stuff. Now, I tried to login again today but it does not let me. I know that my username is: ***. (I checked in my little brothers friendslist to see if it is spelled correctly) Now, I tried to use the recover password option, but it first gave me a long error in which it said that my account did not have parental permission or some sort. Now it just says my account is not even registered with that email?? I still have promotion emails from like a week ago so I really do not know what to do. I hope somebody can help me! Greetings,
  3. every time I go to log in on my I pad it says could not reach Pokemon.com login services. help I don't know what to do
  4. MarksDrumz

    [MAC] Server Not Available UK

    I cannot connect to the online server both in game and on the website while connected to WIFI. I am currently connected Via 3g personal hotspot on my phone, which allows me to play the game and sign in, hence being able to post this. I am living in the UK, and have attempted changing my DNS to Google Public DNS, however still no luck. Would really appreciate some help as I am new to the game and thoroughly enjoyed the tutorial!! Thanks M
  5. Every time I log in it says "This account has been banned", and I hadn't received any emails and so I emailed support and said this: I keep trying to log in on my account Butterfreeknife but I have received no email that says why or if I even am, I have tried to log into a friends account(sorry if that's against the TOS) and it says his was banned too and he never received anything, so I assume this is just part of the glitch but I would like some confirmation that I'm not banned, thanks! And got this response: Your Pokémon Thank you for contacting the Pokémon Support team. This email address is exclusively for the types of issues outlined at our Contact Us link on our Support Portal. As your inquiry did not pertain to one of these issues, we will not be able to provide a response to your email. Many common questions can be found in our knowledge base of Frequently Asked Questions found at http://www.pokemon.com/support. If you're unable to find what you're looking for, you can also submit your query directly to our support team via our 'ask a question' feature. Please see our contact us link on our support home page to see your options for contacting us. Thank you, The Pokémon Company International Support Team All I'm asking is if I am banned in game or not and if so, why? Please email me back with this info or tell me what to do to find out, thanks.
  6. Yesterday when I'am playing in the middle of the match (Trainer challenge) appears a signal that the connection is being lost, and then I disconnect. After that I can't login to my ID , loading stuck at 52% and connection lost. I'm sure that the problem isn't my internet, because I'm not having any problem accessing web sites. Is there any tip for solving this problem? Thank you.
  7. Dear mod/admin, Couple of months ago, in January already, I created a post to ask help for my brother's account. He forgot his password, but is unable to change it. That's why I'll do the talking for him in this message. Of course forgetting your password normally is no big deal. But in January already we noticed that the regular recovery option does not work. When I asked for help back then, you suggested sending a ticket to the Pokémon Service Center for password recovery so they can take care of business. After having sent at least ten to twenty tickets now, we both feel there is no other way to ever get access back to the account again than posting here and asking some 'real' backup... First I'll mention what the exact problem is. My brother created his account quite some time ago, in the 'old' password system where capital letters and symbols and such were not yet required. Possibly some bug occured, because the TCGO change password option didn't recognize him. You need to fill in your e-mail and one additional piece of information. We are both 99.9% sure both the e-mail and screen name were filled in properly and are matching. This was the beginning of the problem, enough reason to post the first thread to ask for backup. The Service Center sent a simple and brief answer ever since that point in time: fill in your e-mail and screen name properly... Well, that clearly doesn't help a lot But recently the glitches became worse... My brother created a new account by accident on the very same e-mail. We didn't even know that was possible... The initial account he wants to recover is now even buried deeper in the system, he is only able to change the password of the 'accidental account'... The Service Center doesn't listen to this story at all, we both really hope you will. So PLEASE! Help! My brother can provide any information needed in order to recover or change the password. The regular way does NOT work out, we are not going to send any more tickets as the answer always is literally a copy paste message that is not helpful at all. I checked out my friends list, and it turns out his account still exists, including all the cards and items he traded for during months. He really invested a lot of time in it and can't wait to put on his charizard outfit again. I'll provide you all basic information of his account below: [Removed due to personal information -- Mod_Jube] If you need any more information or anything, you can request it of course. He'd do a lot really to get his account back. I hope you are able to help him in any way. Yours sincerely, Trainer GRUNTUS.
  8. Hello, tonight I tried to login into the game (like I successfully did in the morning) and the loading bar went up to around 70% and it failed, over and over again, going really slow in the process. I tried to uninstall the game and I got the well known "Property USER Profile" error. So, I went to https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/play-online/ to download the game again, and the download is REALLY slow, like 5,0 kbps (my internet connection usually goes for 5 mbps). I tried in Chrome, Edge and Firefox, all the same stuff, over and over. Tried a different WiFi, no luck. Tried via a LAN connection, also no luck. I'm playing on Windows 10 - x64, 8GB RAM, Intel i5-7200U What's going on? thanks
  9. ERROR The request could not be satisfied. Request blocked. I only can use VPN to login the site, but i cant use my own ISP (Non VPN/PROXY) to login or else gives me the error listed above. (Cant access Customer service helpdesk using VPN/Proxy Also) This issue started to happen after the Server issue was fixed http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/56213-resolved-tournaments-temporarily-offline/
  10. Hello! So as we all know just a few hours ago there was a problem with the login but it is now back up but now i'm facing an issue with my memory i can't remember my login password i can't reset either because i can't receive any email i had this problem before where i don't receive any email even for the newsletter (it's not even in the spam box) so i'm basically in the dark here, i don't know if i can post here but this my registered email < removed, please do not share your personal information publicly> if you can check if there is any problem with it i would be appreciated i just can't reset if i can't receive any email. Thank you in adavance.
  11. Its been a while since I've played but I'm looking at getting back into it. Since I've last played, I've gotten a new keyboard and mouse. Whenever I start the game up I can click through the opening logos but then I can't click on the "Log In" or "Start" buttons. I logged back in through the Pokemon website and I was able to click the "Log In", but then neither the mouse nor the keyboard would let me do so.
  12. I'm now showing in game as cubchoo103, I've had my name for like 6 years, and it still shows the right name here? What is going on?
  13. Dear game staff, There is a rather big problem with my brother's account GRUNTGNOERK. He forgot his password and he tried to change it several times. However, logging in still results in a error so he can't log in on his very own account for over 2 weeks now. My question is: is there a possibility to manually change the password, even for the TCGO only will do. We can provide all account details needed and can assure the account is not corrupted in any way. Of course retrieving the password will do too, he only needs to log in and not forget it this time. Hope this can be solved, as he wants to see his charizard costume and shiny cards again pretty badly, to play the game again would be awesome. If there is any other department of the pokémon company that can fix this issue please let us know! Thanks for any answer in advance, Kind regards, GRUNTUS
  14. Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to change my Screen Name because my current nickname contains personal info.
  15. AiceBoogie

    Sever is currently offline

    I was just playing about 30mins ago. Ran and grab some food, came back, and try to login....says ....login severs are currently offline. I press login, can't reach Pokémon login service please try again in a min. Are the servers down? How long does this last ??
  16. I'm not able to run the game. The loading screen with the text "Upload data from the server. wait a moment" is stalled at 0%
  17. DexDragonM

    Login Problems AGAIN

    Almost every time I try to log in the game appears that I have lost the connection to the server and sometimes the game crashes, besides that many times, when I finally log in, my collection is not complete, some cards appear as if they did not exist. Concert this quickly because I'm tired of going mad at this and I'm thinking of stopping playing pokemon again and this time for a long time.
  18. Tried closing and reopening and same thing. Always 58%. I really don't want to reinstall...
  19. Can't login. Tells me servers are still down. Forgive me first time using the forum. Just really wish I could play. It's currently 5.24 central time.
  20. skopikCz69

    IP adress

    Good day my IP address has been blocked and I do not know why I make a new IP address here. I could ask why my IP aresa was blocked?
  21. I've been trying to log in for the past few days now. It's saying the servers are offline? Is there a maintenance or? I've seen no updates to tell us so. Additionally I've tried reinstalling, resetting network settings and changing the DNS. Nothing has worked.
  22. TreTorMud

    Cant Log In Through App

    Starting yesterday, Ive been unable to log in through the tcgo app. It always gets stuck on 0% and I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Thanks for any help
  23. All of the buttons on the game launcher seem to be broken. They're all labeled by the code name, not the actual name. I've attached a screenshot below. Game still works, but it's getting really annoying and difficult to use with this glitch. Running it on a Mac, I've tried uninstalling and re-installing, and I've tried waiting. This came up about 2 weeks ago and I thought it was the server since it came out of nowhere, but it still isn't fixed. Running on Mac: Visual of what's wrong: Imgur link (Apparently I can't attach files and I can't send links. Let me know if there's a way I can send a pic of what's wrong if you need it) Thanks for your help fixing this.
  24. I'm not sure what the problem is. When I click the log in button the left of the screen on Pokemon.com it takes me to a white page that says 403 Forbidden. Is anyone else having this problem? Because for some reason I can log in when I'm on the forums but when I click the Pokemon emblem at the top it takes me to the same 403 Forbidden page. Any help would be appreciated.
  25. I haven't been on the game in months due to this issue. Everytime i boot the game up it wants to to upgrade my account but when i login it says i already have an account and will have to make a new one. I'm very confused and just want to continue where I left off.
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