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Found 330 results

  1. DexDragonM

    Login Problems AGAIN

    Almost every time I try to log in the game appears that I have lost the connection to the server and sometimes the game crashes, besides that many times, when I finally log in, my collection is not complete, some cards appear as if they did not exist. Concert this quickly because I'm tired of going mad at this and I'm thinking of stopping playing pokemon again and this time for a long time.
  2. Tried closing and reopening and same thing. Always 58%. I really don't want to reinstall...
  3. Can't login. Tells me servers are still down. Forgive me first time using the forum. Just really wish I could play. It's currently 5.24 central time.
  4. skopikCz69

    IP adress

    Good day my IP address has been blocked and I do not know why I make a new IP address here. I could ask why my IP aresa was blocked?
  5. I've been trying to log in for the past few days now. It's saying the servers are offline? Is there a maintenance or? I've seen no updates to tell us so. Additionally I've tried reinstalling, resetting network settings and changing the DNS. Nothing has worked.
  6. TreTorMud

    Cant Log In Through App

    Starting yesterday, Ive been unable to log in through the tcgo app. It always gets stuck on 0% and I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Thanks for any help
  7. All of the buttons on the game launcher seem to be broken. They're all labeled by the code name, not the actual name. I've attached a screenshot below. Game still works, but it's getting really annoying and difficult to use with this glitch. Running it on a Mac, I've tried uninstalling and re-installing, and I've tried waiting. This came up about 2 weeks ago and I thought it was the server since it came out of nowhere, but it still isn't fixed. Running on Mac: Visual of what's wrong: Imgur link (Apparently I can't attach files and I can't send links. Let me know if there's a way I can send a pic of what's wrong if you need it) Thanks for your help fixing this.
  8. I'm not sure what the problem is. When I click the log in button the left of the screen on Pokemon.com it takes me to a white page that says 403 Forbidden. Is anyone else having this problem? Because for some reason I can log in when I'm on the forums but when I click the Pokemon emblem at the top it takes me to the same 403 Forbidden page. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I haven't been on the game in months due to this issue. Everytime i boot the game up it wants to to upgrade my account but when i login it says i already have an account and will have to make a new one. I'm very confused and just want to continue where I left off.
  10. I'm gonna start by saying that I'm in a really bad mood right now. Last Thursday (almost a week ago), the PTCGO suddenly stopped working. It would open, log in, start loading, get to 81%, pause and- poof: gone. I would try again, and again- poof: gone. As soon as it gets to 81%, it pauses and crashes. There is no error message, no alert, nothing of any kind to give me any hint of how to fix this. So I did what you're supposed to do when weird stuff happens: uninstall/reinstall. 81%- poof: gone. So I try to submit a support ticket. But guess what? "Oops! It seems that Pokemon.com has had an unexpected error." And yet, I can still log into the regular website, but no, the support portal is experiencing an "unexpected error." So for a week, I haven't been able to play, and I haven't been able to contact the support system, and this: http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/51423-loading-stalls-at-81-a-quick-solution-has-been-found/ was professionally unhelpful. It might be a quick solution to someone else's problem, but for me, it's a shattered hope and a major annoyance. So that brings me here. If anyone can explain just what is happening or how to fix it, I would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise, I suppose I could just sell my Pokémon collection and take up MTG.
  11. Está de novo dando sempre login e ***** iválidos
  12. Upon start up, there is a pink rectangle blocking the loading bar then once past that the screen with Blastoise and other pokemon is fine. After that screen loads and it gets to the login screen, the login bars are completely covered with a pink block. Need help.
  13. Chris896921

    Servers still down

    Thought maintenance would be done by now. I go to try to play the game and I get this message: Servers are currently offline. Please try again later. Will you please hurry with the maintenance because I just started playing the app four days ago, and I have 1300 points to go for the verses. For final rewards. Hope it's back up and running soon. Chris
  14. My son and I tried to log in around 4:30 PM today (US Pacific Time) and it said it was down try back later. Tried tonight after soccer and after a long wait time it suggested we upgrade to a new account. It will not let our current account upgrade and says we need to create a new account. My son has bought many packs of Pokemon and we have scanned in cards and he had a pretty extensive collection it is gone. All his awards and rewards gone too. In settings it looks like we just created the account today right before the original server maintenance. However the account was working fine throughout the day. Is this still server issues or has our account been jacked up?
  15. Whenever I try to login it says invalid login or password. Now pls don't say that I am typing it wrong I have re-typed my password like 200 times now. I can use the same id pass to login to Pokemon forums but can't login to my tcgo SINCE 12 HOURS! NOW!
  16. I try to log in and it won't even open up the game....uninstalled and reinstalled and same outcome... Anyone else having issues? And yes I know the next reply will be to submit a ticket and wait 2-3 days....
  17. the 'i agree' button is in shadow and i can only click the cancel button on the pokemon term of service page besides i can't see a word except term of use and accept and cancel
  18. Не могу Авторизоваться и войти в игру, пробовал сбросить Пароль, не помогло.Все данные могу предоставить.Пишу с нового аккаунта
  19. himehime

    Can't update or uninstall

    Hiya, I've done the latest update several times and I can't seem to access anything else, even after restarting my computer. I just keep getting the update screen. So, I thought about deleting the game and its files and then reinstalling but I'm unable to uninstall the game from Programs and Features. I get "Could not access network location. Property. USER_PROFILE. Can anyone help? Thank you!
  20. Creepcio

    Upgrade account

    Why I'm asked for Login on existing account to upgrade Pokemon TCGO account if I get following message: "You cannot upgrade with a previously existing account. To upgrade, please create a new account." ​How I can login to nonexisting account? Is there any other account state other than existing and nonexisting I'm not aware of? ​
  21. Radar115

    how to upgrade account

    hey, i am new to the online tcg and am trying to upgrade my account. when i go click the button to upgrade with my existing account it says i can not upgrade with previously existing account. how can i keep my account and upgrade and not have to make a new one.
  22. graywh

    Log in stops at 81%

    Ever since last night, trying to log in after logging out will stop at 81%.
  23. mrmogi

    The Game Crash

    Hello everyone, Every time I try to open the game, the application is white and a pop up appears saying the following: "The game crashed. The crash report folder named "2016-10-29_211546" next to game executable. It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game!" I was able to log in earlier today but after I logged off to log into my other account I haven't been able to open the game. I uninstalled my game and downloaded a new installer to reinstall the game; however I keep getting this same message or the screen won't load. Is there any way to fix this issue? Thank you
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