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  1. Super_BMO

    Account Suspension inquiry

    My account was suspended due to what I believe to be swearing (which I was not warned about in the slightest) I was wondering if there is a way I can inquire as to how long my suspension will last. I have already sent a support ticket but it has been 2 days and I haven't received any word. Thanks
  2. I was randomly suspended on my Pokemon TCGO acc. I played two days ago with no issues. I was chat muted once for messing around in chat with my friend while we were battling, only using a few curse words. I understood that chat ban and moved on, being more thoughtful. I go to log on today after installing the update and after loading on the progress bar I got an "This account has been suspended" message. I don't understand where this came from and would appreciate support. I see no reason for a ban as I have just been playing versus and grinding to try to get some good cards out of the new set. I tried logging on first on my mac then on my Windows 10 computer. I tried making a new account and logging in on that worked. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. My pokemon tcgo is stucking on 90%
  4. Hey, so i've been trying to play recently. I start up last night and i was able to play with no issue. However, I have went onto my college's wifi and now I can't play for anything. I haven't went onto the original wifi source yet to see if that fixes it, but it's pretty annoying. i've tried everything from a fresh install to flushing out the DNS cache and nothing has seemed to work. Like the game loads in to the login screen but i can't proceed from there. Hope y'all are able to help me out a bit.
  5. Olá, eu gostaria de recuperar uma conta minha no Pokémon TCG, porém, eu esqueci ******* e também perdi o email em que a conta foi feita, única coisa que eu lembro é o nick name fico agradecido se poder ajudar.
  6. I had learned about a re ent promo for a shiny celebi. I checked my account to make sure I was signed up for newsletters. I still was. I go to check my email. Spam. Trash. Primary. Promotions. Nothing. I finally recheck Promotions and type in the email pokemon@email.pokemon.com. Come to find out, for some reason, I had not received a newsletter since September 25, 2017. I had never unsubscribed from it, so why am I not receiving any at all
  7. does not enter the game?
  8. darth_suicune

    Client doesn't load after login

    After login is introduced, the client starts loading data but it never reaches 100%. Tested on 2 devices, 3 different OSs, 2 different connections, and checked with others in the community spread throughout the world, so not a local issue. The client does seem to load to different stages (the % at which it hangs is different on every attempt)
  9. Drogoroth


    My game keeps telling me it is down for maintenence but I can't find any info on this. Where would I find this information or is it down right now? Thank you.
  10. When I try to login, my game stop responding and show the mensage of the title
  11. I just started having this issue. When I press login it takes me to a screen that says "loading data from server. please wait." It instantly loads to 18% then very, very slowly crawls all the way up to 80-85% (~5min). Then it crashes and brings me back to the login screen with the error message "The network connection with the server has been lost". I have no idea what is going on as I was logged in and playing last night and even this morning! I am on PC and I have restarted my computer. I have restarted my router even though I am plugged in via ethernet and no on wifi (~94 Mbps upload/download) and I have even un-installed and re-installed the game. Each and every time it goes through the same error, at this point I've tried logging in at least 20 times. I am on client version: (live) at lease that what it says on the loading screen. Does anyone have a solution to this error? Thank you for your help in advance
  12. LazyStar69

    Disconected And Stuck At 10%

    the game when disconected and loging stuck at 10% any help ?
  13. Hi, I've had this account for several years now and I have been wanting to update the email associated with the account, but have been completely locked out of that old email account with no way to log back into it. I was wondering if there was another way I can update my account's email?? I'm also wanting to change my account's username, as it makes me really uncomfortable having to log in with it now, but don't see any options to do this. Please help! As I am a trans dude, I don't like feeling uncomfortable whenever I login. Thanks!
  14. I'm not aware of what I did, was I dc'ing out of unwinnable matches too much?
  15. BodaciousBoDean

    All the language is in code.

    My son’s account has every button in some sort of code, as well as the the cards will not show photos. We’ve trying restarting the iPad, we’ve deleted the app, and re-downloaded it. We’ve changed it from English to another language, and then back again to English, which will temporarily fix the issues until we log in, then it goes back to a code format language. what’s the solution to this issue / but.
  16. Hi there, I recently moved to a new condo, and therefore switched internet service providers. I tried to log in to my account, but am met with errors. If I try to log in on the website, it gives me a “403 ERROR”, and if I try to log in on the game, it says I can’t reach the login service. Before I moved, my game was working perfectly fine, so I know it’s not a hardware issue. I also know it’s an internet issue because if I turn my wifi off on my phone and use data, I am able to log in to the website (which is the only way I could make this post). I’ve read on a different post to reset my wifi and router (no change), open ports 8181, 6967, and 39389 (no change), plug in an Ethernet cord (no change), and to add it as a “safe program” on my PC (wasn’t needed before, did it anyways and no change). If it helps, I am located in Toronto, Canada and switched ISP from Bell to Beanfield. Looking forward to hearing a possible solution!
  17. Hi, I am a Pokemon TCG android player. I try again and again to login in with my Pokemon Trainers Club Account, but it always shows Authentication Error: Invalid username or password. I even changed my password and tried again but still no luck, I would really appreciate some help.
  18. I started recently playing from my laptop but have real money into this game thanks to the codes from the new cards. I logged in this morning and it put me at the tutorial. I closed out and tried several times. No luck. All of my cards and stuff have been wiped it appears?? Please help?? I'm frantic.
  19. izunemi

    no puedo ingresar

    Buenas tardes hoy llevo todo el dia tratando de logiarme con mi cuenta pero me dice que se ha perdido la conexion con el servidor espero me puedan ayudar lo antes posible para poder ingresar
  20. Estou tentando recuperar uma conta antiga com o email e ******************, mas não ta sendo possível pois ta reconhecendo varias contas no mesmo email, como isso pode ser solucionado?
  21. Hi, yesterday i reinstalled Pokémon TGCO after like 4 years, and i am having problems in reconnecting my account. I have a 30Mb in Download and 3 in Upload but still the game doesn't connect to the server. I restarted the modem, the router, the pc and uninstalled and reinstalled the game like ten times but nothing, it doesn't connect. Can someone help me?
  22. I am trying to install pokemon TCGO on my Mac, when I try to install it is says " This site can’t be reached Check if there is a typo in *******************************. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN " I don't know what to do. If anyone knows anything please help im im very eager to play the game.
  23. Hello, In the middle of a game I was just playing for a Player's Cup Qualifier, I ended my turn after playing a Switch card to send up a new active Pokemon. After I clicked Done, nothing happened. The timer on my side continued to count down. Then, my turn timer counted down from 15. When it hit 0, it stayed displayed on the screen at 0 while my total game timer continued to count down. Hoping that it was a disconnection that I'd be able to overcome, I closed the app. When I reopened it, I was given a login countdown timer as well. What happens to the key for the qualifier I entered? Thank you, Josef
  24. Boa tarde ontem me deu vontade de jogar Pokemon TCG, que eu jogava há uns 6 anos. Acontece que apesar de lembrar de meu nick e e-mail, não consigo recuperar *******. O site é muito confuso, cara. Quando eu vou em "esqueceu *******?", insiro o e-mail que eu usava na conta mas aparece que não existe conta com esse e-mail (???). Engraçado que já quando eu clico em criar conta nova e coloco o e-mail que eu usava, aparece que já existe uma conta com esse. (Ou seja, o site reconhece que existe SIM uma conta com meu e-mail, mas está bugado e não consigo recuperar ******* dela. Estou trancado para fora da minha conta.) A página de suporte não tem opção NENHUMA, apenas uma foto de 3 Pokemons. Não consigo encontrar e-mail de suporte técnico de Pokemon Trading Card Game também, então estou recorrendo à esse fórum. À propósito, caso estranhem meu problema, descobri ontem que um outro jogador teve o mesmo problema: https://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/54469-general-não-consigo-recuperar-a-conta/ A solução que deram pra ele foi solicitar suporte no site, mas hoje em dia não tem mais nenhuma opção lá. Podem me ajudar?
  25. I just downloaded the launcher, and it opens fine, but when I go to type in my username or password, it won't let me select the text box to type it in. I can select other options, but selecting a language or trying to type my login info doesn't work. I've tried reinstalling the program, but the same issue comes up. Any way to fix this?
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