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  1. Hey there! Looks like a few folks are running into an issue uninstalling/reinstalling the game on PC when it's installed in a language other than English. Players may receive a "property.USER_PROFILE cannot be accessed" error when attempting to uninstall the game through the Programs menu. While the dev team works to address this issue, the workaround for this issue is to run the Pokémon TCG Online installer file and selecting "uninstall." To do this on PC, find the installer (should be named PokemonInstaller.msi) and re-run it, but select the "uninstall" option. Hope that helps! S
  2. Hey there! Some Mac users are experiencing issues after the latest update to the Trading Card Game Online in which the patcher stalls at the midway mark. There are a couple of solutions to attempt. The first is to go into your Applications folder and open the 'Pokémon Online Trading Card Game' folder. Move the application from this to the main Applications folder and then delete the empty TCGO folder. If this does not work, you may need to try a "full" uninstallation if you experience issues such as the patcher/refresher stalling after an update, the client freezing or crashing, or trou
  3. I try to log in and it won't even open up the game....uninstalled and reinstalled and same outcome... Anyone else having issues? And yes I know the next reply will be to submit a ticket and wait 2-3 days....
  4. I have the game set to English but there are chunks of the game that display in a completely different language as shown in the image. Is there anyone who can help me correct this problem. Thank you ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ****************************************************************************************************************************** ********************************************************************************************************************************************
  5. I'm just curious as to when or if there is a way to Install the tcg game from the amazon app store. If I could get some information on when or if it will be available I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. Heyooo for those of you who, like me, had the update in Oct/Nov 2016 crash the game and give the error message "please send the file to the game developer" I may have found a solution! A friend of mine was fixing a Steam game for me with a similar problem and suggested I go into Windows update and, well yeah, run updates- Windows says there's only 10 optional updates, but just running all of those seems to have fixed the problem and I can now run TCG from my PC again! I was given the suggestion by the staff to go into LocalLow and all this stuff which I think is better to do still if y
  7. When I tried to login to the game recently (a couple of weeks ago) all I got was a loading screen which never moved. When I tried to uninstall (/reinstall) it I started getting this error. Now I've been unable to use/play, install (or uninstall; although I deleted all the files now) PTCGO at all in several weeks, all because of the "PC: property.USER_PROFILE not found error" which appears whenever I try to do literally anything involving the game. However, my problem isn't with a non-English language like stated on the bug thread; and I've tried all the possible fixes, re-installing new ve
  8. After the December 14 patch, the game crashed continually upon start up. I deleted the install then tried to re-install but now it won't do it. A error keeps popping up during the copying new files status. It reads {The cabinet file ********* required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used. This could indicate a network error, an error reading from the CD-ROM, or a problem with this package.} I've tried retry and ignore but it doesn't help. I really need some help.
  9. Hi guys....I can't seem to get Pokémon TCG to work on my pc. Specs are... Windows 10 ** 8320 RX 480 gtr 16g Ram 500 SSD 2 TB Hdd Cant seem to figure out whats wrong....used to work before...I tried running as administrator..always tried different windows compatibility (run the game in windows 7 and 8) and I have yet to fix the problem... any ideas?!?
  10. himehime

    Can't update or uninstall

    Hiya, I've done the latest update several times and I can't seem to access anything else, even after restarting my computer. I just keep getting the update screen. So, I thought about deleting the game and its files and then reinstalling but I'm unable to uninstall the game from Programs and Features. I get "Could not access network location. Property. USER_PROFILE. Can anyone help? Thank you!
  11. Are the servers currently down for Pokemon TCG? I tried to login and play but once it hits 81% it crashes. I tried this multiple times.
  12. Since that update a few days ago, I can't login into the game. I already uninstalled it, re-downloaded it from the website again, removed all folders in appdata roaming etc, installed the game again, the update went fine, BUT I can't login! This happens: I input username and p-a- ss word, and the game starts, but it stucks at 8%, then after like 20 seconds it closes itself, and an error message appears "could not reach pokemon server, please try again in a minute" I've been trying to login over and over, for like 3 days, and I can't login! Please help!
  13. During patch update, application crashed and was unable to reopen. I reinstalled client from pokemon.com and now application crashes at launch. I am on OSX and have already checked to see if any permissions require repair; came up clear. At this point I'm not sure what the problem is. Another user on Reddit is experiencing the same issue. Please advise to see if this is an issue on Pokemon's end. Thanks!
  14. Hey, i can get on the game and log that's all fine, but when i start the first game (tutorial) then at a certain point when my opponent (AI) play's the metal card on eevee, i have to draw a card and there the game freezes. how can this happen and more important, how can i fix this? **edit** today i reinstalled the game and tried again, nothing changed, still freezes.
  15. NuggetAssassin

    PTGCO - Authentication Error

    I downloaded the PTGCO PC Windows application last night and made a new Pokemon.com account. I played a few hours and everything was working fine then went to bed. But then this morning i logged in (successfully once) and bought a booster pack. When i went to open it the game froze so i restarted it. I tried to enter my (correct) account credentials but it wouldn't let me log in. It showed imgur com/a/HXuiC (put an . in space) I restarted pc, nothing. Reinstalled, nothing. Googled, nothing. i can log into this website with this account but not into PTCGO PLEASE HELP THIS ONLY HAPPENED AFTER
  16. Hello whoever is reading this, I currently am having a problem downloading the installer for Pokemon TCG online from the website. I downloaded 103 mbs of the 200 mbs you need before suddenly the download speed dropped down to kbs, and eventually stopped downloading. I have since tried 8 or so times to re-download the installer from the website but the speed of the download is still in kbs and every time it eventually stops downloading. My download speed is 30mbs and my upload is 12mbs so i don't think its a problem with my internet and i can't figure out a solution. My computer operati
  17. Hello! The dev team has found that certain system preferences on Macs prevent installation or prompt the user to move the game files to the trash. The team is working on a permanent fix to this issue, but in the meantime have provided the following workaround: Open System Preferences. Navigate to the 'Privacy' tab. If the 'Allow Apps Downloaded From' area is grayed out, click the lock in the lower left corner to allow changes to be made. Choose 'Anywhere' The game should open normally. Thanks for your patience with this issue.
  18. As the title states, my refresher downloads all the files and gets stuck on unpacking for half an hour.. The Play button is disabled but the "Close" and "Repair" button are active. Do I click on any one of them or just wait? Update: Couldn't wait any longer.. Clicked close, downloaded and installed a fresh copy.. works..
  19. 3 days ago i download the app from the ios app store, but i cant play in my new account because the server was not working. I uninstalled the game from my ipad, and today i tried from my pc and all was fine, so i tried downloading the app again from the appstore, but just doesnt work anymore. After many attempts a message like "download the app was impossible" appears. What can i do? I really want to play from my ipad.
  20. So, the other day I tried to play and it wouldn't open at all. Just bounce like the apps do on mac and just not open. So I uninstall and reinstall. But now after I instal and open the app it says the app is corrupt and needs to be trashed. Then it moves it into the trash. I've tried just about everything and have no idea what to do.
  21. I just installed the trading card game this afternoon. I was very exited to start playing it, immediately signed up and made an account. But as soon as i clicked play the tutorial, just to see how this game looks and the mechanics work it crashed. Then i tried again and i got to the point where it says my turn, and there it crashed again, 4 more times. Then i reinstalled. Same issue kept on happening. Deleted the folders from the %appdata% and all. But it kept reappearing. Could someone please skip the tutorial for me, i read in a forum that that might enable me to play, cause it seems like a
  22. Hello! i use Windows 7. After bad game update, i can not start to play game. 1 - When i try to dclick game icon, game starts and immediately closed. 2 - I try to unnistal game from Programm tool But got classic error: USER_PROFILE 3 - Okay, my brother help me and delete game from Unnistaller and install game. But this is not help. 4 - Refresher not work (screenshot attached) ************************************************** Please help me!
  23. xHDxFREYA

    Cant install

    After i downloaded the game and start the programm to install it it opens but i cant press continue how can i fix this
  24. So yeah, it is impossible for me to download the game. The highest speed I get is just a few kB. Is something wrong with the download?
  25. Flamevelliomon

    Installing pokemon on PC Windows

    I was wanting to try out the pokemon online game for windows PC. i have it installed but when i try to play it the screen goes black, then it acts as if its loading something, then kicks me out of the game. I really need help. i want to play the card game online, before i buy actual cards. sounds weird right? I figured its the only way for me to learn how to play the game. Anyway, Please help ASAP
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