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  1. Bonjour, J'essaye de télécharger le jeu pour mon mac mais rien à faire: il m'affiche 12 heures de téléchargement. J'ai vérifié les maintenances serveur mais j'ai cru comprendre que cette dernière n'aurait pas lieu avant 22h30. Ce n'est pas un problème de connexion non plus donc je ne sais pas trop quoi faire. Pouvez vous m'aider? Merci d'avance
  2. Hey there. When I try to download the game, the installer sends me to another page full of exclusive characters that keeps loading forever. I tried many times and even tried to wait an hour for it to load but didn't work. My pc has more than the recommended to play the game (not sure if this would interfere in something because I can't even download the game). I need help please. SOS. Thank's since now.
  3. I'm trying to download the game but it gave me a download of 8 hours for 289mb that is way to slow pls fix that
  4. Hello, tonight I tried to login into the game (like I successfully did in the morning) and the loading bar went up to around 70% and it failed, over and over again, going really slow in the process. I tried to uninstall the game and I got the well known "Property USER Profile" error. So, I went to https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/play-online/ to download the game again, and the download is REALLY slow, like 5,0 kbps (my internet connection usually goes for 5 mbps). I tried in Chrome, Edge and Firefox, all the same stuff, over and over. Tried a different WiFi, no luck. Tri
  5. Its been a while since I've played but I'm looking at getting back into it. Since I've last played, I've gotten a new keyboard and mouse. Whenever I start the game up I can click through the opening logos but then I can't click on the "Log In" or "Start" buttons. I logged back in through the Pokemon website and I was able to click the "Log In", but then neither the mouse nor the keyboard would let me do so.
  6. Slow, as in it has loaded 18% in as many minutes in my last attempt. It wont even work if it reaches 100%. Most of the time it gets stuck part way. I had the game working before I started having this problem. I have repeatedly tried to uninstall, manually all other related files and reinstall. Still no luck. Any help would be much appreciated. I have no idea what is wrong.
  7. Hello, I keep trying to install Pokemon TCGO and every time I finish installing and open it up: it gives me an error message saying I should let the developer know what went wrong and that there was a folder with all the information on the crash. Not only that, but occasionally upon opening it up (I've attempted this several times) and closing the crash/error window: it would cause my graphics card to fail with Video TDR Failure. I've done a clean uninstall (using the program and various other ways) to no avail and don't quite know where to send the error folder. Is this the place I'm
  8. Right around the time that the most recent refresher/client update came out, I ran into an issue with the client. Upon launching the client, I am greeted with a black screen. After a few seconds, the refresher automatically opens, also to a black screen. I've tried everything: waiting to see if anything happens, opening and closing the client multiple times, running with Windows 8 Compatibility settings, restarting my PC and uninstalling and reinstalling the client. Is there anything else I can do? I'd really like to get this figured out before Ultra Prism comes out so I can get back to playin
  9. Hi, I was having trouble with the latest update for PTCGO and followed the steps to reinstall the game, however, when I downloaded the disk image, it keeps coming up as damaged and I'm unable to reinstall the game. How can I get around this? I have provided an image of the Error I keep getting. Thanks Lee
  10. Is the new patch live yet? I tried to open the game and got the refresher screen saying there was a new version available (2.49), but it does not seems to be downloading anything, the progress bar is missing from the screen and the only buttons available are "close" and "repair" while "play" is disabled. Do I have to reinstall (like with almost every update, which gets old, by the way) or is it because the new version is not live at the moment?
  11. Hello Trainers, Trainers using Mac OS version 10.12 or higher might run into an issue with the installer freezing at "Please wait while the refresher is patched". If you or a friend are experiencing this issue, there are a couple of solutions to attempt that should fix this. Solution 1: The first is to go into your Applications folder and open the 'Pokémon Online Trading Card Game' folder. Move the application from this to the main Applications folder and then delete the empty TCGO folder. Solution 2: If this does not work, you may need to try a "full" uninstallation if you experience is
  12. AurelioTheMaste

    I Can Install PTCGO

    someone can help me, try to reinstall the ptcgo first delete the installer with the old version and download the updated installer and then ask me the "PokemonInstaller.msi" then look for the installer I downloaded but I get error, Someone has a solution Posts: When I give it to cancel when it asks me that same it asks me and it does not let me install it I have a screenshot but I do not like to send them so that they see it
  13. wafflestreet

    Galaxy Note 8 Not comparable

    I would like to know if there is a near future where Poke.on TAG Online is playable on the latest and most capable smartphone out there. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Thank you.
  14. TeamVanillaFox

    Problems with Reinstallation

    Dear Pokémon-community, After I had some trouble with the Login I decided to deinstall and reinstall Pokémon TGG. Unfortunately I haven't been able to reinstall it ever since. I can download the Installer, but as soon as the Installer starts the installation process, I get an error message that tells me something like this: I cannot install the programm from this source. Then I am asked to search my computer for a different source/path from which to start the installer. But no matter what I chose, it always says the same and same thing again. I tried to copy the installer to different loca
  15. Maxat76

    Scanns gone

    Hello. After upgrade sw. My sons scannes are totally lost.. all the scanns/Cards Are gone. How to fix?
  16. I have a problem or actually two problems. If I need to find a pokemon in my collection and searching for the name, there are no cards found even though I have the cards and if I have to make a new card set, it is no longer in alphabetical order.. The other problem is all text in the game is no longer normal before I updated the game there was trade now there is hud.buttons.trade.tooltip. It's all a bit confusing because there is no information that you need. If I'm in my collection and want to find a poker card by searching on the name, there are no cards found even thou
  17. What happened to the Android beta version of this app? Cause i just noticed that it has disappeared from my beta app list.
  18. All of the buttons on the game launcher seem to be broken. They're all labeled by the code name, not the actual name. I've attached a screenshot below. Game still works, but it's getting really annoying and difficult to use with this glitch. Running it on a Mac, I've tried uninstalling and re-installing, and I've tried waiting. This came up about 2 weeks ago and I thought it was the server since it came out of nowhere, but it still isn't fixed. Running on Mac: Visual of what's wrong: Imgur link (Apparently I can't attach files and I can't send links. Let me know if there's a
  19. awesomesauce512

    [MAC] Patching - Stuck on Refresher

    Every time there is an update - the refresher gets stuck on the Mac. It usually takes 2 weeks, then it starts working again. I've gone through all the troubleshooting information offered, but couldn't this simply be fixed so it doesn't happen EVERY SINGLE TIME???? It's very frustrating.
  20. Please fix this problem asap. I've spent way to much time on this game just to give it up.
  21. I downloaded the app for Mac, double checked this already, and when I click to open the app it doesn't do anything. Just shows icon in toolbar like its open but is not actually open or doing anything.
  22. I uninstalled PTCGO about 2 weeks ago and now would like to install, again however ever time I try to install I get an error message saying "The older version of PTCGO cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group." Anyone ever had this I am on windows 10 I have tried going through my Registry files and deleting all the Related files also I have run CCleane to no avail. any help is appreciated Thanks in advance
  23. Whenever i turn on the app it says That i have to Update to play but when i go to AppStore there is no Update and it just says Open not Update........ please help!
  24. PokemanzGuy420

    Weird storage glitch

    So I installed the google play store on my fire tablet 7, so I could play Pokemon tcg online, it installed and I had plenty of room left, about 450MB, and the game loaded fine, but then my system said low storage and I had only 100MB left, so I thought, oh just some downloaded files for the game, so I deleted some games and had 1GB left, and I opened up the game again and a CRITITCALLY LOW STORAGE alert popped up and I had only 80MB left, please tell me why most of my tablets storage has disappeared.
  25. Akitiera

    Stuck on refresher update

    Hi, I wanted to get back into the card game when Sun and Moon was released, however, TCG online won't load at all for me. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it multiple times following different directions provided on the internet. For example, made sure all the files were deleted and reinstalled it. I even tried running it as administrator but I still have exact same problem. It tells me to wait as it checks of a refresher update. I had it up for two hours and there was never a loading bar. If anything, the screen appears frozen. Operating system: Windows 7 Processor: Intel Pentiu
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