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Found 529 results

  1. 08thDeadlySin

    Possible? Or cheat?

    Is it possible for a player to have talonflame as active pokemon on the first turn and it is not a EX.. i do have a screenshot but i dont know to attach it. BTW this during a tourment final battle
  2. I was in a tourney, i had 1 prize left and my opponent had 2 prizes left. The timer ran out and it gave me the loss. I was also set up to win no matter what happened, so i lost 8 tickets for nothing.
  3. AT-AT_Pilot_999

    restarted match in tournament

    Situation: in a theme Deck tournament I have won the second match, but immediately the last opponent's Pokemon is defeated the game restarts again with the same opponent, then, continued the "new" game but at my second turn suddenly the defeated message appeared and I have lost the match... What happened???
  4. Ok so yesterday everything was working fine, and then this... When i click the icon on my desktop it opens, then it starts loading as normal but the bar takes a bit longer than usual, when the bar reaches 98% the whole game crashes! i have tried resetting my PC and everyting . I run a Laptop with Windows 10 please help!!!
  5. Hey guys, Trying to login on my PC to redeem my codes, but whenever I try the game says the servers are closed for maintenance, but I can login on my iPad. And I cant find any details of scheduled maintenance.
  6. GlitchedZoro

    Unable to Open Game

    I've played this game for many months now, and it's worked just fine. Recently, it's stopped opening. After logging in, it stops at 98% and shuts down with no error message or reason. I've uninstalled, restarted, and installed again - no change. What do I do? Is this happening to anyone else? What is going on?
  7. masteroflyf

    Magearna-EX issues

    I've been excited by Magearna's ability, It's useful but it has some severe issues. First Magearna's Skill: "Prevent all effects of your opponent's attacks, except for damage, done to each of your pokemon that has any metal energy attached to it (Existing effects are not removed)" So, Honedge "Metal Sound" attack should have left my opponent confused. I only had Magearna-EX and Honedge in play, my opponent had no Magearna-EX. However, my "Metal Sound" had no effect (displayed in the animation). Then, Lucky Helmet affects ME when I receive damage. This effect is not trigered when my opponent has Magearna-EX in play. if it's ability prevents effects to its owner, it shouldn't affect my tool.
  8. So, I usually play my game on my iPad but I also have TCG downloaded on my macbook. When I try to play on my Macbook, I am able to login with my username and password, but when it loads none of my user data is there. All of my coins disappear, my characters look is completely different, and I don't have a lot of cards in my collection that are on my iPad. I would like to be able to use my mac, but it seems impossible when all my hard work is lost even though it's still my account. The player you see to the left is the player it puts in when I log into my macbook. My iPad character is a girl.
  9. GiveLicensa

    Where is My Deck?

    I bought a deck "night attack" and he did not appear in my collection, but my chips have already been consumed. Help me please!!
  10. 2 times i have made Rayquazza active in play its ended the game in defeat strait away i had full bench with garados +6 water and embor 4fire and one water and rayquazza too with one of each energy knowing id be able to attach a 3ird i played him in then the game ended in me being defeated ???? saying i had no card to play like ive got no pokemon left i had 3 prize cards opponant had 4 ? im sorry but whos winning ? he had a eve in play and on bench ???? guys more faults now since the server went down really appreciate what you guys do but cmon? also fighiting fury belt +40 hp on Garados 130hp so 130 + 40 = 170 got knocked out buy a 140 damage move when i had full health leads me to think the system didnt register the fighiting fury belt as garados would normally be knocked out at 130hp
  11. NotEvenPunk

    Video freezing crash

    Im running the client version on windows 10 It was working fine until recently, I can start the game fine but after about 5-10 minutes the video crashes, I can still hear the audio and if I click on something the button still registers but obviously I can't play like that since I can't see what is happening. Im forced to ctrl+alt+del to close the program. Ive tried un/reinstalling and no luck. If anyone has a fix please help
  12. I posted this in the game feedback section originally, where I was told that this in fact a bug related to the card, so I have reposted it here.. So I played a game against this guy that was running a Spiritomb in his deck... But it was unlike any other card I had ever seen before. Basically it had an ability that allowed it to move damage counters from the enemies pokemon to other pokemon as many times as it wanted, even if the counters they moved onto a pokemon knocked it out, they would still be able to move damage counters from that knocked out pokemon to other pokemon as long as they stayed in the moves interface. This allowed them to kill most of my entire bench of basic pokemon, aswell as severely damage my active pokemon, simply because I switched out one of my more damaged pokemon (it had 100 damage on it)... ultimately causing me to lose the match.. With 1 move... Which begs the question; why can you move damage counters from pokemon that have already been knocked out by the move? He literally just moved 70 damage counters to my clefairy, it died, then he moved the counters from the clefairy to my buneary until it died, and so on and so forth until pretty much everything was dead... I feel like a move this powerful should at least have a higher cost, seeing as the swing potential it has in 1 turn it can wipe your whole bench if you're not careful and have more than 1 damaged pokemon on your bench/active or just have a high hp pokemon with a lot of damage counters on it OR just don't know how the move even works... Like I did. I feel like the move should at least be changed so when you move the damage counters to a pokemon and it knocks out that pokemon, the pokemon gets moved to the discard pile and you lose those counters.... Instead of just destroying an entire team simply because your opponent let their pokemon get damaged to a decent amount without it getting knocked out, and you switch in your spiritomb while you have initiative (you switch out your active pokemon, your active pokemon dies, etc...) and just slap a couple energy on it if you haven't already (which is pretty easy to do by the way, since it has a 1 * energy sleep move) before your enemy has time to kill it, and just start sweeping... Maybe if it was on an EX card for a bit higher of a cost/risk I would understand but the way it is now just seems unfair. I've searched all over Google for the card that I am referencing and I was unable to find it which means the copy that I am talking about probably only exists in game and changing it would be a simple matter... So please, don't ruin my desire to play this game... Fix Spiritomb.
  13. I have been at this longer than I would like to admit but everytime I uninstall and reinstall properly the same glitch happens. I just started to realize it could be my my mac mouse but still that makes no sense for the card comes up but Zach does not react. Has anyone experienced this problem? I can't get past the first Oshawott card and have ZACH the AI trainer do anything. HELP!!!!! PLEASEEEE!!!
  14. I am currently having trouble doing the daily challenges. Knocking out 12 pokemon with water type.. and all of the dmg ones. I always completed them in against the trainers. Do these have to be done against online players now? Please any feedback would be great. Thank you
  15. Professortakis

    Strange Things Happen...

    I just bought Night Striker from the shop and when I went to versus in order to try my new deck, it had disappeared! I also looked for it in trainer challange and in deck manager, but I couldn't find it... So I closed tcgo and I reopened it, but nothing happened... The other strange thing is that when I went again to the shop the names of each deck were in German... Please help me!!!
  16. So after the unexpected maintenance today, (08/24/16) my game loaded and I was able to play but then it froze mid game and closed out. Every time I tried to get in after this, it loads all the server info and everything then sits on the screen that shows the gears and gray backdrop and stating all the copyrights at the bottom. I've repaired the game, I've uninstalled/reinstalled the game but it does the same thing. Please help. I can't attach an image here but I can send it to whoever wants to see it. Side Note (found other people with the problem and wanted to add something here); My site doesn't work properly either. I can see my avatar in the forums but when I'm on the main site, I login, my avatar isn't there then I change the page and it shows me not logged in, then I hit login and it shows I am but again, with no avatar. If I hit create avatar it tells me to login but then again, I am logged in, this site needs to be fixed along with the game. I have my Pokemon GO attached here, my DS games and my TCG Online.
  17. Have not been able to get into the game in over a week, had this problem before here and there, then it went away and now it's back and it happens every single time I log in so.. I can't even play at all.. plz help, for once
  18. Dear Pokemon and players, I played versus mode and found that Volcanion EX's Steam Up ability didn't work... after discarding a fire energy, my basic fire pokemons still attacked without power up. Help fixing the bug needed! Thanks. Best, AJ_Nidoking
  19. PrincessMcSwirl

    Game crashing once it loads to 98%

    i was playing today and i logged for maybe a hour i launched it again maybe 3 times it loads from server until it gets to 98% freezes then crashes out. ive tried using the refresher then launching still the same problem nd even deleted the game reinstalled it and still the same problem please help!
  20. succalot

    Refresher update

    I keep on reinstalling ptcgo and it opens and gets stuck at checking for refresher update
  21. The installer crashes with the following two errors: "Called RunScript when not marked in progress." and "Called InstallFinalize when no install in progress." I have triple checked permissions in the folder that the installer is being run on, as well as the parent directory where the install is being created. I have restarted the Windows Installer Service, which had no effect. I have run "scf /scannow" in Powershell as Admin and no issues were found. I have run the Windows Installer Troubleshooting Tool with no issues found. Running the "Compatibility Troubleshooter" against the installer tells me that this is an incompatible program with my current version of windows. Windows 10 is up-to-date as well as all video/audio drivers. I have been able to install the game on my Android tablet and on my Macbook.. but I can not install this on my main gaming PC where I stream from. Windows 10 Pro x64: Version 1511: Build 10586.545
  22. XenonHacks

    Are the servers down?

    I started playing this game about an hour ago, im on my 5th match and the game freezes on me so I closed the client, but now when I try to log in to continue the match it says loading data from the server please wait and and finishes but then just does nothing and shows this ********************* uninstalling and clearing my registry does nothing.
  23. Help, I updated to windows 10 about two months ago and when I go to play Pokemon tcg Online the game will crash when it goes to load the assets, I've tried everything and yet it crashes every time. It was working just fine on Windows 7 when I had it.
  24. So i just play vs some guy and i use break zoroark he use Volcanion ex and i attack him with foul play and i just lose my move ??? LOL
  25. Professortakis

    Will you ever fix Ninja boy?

    Ninja boy was the first card I got from my first steam and siege pack. Is it so difficult to fix it?
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