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Found 529 results

  1. Ghost3695

    Honchkrow Weakness Bug

    When using Zapdos from Team Up to attack Honchkrow GX weakness was not registered
  2. PTCGO is giving me connection errors way to often, I have other programs/games that are continuously using the internet and do NOT lose connection at all, my firewall or antivirus is not stopping the connection to PTCGO. I get this error and this is a new hard drive on a fresh install of Windows 10 and a new network card etc, nothing is wrong with my computer. The problem i think is on PTCGO side of things. For months it worked fine without problems now it's to the point of disconnecting on almost every match. PCTGO is UNPLAYABLE for me almost! Reinstalling shouldn't have to be done, this should be fixed the correct way, where reinstalling is not needed because it will continue to happen again if not fixed ... (Even after a reinstall) Thank you for your time.
  3. I stopped playing one and half year ago, and i unnistalled. NOW when i want to play again, i reinstall to the last version i log in, and suddenly all is gone, excepts coins. I demand to have all my collection back!. I spent lots of money getting cards and stuff!. PLEASE CONTACT ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
  4. Ever since the most recent update I have been unable to load the game on my Mac. It works on my iPad, but after attempting to log in on my desktop computer I get the error message "Could not reach Pokemon login service. Please try again in a minute." I have tried deleting and reinstalling and have had no success. I am running Mojave 10.13.3 I appreciate any help!
  5. Well it downloads and when it loads it says it's checking for updates and then it starts downloading again.I'm stuck in a loop.
  6. I was playing against someone using the Magikarp & Wailord GX card and they used the towing splash gx move twice in a row. The first time it flipped the GX button over but then he used the same move again the next turn. I reported him but not sure if this is an exploit or a hack.
  7. Using an iPad Pro and when I enter my username and password from the Pokemon tcgo login screen it freezes. I’ve deleted the app, re downloaded it and I’m getting the same bug. Please provide best solutions to overcome this. Thanks.
  8. Hello, The words on all of the click-buttons show different words. Words like 'Login.logindialog.loginbuttonlable' This is for instance normally the yellow login-button. The two green buttons say 'login.forgotinfo.button.label' and the other one 'login.button.start here'. And this is all throughout the game. I tried to start the game a couple of time but it doesn't resolve the problem. By the way, the cards i can read normal. I hope i'm explaining this well enough so you can understand what is going on/wrong. Please help cause i'm not a pro to remember what all the buttons stand for. So i need the correct words on them.
  9. When I open the "collection" section, the game crashes, and every time I attempt to log back in, it reopens on the collection screen, then promptly crashes. I was redeeming some codes, and tried to go to the gamepack section, but before I could click on the gamepack section, it crashed. I have no idea if I somehow have a banned card, or what's going on, but it's been happening since late last year. I can't create or edit any new decks, because as soon as it opens to the screen where you can scroll through every card you have, it crashes. I've had to uninstall the game and reinstall it, since it kept reopening on the collection screen.
  10. When I open the Pokémon TCG file, it reapeatedly opened to update screen. I cannot access the game. how should I fix that?
  11. Hi! I recently installed the game for my 6 year old son to play, but because I didn't quite understand what I was doing I redeemed/unlocked two of his physical decks (using codes) on my account instead of his "Child" account. As far as I've been able to research, it isn't possible to swap/trade a whole theme deck between accounts, although if anybody knows whether this has changed I'd be interested to know how to do it. But I was wondering, is it possible to roll back a code redemption, that is take a deck/code off your account, so that it's available to use again on someone else's? It seems like if this was possible it'd be somewhere obvious but I thought it was worth asking.
  12. HardcorePenguin

    [PC] Game bugged out during tournament

    Hi, I'm stuck in the last game of a tournament final and the game has bugged out. I'm close to winning and the game has bugged and frozen. Can anyone help? Thanks
  13. I don't know if it is bug or not. I have discarded 4 energy when launching my blacephalon attack, but the opponent Celebi & Venusaur-GX Please help if I am missing something? Edit: I have known. It is because sceptile on the bench
  14. Velvetwolf

    Game Bug

    La carta de Persian de alola GX tiene la Habilidad : evita todos los efectos incluido el daño de los pokemon de equipo de relevos y ultraentes y que tengan energía especial. pero fue dañado por un ataque de un pokemon de relevos Giratina Granchom que ademas tenia una energía especial cargada por su atención gracias
  15. Hey! I received Lugia GX from reward booster pack. It is found in my collection but some reason it is not found in my deck manager. I would really like to add it to my deck. This is actually not the only card with the issue. Any advice is appreciated, thank you.
  16. Sayavoado

    Bug with Cassius Card

    Hello everyone! I'm having trouble with a bug in the game with the supporter card Cassius, so I want to share the problem with you, to check if have a chance to fix this problem.Well, the card is just isn't working as expected, the description of the card says, + or - : "Shuffle one of your pokémon and all cards attached to him in your deck". In the last matches that I played using this card, when I was supposed "to choose one pokémon and shuffle him in my deck" the choosen pokémon to do that was disappeared(not going to deck) and then one of my benched pokémon was KNOCKED OUT! Then my opponent got a free and not fair prize card... Then the bug was not finished yet, the pokémon that was disappeared with the use of the Cassius reappeared with the knocked out pokémon up him...Really that is disgusting... I just won a dishonest match because of this bugthat is something that I don't want to do. Pls help to fix this bug, I love the game and I still want to play it! P.S: The bug was making my pokémon invincible too, staying with negative HP and being not knocked out, when my opponents was playing normally.
  17. Galentwww

    Can Not enter into games

    I am first time in the games,and there ******** problems in it ,I can’t select “agree” but there only a “cancel “ both Windows 10 and iPad are not work well,the software of iPad is iPadOS 13.1.2,please help me,sorry for bad English ************************************************************************************** **************************************************************************************
  18. SchockEVAz

    [GENERAL] Stuck at Tutorial

    So I think it's a recurrent issue with the game but... I got stuck in the tutorial, specifically on the 4th battle (the one with poison Pokemon). I left my mac for a couple of minutes so it went to sleep mode, after I came back to wake it up and continue, the game prompted me to log on and tried to load my match, which it failed to do. The only thing I get now is the game screen with no cards neither on my side or the enemy trainer; I'm unable to skip the tutorial and reinstalling the game didn't solve the problem for me
  19. [Edited by Mod_Turtle: Posting links to websites other than official Pokémon sites is not permitted.] please help
  20. When i open up the game, the eula rules are blank and i cant accept it
  21. ScandoCommando

    Sleep status and confusion

    I was using a combo putting the opponents active asleep, then retreating to attack with a pokemon that puts confusion on the opponent. After confusion was applied, sleep status was removed without my opponent flipping any coins.
  22. Hello, I was going to begin the fist game of a Standard Tournament and the game didn't let me choose my starting Pokémon. I don't know if this problem applies to Versus games too, but I played the game with no problem yesterday. Don't know how to add an image, but essentially I wasn't able to select my starting Pokémon and a green button appeared at the bottom right side of the screen that said "End Turn". Thank you in advance.
  23. GuitaristMatt

    Escape Rope broke match

    I had a celebi & venusaur gx out. Opponent played escape rope on their turn. I immediately selected my benched celebi & venusaur gx. The highlights went away implying I had properly selected, but nothing happened. The AFK (away from keyboard) countdown started and reached 0, but nothing occurred. Total play time timer went down from 22 minutes to 0 minutes and still nothing has happened. The game is stuck and not proceeding to allow the opponent to change their pokemon out. Emotes do not appear to be working though, and I have not seen any emotes from the opponent. Game log in spoilers below:
  24. This occurred on client When using Lanturn and an exp share on my Oranguru, my Treeko died with a grass and electric energy attached to it. I selected the grass energy to go onto my Oranguru, and the electric energy to go onto the Lanturn. What should have happened is I have a Treeko in discard, a grass energy on my Oranguru and an electric energy on my Lanturn. What actually happened is, the treeko and grass energy got discarded, while the electric energy went onto my Lanturn. While I have not tested this thoroughly, this has happened to me twice while using the Leaf Charge deck and could easily happen to anybody playing the strategy deck.
  25. This game is being bad to me. I get half way through the match and it just freezes. I am forced to quit. very frustrated trainer here!
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