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Found 529 results

  1. I've tried alt+Enter and all those combinations but all it does is make it appear blurry and only slightly bigger please help! [edit] It seems my properties for "regular size" was very small for some reason, it is big now (not the same but bigger) and works fine
  2. So i started playing Pokemon again went out with my kids bought a few booster packs. When i arrived at home i noticed ipad redeem button was blacked out. After some research found out you can redeem them in pc version. I download the pc version and sure enough the button was able to be pressed. I redeem the codes everything goes right codes got accepted and all. This is when it got bad i went to collection then to packs and nothing there. Contact support they get back to me like 3 days later asking for a pic of the windows version redeem button for what i dont know i expressed my issue very clearly. I send the picture anyways. They get back to me three days after which is today asking for picture of the packaging, codes and receipt. I dont know about you but im not a hoarder after i break the packaging it ends up in the garbage so does the receipt. Im not asking for anything free im asking for my cards that i payed real cash for. I even offered to give them my account and password with 2 new codes so they can try it themselves and nothing. Why have a support team that wont support customers that spend REAL money on products, especially if its the games fault.
  3. Like the title above, I couldn't log in to my account on both iPad and PC. It will crash after loading. Please help, thanks in advance.
  4. PrideSP

    Trade Glitch

    I want to get a Greninja Break and saw one that is willing to trade for 4 Fates Collide. I have 7 Fates Collide but I can't trade it. But there are other trades for Greninja Break for 5 Fates Collide and that one I can trade. But I can't trade for the 4 Fates Collide. That's a weird glitch, please fix it. Thank you.
  5. Mattty-Man

    Booster Packets not Opening

    Hi there, so I hope this is the right place to address this but i have just redeemed 3 boundaries crossed tcgo codes which was all fine. But when i opened the packs it said 'creating your packet' or whatever it says, it then gets stuck and doesn't complete (i waited 20 minutes just in case) and I had to force quit the game because I cannot click anything else. Then when i go back on the game my packet is gone and there's no way to see if any cards have been added to my collection. These codes arn't as easy to come by as they used to be so I'm pretty frustrated that this happened with all 3 of my boosters. I am using the most up to date as of today 11/05/16 Mac version of the game. Thanks.
  6. KillerGuest

    Bug while Booster Opening

    Hello ! I have a problem when I open a Booster. When I open a Booster, it's loading but after that, my game crashes ! Please help me ! PS : Sorry for my bad English, I'm french !
  7. PrideSP

    Stuck bug

    Sometimes when using Geomancy on Xerneas, the deck won't pop up, at this point, all you can do is end turn, and the next turn, you're stuck, all you can do is just end turn and continuing ending turn, that's all.
  8. I was playing and was disconnected. Now I can't open the game... It closes automatically at 90% loading from server.
  9. GunterQueck

    Busy servers

    It has been at least 3 days since the last time I could log into the tcgo. A notification keeps telling me that servers are busy. Is it normal?
  10. kipperfan124

    game crashes

    whenever i log in and it does the second loading part and it finishes loading it just crashes is there anything i can do to solve this? ive already tried **************** reinstalling the game idk what else to do
  11. hazardhansen24

    Can't open the game

    So the game loads up to 90 percent and the application just closes. Anyone else have this happen or have a solution?
  12. I need help! It always gets stuck at loading data from server at 90% i tried re-installing it but no help at all. I really need help!
  13. RyouBaku

    Invalid Code for Box code

    I get the message, that an unused Shiny Mega Gyarados Box-Code is invalid. When the code redeem was bugged last week, it showed me, that the code works. Thanks for help!
  14. Hello, through this week i have lost 3 boosters, and didn't get any card from them. It stacked while had been unpacking. How can i get them back and how can i protect myself from this bug?
  15. Battle Compressor forces you to discard at least 1 card, but if you play the game in real life, you could discard 0 cards, and just use it to look at the cards in your deck, or use it and then find out there's no card you want to discard. Please fix it, thank you.
  16. Fergalvan34

    I cant play in the gameon tablet

    It does not let me in the game while I see others playong the game,it keeps saying the server is offline
  17. After almost every game, once I click "Ok" after a victory or defeat screen, the menu exits but does not return me to the home screen. Thus I have to close the client and reload it. While this doesn't normally bother me, it limits my ability to join Tournaments and such, which bothers me a tad bit. Any solutions?
  18. Purchased the Darkrai Mythical Collection box today along with some Fates Collide booster packs and the code for Darkrai is returning as invalid.
  19. After the update fates collide, i went to open a booster of fates collide, and this booster, and this booster is carrying infinitely without moving after that I was also open a booster breakpoint and the same thing happened.
  20. TtoTheN

    Legacy Glitches...

    Exeggcute 102/101 (propagation): Ability can be used unlimited times on legacy Suicune 20/101 (safeguard): I had a Team Plasma Badge on Suicune and I tried attaching an energy with Thunderous Ex (Team plasma) and it won't give me the option to attach a double color to Suicune Heatram Ex 13/116 (Team Plasma): I don't remember how much damage counters I had on Heatram Ex but I do remember I had the required energy for Dynamic Press and had enough damage counters to deal over 100+ but it only produced 90 damage (with Deoxys Exs') Thanks
  21. Misteriol

    Can't Trade Lock ?

    Hey for what i can't trade anymore ? my friends too can't trade (button trade is off) i can't show here my picture in game :/
  22. On Friday night I put in a large batch of codes. Including a bunch of legit booster pack codes (no problems there and yes these were legit codes from the cards out of the packs, I still have those cards if anyone doubts me) I also entered a big batch of box codes, but I am missing a bunch of items from them including various packs cards and possibly other items I should had probably gotten. This one I am reporting is the fact that I didn't get all my Break Evolution Cards from my Break Evolution Box Codes. I want my Noctowl break and the others. I entered the following box codes 3x Mythical Pokemon Collection -Mew codes 1x Mythical Pokemon Collection - Jirachi code 1x Mythical Pokemon Collection - Celibi code 1x 20th Anniversary - Quartetly Figure Box for DOM EN - Charizard 1x Break Evolution Box Code 1x Pokemon TCG : Hoopa - EX Legendary Collection 1x Mega Mewtwo X Collection Most if not all these sets are missing parts when I entered them. As I was posting this I discovered I am missing cards from the Hoopa - EX Legendary Collection. This is a lot of money I spent to get these items only not to get them. These codes were legit and I spent my very hard earned money on them. Please help get my missing cards, packs, and whatever items I am entitled to from those codes.
  23. I redeemed 5 Double Crisis pack codes last night and only received 5 packs. In the past I received 4 packs per code. I am missing packs.
  24. I've lost matches and tournaments because of this bug. 6 tickets and matches that I've almost won are gone because of this bug. When I use a trainer card to select pokemon and then press "done" it won't go back and just wastes my timer until I have to concede.
  25. Since Meowstic can move counters any which way, this includes after the Pokemon has fainted? I just played a match when I had enough damage and Meowstic proceeded to arranged the counters to KO all of my Pokemon.
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