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Found 529 results

  1. Ragbons

    Bug when open the game

    if someone can help me please, my bug is when open the game and the game cant extract the files, i uninstall the game and install a lot of times but i dont know what to do, please help meeeeeee pleaseeeeee. I NEED PLAY PLEASE!!!
  2. Punkass420

    Game will no longer open

    The Pokemon TCG Online will no longer open on Mac. I've uninstalled and reinstalled for the third time with no luck. The same text box appears after opening the game that reads "Please wait while the refresher is patched." Does this mean the problem is already being worked on? I couldn't find anyone that reported the issue and the problem has been going on for over 2 weeks now.
  3. CrankyGaming

    White screen bug

    Hello please I need help, every time I open the game on my mac the screen automatically turns white. This is after the recent update
  4. Is there maintenance going on for the game/servers but it hasn't been announced yet? I've been getting this error message when trying to login for at least an hour now. It was working fine yesterday.
  5. Titchpunk

    Bug Regice vs Mewtwo EX

    Hello, I was playing in a tournament and my opponent was figthing with a mewtwo EX against my Regice. I was attacking with "Resistance Blizzard" so he couldn't do me any damage. He was attacking with "Damage change" and this attack was just reseting his HP as long as my Regice was immune. But after several attacks, Regice took the damages while he was immune and took a KO ! What happened ? I don't understand at all Is it a bug ? A cheat ? Thank you in advance
  6. Dear All, I just recently experienced today a bug wherein after reaching over 2000 versus points, I didn't get the Full Art Pokemon Center Lady which supposed to be the reward. Has anyone also experienced this problem? Please help me out regarding this matter. - Jeremy
  7. Shintrident

    can't get in into the game

    Help! i was playing a trainer challenge but then just when i was placed my card the game crashed and i had to closed it, then i re-open the game again log in with my account but when the loading complete all i see is just the background... i tried to uninstall and re-install it but it did not work...
  8. TBelch

    Bug or loophole in AI?

    Just experienced a bug and/or the AI messed up when doing the trainer challenge. Not sure if it is specific to my deck situation but it didn't make sense so i will explain the full setting. - I was using the Ring of Light deck in the Platinum Challenge against the 2nd trainer Logan. - My active pokemon was Ampharos and his was Roserade. - The problem that happened was although he had the appropriate amount of energy on his Roserade to use an attack that could knock out my pokemon (which was what i needed) he continually made the Roserade use the move Whiplash, which knocks off my energy from my active pokemon. - The issue was the AI continually used the move every turn even after my active pokemon had no energy until he ran out of cards in his deck, resulting in my victory. - Although I won it took much longer than necessary and just figured I would post about it to see if it is a known bug or just an odd loophole in the AI.
  9. I had several Meloetta promo cards and sleeves from the December event that suddenly vanished. What happened?
  10. Good day everyone! I am new to this game,currently at level 0. I am trying to clear the first challenge,which is "win 1 match with a theme deck that contains water Pokemon." I created a deck with full water pokemons,and enter "versus" and win players. However,there is totally no progression at all,showing 0/1. Tried win one more match,and its still the same. Can i know what's the problem with this? Save me!
  11. GrumpyLover

    Sudden loss of control

    I was in a versus match. The game was going normally (saddest part, I was winning) and then I tried playing a trainer card. I was waiting for the window to pop up so I can choose the card I wanted to add to my hand. However the window never showed up. I couldn't do anything until my turn ended. The time and the smiley face chat was going normally and the opponent didn't seem to have any problems. This happened every turn after that. I tried placing energies, pokemon, trainer card but it didn't do anything and returned to my hand when my turn automatically ended. So far this didn't happen to me again(yet) but it's still a thing that needs fixing.
  12. irenereru

    Error 2016-09-27-010428

    Hello! Since the game updated today that I can't open it. When I do so a little screen appears that says: "Oops! The game crashed. The crash report folder named "2016-09-27-010428" next to game executable. It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game!" What can I do now?
  13. After downloading the most recent update, I have experienced frequent crashes. I have not gotten any information on the crashes until I uninstalled and then reinstall. Here's what it says. The game crashed. The crash report folder named "2016-09-27_2101000" next game executable. It would be great if you'd sand it to the developer of the game! Just relaying the message.
  14. Lonelyricist

    Cofagrigus - Damagriigus

    HELP!!... Does anyone know why when I try to use the damagriigus attack with cofagrigus on the online TCG it won't work?.. I tried to use this to swap 160 damage from my mewtwo EX to the opponents active pokemon but it seems to not work. The card doesn't say it doesn't work for EX pokemon yet the coding seems to not do it for any of my EX pokemon.. It's ruining my deck and would like to know if anyone else has had the same problem? Thankyou
  15. I waited for my opponent to load into a versus match the game timed out at 1 minute and 53 seconds of game play time. It was declared that I ran out of time and had lost even though I was ready a waiting for my opponent. I feel me loosing because the opponent did not load in is wrong.
  16. Kyro2007

    Account error

    I wonder what happened to my account missing all I had for what reason? In my case everything came out, but in case my friend is normal what the reason is, my account and ryusama2007 my name is kyro2007
  17. SeanToTheR

    Game freezes when opening

    When I clicked on Pokemon TCG to open it up, and when it was on the loading screen (The one with the rotating pokeball) It froze at 100%, I left it running for 15 minutes, still frozen. I redownloaded it, still frozen, I did the "Repair" option. still frozen. I dont get what to do.
  18. BerryBlox

    Game frozen on run

    I run PTCGO and it sits at one screen. The words "Please wait, checking for update..." are all I see. I have gone to programs and features and tried to "repair" PTCGO I have Windows 10 and I am on a laptop I have uninstalled and reinstalled Nothing has worked Please help!
  19. Theodore_025

    I can't log into my account

    I have an account with the name of TheodoreGr2000 and screen name: Theodore_025 on pokemon site and i can not log in into my account in pokemon tcgo. It says invalid login or password. So i double checked if the password is wrong or even the username but it isn't. I also tried to log in with an older account of mine but it didn't work either. What i need to do?
  20. ZenoV2

    Reward not received

    I did not receive 5 boosters of the reward Versus (1670v + 2 packs won previously and 2 confine how is it made ? And do you can repair that ?
  21. mommyrocks2005

    I can't trade. Is this a bug?

    On my iPad, The Trading function has a symbol of a screwdriver and a hammer next to it (presumably meaning fixing). However, I have never been able to trade on an iPad. I get the notification and can mark cards, but I can't actually enter the trade tab. Is this a bug?
  22. I cant seem to log into the game correctly and every time a load it and get to 70% of it loading it just skips to 81% and then it just seems to close randomly Please can you help me
  23. Played a match where magearna-ex knocked out my chandelure with faint spell ability, the ability flipped heads but magearna was not knocked out. There were no other factors in play but Magearna-ex's ability that prevents effects from attacks. Is this how its supposed to work?
  24. Yo ya le he desinstalado e Instalado muchas Veces el juego, pero Sigue Sin funcionar, yo he buscado en Internet soluciones y he probado de todo, Pero nada Funciona. CUANDO yo ejecuto el juego va bien y pongo La Cuenta y Contraseña, pero cuando voy a empezar el enfrentamiento con Zach aparece el error y se cierra el Programa. Yo he echo de todo ya, estoy arto y Seguro de que El problema es del juego.
  25. shew70

    M-Glalie E

    When using m glalie ex cryo mouth and having damage counter on i only for 100 damage. Suppose to do +150 when having 10 or more damage counters on it.
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