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Found 529 results

  1. I just noticed there are some new Tapu Koko gear at the Trainer Store on the Official Pokémon website. But my tokens from Pokémon Trading Card Game Online are not all showing up in the Trainer Store. In the game, I have rate now 4,765 tokens. But in the Trainer Store, I am showing to only have 35 tokens. Did something happen where they are not the same tokens or is this a bug or what? Is there a way to transfer them or are they suppose to show up automatically. In the past, when I used my tokens in the Trainer Store, it deducted tokens from my Pokémon TGCO account. Do I have to play minigames at the Official site to earn tokens to use in the Trainer Store now?
  2. Juiseboy

    Login errors and game crash

    So i got this message when i was playing the game: The game crashed. The crash report folder named "2017-07-18_235656 next to game executable. Before the game crashed i was playing against an opponent but i couldn't use any cards because the game didn't allow me to play anything. The only thing i was able to do was to use emoji chat and surrender. After trying to play for 2 turns i pressed the surrender button. The game froze and next thing happened was the crash. After that i couldn't login back to the game but luckily today everything has worked fine. And i couldn't even report this bug earlier because the forums said that i didn't have permission to enter the forums. I'm posting this since i'm curious to know if anyone else had this kind of problem and i'm hoping that this won't happen again.
  3. when i was going to play tcg online today. the buttons and other text stuff in the game were bugged like ***. they were not showing the ordinary text, but the command that is in the game files. Ex: instead of "Log In" it says "login.button.StartHere" Can i please get some help with this?
  4. charizard420


    I got Pokemon rcg today and it crashes unexpectedly I need help on how to fix this. I use Android
  5. watermaster8653

    Problems with Forest and Ninjask

    Okay so when I was using Ninjask's ROS ability, I couldn't discard my Forest of Giant Plants from my hand, this has happened repeatedly whenever I tried to use the ability. If my forest was the only card in my hand, It soft locked the game, forcing me to turn off the game. It might have been because I had a Forest in play, and I imagine but do not know if this would apply to other stadiums. I would love to see this fixed or if it is intentional to know why.
  6. CatLady1313

    Bugged out Tournaments

    Recently during a tournament I started me and the opponent and I could not see our game screen. It said "Waiting on opponent to load the game." After waiting 6 minutes I closed the game and reloaded it and only then when we both had 6 minutes left did the game load. The game creators really need to fix this bug, I lost the tournament because I had no time left. It wasted my tickets. Anyone else having this problem?
  7. I use this Durant in a couple of my decks and I noticed whenever I use it's mountain munch attack it does discard the opponents card but does not deal the 10 damage to the opponent I was 20 short of knocking out an ex in a battle and had a fighting fury belt on my Durant when I had attacked it I was waiting for my two prizes instead I lost the game because it discarded the opponents card but did not do the 20 damage as it should have. I literally looked through every card in play or played the turn before and couldn't find one reason for the attack to not have done the damage after using the attack several more times in other battles I found that it must be a bug. PLEASE FIX THIS POKEMON
  8. xI3east

    No gained boosterpacks

    I didnt received my boosterpacks from The post !!!!! IGN: ArthurBelaev
  9. I've noticed a problem with the daily booster (day 5) reward when the game offers up the Roaring Skies set as the free pack of the week. For the last 3 times I have "received" this pack it's never shown up in my collection to open since the Sun and Moon update. Any other set has worked just fine- it's just Roaring Skies that isn't rewarded.
  10. I noticed that Espeon GX is weak to psychic. I had Tapu Lele GX out and my attack only did normal damage. Since Tapu Lele is a psychic type, I figured it would do double damage, but that wasn't the case. There were no Tools or stadiums or other Pokemon that would prevent weakness from being applied in play at all. Just curious if Tapu Lele doesn't apply weakness at all, since it's not stated on the card, or if this is a bug.
  11. Solgaleo Gx from Sun&Moon. The attack Sol Brust GX allows you to attach up to 5 energies during the lastest update the attack sol Brust no longer function properly and only allows you to attach 1 energy. 1 have 20 energies in my deck and this has happened every time the attack is performed. Please fix this issue immediately!!!!
  12. I've seen this bug twice, first it was with my opponent with woobuffet on the active, which I tough was making the game "confuse" abilities with ancient trait, but on a latter game it did not work with absolutely nothing on the field. Im on ipa so I can't post the game log now, but i will play a game tonight on pc to try to make this bug more clear. Ancient trait for swampert says when you attach an energy from your hand to this pokemon you can attach a second one. Both times I had two energies on hand and it didn't give me the option to attach a second one. Since I use an archies blastoise deck with swampert, it doesn't normally bother, but when the ability lock was on it made me lose the game. Edit:it was confusing.
  13. Hello. I have a problem namely i took Redeem codes i vote my code clicked clime and i see nothing in my collection can you help me? sorry for language mistakes
  14. My opponent has an active Altaria EX (normal type that is 2x weak to electric type). I'm fighting with my active Excadrill that is steel type normally but I had a Jolteon in play on my bench with the ability Electric Effect. This is SUPPOSE to make each and every of my Stage 1 Pokemon into Electric type as well as it's existing type. Why was I not dealing double damage then? There's clearly a bug or glitch that was denying me this effect. I will continue to test it out but it makes including Jolteon/Flareon/Vaporeon etc in decks for the type coverage pointless if it doesn't work.
  15. Still can't add a friend to my child's account because I can't click the friend tab. I've tried about a 2 dozen times to set his settings to allow friends in the child settings in my account options. However, it NEVER saves the settings for friends. I can change his trade options just fine, but without the ability to add friends, it is pretty much useless. When is this going to get fixed?
  16. First of all, why is there no direct link on the main page for support for the online TCG? They have support emails for all other games, but not this one?! And, I sent an email and it told me it's for card replacements only?! But, anyway, I just wanted to report a bug that Zapdos resistance is not properly working in the Pokemon online TCG. It states on his card that he takes -20 fighting pokemon damage. I was fighting against a fighting type Pokemon and it did not apply any resistance. There were no buffs or stadiums to prevent my resistance. It’s a pretty bad bug. Thanks for any help.
  17. Card images for certain cards are not loading on the Android version. I have downloaded all images to hdd, most work fine but some are totally pink. They don't display any loading icon or anything just a totally pink card. No way to tell what the card is at all. Any suggestions?
  18. I get one of two errors when trying to start the game; 1. Pokemon Trading Card Game can't open. 2. "%@" cannot be found. I have uninstall and reinstalled about 10 times and nothing I do seems to fix this issue.
  19. I keep getting this message when I Try to log into my game. Any Suggestions I get the same message when I try to contact support as well We're sorry, an unexpected error has occurred The service you are trying to reach is currently unavailable. Please refresh the page and try again. If this error continues, please contact Parature Support and reference the Error ID # listed below. 423d334e-4202-4f07-83f9-e24cfb979087 Go back to the page you were previously viewing or click the Back button on your browser. Any Help someone can offer would be great. Or if you are able to log in could you pass on my info to support for me. Thanks
  20. The_Lone_Reaper

    Lapras-GX bug?

    I used the attack on Lapras-GX where you can no longer attack the next turn, well on my next turn I switched into a benched one then used Manaphy-EX to retreat back into the one I just attacked with and it didn't let me attack. Is this normal or nah?
  21. Lashazior

    Umbreon GX bug

    During a match today, I used Umbreon GX's Dark Call to remove some energy from different pokemon. They fell off like they should have but after choosing the second energy during resolution, the textbox stayed open. I was able to continue playing until I eliminated one of my opponent's pokemon and when I went to draw my prize card it would not let me. Clicking on the prize cards just let me select/deselect them with yellow borders. I couldn't continue the match and had to concede.
  22. To All, I'm kinda new of this game and kinda confused. Please help me on my problem, I have two XY-Evolutions booster packs, one is untradable and the other is tradable, I just want to open the untradable pack and leave the other as it is for future trade. Thanks in advance.
  23. A couple days after s/m came out, i played in a tournament, after i finished it, cards in my collection are gone, as well as any packs/ prize support i got from my match. I dont know if this is happening to anyone else, but its very upsetting because i can not update any decks, make trades, or get s/m packs on my account to open.
  24. Hi, ever since the first Sun & Moon update (2.42 I believe?) I'm experiencing graphical issues that are also stopping me from using several functions. Some, but not all graphics are missing, such as: the boxes of the checkboxes (but not the checkmarks) the dropdown for language selection in the login screen boxes around the buttons for the chat arrows used for scrolling through stacks of cards "coloring" of multiple choice boxes in the options menu the X buttons to close pop-up menus I can't use the chat (both inside and outside of games), I can't change the language of my client and I can't scroll through discard piles. I have tried to uninstall and install. I could not do this the traditional way because of the "Could not access user_profile" error which I was unable to fix. Even through using CCleaner or registry editing, I could not delete PTCGO. I've also tried using the Repair option in the installer. I can provide screenshots on request, but since this forum does not allow outside linking that's kinda hard to do. Help?
  25. Lonelyricist

    Slowking bug

    Slowkings psych up attack says next turn this attack does 40 more damage.. with a base attack of 40 the attack power used each turn should + 40.. The card at the moment is going as follows.. 1st turn: 40 2nd turn: 80 3rd turn: 80 4th turn: 80... The attack stops adding 40 each turn when technically it should.. the attack should work like this... 1st turn: 40 2nd turn: 80 3rd turn: 120 4th turn: 160 ... And so on.. can someone please help me fix this.. how do i report this bug it's ruined my deck completely..
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