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Found 529 results

  1. First time reporting a game bug but here we go At 109 and 124 of the game log, the opponent attacked with a GX attack that leaves Zygarde GX invulnerable to attack. As I understood it, 1 GX attack per game no exceptions.
  2. Hello, After a versus victory, the wheel gave me a chest, I opened it, I should have won 50 coins, but I have not been credited. Client: Expected Action: When opening a versus chest, I should have won 50 coins. Actual Action: I didn't get the coins. Steps to Reproduce: Open a chest with 50 coins. Thank you.
  3. Client: Card: Pidgeot EX Card Number: Evolutions #104/108 Ultra Rare Full Art Expected Action: Rage attack does 20 + 10 for each damage counter on the pokemon. This move is used by a Tauros GX that has taken 100 damage against said Pidgeot EX. Pidgeot takes 120 damage and uses mirror move. Mirror move does 120 damage to the enemy Tauros. Actual Action: Mirror move did 140 damage to the enemy Tauros. It seems like mirror move does not deal the damage taken (like it says on the move) but instead uses the move that was used against it. Steps to Reproduce: Get a Tauros GX that has taken 10-140 damage. Make it use rage against Pidgeot EX. Use mirror move on the Pidgeot.
  4. During a tournament, on the first match, I triggered the 15 second timer on one turn. On the next, the only thing I needed to win was to choose an attack, but the timer meant I wasn't able to select the attack in time. It continued off from were it left off the previous turn, with like 3 seconds remaining. This is really frustrating. Also, instead of a loss of a turn, I was just given a straight game loss. Something wouldn't let me paste the log directly here, so I pasted it to hastebin. *********************************** It only registered me drawing a card that last turn. This is an image of the end of the log: ******************************* At a minimum, I would want the 4 tickets refunded. OK, my links were hidden. If any moderator wants them, I can send them via PM or something. Is there such a function?
  5. Hello! I have a problem with pokemon tcg online. The game login screen is pink. Please I beg you. Help me! I've done everything you can imagine. I have already searched here for help, I have already updated the video drivers, I already created a new user on windows and nothing. I no longer know what to do, please help me, I really want to play pokémon TCG Online. ;( Thank you in advance.
  6. Hello, I'm in a match right now and the opponent used Buzzap Thunder, now we are waiting for nothing. No one can do anything. I'm pretty sure the guy knows about that bug because he doens't leave the game, though I'm not either. What kind of winning strategy is that, just ban that card please until it gets fixed. EDIT: Oh well not a strategy because it's even impossible to forfeit, I really don't understand how that card isn't forbidden yet.
  7. Toda vez que eu entro no jogo eu coloco a minha conta mas o jogo trava no tutorial quando batalho com o zach, é mais ou menos quando se joga o meowth, aí so o som continua a imagem permanece travada. eu gostaria de uma explicação de como resolver dez de já eu agradeço.
  8. I entered a tournament, when I was prepared to play the game goes back to the log in screen. When I finally managed to get back in it went back to the home page no tickets, no play. I need help, is this a bug?
  9. Hi, So the title speaks for itself. Armor Press should give the ability to Type: Null to take 30 less damage from attacks during opponent's next turn, yet it doesn't do anything like that right now.

    Solgaleo not factoring in weakness

    Client: Card: Solgaleo Card Number: Guardians Rising #87 Expected Action: Flareon's Heat Breath should do 120 damage to Solgaleo due to Solgaleo's 2X weakness to fire attacks. Actual Action: Flareon (Ancient Origins #13) used Heat Breath and did 60 damage to Solgaleo; not factoring Solgaleo's 2X weakness to fire. Steps to Reproduce: Attack Solgaleo with any flame attack / pokemon. Attacked multiple times with flame pokemon / attacks before knocking it out and Solgaleo's 2X weakness to flame attacks was never factored in.
  11. I played a game with the new Lucario and I had a garchomp active but the game would not let me use lucarios ability, I then tried to use an evosoda to evolve a riolu on the bench, when i selected a lucario from my deck the game then froze and the riolu never evolved. The game acted like it was continuing, the timer ran down on me, however I could press no buttons not even to concede. i had a win streak so this is pretty frustrating.
  12. Hello everyone. I will go straight on point. When i start my pokemon tcg application on my pc, it starts, but most of the screen is coloured pink (especially the parts where there are text). I can't see anything on the screen. Please help me know how to fix this My computer is Windows 10 with 1.2Ghz and 2 GB RAM. Please help me, i really love to play the game!!
  13. ​​RIP free ladder pack, I've lost 2 packs now one from 2 ladders ago and now again. So idk it happened both times on the first free pack of the ladder. I don't get a notification of it then I go to collection and it's gone. I didn't want to bring it up the first time but now it happen again so it's adding up. plz help
  14. When i try to open my pokemon tcg his don't open i give a double click then after a few seconds he close! Help Me PLS
  15. Last time I was playing, I had a Xeneas Break (82/114 SS) in the Bench and a Mew EX (RC24) with 1 Fairy Energy attached. I was planning on using the Geomancy attack but it didn't appear in the attack list. Later when I only has Xernes (81/114 SS) Geomancy was available an once I evolved it into Xerneas Break the attack dissapeared. Can somebody explain this please???
  16. As I Found a booster pack code in my Pokemon Newsletter, I wanted to put it into my Pokemon TCG Online but my game will not load up. It gives me a prompt that I will repeat. "The game crashed. The crash report folder named "2017_11-21_193534" next to game executable. it would be great if you`d send it to the developer of the game!. " Thing is, I do not have a proper folder for Pokemon TCGO, as well as in fact is that I cannot actually find any folder in my computer for Pokemon TCGO besides my main one I made to hold the installer and the shortcut. I dont know how much I can help without the information needed to give, but I still would like to get this resolved. I am sorry for not being able to send the file. I honestly just cannot find it in the computer. Should I just delete my version of the game and get a new one, since the profile has all the cards attached to it and not the game itself? Thank you for reading this far and as well answering the question. From, Jikergor
  17. Hello, I don't know if here is the right place to seek for help, but I didn't found a better topic. I'm sorry if I am doing it wrong. I just received a in-game notification warning me I have been reported for using innapropriate language at the chat (or something close to that). The problem is: I only use the pre-programmed sentences at the chat, so this is obviously a mistake. The message also said to contact the site if it was a mistake. How should I proceed to clarify that? Thank you!
  18. When I try to launch TCG Online for iPad, it says "Update required. This version is out of date. Please update now." But in the App Store, there is no new update available. What's the fix? Did you guys really force updates before the new version was released?
  19. So I have an iPad Mini 2 and I have no problem using it to play or do anything else in Pokémon TCG Online. However the only thing I cannot do is look at Public Offers in Trades. I want to look and trade cards but in the many months of playing I've never been able to see the section. It just goes in a constant loop saying "Loading Trades from server, please wait." And whether you wait 5 mins or an hour, it always shows that loop. I have put several customer service tickets in and I never got a resolution out of it. Anyone else experiencing this or am I just the only one?
  20. Anyone happen to have an issue trying to look at Public Trades on the iOS version of Pokémon TCG Online? Everything else in the game works except it will not load any Trades for me to look into. I have the latest version of the game and even before update I still can't do anything in Trades. If anyone happens to know how I can see everything again I'd be forever greatful. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app didn't work sadly. Restarting the tablet doesn't work. I'm running out of ideas and no one from support has responded to my ticket even after providing the specs for my tablet.
  21. TornByShadows

    Android Users

    I'm having trouble logging in on android device, it just says connection error both on WiFi and Mobile Data, anyone know how to fix this problem?
  22. I'm not sure how this card is still bugged half a year later. but it literally goes into play with an x on it, saying it has no effect. supposed to be +40 HP +10 dmg this has caused me to lose quite a few matches in the past. I would give you its expansion... but I'm not sure which one it is. its symbol its a black circle with 3 lines in it - meeting at the bottom center. PLEASE FIX
  23. heey there, i got a bug on my samsung tab s2, the new cards from the new burning shadows pack can't seem to load, this apply to every section of the game, shop and my collection (not sure about the gameplay). it only shows blank card and the color of the pokemon type, and a exclamation sign leading to the support page. anyone know how to fix this? thanks in advance.
  24. My Logitech cam is the 1080 variant, and used to work for ptcgo before I took a hiatus. Tried using it today with every USB 2.0/3.0 port I have and when I click 'start qr reader' is doesn't glow blue like it normally does to indicate camera's start. I only see a giant black box. I didn't find this in the 'known issue' thread either. Anyone else having same prob?
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