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Found 529 results

  1. I just tried to redeem 5 code cards from the Legendary Treasures set. I got them all in, and I clicked submit codes but they all just disappeared, and I didn't get any notification of getting them in my collection. I look in my collection, they're not there. I try entering them again, it says they've already been redeemed. I log out and log back in. Still not there. Seriously?? ***, someone reply please. This is ******* me off so much right now. EDIT: Also just used my coins and bought a Phantom Forces pack. It's not there!
  2. IshwarGovind


  3. Please help!I bought a new Blastoise tin box from a shop in germany when I tried to enter the code everything worked fine and the box and all boosters were checked, but when I went to my collection, there werre only the three boosters and the box was missing. I would like to get it back because I payed all my pocket money for the box. I still have the code if this helps to get it back.
  4. As soon as I get onto the starting menu where it says roaring skies x y I cant click anything please help me
  5. Hi Guys, Im new to Ptcgo and play it on the ipad. I traded a card for a booster then i made an offer with this booster (still ongoing) and today the booster is marked locked. How did that Happen? Regards Kon5ti
  6. Guys! I was on a tournament and this guy put a blastoise onto nothing! It was not an EX but just a regular card, I would have won if it hadn't been there! It said stage 2 evolved from wortortle so how? I have proof but I can't insert photos onto this! Admins his name is [edited]! (Content edited by Mod_Turtle: Please submit a player report when reporting players. Naming of players when referring to a dispute is not allowed on the forums.)
  7. I've been battling a lot of trainers lately who have the Shedinja (Roaring Skies 11) card in their deck. They use the combination with Frozen City where you add two damage counters to a poke'mon you attach energy to. This lets Shedinja use Hopeless Scream pretty affectively for almost nothing. Which is fine. That's a nice combination. But I've been noticing that the Shedinja's will take 3 damage counters and still be alive. I just finished a tournament battle where all the Shedinja (they had four in the deck and kept reviving them if one did happen to faint) had 3 damage counters but were still alive and able to continue the battle. This card only has 30 HP so I was confused as to how this is possible. As far as I can tell, the card should be fainted but it's not and can then do 150 damage with only using one colorless energy. Is this a glitch or am I just missing something? It's really annoying because I think 'ah ha! I got you!' But then it still attacks and kills me no matter what I do.
  8. Hi so as the title says, I currently have 4 Dark Claw and 2(total) Dark Patch in my collection that I just traded for in public trades. Also 1 of the Dark Patches is locked. I am currently building a dark deck so when I went into my deck manager and clicked edit deck, I swapped over to the trainer's section to put them in and I didn't see them in there. At first I thought I looked over them and went back into my collection but I noticed they were indeed in my collection. So I checked the cards that were on both sides of Dark Claw and Dark Patch and went back into deck manager to find out they didn't show up there again. I did this 3 times to make sure I knew where they were and they still were not showing up in my deck edit. Is there some kind of bug that doesn't allow you to put them into the deck? Or did I maybe get hacked or something? I have confirmed that I have them in my collection but they still do not show up in deck edit can someone help me ASAP.
  9. Help! Today I received (or should have received) my 5 login pack, but when I went to open it - it's not there! Help!
  10. so i have a Pokemon Trainer Club account, and the avatar looks just as i desinged it. -BUT- when i play Pokemn TCGO, my avatar is different! is this a bug, or did i do something wrong.
  11. I recently got a new update and still crashes. Its on windows BTW. :angry:
  12. Baby Pokemon and their EX-Counterparts are being treated as the same card. Two examples, Yveltal (XY-78) and Yveltal (XY-79) are being treated as the same card, therefore I am unable to add 4 copies combined. (1 of one and 3 of the other). I should be able to add 4 Yveltal and 4 Yveltal-EX. Another example is Xerneas (XY-96) and Xerneas-EX (PR-XY07). I can't add more than 4 combined of these two cards when I should be able to add 4 of each. I actually use the promo version of the Xerneas-EX so the problem doesn't seem to be conditional to the set in which the cards belong. Thanks.
  13. I won 12 games in trainer challenge with my hydreigon themed deck and it said I needed 12 wins to unlock a booster pack but that booster pack never appeared.
  14. Game based actions, or whatever they're called, don't work. A big one for me is revenge. I am not getting the extra 70 dmg. I have a deck that is built around that, and has items to boost attack even further, but it still only does 20 dmg!!! I lost 3 games because of that. Other similar attacks won't get extra dmg either. I forget which ones though. And some items also don't work. Like Muscle band or something, the one that boosts attack, sometimes won't work. It just flops. UGH!! Help?
  15. I have a primal clash ´s pack in my collection. This afternoon, i tried to open the pack but the game said me that it ´s in trade but, it isn´t true. Help please
  16. Hi, A week a go I've set a public trade asking for a Shaymin-EX Full Art and offering a Shaymin-EX Regular Art and a Gallade-EX Full Art (all cards from Roaring Skies) but the pop-up saying "Congratulations! You have created an offer!" never appeared and the trade never made to public. So I've restarted my game and nothing happened after that either and my cards are locked till this moment, I've opened a ticket on support but a solution was offered me almost 5 days after the incident and it did not solved my problem at all, they told me to reinstall the game and clean my internet cache, thats why I'm opening this topic. Could someone take a look at this issue for me? I really need those cards unlocked and the trade undone Thanks in advance =)
  17. So I logged in and all my "for trade" and "for wants" where untagged. I tried logging out and back in but that didnt help. I slowly started tagging my stuff again but I don't want to waste my time if they are just going to get untagged again. Whats up with this? EDIT: They are back to normal and tagged again after logging back in yet again. It did get rid of the couple tagged "for trade" cards I didnt own anymore. Other then that everything seems like how it was before.
  18. I like to use Virizion EX but I see how herbal energy will work with the ability Verdant Wind by removing special conditions when attached to an active pokemon but will not work with the attack Emerald Slash as in they will not be cards you can select to attach to your pokemon after using Emerald Slash. On the card Virizion EX it shows a leaf which is the sigh for grass energy but isn't Herbal energy a grass energy? So what I would like to see happen is that when Emerald Slash is used you can now select 2 herbal energy from your deck if you want to attach to one of your pokemon. I don't know if this is the way it is suppose to be or if the game has an error. Why would herbal energy work as grass energy with Verdant Wind and not Emerald Slash as both are marked with a grass leaf sign on the card and so it doesn't make sense.
  19. I've purchased two theme decks in hoping of getting into the card game. I've realized that I was able to play online with my cards. I went to put my codes in and i was able to redeem the theme decks, but I cannot find them ANYWHERE! I checked my collection, my decks, everything. Can someone fix this bug...
  20. No matter what i do, bust in wont work... ive tried it in many different matches
  21. I was playing a Golbat/Crobat deck and at some point played a Golbat, the game lagged a bit, I might have clicked OK without selecting anything accidentally. Anyway, it's ability never went off, there was no damage placed. Here's the game log for that turn.
  22. So I go to deck manager, I click on view deck, then print. I am printing to a file but I dont see why that would matter, its still a valid printer driver. As soon as I do that the game says Ive been idle too long and disconnects me. out of three times I've tried, it completed once. It still kicked me out but at least it created the file I think its because the game goes into "not responding" mode while its printing and the server thinks the game is gone. PS. Staff Testers this may be a good way to debug the issue where you cant log back into the game after you have been disconnected because its right now a reliable way to get yourself disconnected.
  23. It seems like my water energy cards briefly flashed, but then stopped being selectable forcing me to concede since the clock was still ticking down and I couldn't do anything. e: I don't see any way to attach screenshot of my game, so I'll just write down the version numbers: Server: Client:
  24. I'm sicking and ******* tired of this game always freezing, always crashing, or unable to adequately handle certain cards and causing me to lose matches time and time again. I'm currently sitting here after having KO'd an opponent's Pokemon hav8ng a dominant lead on the game and being unable to select a prize or do anything, with the opponent's Pokemon just sitting there with a negative HP count, being told by "Cammie" that I'm inactive and just mindlessly clicking resume as my only option in hopes my opponent will leave. But rather than making sure the game actually ******* works well as official software representative of Pokemon and the Trading Card Game and has Android support which has alarger marketshare than apple, let's make sure we design silly little characters with irrelevant bios and nonsensical language filters, we can let things get too ******* real can we! Let's see how ******* long it takes for a member of PTCGO to get a hold of me, if at all. This is shameful and should not be affiliated with the well-established and quality (more or less) and franchise that is Pokemon.
  25. Litrally I was going to trade when all of a sudden I had no cards! My decks were whiped out mostly everything was. Ign: YouthfulSaturn I can post more if you want to know a bit about this
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