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Found 529 results

  1. Hello, I seem to be having an issue with starting the game. When I double-click the icon. it says that it "Failed to initialize player". The details gave me a very vague message and I have no idea what it means. It said "Could... not preload global game manager #0 i=0" Please help me out, I've searched everywhere on the internet and can't find a scrap of information as to what is going on. Any help would be appreciated, I want to get the game up and running as soon as possible. Thanks.
  2. It won't let me login just keeps saying its in maintenance no matter what I do and I can't find that it is actually in maintenance
  3. So I've earned 2150 vs points in the last week, which is more than anyone on the leaderboard, and yet my name isn't on the leaderboard. Is there a specific method to opting into tcgo ratings or am I really just mistaken?
  4. I bought a deck and did not come! What I need to do?
  5. The Silent Lab Stadium card has been having some bug issues. There have been different circumstances where the card will work and a different game it won't. For example, just a little bit ago, Pyroar and another Fire type pokemon (can't remember which) were able to use their abilities against me even though Silent Lab was still in play, and there were no items or supporters used against me to allow my opponent to have the abilities used again.
  6. I believe I've encountered two bugs. 1. Is there a maximum limit for trainer tokens? I've been playing vs games and reached 25,000 tokens but I can't get anymore tokens once I reach that limit. I bought a Roaring Skies booster pack to test if this is a bug, and my tokens were spent so I was down to 25,905. I played a few more vs games and earned a vs reward of 50 tokens and now I'm stuck at 25,993 tokens. 2. Whenever I get a token reward now via the prize wheel (10, 15, 50 tokens, etc.), it's never added to my account. My guess is since I have 25,993 tokens, the reward is never added since adding it would cause me to exceed the "limit" of 25,000. The only trainer token awards being added to my account now are the 1 tokens I would earn after a vs game (I assume it's because the 1 token would not cause me to exceed the trainer token limit). I haven't received any alert about reaching any "maximum amount of tokens" either.
  7. Hi all, first of all, sorry if i shouldn't post this here, i don't know where i have to post it exactly. Well, i came here because i have a lot of problems with the game. I'll say it by order. First of all, the first "Loading" of the game. When you open the game, it appears a bar that's loading the game, after "Pokemon" animation. It works sometimes, but sometimes that bar stays in 0% and i have to close the game and open it again, and again, usually I have to do it like 3 or 4 times, it's a lil' bit random. Also, the game crashes everytime. I don't know why, sometimes I can play perfectly and suddenly it crashes, appears "Game doesn't respond". I have to close the game, and it appears another window that tell me that Windows could "try to restore the game". It usually work and game still run, but sometimes that window doesn't appear, and the game have to be closed because waiting in a Versus Game is useless. So, I've lost many matches because that, I can't play well because the game crashes everytime. I have a good pc computer, i saw the requirements and I have more than the game need (i5 Intel Core, 4 GB Ram, NVIDIA GeForce 580GTX......) It only happens with this game. I don't know what to do and I'm beginning to be tired because I lost many matches just because the game crashes. Like a year ago i've played this game and this didn't happened. Never. So, what happens right no? Hope you can help me. My Regards.
  8. I'm not sure where the most pertinent place to post this so I posted it here. I can't seem to find my rank on the leaderboards (on the website). It prompts me to log in to see my ranking but when I do it takes me to my profile page where none of that info seems to be located. Then I go back to the leaderboards page where nothing tells me my rank and it also tells me once again to log in to find my rank but I'm already logged in. I should have some amount of versus points from last month from completing the versus reward ladder and playing at other times occasionally. Thank you in advance for a response. edit: Okay for some reason I went back to check it one more time and it shows me (for the first time) that I have 85 points for last month but that seems far too low unless it only started tracking the points within the last two weeks. If that's the case then disregard my inquiry.
  9. I'm aware that the versus points in the game (regarding rewards) pause after you have finished attaining all of the prizes, but my problem has to do with the versus points on the online leaderboards. Even though I've continuously played hundreds of versus matches after I reached the full art Fan Club, it just says I'm at 775 points. (in the game it paused at 770) Its frustrating seeing everyone else with such high scores while mine is frozen :{(
  10. Hello Again! I want to let you, the developer team, made aware that I am able to replicate this bug for you so that you can find it and test it to fix and improve the game for everyone. This bug happens when you log in and log out from multiple devices (NOT ALL AT ONCE). I first noticed this when I was logged into PTCGO from my desktop, then I decided to log back in from my Ipad. I was searching for my deck in Versus mode called " Tidal wave" and it was not on the "conveyer belt" of my deck choices. I then tried logging out of that device but to no success. I knew the deck was still on PTCGO because I could find it under Deck-manger. However, I just found out that to allow the deck to be selected when it is not visible from the versus deck choices is to go back into Deck Manager and rename the deck. After the rename change, that deck will pop back up! At first, I thought this bug was limited to decks with certain letters, but it is not, it could happen to any random deck. So, if you are missing a deck from your versus list, just go back into deck manager and rename it.
  11. hi I have the same think with the refresher I redownload the game and uninstall and reinstaal nothing work when I try to connect I get message "Cant Conect to server" now when I try to log I get message the conection lost with the server
  12. Pessoal hoje me deparei com um hack no torneio de baralhos temáticos, eu ganhei o jogo e quando ia pegar a última carta prêmio o jogo começou a travar e ficava o aviso dizendo que eu estava inativo e depois o oponente estava inativo e por último quando acabou o meu tempo de jogo ele não respondia mais nem pra me render eu conseguia tendo que reiniciar o jogo e quando voltei o meu oponente que possuia o hack venceu o campeonato. O que o jogo vai fazer quanto a isso? E o meu prêmio como ****? Se continuar tendo hacks não vai mais ter graça jogar o game. PS.: Eu tenho os prints da tela mostrando os detalhes do hack para comprovar.
  13. After today's update, the propogate ability is not working for eggxecutes in the discard.
  14. i made a trade for secret rare ultra ball and on the "my trades" tab it won't show up and i can't cancel it or anything. help?
  15. Hi, I know this is stupid but I can't switch the gender of my avatar and I want to customize it so... When I click on boy I'm a boy same for girl, my caracter just won't change... Can anyone please help me to fix it that's make me sick Thank you for your help.
  16. Hi Pokemon admin I have recently been enjoying a fair amount of pokemon tcgo. I started playing last month and tried tourny not so long ago. I have been robbed of my victory because the screen froze while i used evosoda resulting in my time going down so much i would lose the game. I have a screenshot of the incident, i hope you guys will be comprehensive. BabyRage With love for the game, GreeDIsNoTGooD AKA JambonPaysan P.S. I have difficulties with the screenshot, can you see it?
  17. Hi there, I am not sure if this is a bug or what but i have seen some of my friends getting unfriended automatically. I am sure of my words coz i have asked 2-3 players who were not appearing as online in my friend zone but they were found in trade and general lobby as online respectively . I had a chat with them regarding why they removed me but from their side no action was taken to unfriend me and after that i removed and added them again (at this time they appeared as online in my friend zone . I am pretty something is wrong with adding and removing of friends function . I wish techinal team take a look at my issue coz it is really annoying and can cause a unwanted confusion between people . Thanks
  18. Bonjour je me présente Wuixslot je suis arriver au jour du 3 eme défis quotidien ( défis psy "knock out opposing 2 pokemon With your Pokemon psy " ) mais seulement il est bloquer il ne progresse pas , du coup je suis bloquer dans ma progression de jeu ( juste un petit conseil soit m'expliquer clairement le défis ou soit me dire comment l’abandonner et passer au suivant le jour qui suis voici mon ID ludo1607 En attente de vous lire Cordialement Wuixslot ============================ Hello I come Wuixslot I arrive the day of the 3rd daily challenges (challenges psy "knock out 2 Opposing Pokemon Pokemon With your psy") but only is blocking it is not progressing, so I'm stuck in my game progress (just a little advice or explain clearly the challenges or either tell me how to abandon it and move to the next day am here is my ID ludo1607 Waiting to hear from you Sincerely Wuixslot
  19. Hi! I want to start this by saying that im Portuguese so my english might not be that good as expected, but i'll try my best. So i started to play today the pokémon tcg and, obviously i had to play the tutorials. After play agains the guy and the girl i had to play against some more "computer players" and in each battle i would receive an amount of gold. So i reached the last battle and it said i would win a pack of pokemon cards. So the problem is, after i won this battle i went to somekind of store and the little lady form tutorial (the girl from tutorial 2nd battle) is saying for me to click on the package and view it. The thing is that i haven't received any pack and it says on the screen "Não foram encontrados os itens correspondentes aos filtros", translating to you "there weren't found any items with this filters". The only thing i can "click" on the screen is the options and i can't go foward in the game because of this bug! I need help to fix it. I haven't change any filters, and i can't click anywhere in the screen but the options (where you can change the volume and all those things). I logged off and on, i have downloaded all the card in the game (when you go to options you can download all card images) but any of those things helped to get over this problem. I really want to play the game but i just can't and it is just annoying. Please help and awnser fast!
  20. When I try to load the game it goes black and says "Could... not preload global game manager #0 i=0" Please help
  21. Cannot get the game to even start on fresh OS install. Running Windows 7 x64, installed the game twice, but each time I go to run the game I get an error stating that the game crashed. Game ran just fine before OS reinstall (hard drive failed). Error Oops! The Game Crashed. The crash report folder named "today's date and time" next to the game executable. It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game. I would love to do so, but after spending an hour trying to find where to submit the report, I figured I better post in here for help. Thanks.
  22. RPGinisect

    2 Glitches in white 2

    Hey guys I reset my white 2 game resently(sooooooooooo painful) so far noticed by far 2 glitches. The first one is: I was in castelia city and I came off one of the streets onto the u street and my avatar didn't show up,since my servine is "shiny" what????? the next one is :so I saved on route 5 in summer It is not any time near fall I did not have the 4th badge;in the morning I went into nimbasa city next thang I knew it was fall!?⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️ That all for now I'll tell you guys if I find more on this topic!
  23. This isn't really a bug but it's an error. On the X and Y Fenniken Deck, it says Mighyena instead of Mightyena! This is on iPad/Tablet/iPhone/iPod
  24. Hi there, I bought a Roaring Skies Booster pack but didn't seem to recieve it? I have video of it too (I was streaming at the time) for any proof or oherwise.
  25. when I log in my game gets stuck on the daily challenges bit and wont let me click ok to get rid of the screen
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