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Found 529 results

  1. Hello, Most of the time when I play any trainer challenges and I win, the counters do not increase. For example, one of the decks state I have won 4 of the required 12 wins to receive a free pack. However, after I win with that deck, it still says 4 wins when it should say 5 wins. Could the counters please be fixed? Thanks.
  2. Hello I was winning my battle and the user kept going inactive. While doing this I decided to report the user because he was generally wasting time because he wanted me to quit. Unfortunately after I reported the user, it kept the inactive opposing player with the time @ 00:00 on the screen stopping me from able to do any moves apart from click on resume when it comes up with inactive player. I have attached a screenshot on this error. **************************************************
  3. PTGC says that when level reaches 10, you will be able to have 3 different Daily Challenges active, isn't it? Well, I haven't never been able to have 3 different daily challenges active. When a daily challange is available I try to play it but it doesn't happen nothing: when I put a click on the Daily Challange's button I can't play it.
  4. i was in a tournament and when i atak Delphox with mi greninja equiped with muscle band using Mist Slash that atak only do 70 of damage Card: Greninja, muscle band Card Number: #41, #146 Expected Action: Mist Salsh and muscle band attack should do 140 damage because of Delphox Weakness Actual Action:Mist Slash attack did 70 damage. doest apply the weaknes that should do i lost the tournamen beacouse of that bug =/
  5. I just experienced a whole variety of bugs and I have no clue what's happening. I'm going to go through all my steps so you can hopefully find what happened. First I tried playing in the Theme format with the Mind Wipe deck. When nothing happened, I selected the Green Tornado deck and got an error message. "This deck is not valid for current queue." Confused, I went to the Stand format and selected one of my Standard decks. I got the same message as before. So I decided to just check on it later and went to the store. I purchased a Pokemon XY 5 card booster for 95 tokens but didn't get the message that it was added to my collection. I went and checked to see that I got it, but it wasn't there. I tried closing the game and re-opening it. Everything seemed normal. My XY booster pack wasn't there again, so I went to Standard format. I started a match with another player, but something strange happened. It said the opponent was inactive and was going to lose, but the animations were still playing. Then it said I was inactive and going to lose, even though it wasn't even my turn. I clicked "resume" and it sent me to the title screen with the message "Cannot connect to network." I exited the game. Sorry if this is lengthy, but I really want to know what happened here. I've never seen anything like it while playing the Trading Card Game Online. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. ENTEI AO when using the main attack (fire wall?) it says on right of the screen that next 20 dmg will be adsorbed, but in the card's description it says 30 dmg.
  7. Greetings, I would like to report a problem with gameplay coins, it is the coins of theme decks named: Daybreak, Nightfall, Royal Guard & Verdant Frost, a few months ago, I opened all these theme decks (all were tradeable) but I have not received any gameplay coin from all of that theme decks, I would like to ask about someone with pokemon support to look into my problem and possibly solve it. Thank you very much.
  8. When i use a tool retriever to get rid of a head ringer it goes back to my opponents hand and not in the discard pile
  9. Hi, Statistics are not working properly in the deck manager section of the game: I usually playtest a deck for 10 games. Whenever I select a deck to see the win/loses count of that particular deck the statistics keep showing zero games played, zero won, and zero lost. This is unless I logout and reenter the PTCGO, then the statistics info is updated, but not always showing the lost games. I think it doesn't count conceded games Please, fix this issue. Thanks in advance,
  10. Just finished playing a match and when I used super scoop up to pick up my Hydreigon EX with a team flare gear Head ringer attached to it the Head ringer went back to my opponents hand and super scoop up says "your hand" and not the owners hand and the head ringer card says "when this card is removed from a pokemon for any reason put this card in the owners discard pile" so this just didn't seem right to me. I am right that it should have gone to the discard pile?
  11. Hello. I am an avid player of PTGO and recently I've been experiencing lots of issues regarding inactive losses and disconnects. I've tested my network, my wireless drivers, my basic connection and everything works just fine. It's quite frustrating whenever I want to play I keep losing to this, let alone being able to play at all. After spending tons of time collecting cards to enjoy this game I don't know what to do. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this problem I would appreciate it. thanks!
  12. Hello, I would like to make known that my trainer tokens suddenly in an unspecified and random time were decreased from 38 to 2 without dueling or buying anything (went to 38 by physically adding from Daily Bonus). 1st time this happening for me. EDIT: tokens added up to 29 again physically, then I logged out and went to 5. Tokens don't seem to add up accordingly at all...
  13. The things go from bad to worse for me in-game. Aside from losing tokens without even doing anything, now I can't even post a single trade. It gives me the usual "unexpected error" but furthermore the 48 hours option is blanked out and can't be selected. The 8 and 24 hours options are available but they still give the "unexpected error". Please help, I can't do anything. EDIT: after some hours the problem got solved "magically". Is this fixed from the Support or does the game simply being crazy? I think the 2nd. Can sth be done so we don't have future problems? Thanks... 2nd EDIT: the problem returned again
  14. When I face the last tutorial match on the app for the iPad, it says I'm playing with a water deck, but I still have my electric deck. Because the game's queues say one thing and the deck cards say another, the game isn't allowing me to play this part of the tutorial. It is the match I would get 100 P on.
  15. Ok guys im sure you know who i am by now. i have had my packs locked and dissapear 7 TIMES NOW, each time it has taken u guys around 5-7 days to fix. WHY ON EARTH IS THIS STILL HAPPENING. this is getting absolutely ludicrous, ive completely lost my love of the game since i cant offer my packs for any card without the worry that your garbage game will lock every pack i offer for a week and that your programmers don't seem to be able to fix anything at all EVER. I've spent alot of money on this game and i think this is totally unnacceptable, everytime u respond with some nice message telling me you guys are putting a specialist on it and ive now had enough. some kind of compensation must be given back to the community here this is totally unfair. I SEE HUNDREDS OF OFFERS OFFERING HUNDREDS OF PACKS ALL OVER PUBLIC BUT EVERYTIME I/OTHERS TRY OUR STUFF GETS LOCKED. please tell me how i am supposed to have fun anymore public trading with this, totally unfair and totally awful job all round in responding to tickets and actually fixing the problem. yet another terrible update that has ruined my all round trading experience. Just like the old trade glitch that lagged players out when sending and not sendong offers about a year ago. I unfortunatley dont see this getting fixed anytime soon if the older glitch is anything to go by. thanks alot
  16. Hey, new to the forum, but I've had this problem repetitively and wanted to share so it could get fixed in the next update. I have gone in matches and gotten the "inactive box" (you guys know what I'm talking about, right?) from the other parson, yet they are playing. then It goes to my turn, and the "inactive box" appears for me, and when I hit resume, the game crashes and doesn't let me back on, saying I don't have a connection (Yet here I am, on the same computer using a fast Xfinity internet saying this right after It happened AGAIN.) So here I am wondering what the forums think.
  17. Disconnected in Tournament, NO automaticly reconnect
  18. When i use Milotic(FlashFire) ability in game, no energies are attached from the discard pile Yes there were non Ex's on my side of the field other than Milotic at the time and Yes there were a total of 3 basic energy cards in the discard pile. Thank you for your time.
  19. The past few days sometimes when I do part of or complete a Daily Challenge, it does not register into the daily challenge "completion" bar. Last time it was to evolve 7 of my dark Pokemon, did not register no matter how many games i played and evolved them. I cancelled the challenge thinking it was a bug. Now today's challenge was to deal 750 damage using my water Pokemon, still will not register after i did multiple battles and well over 1500 damage is all of them. Is this a bug or am I just doing something totally wrong?
  20. Occasionally the game will say invalid login after I boot it up, this is odd since the password is saved and hasnt been changed and obviously this doesnt happen every time I load the game, But today it popped up and said I'd failed too many login attempts and my account was disabled for 15 minutes despite the fact I'd only just turned the game on.
  21. i am not able to log in because of this "THE CONNECTION WITH THE SERVER HAS BEEN LOST" message . the authentication bar after i enter my pass and user get stuck . sometimes in 34 % , most of the time 42% , sometimes 51 and sometimes 60 % . then that message pops up . happened to me only today . but for 30 + times though
  22. so when i double click or push enter on the application icon it will show next to the mouse cursor its loading it or somthing but then all i get is nothing the loading assests or evven the login screen dont show why might it be doing that
  23. Okay so I was playing TCG and I was destroying someone, and he was 1 hit away from me winning. So then he waited, and waited, and waited, and never attacked. I ended up winning (obviously) but I had to wait FOREVER. There should be a thing where if someone doesn't attack within 5 minutes, they auto-concede. Let me know your input. Proof (No Virus I Swear): ************************ ************************ ************************ ************************ ************************ ************************ ************************ ************************ ************************
  24. Gsearch

    Is Everybody Down?

    So I got booted from the game and tried to log back in. I first got the error message that you get when they are in update mode. Now I just get. "Network connection with the server has been lost" Watching the Worlds and waiting to log back in.
  25. Hey there TCGP, I am having trouble getting the new refresher to install on my computer, I am of course running windows 10, but i have had no issues with the game up until now. The game installed fine and worked great, but as soon as the new Ancient Origins refresher came through it won't install. All that happens is the game starts up then loads the refresher installation window, then the words "saving setting/downloading latest version settings" flash on the window and the progress bar never moves. Please help me fix this, because I really enjoy this game. kind regards
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