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Found 529 results

  1. i logged in after reinstalling and updating and then i went to battle and all my decks were gone all my good cards were gone all my deck boxes and sleeves and tournament tickets were gone please help i want my stuff back
  2. I am trying the Deck Wizard option for creating a unlimited version deck. The problem I was having is that when I am choosing my 2 favorite cards, the list of older pokemon ex's won't show up (i.g. Cresselia Ex, Celebi Ex, Reshiram Ex, and Victini Ex). I'm not sure if this is a bug or the Deck Wizard option is only implemented for the newer cards. Will someone please help me?
  3. Windows 10 user here, played the game for a good long while and this is like the 4th or 5th time I've had to download the Card Cache in full. I'm not sure if this is my problem or if you are redoing the full cache every time. I'd like a fix if possible, it's rather tedious to have to re-download it all the time.
  4. I just bought the Storm Rider Theme Deck and its not showing up in my collection or card manager. How do i solve this?
  5. I just downloaded the game on my Windows 10 laptop. I made it MOST of the way through the tutorial when my internet went out during my match with Brittany. I've opened and closed the program many times now and each time Zach starts telling me to click 'play', I get a notification saying that the program has stopped working and Windows cannot find a solution before Windows closes the program. I'm thinking it didn't like the fact that my internet went out for half a minute because it was working perfectly fine before that. Also, half the time when it opens, my avatar shows up as bald. Also, side note, do I have to complete the tutorial before redeeming the codes I got in a couple packs of cards? ****I just scanned my computer for potential viruses in case that was the problem and none were found. I scanned using Norton and McAfee. Just thought I'd add this into my post.
  6. I've attached my [Content removed - posting links to websites other than official Pokémon sites is not permitted. -Mod. Poplar]. Was playing a match in unlimited when my opponent played sky field. After they did, they added 9 benched pokemon, thus allowing raichu to attack for 180. Sky field should only allow 8 pokemon. I would have not lost if it were not for this bug
  7. When I offer a trade and card is clearly unlocked ... When trade is created it instantly becomes an unacceptable trade and shows cards locked. I then was able in a private trade to have a friend request a trade from me . went through no problems. only when I offer a trade do the cards become locked. It has been this way for a few days. Is it something i'm overlooking??? Please Help
  8. Its happened a few minets ago,just doing my final hit to win and it says me "Loose" , what is this can you expain (to sure, check logs of this fight) and it is second time of this accident (first time was a day or two ago)
  9. Well i just used it agaist a mega Rayquaza, however i couldnt discard an energy. They asked me to select the energy i wanted to discard but the buttom ok was no where to be found. Help please.
  10. as it says above every 5-10 minutes my game randomly stops working and crashes. no warning just freezes and message box comes up saying game not working. has done this every time i've logged in for the past 10 hours. anyone got any suggestions on how to resolve and is anyone having the same problem/
  11. hello, i just updated the game and the refresher froze during patching, and it duely restarted itself and carried on updating so i assumed everything was fine. once the update was completed the game kept crashing while loading. the latest error was : KERNELBASE.dll caused a Microsoft C++ Exception (0xe06d7363) in module KERNELBASE.dll at 001b:74012ed2. is this a known issue? i have tried to unistall and reinstall the application with no joy at all.
  12. Once you evolve florges to its break evolution, it reduces fairy cost of attacks by 2 fairy energy when it should only be 1. Attached a screen shot while having Gardevoir-ex in play with 1 energy but because Florges Break was in play, I am able to use the Shining Wind attack which costs 3 fairy.
  13. Hi everyone! Every time I click on the login button it says "couldn't reach pkmn tcgo server" or "connection to server lost". What can I do? Thanks.
  14. There is an issue when using the Zoroark BREAK card's attack "Foul Play". For one darkness energy you are able to choose any of your opponent's active pokemon's attacks and use it. However, when choosing attacks that require a discard of multiple energies, the game reaches an impasse. In the case of this example, I chose to use "Steam Blast" which requires the user to discard three energies attached to the using pokemon. However, at the time, I was allowed to choose this attack (despite not having 3 energies to discard) and upon attacking, forced to choose 3 energies to discard before proceeding. I was only able to discard a single energy, but the system did now allow me to proceed further beyond this point. I took two screenshots of this to provide additional context and information. ************************************************* ************************************************** It would seem that the attack should allow you to use any attack regardless of the available energy or secondary requirements associated with the move. Otherwise, the card would indicate that you would need the required energy to choose attacks that would require the user to discard energies.
  15. Game Log Output Begins Here: 1. ElRazey flipped 0 coins resulting in 0 heads and 0 tails, for Start of Game. 2. It is now ElRazey's turn (Turn #1). 3. Fredwag drew a card. 4. Fredwag drew a card. 5. Fredwag drew a card. 6. Fredwag drew a card. 7. Fredwag drew a card. 8. Fredwag drew a card. 9. Fredwag drew a card. 10. ElRazey drew Water Energy. 11. ElRazey drew Battle Compressor Team Flare Gear. 12. ElRazey drew Water Energy. 13. ElRazey drew VS Seeker. 14. ElRazey drew Water Energy. 15. ElRazey drew Trainers' Mail. 16. ElRazey drew Octillery. 17. ElRazey drew Archie's Ace in the Hole. 18. ElRazey drew Water Energy. 19. ElRazey drew Water Energy. 20. ElRazey drew Rough Seas. 21. ElRazey drew Octillery. 22. ElRazey drew VS Seeker. 23. ElRazey drew Swampert. 24. ElRazey drew Octillery. 25. ElRazey drew Trainers' Mail. 26. ElRazey drew Switch. 27. ElRazey drew Trainers' Mail. 28. ElRazey drew Water Energy. 29. ElRazey drew Water Energy. 30. ElRazey drew Battle Compressor Team Flare Gear. 31. ElRazey drew Energy Retrieval. 32. ElRazey drew Water Energy. 33. ElRazey drew Switch. 34. ElRazey drew Water Energy. 35. ElRazey drew VS Seeker. 36. ElRazey drew VS Seeker. 37. ElRazey drew Regice. 38. Regice became ElRazey's new active Pokémon. 39. Fredwag drew a card. 40. Fredwag drew a card. 41. Fredwag drew a card. 42. ElRazey drew Remoraid. 43. ElRazey put Remoraid onto the Bench. 44. ElRazey attached a Water Energy to Regice. 45. It is now Fredwag's turn (Turn #2). 46. Fredwag drew a card. 47. Fredwag played Team Flare Grunt. 48. Fredwag attached a Lightning Energy to Latias. 49. Fredwag played VS Seeker. 50. Fredwag attached a Muscle Band to Latias. 51. It is now ElRazey's turn (Turn #3). 52. ElRazey drew Water Energy. 53. ElRazey attached a Water Energy to Regice. 54. It is now Fredwag's turn (Turn #4). 55. Fredwag drew a card. 56. Fredwag played Team Flare Grunt. 57. Fredwag attached a Psychic Energy to Latias. 58. It is now ElRazey's turn (Turn #5). 59. ElRazey drew Acro Bike. 60. ElRazey played Acro Bike. 61. ElRazey drew Ultra Ball. 62. ElRazey attached a Water Energy to Regice. 63. ElRazey played Energy Retrieval. 64. ElRazey played Ultra Ball. 65. ElRazey drew Octillery. 66. ElRazey played Switch. 67. Remoraid became ElRazey's new active Pokémon. 68. Octillery became ElRazey's new active Pokémon. 69. ElRazey's Remoraid evolved into Octillery. 70. ElRazey's Octillery used its Abyssal Hand Ability. 71. ElRazey drew Battle Compressor Team Flare Gear. 72. ElRazey drew Regice. 73. ElRazey drew Swampert. 74. ElRazey put Regice onto the Bench. 75. ElRazey played Battle Compressor Team Flare Gear. 76. It is now Fredwag's turn (Turn #6). 77. Fredwag drew a card. 78. Fredwag played VS Seeker. 79. Fredwag attached a Darkness Energy to Latias. 80. Fredwag put Shaymin-EX onto the Bench. 81. Fredwag drew a card. 82. Fredwag drew a card. 83. Fredwag's Latias used Speed Wing and did 100 damage to ElRazey's Octillery. 84. ElRazey's Octillery was knocked out. 85. Fredwag received a Prize card. 86. Regice became ElRazey's new active Pokémon. 87. It is now ElRazey's turn (Turn #7). 88. ElRazey drew Rough Seas. 89. ElRazey attached a Water Energy to Regice. 90. ElRazey played Rough Seas. Game Log Output Ends Here Latias (XY78 Promo)'s Speed Wing does a default damage of 60. My opponent attached a muscle band so it becomes 80 damage. Where did the extra 20 damage come from?
  16. So in recent matches I've been using Bouffalant (Dragons Exalted 110) with a Hard Charm (XY 119) equipped and it seems like sometimes the effect of Hard Charm is ignored. I am not familiar with the details of the damage calculation formula but I can give some example of what looks like inconsistency to me. Match 1: I have a defending Bouffalant with Hard Charm equipped and 0 damage counters. Other player attacks with Manectric-EX (Phantom Forces 23) and uses Assault Laser which does 60 plus an additional 60 since my pokemon had a tool equipped. Bouffalant has the ability Bouffer: "Any damage done to this pokemon is reduced by 20 (after applying weakenesses and resistances) Bouffalant has 100 HP and had taken no damage. So (Assault Laser(120) - Bouffer(20) - Hard Charm(20)) = 80 but my Bouffalant still took 100 damage and was knocked out. Not really sure how this works but here is an example where it calculated differently. Match 2: I have the same defending Bouffalant setup with Hard Charm equipped and has 50 damage on it already. The attacking pokemon is a Kangaskhan-EX(Flashfire 79) and uses Kindred Kick but flips a tails so there is only 70 incoming damage. Bouffalant had 100 HP and had taken 50 damage previously. So (Kindred Kick(70) - Bouffer(20) - Hard Charm(20)) = 30 And just like it would seem my Bouffalant only took 30 damage. TL;DR Hard Charm Effect is working inconsistently or I just don't know the actual damage calculation formula (in which case I would like to know for future reference).
  17. Sometimes I get packs as a reward (whether it's from the Trainer Challenge or a chest), but in the midst of the pack's contents loading, sometimes I need to force quit because the program isn't responding. When I restart TCG Online, the pack isn't there anymore. Is there a way to fix this?
  18. When I went on the TCGO today and went to my packs and I had significantly less than I had yesterday even though I did not trade or open these packs. I had 10 BreakThrough Packs and now I only have 2. This is very annoying and I really hope I can get these packs refunded as I spent a lot of time collecting and trading for them. I just want to know if this is a known bug or something I can help with. And I did not take any screenshots that could have proved this, but I hope you keep records and can help me. Thanks in advance!
  19. Tried to open a Roaring Skies pack, but it wouldn't load. So I exited the game, and now it's gone. Can I get some help?
  20. Hello, I've a question about this card and the ability "Miraculous Seeds". I've just fought and lost a match, and i'm not sure if it's a bug or simply i've misunderstand this ability. Simply, my opponent MewTwo-EX has killed my Beautifly with one of his attack (damage changed)...but in wich way if my card says,Prevent all damage done to this Pokémon by attacks from your opponent's Pokémon-EX? Isn't this an attack? (sorry for my english)
  21. Help. I had a versus match online and my opponent attacked me and killed me without having the energy needed to use his attack. I did not miss it or overlook it. And there was no trainer cards in play to allow him to attack without the energy. Im wondering if anyone else has ran into this same problem? And if i am allowed and where to report him?
  22. Hi, I have a full art Mega Mewtwo Red and i find a bug in the card. In two times, when I attacked a Psychic pokemon like Mewtwo with Psychic Infinity, the weakness damage is not applied. But when the Mewtwo of my opponent attacks my MegaMewtwo, the weakness damage is applied. It is assumed if I attack a Mewtwo with an Double Energy with Psychic Infinity it must die, or not?
  23. Client: Card: Lucky Helmet Expected Action: I should have drawn 2 cards when the ennemy Machamp attacked my pokemons with Lucky Helmet Actual Action: During a tournament, Thrice, Machamp attacked my pokemons who had lucky Helmet and i didn't draw any card, it happened 2 times with my first helmet attached to my Tropius, and then another time with my Shiftry Steps to Reproduce: Machamp attacking a lucky helmet wearer
  24. So, I first started this game, the game gave me all of the basic decks, like XY: Basic Yellow, Basic Red, Basic Blue, you get the idea. But, when i tried to open up my Mental Might deck, I kept getting an error message, and i couldn't unlock the Mental Might deck. The error message was, I think, "Could not unlock this item" or something like that. I decided to move on after redeeming my codes for quite a few booster packs, as well as my Ocean's Core and Storm Rider decks. I still wonder if I can get this particular bug resolved?
  25. I'm not sure what the problem is exactly. I'm new to Pokemon and was told to join Pokemon online. When I downloaded it onto my computer, I made a new account and everything. I put in my username and password and after I pressed the button to sign in, it gave me an error response saying to try again in a minute. I tried multiple times after this and there was still the same error message. Is there something wrong with the servers? I know I'm not the only one experiencing this. I couple friends tried to do the same thing on their computers and received the same error response. Help?
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