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Found 529 results

  1. I just finished the platinum league for the first time but didn't get any boosters! I'm supposed to get them if I finish a league for the 1st time, right? Also, I just completed the Mighty Mind challenge (beat 2 pokemon with a purple eye energy pokemon) but didn't get the booster! Why is this happening? This all started after the update on May 2nd. Somebody please help me! And is it possible to get my booster?
  2. Shreenath123

    I am not getting my boosters!

    I was having problems up dating so I reinstalled Pokemon TCG Online. Then, I defeated 2 trainers from easy gold league and got second stars for each, but I didn't get the boosters. Why?
  3. laurenam8783

    tcgo fails as soon as game starts

    I've just downloaded tgco and downloading is fine and i open it up log in and start. the tutorial starts and as soon as the battle mat screen comes up i get an error message that says "Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.exe has stopped working: A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available" but then no solutions are available can anyone help??
  4. jonhbarata

    close when I login

    I make the login and then open loading screen "Loading data from the server. Please wait" and this load goes to 90% and then the close alone, can anyone help me?
  5. Hello! My Pokemon TCG Online has been stuck on the Please wait, loading assets screen and is stuck at 0% on my MacBook Pro. It has been that way for the last three days, no matter how many times I close and re-open it. I also have deleted and re-installed the program itself twice. Help!
  6. VitMotts

    My game doesn't run

    please, help me. My game closes automatically, what can I do? i'm brazilian, sorry for the bad english.
  7. I tried opening the game and it started to access some files or something and suddenly crashed. Then a pop up came up and told me to tell the developer that the folder 201-05-07_003124 has crashed. What is happening? When will it be resolved? I think I was supposed to get my free 5-card daily login booster pack today. Somebody please inform me. Btw, I am using the Windows PC version.
  8. I haven't played in a couple months till last night and the client updated. Since then the client window doesn't maximize. The maximize button is shadowed out and un-clickable. So basically my game client is sitting on my desktop like a widget and my task bar is in the way of my cards when I play. I don't know what's going on. I tried reloading a couple times but it's still like that.
  9. I use Gallade Swift Lunge against a Mega Gardevoir and I said yes to have my opponent switch the Pokemon, but it didn't do it. And there were no cards or anything to prevent that from happening. And I did it twice and twice it didn't work.
  10. kushina22


    the game is crashing as soon as I open it and when I tried to troubleshoot the program, it says that the game is no longer compatible what should i do?
  11. Kagemusha

    Game Crashing Bug

    ok so every time I log into the game (if it gets that far sometimes) I go to trainer challenge, select the city championship, select hardest difficulty, select my deck and go to fight Daniel and the game crashes. I get "Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.exe has stopped working" the only choice I'm given is to "Close Program" there's nothing wrong with the specs or video card on my computer, if I can run League of Legends perfectly fine this game should be a cake walk, so not sure what the problem is
  12. I have tried to download the TCG game multiple times. It supposedly downloads successfully, and it opens correctly. I sign in, then the first battle is supposed to start (I am guessing the tutorial), but it crashes right as the battle opens every time. Is there a setting that may be causing this on my laptop (PC)? Thank you and I hope you can help! I am very excited to play!
  13. CCargoe2

    Randomly crashes

    I signed up for Pokemon TCGO and i tried installing the game to play and upload all my codes that i got. But every single time i try loading the game it stops working and i get a random pop-up that say "Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.exe has stopped working" "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available". Can someone PLEASE help me fix this so i can play and enjoy the game? In dire need of assistant please.
  14. Good morning, recently installed the Pokemon TCG Online and started the tutorials. Always in the third battle the game crashes and need to restart it. After a few attempts I decided to skip the tutorial. After doing some things like open achievements and challenges hold closed the game. When opened again all he had done was not saved. Every time the process is the same. Already I uninstalled and installed 10 times. I have windows 10, and all the necessary requirements to run the game. What should I do to solve?
  15. Yesterday I traded a booster for 4 Butterfrees, after that I went to sleep. When I woke up today, I decided to make a deck with them and I noticed they wore no longer in my collection. Why is this? Can I get them back? It was one of the first trades I ever did...
  16. KasaiD

    Crashes durign tutorial

    At the very start of the tcg tutorial, it crashes It says: "Pokemon Traiding Card Game Online.exe has stopped working. I'd like to upload an screenshot but I don't know how
  17. For some reason after a bit while playing trainer challenge, it starts to lag and show connection issues. Is there a fix for this? My internet is decently fast. I don't understand why I am having this issue.
  18. I started playing a while ago and many times I have Encountered an issue where I m not able to Attack, Select or do anything related To gameplay. And all is there left do is Concede.... It happended with me many times in versus and tournaments. And also Sometimes it had with the playersI I m fighting as they Tells me through chat that their game froze and they also Have to concede....... Bcos of this I have Lost many versus matches and Tournaments , so plz fix this or give a way to solve this!...........
  19. Alexo

    Server non in linea

    Buonasera, qualche settimana fa ho notato, in un profilo reale di Android, che è uscita l'Apk per Android del gioco Pokemon tcg online, e visto che ci sono cresciuto con i Pokemon ho provato a scaricare il gioco. Gioco veramente bello e ben fatto, l'unico problema è che dopo l'ultima manutenzione non mi ci fa più giocare, e dopo aver cliccato più volte "Accedi" mi compare unq scritta che dice "i server non sono al momento in linea, riprova più *****" e così da 2 giorni. Io ho speso pure dei soldi per comprarmi dei codici e adesso mi ritrovo a non avere più niente. Mi farebbe piacere se qualcuno possa darmi delle spiegazioni, per lo meno relative, alla mia domanda. Grazie per ************ e buona serata a tutti.
  20. I can't to open prize-buster pack's from winning duel...When i am trying to unpack my buster pack ( like Breaktrough), they are stuck in 0% and freeze ( After closing the game client my buster pack's are missing from collection and i didn't see any new cards in my page's "pokemon/trainer/energy". I lost 3~4 pack's. Help me please T___T
  21. Canberrakilla

    Can't redeem codes

    I can't access the area in game to redeem codes! Everything else works just not the redeem area the button is in pressable
  22. Hello folks, i just installed the game and was about to start, i also made an account and logged in but i have some display errors showing up already. for example, EVERY single button is named like "common.dialog.ok" or "landing.submenu.item.shophome", also if i want to see the cards i already have, only like 10% of the cards have pictures, the others are just text which is not even placed in the right position. i first thought it would be because of not enough space on my pc, but i deleted some data and it's still not working. hoping to get a useful answer soon, thanks in advance.
  23. Hello guys. So after reading the forum I notice people were exploiting the code to receive unlimited packs of XY/Fist/Fire. I accepted 3 trades (89 fist, 99 fist, 40 fist) for my 2xFA shaymin & 1 Normal Shaymin. I took the bait not knowing that the packs I received were from exploiting. What should I do? How can get my cards back? Can someone give me advice on what to do? What should I do with these fist packs that I received, it is safe to open them? Proof of trades: [Edited by Mod_Turtle: Only links to official Pokémon sites are allowed on the forums. Links to or recommendations to other sites are not allowed.]
  24. Choras_Den

    Missing Packs!

    So the last few days that trades and redeem have been down, I had 21 Generation packs. After 1-2 days off i return and there are only 8 left. I just checked my trades, and i didnt make any with gen packs. I also dont remember opening 12-13 packs over the last few days. I don't have children so no one signed on and opened them. Is this something thats happened to anyone else? Is there a way to check if i have open packs recently?
  25. itribe

    Daily Reward Bugg'd!

    Claimed my reward yesterday for Day 2 like 50 coins and then today it says 24 hours till my next daily of 5 boosters even tho it said 5 minutes less than an hour ago. any chance on this getting fixed or is it just pay 2 win for me? played 2 days one day maintenance for like 3 hours n now my daily thats my one shot at getting better cards is bugg'd so yeah any chance we can fix this before i just never log back in? and while im at it an article says if you want to change daily challenges to use the trash can well where is that button cause it dosent seem to exist
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