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Found 529 results

  1. Lost a shaymin ex in private trade, trade cancel but didn't receive the card back. Please check my trade history. I need my shaman ex back
  2. In trading on the PC version, packs filter incorrectly. If someone has a pack marked for trade, regardless of whether or not they have it, it shows up when you look in their pack section while creating a trade. EG: I have Roaring Skies pack FT, but I don't have any. User creates private trade with me, sees Roaring Skies pack as one of the packs I have though I don't have any. However, cards do NOT show up as for trade if the user does not have have them, whether or not they were tagged as For Trade.
  3. PrideSP

    Packs from box untradeable

    Before when you win a pack from the mystery box, you're able to trade it, now you can't. Please fix this glitch. It's making it hard to trade stuff in the Trade market, thank you.
  4. CStamoulis17ST

    Not allowing redeem codes

    On the iPad app for PTCGO it's not allowing me to use redeem codes. The button is not pressable it has become dark or sometimes it's not even there at all
  5. Hi, i'm a new player in Pokémon TCG and I have a big problem! The game crashes in the tutorial when I face Calvin , the third trainer. I tried several times and continues to happen the same thing. I can't continue in the game. I'm stuck in the middle of the tutorial! Thank you!
  6. adityawilliam


    mine shuts down after getting to 90 % what can i do to fix the problem i am new and not able to play plz help
  7. I just landed on my first prize wheel of the day and it supposedly granted "100 coins". Nope. Still at the exact amount as I was prior to the match - which actually means I didn't get the coins for my win either. I have a screen shot of the grant, but I'm still unable to create tickets (my emails have gone unaddressed as well). Thanks.
  8. I was playing pokemon tcg online in tournament and suddenly that logo appears and saying I have no internet connection but when I check I do have internet. It's really frustrating because I'm in the middle of a fight and that problem suddenly cause! What's with you pokemon Tcg online are you doing this to ruin someone's game !!! We want to play good game and you do this to us!? show some respect to your players!
  9. BetaLeaf

    [Card Bug] N

    Client: Card: N (Trainer Card) Card Number: Noble Victories 92 & 101 (Confirmed), All other N Trainer Cards (Unconfirmed) Expected Action: Each player shuffles his or her hand into his or her deck. Then, each player draws a card for each of his or her remaining Prize cards. Actual Action: Each player shuffles his or her hand into his or her deck. Then, you draw 6 cards from your deck and your opponent draws 5 cards from his or her deck. Neither trainer will draw a price card. Steps to Reproduce: Use N during your turn. Notes: This is part of the Night March Deck. This bug severely weakens the deck.
  10. Daorei

    Game Auto Concedes

    I have just had this happen to me twice in a row within the past 30 minutes before this posting. The first time it happened was during the start of a Versus match during the coin flip as I was waiting for the other player to pick the coin...about 20 seconds went by when suddenly..."VICTORY!" pops up on my screen and I'm kicked back to the main menu. The second time it happened was as I was about to win a match against a guy named VespiKing, he said GG like a gentleman, and then as I had 2x prize cards left...I went into making the final moves of the match when suddenly...."DEFEAT!" pops up on my screen. I just tried to replicate the bug a third time but to no avail, so it seems kind of random. Hope this helps any of the techs looking at these forums.
  11. VersuchNr3

    Game crashes over and over

    Hey guys, i know this has been around a long time, but I haven't really found any helpful solution. My game crashes from time to time. Last time during the first round of a tournament which really sucks. I think it happened a few times in vs-Mode when I wanted to use Braixen's first move (the scrying one). Anyone got anything similar and has any advice? Greets Gent
  12. Fallkitten

    Trainer challenge bug

    Good Afternoon I have encountered a weird bug. After the selection of steel type trainer (TrIainer challenge/Rika) game crashes. After re-opening the game and selecting a different person from Trainer Challenge - game also crashes encountered this bug both on my PC (windows xp/32bit) And my notebook ( windows 8/32 bit ) I have the latest version of the client. (update March 30) Thank you
  13. BL00DCR0W

    Crash on the tutorial

    Hello, I just recently installed PTCGO. Due to me playing this in my early years, I have been dying to try this new version. The installation process runs smoothly, and I launch the game hoping for an enjoyable time. However, as I am doing the tutorial, the next second after I draw the card upon finishing the first round (Laying my card on the deck and the opponent (Zach) lays his card on the deck), the game crashes. What I've tried: -Deleting LocalizationDB.db -Reinstalling the game -Deleting the registration keys -Updating video/graphics driver (Already up to date) None of these options seem to work. Would there be any other fix to this problem? It seems as if I am looking through the forum, there are more tutorial crashes in here as well. Thanks, bl00dcr0w
  14. When I click on trade history to look at the latest trade I made it crashes. I tried reinstaliing it but it still crashes
  15. I am stuck on a welcome screen just after a winning the first battle. The lady on the right has the caption of 'now that you know the basics, I'm going to teach you some more advanced rules' in her speech bubble. When I then go to click next the game will not advance. I've already beaten this part of the game and advanced but when I logged out for the first time and logged back in this came up. I'm playing on iPad. Any help would be great.
  16. hi there, the bug happens when i use geomancy when i have only one pokeon on my bench. Geomancy didn't work and after that, i used a supporter (pokemon fan club) and nothing happens.
  17. PrideSP

    Metal links not working

    I have ************* use metal links, and it works fine. Then I have the special energy steel in my discard pile, and it won't allow me to get that one. Now I know what you're saying, it's not basic. But read the instruction, it just says steel energy, not basic steel energy, so any steel energy would work. Now I know what you're going to say next, it's shield energy, not steel energy. Wrong again, the shield energy is it's effect, it's still a steel energy, hence why if my Bronzor needs a steel energy to use tackle, it works if I only have that shield energy, so it's still a steel. And to even further proves that it's glitch, in real life tournaments, you can use the metal links to get the special steel energy/shield energy from the discard pile. So it's glitch.
  18. PuruglyLover

    Latios Tin Code not working

    I have a unused code for a Powers Beyond Tin: Latios and when i enter the code (very carefully and many times) it says it isn't valid, I was wondering if anyone else has this issue.
  19. marcus503

    Codes Invalid? Never Used

    All the codes I enter keeps coming Invalid what do I do?
  20. I installed this game on my younger brothers computer and every single time he attempts to fight the tutorial battle his game crashes, on top of that it only happens as the screen loads and the red bar stating opponents turn starts to appear. Whats odd is that when I tried logging in on his computer with my account I was able to do an entire trainer challenge without a single problem. As of this moment I have attempted to do a clean install multiple times and i have it set for xp3 compatibility and to run as admin. So far none of these options have worked and I am unsure of how to fix this.
  21. justinbelcher94

    Crashing on Mac

    I've downloaded Pokemon TCG Online three times now, and it still won't open. Anyone have any suggestions?
  22. I have a challenge, do 750 damage to the opposing Pokemon. I have Toxicroak-EX and use Triple Poison. As the turn keeps passing by, I did about 150 damage from the poison alone. The guy surrenders and the challenge didn't update and add in the 150. Please fix it, thank you.
  23. Grinning_Gengar

    I can't access the support portal

    I have had 4 tournaments in a row where I have been in the middle of my turn and suddenly the only option is to end turn even though I have many legal moves that I can preform. I want to create a support ticket to get my tourney tickets refunded but the web page keeps kicking me out. I get this page: We're sorry, an unexpected error has occurredThe service you are trying to reach is currently unavailable. Please refresh the page and try again. If this error continues, please contact Parature Support and reference the Error ID # listed below. 23034d4c-c7e1-4977-9f0a-a1b44e41adfe Go back to the page you were previously viewing or click the Back button on your browser.
  24. hey, every time I try to access the TCG it takes me to the tutorial and it instantly crashes? ive deleted and reinstalled it and it still crashes as soon as I start the game? any help as to why this happens or how to fix this? cheers
  25. PrideSP

    Cards still invsible

    Even after the patch May 2nd, the cards are still invisible. It hasn't been fixed yet. In fact, it got even worse. Now when my cards are invisible, sometimes my entire discard pile is invisible.
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