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Found 166 results

  1. trepeezy092

    Breakpoint FA Skyla

    When I add the Breakpoint FA Skyla to my legacy deck it wont let me use my deck in legacy
  2. PrideSP

    Metal links not working

    I have ************* use metal links, and it works fine. Then I have the special energy steel in my discard pile, and it won't allow me to get that one. Now I know what you're saying, it's not basic. But read the instruction, it just says steel energy, not basic steel energy, so any steel energy would work. Now I know what you're going to say next, it's shield energy, not steel energy. Wrong again, the shield energy is it's effect, it's still a steel energy, hence why if my Bronzor needs a steel energy to use tackle, it works if I only have that shield energy, so it's still a steel. And to even further proves that it's glitch, in real life tournaments, you can use the metal links to get the special steel energy/shield energy from the discard pile. So it's glitch.
  3. Mtfloodeen

    Deck stats not updating

    The stats on my deck seems to not update. I know that I battled with my main deck more than 0 times since last edit. Not a major issue but I just wanted you know about it.
  4. Keep loading with Default back. I have changed and saved multiple times, but every time I play, its default back!
  5. Hello, i have found a bug where whenever you go to edit your deck, or just open it up in deck manager the sleeve that you had on that deck get removed and you have to re add them. just thought id report this since its bug ive found. ~ LDF
  6. I use Gallade Swift Lunge against a Mega Gardevoir and I said yes to have my opponent switch the Pokemon, but it didn't do it. And there were no cards or anything to prevent that from happening. And I did it twice and twice it didn't work.
  7. Hi, I play on PC, and since last week when I change some cards in one of my decks and I try to save, the game disconnects from the server and when I enter again the changes don't save, and I can only delete them to play again. What can I do? Thanks for the answers
  8. I know this is going to break the entire concept of tradeable packs designed by the developers here, but it really needs to be considered here. In the game, there are a large number of packs that are not tradeable. These can be obtained from the ladder or possibly from the shop itself (with tokens). I get that cards are not tradeable; I have no problem with that. However, I do have a problem with having, for instance, 11 trade-locked Pikachu sitting there and knowing 7 will never be of use. Do I really need 11 trade-locked Pikachu? The same four can be used in unlimited decks anyway, so why not let me use the other 7 for trading? Sometimes, people do giveaways on their Twitch channels and such, so being able to use them to acquire giveaways would be a nice thing to do. I agree with keeping four of them trade-locked in the spirit of the intent for not being able to trade them, but at the same time, it's better to trade-lock the intended packs and then, I feel, allow regular common cards and such to be traded later. Perhaps common cards should never be trade-locked; very rarely do people need to trade them, unless trading a foursome for someone interested in a deck using them (or for giveaways). Even better, why not let us choose cards we want to trade-lock ourselves? For instance, when I first sought Octillery, I eventually found one and traded a Gen pack for it, and suddenly I had people fawning all over my Octillery trying to offer me Uncommon Chests and the like for it; I don't want those offers, so let me trade-lock the Octillery I just received so those offers go away, or let me choose how to filter my trades by whether I'm trading FOR or trading AWAY. I'm scared of what will happen when I have a tradeable Shaymin-EX; the trade window will be so full of garbage offers that there will be no point even trying to trade for the second one. Additionally, sorting by quantity in the collection, as it stands, is useless. It takes a full minute and change to scroll through all the 1s and 2s in my collection to reach what I really want: the Pokémon witth 5 or more in there. And I have a few of those by now. The Pokémon you have the most of should be the FIRST Pokémon available in the sort, not available only after two minutes of scrolling. One last idea: why do we still not have the ability to see Trainer Challenge decks? I'm doing a good job analyzing those so far (Exploud, you are the 'MON - see what I did there), and am currently working on Greyson, but it would be easier if we can just look at them like a regular opponent's deck. I'll post another thread suggesting Legacy Mode with those trainers; I brought this up in discussion and it was met favourably, and I want to expand on those ideas separately. So, to summarize my ideas here, and please pass these ideas along. These ideas would make for an even better game. - maximum 4 non-tradeable of any species - players can choose to trade-lock anything not already locked - better trade filtering (whether trying to acquire or trade something away) - quantity sorting sorting by most first - see Trainer Challenge decks after the game
  9. For some reason the past 4 games on the spinning wheel at the end when you win I've gotten the "?" with a green tick, which usually means something will get given to me, but all these 4 last games nothing get's given to me, no pack, no bonus money , nothing :/
  10. When you're in deck manager and you type in the search box then hit enter, it won't work, you have to go to the settings and click apply for it to work and I think scrolling with the scroll on the mouse makes it work too.
  11. PrideSP

    Nothing is fixed!

    Bugs are still there. What's with these 15 hour maintenance like 3 times? Cards are still invisible, game keeps getting stuck where I can't move or play any cards but my opponent can.
  12. all times that i try configure my old decks my game crash
  13. All the bugs are still there. The cards are invisible, Silver Yveltal coin can't be use, when saving your deck, the sleeves aren't selected, but the sleeves work in the game but not selected when in deck editing. The avatars aren't loading.
  14. I seem to be having an issue where the deck boxes and sleeves I try to apply and save to my decks don't appear in games. They just revert back to the default sleeves/deck box after I save. This happens with both default sleeves/boxes and the ones I have purchased. Can anyone assist me with this please?
  15. When you are in "Deck Editor" and select to see the entire deck at once, you cannot edit the count of cards now.
  16. Hello, in deck manager when i go to enlarge a card after i go to the option to see all the cards in the deck it wont let me enlarge a card
  17. Some cards are invisible then it takes like 5 minutes for it to show up. Then they go back to being invisible. It goes on and off.
  18. When I go deck manager and then click on save, and look at my Yveltal coin, it's invisible. How do I fix it or can the GM please fix it? Thanks.
  19. After you finish the match, sometimes you have the ability to look at your opponent's deck. Ever since this new patch, it doesn't tell you the amount of cards he/she has in the deck, it tells you how much they have total in their collection. For example, I saw their Sycamore, it says 3/3. 3 for trade and 3 for keep. But you can't have 6 in total, and I saw an ultra ball with like 8/7, and so on. Please fix this, thank you.
  20. Never thought you'd see anyone caring about Deck Wizard, did you? Lol well I don't but I just wanted to see what it would make of Legacy decks. I assume this "bug" is just an oversight by the developers who didn't think to implement it properly. But when you try to make a Legacy deck with Deck Wizard, it just creates Expanded(/Unlimited?) decks.
  21. Saw the patch notes and was excited to use some of my old B&W deck favourites - lo and behold... B&W black star promo cards (namely several I relied on for an easy TDK deck) are not allowed in the legacy format! The regular versions of these cards like Deoxys EX 53/116 are allowed in the deck, but Deoxys EX BW82 is not. Both cards have the exact same nomenclature. Is this a bug - or was this intended?
  22. Hello im new to pokemon tcg online game and im looking to seek help. Two days ago I decided to download the game onto my computer and everything seemed to be working fine. Being new to the online game I decided to do the tutorial well the problem ive been having is everytime the game goes to load it says trading card game has stop and says windows will notify me when It gets fixed and shuts down. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem so it will stop so I can play the game?
  23. When I logged in earlier, I found that my standard decks were all marked as ineligible for Standard, Expanded, and Unlimited. I figured that perhaps something had rotated and deleted them as I figure it made more sense to start from scratch since I didn't have a large collection of decks. I logged out and then logged back in just now. The same problem. I don't see any threads for this issue. Is this a known issue?
  24. Hi there, I have started playing before you could get the XY theme decks in the trainer challenge and completed the challange before. I have the decks anyway when i am in the challenge, however, I can´t choose them in theme deck tournaments which is wierd, unfair, because they are in my collection and it appears everyone else can. Is there something i can do about that? Ragards, Bajoon
  25. It says do 750 damage with my Leaf Pokemon to my opponent. I did about half of that and it didn't went up.
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