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Found 250 results

  1. Today, I notice that my deck was unable to play for a Versus Match and I couldn't discover the reason why. I deleted the deck and tried recreating it until I noticed that I couldn't find Genesect (XY #119). After a couple hours of downloading and reinstalling, I figured on clicking on the "Not Owned Option". When I found the card it had a little indicator on the top and when I mouse over it reads "Asset Download Error". I don't know what it means by asset download error and I would like to know if this is due to an error on my part or the game?
  2. Title says it all, The theme decks that you can unlock cards for ingame through the Trainer challenge have had their unlockable cards reset. e.g. porygon is back in the Hidden Depths deck instead of the Ancient Trait Gyarados.
  3. So some of my completed sets are not shown anymore in my statistic: Ancient Origin, Dragon Vault, Steam Siege. I haven't made any trades regarding Dragon Vault cards so I think that might be a bug. I wonder if anyone has the same problem as I do.
  4. I'm currently at 880 Versus Ladder points. I didn't get my Genesect-EX reward at 690 versus ladder points YET I got my Rare Holo Chest at 820 versus ladder points. When I looked at my collection, 1 Genesect-EX was missing. So I check for any other missing stuff on my collection. When I looked at the "packs" tab, I lost 1 tradable steam siege pack. Please help me.
  5. SoulReaper387

    Empty Collection

    My collection is completely empty. I tried reinstalling and restarting my computer but it still is empty. It says "No items found matching the filters" even when I turned off filters. I know I still have the cards because my custom decks still work but I can't make a new deck or open booster packs because nothing shows up. Please help.
  6. pkrsgenome

    Pokemon TCGO Bug

    I'm currently at 880 Versus Ladder points. I didn't get my Genesect-EX reward at 690 versus ladder points yet I got my Rare Holo Chest at 820 versus ladder points. When I looked at my collection, 1 Genesect-EX was missing. So I check for any other missing stuff on my collection. When I looked at the "packs" tab, I lost 1 tradable steam siege pack. Please help me.
  7. This is only on what I can assume is the reverse holographic version of the card. The EX will not be there in black text but when you move the mouse over the card, you will be able to make out the letters E and X next to Mewtwo. As I do not own this card physically, I cannot confirm if it is on there. Edit: After testing a deck with it in, I can confirm that this is just a visual bug. The game does not treat it as an EX card.
  8. Sammetje

    Can't see my cards

    Ever since the last update, my cards won't show. I found out after redeeming the newsletter code for an XY booster, which didn't show. I've restarted the game and the computer, but nothing would show up. Now, I just bought a Mewtwo XY Deck in the shop, and that won't show either, but the 500 coins did get charged :/ it isn't a wifi problem either, since everything else is loading and working
  9. mommyrocks2005

    I can't trade. Is this a bug?

    On my iPad, The Trading function has a symbol of a screwdriver and a hammer next to it (presumably meaning fixing). However, I have never been able to trade on an iPad. I get the notification and can mark cards, but I can't actually enter the trade tab. Is this a bug?
  10. BrodieDLaw

    Issues with the 2.40 update

    Well i was done with the update and after loggng in i was ready to view my collection in order to build a new ******* my surprise my cards can't be viewed saying "No cards were found matching the filters", thing is turning on or off the filters makes no difference .... Please help, any suggestions ??
  11. Ishobi

    Invisible deck boxes!

    For some reason some of the gameplay items specifically the deck boxes are not visible on my screen. I wonder if it's only me or did it happen to everybody else. It's been like this since the last update. What should I do?
  12. I was playing the TCG on my iPad, and it froze as it was "building" the pack...now I'm out one booster. Please help me, might Pokemon devs! <**
  13. Chaos Control should have a Blue Tyranitar coin. Steel Sentinel should have a Silver Steelix coin. Neither deck included a coin when I opened them.
  14. Rayram

    Phantom booster packs

    Server version: Client version: So I redeemed a booster pack from the promotional email (Steam Siege), and saw that I got 2 bonus packs for redeeming a code. It showed that I got 1 Fates Collide, and 1 Breakpoint pack in my messages. I went to my collection and saw that I somehow have 2 trade locked FC packs and 2 tradelocked BP packs. I could open 1 of the FC packs, but the other one came up with this message: "Error Opening a Pack There was an issue trying to open your pack: Product could not be opened" I opened 1 trade locked BP pack, but when I tried to open by second one, it opened a tradeable pack (which was annoying). So it looks like I was only supposed to get 1 FC pack and 1 BP pack, but there are now ghost packs in my collection. Bit bummed that I opened a tradeable pack that I didn't want to open, but whatever.
  15. Oldschool1990

    [BUG] B/W Mew-EX in standard pool

    So the Mew-Ex from the ladder is aviable in standard. It's a bug with the deckbuilder, but many people use this bug and play this card in standard where it is not legal. I request you to take action against the cheaters and fix the bug.
  16. After completing the tutorial, the tutorial prompt to open a new pack persisted in the collection screen, making it unusable. Bug did not persist through a restart, appears to only happen in the same instance as completing the tutorial.
  17. I had set up a trade involving some cards I wanted and had the following packs set up in the I am Giving section that I had won from Ticket Events: 1x Breakthrough 2x Primal Clash 1x Steam Siege When the Trade timer Expired.. those packs came back TRADE LOCKED! Wondering if that is a bug. Or if that is normal to happen to Packs that were NOT trade Locked and were involved in a Public Trade.. but when it expired they get locked. If this is a Bug, I'd like some kind of action taken to correct this. Either unlock the packs, or replace those with unlocked ones if possible, please.
  18. I redeemed my code I bought in a GAME UK store today and it said it worked, i then clicked collection and nothing was there.... Help please i feel i have wasted £5 ....
  19. I posted this in the game feedback section originally, where I was told that this in fact a bug related to the card, so I have reposted it here.. So I played a game against this guy that was running a Spiritomb in his deck... But it was unlike any other card I had ever seen before. Basically it had an ability that allowed it to move damage counters from the enemies pokemon to other pokemon as many times as it wanted, even if the counters they moved onto a pokemon knocked it out, they would still be able to move damage counters from that knocked out pokemon to other pokemon as long as they stayed in the moves interface. This allowed them to kill most of my entire bench of basic pokemon, aswell as severely damage my active pokemon, simply because I switched out one of my more damaged pokemon (it had 100 damage on it)... ultimately causing me to lose the match.. With 1 move... Which begs the question; why can you move damage counters from pokemon that have already been knocked out by the move? He literally just moved 70 damage counters to my clefairy, it died, then he moved the counters from the clefairy to my buneary until it died, and so on and so forth until pretty much everything was dead... I feel like a move this powerful should at least have a higher cost, seeing as the swing potential it has in 1 turn it can wipe your whole bench if you're not careful and have more than 1 damaged pokemon on your bench/active or just have a high hp pokemon with a lot of damage counters on it OR just don't know how the move even works... Like I did. I feel like the move should at least be changed so when you move the damage counters to a pokemon and it knocks out that pokemon, the pokemon gets moved to the discard pile and you lose those counters.... Instead of just destroying an entire team simply because your opponent let their pokemon get damaged to a decent amount without it getting knocked out, and you switch in your spiritomb while you have initiative (you switch out your active pokemon, your active pokemon dies, etc...) and just slap a couple energy on it if you haven't already (which is pretty easy to do by the way, since it has a 1 * energy sleep move) before your enemy has time to kill it, and just start sweeping... Maybe if it was on an EX card for a bit higher of a cost/risk I would understand but the way it is now just seems unfair. I've searched all over Google for the card that I am referencing and I was unable to find it which means the copy that I am talking about probably only exists in game and changing it would be a simple matter... So please, don't ruin my desire to play this game... Fix Spiritomb.
  20. I had 3 copies of Mewtwo EX Shatter Shot RA, and traded away two of them. I found when I logged in today that the third copy was trade locked, even though I'm confident that it was traded for. After checking my trade history: 9/06: I traded for 3x Mewtwo EX Shatter Shot RA and 2x M Mewtwo Psychic Infinity RA 9/06: I traded away 1x Mewtwo EX Shatter Shot RA 9/07: I traded away 1x Mewtwo EX Shatter Shot RA and 1x M Mewtwo Psychic Infinity RA However, my last copy of Mewtwo EX is currently marked as untradable. I have no active trades at the moment, so it's not in a public trade. Does anyone know what's going on?
  21. PitifulKnight

    Can not counter trades.

    ************************* I can't see any parts of the trade to counter it whatsoever.
  22. PLEASE HELP. Thru private trade with my friend, i have lost 2x shaymin (setup). We trade with each other 2x shaymin to borrow one another at times. But suddenly, the cards went missing thru the trade and no shaymins were found on both sides of the account. PLEASE HELP POKEMON TCG. I GOT EVIDENCES TAT WE ALWAYS TRADE THE CARDS AROUND AND THE CARD WAS ORIGINALLY MINE. I AM UTTERLY DISAPPOINTED NOW.
  23. Last night when I logged in and claimed my daily reward I was pleasantly surprised to be given a Roaring Skies pack, I then proceeded to complete a very time consuming "Knock out 16 opposing pokemon with your Fire pokemon" daily challenge and was overjoyed to see myself rewarded with yet another Roaring Skies pack.. All for naught - as when I went to my collection to open my (2) new trade locked packs they were simply not there. I tried restarting my game, rebooting my machine, and I'm absolutely sure my computer was plugged in (joke reference for those that are familiar with the IT Crowd). I've also submitted a support ticket - but I'm not sure what good that will do since the daily login reward and challenge rewards do not appear in my game log - only the rewards gained from finishing a match (at least that I can see).
  24. I redeemed my first pokemon booster card code and I got an extra booster on PTCGO, which was supposed to happen since it was my first code card. It said I had two trade locked and one tradeable fates collides boosters, so I wanted to open the two trade locked boosters. The second booster I opened was the tradeable pack, even though I did not want to open the tradeable pack. I tried opening the last trade locked pack, but I got an error. It did clarely say that I still had a booster pack. I tried re-logging and when I got in again, the booster was gone.
  25. My deck of cards I received (for example "Jolteon EX") doesn't appear on my online collection to battle online.
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