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  1. Card: Sky Field, Ditto Card Number: Roaring Skies #89, Triumphant #17 Expected Action: Ditto's Dittoblic Poke-Body should reduce an opponent's bench to 4 Pokemon if there are more than 4, even if Sky Field is in play. Actual Action: No Effect. Steps to Reproduce: Bench a Ditto when the opponent has more than 5 benched Pokemon via Sky Field. Ditto's Pokebody: Dittobolic The number of Benched Pokémon your opponent can have is now 4. If your opponent has 5 Benched Pokémon, your opponent must discard 1 of them and all cards attached to it. The text on Ditto's Poke-body is obviously
  2. Today as i was grinding for tokens on three seperate occasions after using corkscrew smash the game semi freezes inbetween my turn and the opponents next turn i can zoom in on cards like normal but i cant concede (its grayed out) and if it was a knockout i can't select a prize. The only thing ive noticed in common between the games is that lucario-ex has 2 energy (strong or fighting) and that i have fighting stadium out. I didn't know about the export feature till i read a few topics here so ill try it next time it happens. im on vista 64 bit if that helps.
  3. Sometimes Exeggcute's Propagation does not function, and the problem is not related to any other cards in play. There are times when it just does not work. No Garbotoxin, no Silent Lab, no Wobbuffet. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's very frustrating. I have not found any pattern to it. It appears to be totally random.
  4. I was playing a Golbat/Crobat deck and at some point played a Golbat, the game lagged a bit, I might have clicked OK without selecting anything accidentally. Anyway, it's ability never went off, there was no damage placed. Here's the game log for that turn.
  5. When I play a Hypnotoxic Laser and flip Heads, I cannot play another Laser as it would have no game effect. I then play Virbank City Gym. The game now incorrectly lets me play the second Laser. I don't have a game log as I didn't actually play the second Laser for no effect, but I can reproduce the error at will.
  6. Sometimes when my Klefki uses its "Look for Keys" move it'll search my deck and not find any, when clearly there are item cards it seems to pass up. It doesn't happen all the time and I haven't found any correlation on when it does and when it doesn't happen. At first I thought "Well maybe sometimes some cards don't work with it or something", but then I used the move on the next turn and it worked just fine. It's annoying because it shows my entire deck to the opponent :/
  7. I was playing Banette ROS and my opponent could evolve his pokèmon!?!? WHY?!?! "Your opponent can't play any Pokémon from his or her hand to evolve his or her Pokémon during his or her next turn." It's okay if he played Wally or Evosoda But not for rare candies: "Choose 1 of your Basic Pokémon in play. If you have a Stage 2 card in your hand that evolves from that Pokémon, put that card on the Basic Pokémon. (This counts as evolving that Pokémon.) You can't use this card during your first turn or on a Basic Pokémon that was put into play this turn." Oracle from DARK EXPLORERS
  8. I'm sicking and ******* tired of this game always freezing, always crashing, or unable to adequately handle certain cards and causing me to lose matches time and time again. I'm currently sitting here after having KO'd an opponent's Pokemon hav8ng a dominant lead on the game and being unable to select a prize or do anything, with the opponent's Pokemon just sitting there with a negative HP count, being told by "Cammie" that I'm inactive and just mindlessly clicking resume as my only option in hopes my opponent will leave. But rather than making sure the game actually ******* works well as offi
  9. When I tried to play the game, all i got was white squares. There is no writing in them. I cant play the game. But when i press some of the squares, there was some links to this website. I tried to reload the game, uninstall it and ect. What can I do?
  10. Jirachi from Roaring Skies is bugged atm. Its attack Doom Desire for [c]: discard all energy attached to this Pokemon. the defending Pokemon is knocked out at the end of your opponents next turn.......KO's the Pokemon that was Doomed even if it switches to the bench. Currently as long as the Pokemon that Doom Desire was used on stays in play it will get KO'd, EX and non-EX alike. This happened to my Crobat that was active then switched to Landorus and at the end of my turn Crobat still was KO'd while being on the bench from Doom Desire.
  11. Hi!, Im currently doing the 'special trainer challenge' Knock out 60 pokemon in random battle. Ive done several matches. The first match the bar moved up and since then ive played 5 matches winning 4 of them and the bar hasn't moved up yet makes the noise as though it has. Anyone else experiencing this? Please help or fix if you can! thanks! -Darkpikachu89
  12. Hello The rayquaza ex promo card is now available online tcg. I entered the promo code and i still get red "x" 6/1/15. I hope that I will be able redeem this code since I spent $25 on it.
  13. when i play a card....sometimes it freezes & wont let me move but the in game timer still moves on my turn
  14. I know there was a previous thread talking about this, but I've noticed that there's no change on the cards. Any feedback on this issue?
  15. I lost 5 packs when the game crashed. I started opening them (which took FOREVER) when the game crashed on me. so i logged back in and checked if it came back and they were gone. I lost the following packs: Legendary Treasures 1X, Primal Clash 2X, Furious Fists 2X. I'd like my refund now. (just joking(no i'm not))
  16. PTCGO is poorly optimized for the IPad. I am using the newest IPAD air 2, and on many instances I encounter stuttering performance, such as, slow downs, blank cards, etc. another issue that I despise is that while I Am playing PTCGO onIpad, I cannot multitask. If I navigate away fromPTCGO for just a second and browse the Internet, it will log me out or freeze-up. I have a reliable Internet connection, so that cannot be the culprit.
  17. as above. If the attack itself does no damage unless the defending pokemon is an EX, how can the additional damage be applied? Text reads: blah blah is not a pokemon EX, this attack does nothing. Hawlucha with Muscle Band attacks Hawlucha, 20 damage done. Not game breaking or anything, but I wonder if it works against all non-EX. I think the intention of the effect on Hawlucha FFI is that it cannot damage non EX (the attack does nothing) why would this 20 damage be applied? anyway, thanks PTCGO staff! You rock!
  18. This is several simple card effect bugs I believe, involving: Kingdra Primal Clash #108, its alpha Growth trait, and Double Dragon Energy (DDE). 1. Discarding energy for the Dragon Blast attack when Kingdra has a DDE and a basic Water Energy attached After the attack is performed, the game only allows selection of the DDE (it becomes highlighted) to be discarded. When the DDE is selected to be discarded, the game automatically discards both the DDE and the basic Water. The basic Water should not be discarded because the DDE should count for the requirement of discarding both a Wa
  19. EDIT: I found the rules covering it now so this is not a bug. Page 12; http://assets23.pokemon.com/assets/cms2-en-uk/pdf/trading-card-game/rulebook/xy5-rulebook-en.pdf When your Active Pokémon goes to your Bench (whether it retreated or got there some other way), some things do go away—Special Conditions and any effects from attacks.
  20. In theory this weekend all packs of mysterious boxes would be XY-Roarning Skies. Well the thing is I've got two envelopes by this method and are XY-Flashfire. I feel cheated.
  21. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a technical issue so I'm just going to take this first point as a game bug based on what I have experienced while playing. When playing in any game mode, in the middle of the game, the cards will either not load at all, nothing but a blank card, white for colorless, blue for water, etc. just at random times, or my opponent will have some card sleeves on their cards, and some without. Also it doesn't matter what Pokemon I play "exp share" on, all the energy cards get sent to the discard pile without letting me choose to transfer an energy card to a diff
  22. Mods i have got a serious bug Client: Card: Junk Arm Card Number: Triumphunt #87 Expected Action: Junk must be able to put pull any trainer card from discard pile. In discard pile selection all trainers cards must appear for selction Actual Action: Junk arm is only pulling item cards from discard pile. In discard pile selection screen only item cards are shown Steps to Reproduce: Junk arm must be able to pull all trainers cards including supporters , stadiums and item cards.
  23. Today I experienced a weird bug, which is probably one of many ability bugs out there. What happened was that Landorus Ex attacked me with it's Hammerhead attack, that also deal 30 damage to a benched Pokémon, which in this case was a 30hp Joltik. This should have been impossible though since I had Mr. Mime on the bench with it's Bench Barrier ability. I have sent a bug report through the support portal with the game log attached. Has anyone else experienced this particular bug happening? I'm also curious to know if I have missed something obvious that might negate the Bench Barrier ability
  24. Whenever I switch games, as in, going back to the desktop to check on another game while PTCGO is running in the background, the game logs me out and tells me that Ive been "inactive for awhile". Just now I took 2 minutes out while I was waiting for a booster pack to open(which takes ages for me). When I got back on to see how far the booster pack had loaded, I was at the login screen with the same inactive message. Not only that, but when I do log back on after that notice it tells me the servers are not available. So I have to close it all down, and open it again for me to get back on.
  25. Ok...after the Fairy Accelled Ursaring Disaster....I made this new deck based off of the suggestions made in the last one....here it is! EDIT- i just added pyroar... Pokemon-14 2-2 Aromatisse line (obviously...it's to move energy for attacking and retreating with fairy garden!) 2 Palkia EX (sets up lugia) 2 Lugia EX (is a beast) 2 Deoxys EX (boosts palkia, is a beast with helix force) 1 Keldeo EX (+fairy garden switches) 1-1 Pyroar line (wall for palkia ex to strafe into) 1 Xerneas (accelerates) Trainers-32 Supporters-12 4 N 4 Professor Sycamore 1 Shadow Triad 2 Colress 1 S
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