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  1. I fight with a fire deck based on blacephon. The owner uses the mr. Mime ability of exchanging one card in his hands with one of the prize card and this allows him to grab one extra prize card when a pokemon is defeated. It seems to be a real bug. No gx ability used. Here is the full log: as you can see I lost only two pokemon having a total prize card amount of 4 (two per pokemon). He taken instead 6 prize cards. Game Log Output Begins Here: *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server
  2. Ehh_van

    [CARD] Bug

    Poison Barb Overrides Muk & Alolan Muk's first attack. If your opponent is supposed to have 8 damage counter in between turns but hits you before the turn ends and you have poison barb tool on, the poison barb causes them to only take 1 poison in between turns rather than the 8 that the attacks effect gives.
  3. So i was playing a game had 3 chargabiugs attached as energy... 2 twin energy... and a speed lightning energy between all my pokemon....(11 energy total.... x 20 damage per energy = 220 damage) 220 damage + the base 60 on the attack should have been 280 damage which would have been enough to ohko opponents Reshiram & Zekrom GX Tag team.... For some reason it only applied 260 damage??? when it should have done 280... enough to kill.... did it not count the speed lighnting in the calculation??? Game Log Output Begins Here: *** Debug Current Game State
  4. Sandaconda V has the attack Sand Eater, that for 1-Fighting Energy, will do 30 damage and have the following effect: "Attach a (fighting) energy card from your discard pile to this Pokemon". The Issue/Bug: Sand Eater won't attach special fighting energy, such as "Strong Energy" (From Furious Fists) or "Blend Energy (W/E/F/M)" (From Dragons Exalted). It will only let me attach basic fighting energy, but the card's text does not limit it to basic energy, it limits it to "fighting energy". Can you please fix it so that Sand Eater with also allow special fighting energy at
  5. Copperajah VMAX with Metal Goggles attached attacked a Dragapult VMAX with Horror P Energy attached. The damage counters from Horror P Energy were prevented by Metal Goggles, but Metal Goggles should only prevent damage counters from effects of attacks and Abilities. Horror P Energy is neither an attack or Ability.
  6. Right click a Pokemon card in the collection, press the card and arrow symbol in the bottom right and the other versions aren't shown.
  7. Hi, there is an problem with the german card text for Shuckle/Pottrott from the HGSS Black Star Promos. The Poké-Body's effect has been pasted to its first attack which shouldn't have the same text.
  8. Hi, The Super Boost Energy is not counting as 4 energies on Charizard (SM226, not sure about 14/181) Continuous Blaze Ball attack. The attack made 180 damage with 2 fire energies and the SBE. I had another Charizard (SM226) and an Inteleon (058/202) on the bench. It happened twice but I don't remembered my bench in the first game. Thanks
  9. Hi there, I redeemed 11 codes for my son last night and they did not show up in the app for him to open today. Is there a way to fix this? He was really looking forward to opening the packs and was disappointed to find them missing. I still have the code cards on hand. Thank you!
  10. Hi. I got a diglett from hs-triumphant series, but when I try to add that card to my expanded deck it's not appear on my list. I can see the card in my collection but not use it, very disappointed issue. Plz can you look in to this. Good diglett??
  11. As of today when I'm playing against someone, my items and supporters cards are simply not working. When I click on them, nothing happens and my game just freezes, I become unable to perform any other action, until my round time expires. Other cards, tools, energies, are working just fine, only items and supporters are acting like this.
  12. Whenever I attach a Stealth hood to Lost Thunder Ribombee, the game crashes. Here's the game log: *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2025 Archetypes Bundle Version: 14123 Localization Bundle Version: 14117 Current Game ID: f5a47400-5e33-11ea-b416-22000a80f3e0
  13. Hi there. Just reporting that in one of my games I with version 2.69 I was able to play a giant hearth from my opponent with no cards in my hand. It just let me see the deck as I didn’t play any fire energies. Thanks
  14. Yanma (PHF 3) has the Air Slash attack. When Shrine of Memories (PRC 139) is in play, and Yanma is evolved to Yanmega (STS 7), it still retains Yanma's Air Slash attack. Therefore, attaching a Flyinium Z: Air Slash (UNM 195) should grant access to the Speeding Skystrike GX attack. However, the tool card displays an "X" with the text "This Pokémon Tool has no effect". Note that this isn't related to Yanmega's Sonic Vision ablility; when testing this, I noticed that the Tool still displayed with an "X" when the Pokémon was powered up with 4 energy. In the below game log, I should hav
  15. Hi, I was playing against a Glaceon GX (200HP) with a Big Charm (+30HP) tool attached, did 60 damage and then 190 damage, meaning it now had 250 damage on it - but it still wasn't knocked out. Game log captured below. Tim
  16. Obstagoon's Obstruct attack: During your opponents next turn, prevent all damage done to this Pokémon by attacks from basic Pokémon. Rowlet and AlolanExeggutor's Tropical Hour GX attack: if this Pokémon has at least three extra energy attached to it your opponent shuffles all energy from all of their Pokémon into their deck. My opponent used Obstruct and the next turn I used Tropical Hour with three extra energy attached but no Energy were discarded from Obstagoon or their benched Sableye V. Since the text says “prevent all damage” and not “prevent all effects” shouldn’t th
  17. I have found that since the most recent update you can no longer attach Triple Acceleration Energy with Porygon Z's Ability.
  18. Alphaia_CORP

    [GAME] 'Up to' inconsistency

    I've noticed some inconsistency in the way the phrase 'up to' is used. Below are my observations. ################################################################ Using Giant Hearth 197/236 UNM you can: Discard a card from your hand and put nothing in your hand (no cards in deck) Discard a card from your hand and put nothing in your hand (no fire energy in deck) Discard a card from your hand and put nothing in your hand (there are fire energy but you choose not to get anything) Discard a card from your hand and put 1 fire energy in your hand (th
  19. I installed the pokemon yesterday and finished the gold trainer challenge, so I opened up about 15 card packs, but in the stock there are no cards available for me. I bought a deck and only it still with my cards. Somone know what I can do to solve this problem?
  20. Snorlax 158/214 UNB has an ability that heals 10 damage between turns. Before the Pokemon Checkup rule change, you'd have survived 150 damage because the Snorlax would heal 10 damage after getting the damage. But now, the Pokemon are checked to be Knocked Out before the abilities. However, I am prettery sure that in the TCG you can choose whether to check for KO and apply ability in an order. I am quite confused as because before the Snorlax would survive with 150 damage taked out of its 150 HP but now it doesn't... Why doesn't the ability work like Donphan
  21. Hello! I'm not very sure if it's a bug or if it's just me being really really dumb, because I've tried searching if it's been already reported but I haven't found anything about it, it's also the first time I'm using the forums. Client: (the latest update) Card: Ultra NecrozmaCard Number: Cosmic Eclipse 164/236Expected Action: The ability says It should not be attacking if I don't have 2 or fewer prize cards remanining. (considering my opponent plays this Ultra Necrozma) Actual Action: Attacks even though I just took, for example, just ONE prize card (meaning I hav
  22. I purchased the Elite Trainer Box set through Amazon and it arrived on February 6th, after opening the box and sorting out everything I decided to go ahead and see if the codes from the booster packs could be put onto the TCGO. I put in the codes and they were accepted, but from my memory I didn't get the screen showing the cards added to my collection afterwards. I checked my collection and of course, they weren't there. I tried putting in the codes the next day (launch day) but got a message saying the codes have already been redeemed on this account. Are my cards forever lost or is there an
  23. Hello, I recently got access to open my Sword and Shield packs on the TCGO. When I opened the bundle pack for the Build and Battle box however, it told me I had a notification that would show me what cards I got. However, when I checked the notification, there was the framework for a card with a banned card symbol on the top right corner. I thought that it was a glitch and that maybe I still got my new cards, so I opened the Sword and Shield booster pack. It gave me the "Open your new pack!" animation, but when I clicked on it, the pack was revealed to have been empty, and the game soft locked
  24. Card number : Black and White #96 Expected action : I use solgaleo and lunala GX cosmic burn with choice band and plus power so damage is 230+30+10=270 Actual action : damage was only 260 even though I use plus power (when I use 2 plus power it still did not effect the damage) I tested this a few times on different opponents, it seems like plus power does not stack with choice band damage or it does not effect opponent’s tag team pokemon
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