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  1. Hi everyone, this is my first time posting on the forums, so firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong forum. If it is, would a moderator kindly be able to move it to the correct home please! Now, I say it may be in the wrong place as I'm not sure if what I'm querying is a bug or an intentional game mechanic. It may well have already been addressed, but I've yet to find anything stating it, so please bare with me! The potential bug, although I guess just general question, is whether or not Gardevoir-GX's Secret Spring ability is bugged to not allow the attachment of a Fairy/Dark/Fighting Unit Energy through its use? I would like to highlight Quagsire's Wash Out ability; "As often as you like during your turn (before your attack), you may move a Water Energy from 1 of your Benched Pokémon to your Active Pokémon." This ability doesn't state that the Water Energy HAS to be a BASIC energy, and thus being able to move a Water/Fire/Grass Unit Energy with the use of this ability is possible, and has been done so in White Kyurem/Quagsire deck builds. So, with this in mind, I would also like to highlight Gardevoir-GX's Secret Spring ability; "Once during your turn (before your attack), you may attach a Fairy Energy card from your hand to 1 of your Pokemon." Again, this ability also does NOT state that the energy HAS to be a BASIC energy. So, my question, if Quagsire allows a player to move a Unit Energy (if it is the Water/Fire/Grass Unit Energy) with the use of its Wash Out ability, should Gardevoir-GX also allow a player to attach a Unit Energy (if it is the Fairy/Dark/Fighting Unit Energy) with the use of its Secret Spring ability? If anyone is able to shed any light on this, it would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks!
  2. I believe damage isn't being calculated correctly when facing off against Pokemon that block attack damage from GX/EX Pokemon. This scenario happened in expanded. Scenario: Opponent had Alolan Ninetales BUS 28 in the active and had no pokemon tool cards attached. They did not play any damage modifying cards or any defensive cards like hard charm. I had Marshadow-GX BUS 80 in the active, with 2 x Strong Energy FCO 115 attached, a Muscle Band XY 121, and two Regirock-EX FCO 84 on the bench. Normally Pokemon GX/EX cannot damage Alolan Ninetales BUS 28 because its ability reads: "Prevent all effects of attacks including damage, done to this Pokemon by your opponent's Pokemon-GX or Pokemon-EX." But Marshadow-GX BUS 80 can copy the attack of any basic Pokemon in the discard pile as long as the energy requirement is met and its ability has not been turned off by another card. Its ability reads: "This Pokemon can use the attacks of any Basic Pokemon in your discard pile. (You still need the necessary energy to use each attack)" Larvitar TEU 79 was in the discard pile and it has an attack that reads: Attack Cost: Two Colorless Energy - Chip Away 30 - This attack's damage isn't affected by any effects on your opponent's Active Pokemon. The Chip Away attack was used by Marshadow-GX BUS 80 and 90 damage was dealt to Alolan Ninetales BUS 28. I believe this damage calculation is inccorrect because: 30 base attack damage (pierces abilities due to attack text from Larvitar TEU 79. +20 from Strong Energy +20 from Strong Energy +20 from Muscle Band +10 from Regirock-EX ability +10 from Regirock-EX ability = 110 total damage Instead, 90 damage was dealt. I believe 110 is the correct damage amount and Alolan Ninetales BUS 28 survived when it should have been knocked out as 110 is it's total base HP. Again, Alolan Ninetales BUS 28 had no Pokemon Tool cards attached and the player had not played any defensive type cards what would affect the final damage calculation.
  3. krj0928

    Elekid 21/102?

    I have two Elekid cards that I would like to play with in my collection on Pokemon TCG. They show up in my collection but when I go to the deck manager, they are nowhere to be found. Is this a bug or maybe it was a banned card at one time? If anyone could assist, it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. thereisnoneleft

    Card: Mewtwo EX (BREAKthrough 62)

    I was fighting a battle, and my opponent was using the Mewtwo card listed above, and used Shatter Shot with 3 Psychic Energy against my Stakataka GX and dealt 150 damage with no special effects like Abilities/Trainer Cards/Special Energy or Resistance message. Then, next turn, they used Shatter Shot with 4 Psychic Energy on my Silvally GX to deal 240 damage. They did have a Dimension Valley in play, which could be the problem instead.
  5. I have duplicated the glitch several times. Randomly ever time I use Blazing Energy ability from Typhlosion when in a trainer challenge, I cannot proceed to attack and I have to exit the game. I am also not able to concede.
  6. When i used acerola on my gyarados GX it still showed damage counters were on it even after i played it back down a turn later, thankfully when i played my gyarados gx back down it was attacked and would have been knocked out with the damage not leaving gyarados after acerola and it showed the knockout animation but did not get knocked out and the damage went back to normal after.
  7. When I first recognized this happening, I was playing Solgaleo GX nd was using the stadium Mt. Coronet. I took the stadium from my "hand" and dragged it extremely quickly onto the field but let go about where my bench is. Then my game froze and all I could do was exit Ptcgo. Today I was using a mill deck that included the stadium brooklet hill. Dragging it almost exactly how I did with Mt. Coronet, Brooklet hill just froze my game. When my game freezes, the stadium I played is just in the middle of my screen, still having the dragging animation (how it glows when you click on it).
  8. GOREBYSS DAMAGE ERROR I just experienced a damage error when attacking with an SM: CELESTIAL STORM NO. 368 Gorebyss against a SM: CRIMSON INVASION NO. 322 Numel. The attack is supposed to do 30 damage and protect it from all evolution damage next turn. Due to its weakness, Numel should receive 60 damage from the attack. In spite of this, in my previous game, I attacked Numel and did 100 damage, instantly defeating it in the process due to its 80 point health pool. I am not sure, but in the worst case scenario, this issue could affect multiple other matchups that I have not experienced. If you have Gorebyss and have experienced something like this please help me confirm the issue in this topic. Anyone who wants to help with detecting this issue, please play some matches with Gorebyss, that would help a lot. I'll add any more things I find.
  9. Description: Zebstrika NXD 48, Exeggutor PLF 5, Seismitoad-EX FFI 20, and Luxio ULP 47, as well as Pokemon with similar attack effects and Pokemon who can copy the attacks of these Pokemon can cause a major softlock bug to occur in which neither side is able to play the game, and the opponent is forced to close and reopen their game as conceding does not work. This is a major problem as it can heavily disrupt regular gameplay and force people to close and reopen the game against their will. It also means that players can use the bug to force people to lose win streaks. Conditions to replicate: 1. Have one of the previously mentioned Pokemon or a Pokemon that can copy the attack of one of them in the active position with the required energy to use the attacks “Blockade”, “Quaking Punch”, or “Disconnect”. 2. Have damage given modifiers in play that cause the total damage dealt from one of the previously mentioned attacks to be equal to 0 or lower. No damage taken modifiers can be present, as it will cause the softlock to not occur. The differentiation is that damage given reduces how much damage the attack does, whereas damage taken reduces how much the Pokemon attacked receives. 3. Use the respective attacks. When the attack is used, the animation will initially start fine, however the card at the highest point of its animation will freeze in place, and the attack will never actually end. The animation will be stuck. Easiest ways to replicate: 1. Have Parallel City BKT 145 in play, with the effect of reducing grass, water, and fire type Pokémon’s damage output by 20 on your side of the field. Get Exeggutor PLF 5 with energy to use its “Blockade” attack in the active position. Ensure no damage taken modifiers are present (for example Hard Charm, etc). Once the Blockade attack is used, the softlock should occur. 2. Have Parallel City BKT 145 in play, with the effect of reducing grass, water, and fire type Pokémon’s damage output by 20 on your side of the field. Get Seismitoad-EX FFI 20 with energy to use its “Quaking Punch” attack in the active position. Have your opponent’s active Pokemon be one with a water-type resistance (for example Exeggcute PLF 4). Ensure no damage taken modifiers are present (for example Hard Charm, etc). Once the Quaking Punch attack is used, the softlock should occur. Details of the softlock: Both sides are unable to normally play the game, as the game is stuck on the respective attack used to softlock the game. Chat may still be used in friend battles. I am unsure whether emotes may be used in actual ladder or tournament gameplay, or whether you can send a friend request/block a player. If the opponent who is against the softlock player attempts to concede, the concede is unsuccessful and the game remains stuck. However, now, if they try to chat, chatting does not work. This is because when the process of conceding is in place, chat is shut off for both sides. To remove the softlock, the opponent must close, reopen, and log back into the game, which could take upwards of a minute, and the game will not be available to resume once they get back in. Suggested temporary solution to ensure bug does not occur in regular gameplay: Temporarily ban Zebstrika NXD 48, Exeggutor PLF 5, Seismitoad-EX FFI 20, and Luxio ULP 47 from gameplay. These Pokemon can all cause a softlock to occur with very few, if any, conditions met by the opponent. Other Pokemon such as Dragonite PLF 83 and Noivern-GX BUS 99 can cause a softlock to occur with the same circumstances, but it’s much more difficult as there are more conditions that must be met by the opponent to reduce higher damage quantities to 0. This means that the latter two examples will rarely if ever occur in normal gameplay. If the four Pokemon that were previously listed or all Pokemon with similar attack effects to them are temporarily banned until a bug patch can occur, then the bug should be very rarely, if ever encountered in actual gameplay. Temporarily banning Exeggutor PLF 5 and Seismitoad-EX FFI 20 will have a temporary impact on the PTCGO expanded metagame, however it is necessary to ensure that a major softlock bug does not impact players. Another potential solution would be to temporarily ban Parallel City BKT 145 from gameplay, as this is the main root of the problem and makes the glitch far easier to perform in regular gameplay. However, Parallel City being temporarily banned would not eliminate the problem fully, and the glitch could still occur within regular gameplay.
  10. Card: Blacephalon-GX, Beast Energy Card Number: Lost Thunder #52, 199, and 219; Forbidden Light #117 Expected Action: Put four energy in the lost zone for the attack "Mind Blown" including Beast Energy. Damage calculation should be 230. Actual Action: 3 Energy + Beast Energy discarded results in 200 damage, without the +30 Beast energy bonus, attacking Zoroark GX for reference. Steps to Reproduce: Use attack "Mind Blown" while choosing to put 3 basic energies and a Beast energy in the lost zone. Damage calculation will not factor in the Beast Energy's +30 damage.
  11. Hey, I may be wrong on this, but I and others are playing with Shedinja from lost thunder and when using its ability "Vessel of Life" it also attaches the Nincada it evolved from as well. The card on the text reads, "Once during your turn (before your attack), you may discard all cards attached to this Pokémon and attach it to one of your Pokémon as a Pokemon Tool Card. If the Pokémon this card is attached to is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 1 fewer Prize card" From my understanding, this wouldnt be a bug because im referencing older cards like Splash Energy picking up the entire evolution line and cards like AZ picking up the entire evolution line as well even though both cards state "Discard all cards attached to this card". But I have had many people tell me that this shouldnt be the case and PTCGO is in the wrong. I guess this is also a ruling question in disguise, sorry for the large amount of information but its incredibly important to figure if this is intended or not because it can change the viability of certain decks if so. Thanks
  12. iugagt

    Electric Oricorio BUG

    For some reason the card Oricorio (Electric) Guardians Rising 46/145 when you use feather dance the next turn the base damage of pom-pom punch doesn't change and still be 20 not 100 Client Version Card : Guardians rising 46/145
  13. Hi! I have some issues with my deck manager, when i click on them , it's starts the tutorial, and i can't keep going , i can't cancel it and i can't build a deck... Pls help me!!! *Sorry for my english, i'm not good enough*
  14. Diancie (SM BSh#74) On first turn, Sparkling Wish necessarily fails. Could you please check this and fix it if bug? Q. Can I use Diancie's "Sparkling Wish" attack to evolve a Pokemon that I just put into play this turn? A. Yes, you can do that. (Burning Shadows FAQ; Aug 3, 2017 TPCi Rules Team)
  15. Client: Card: Diantha, Shrine of Punishment Card Number: Forbidden Light #105, Forbidden Light #130, Celestial Storm #143 Expected Action: Fairy GX Pokemon is KO'd *in between turns*, no Pokemon is KO'd during the turn itself. Diantha cannot be used, as it explicitly states that the pokemon should have been KO'd during your opponent's last turn Actual Action: Diantha is able to be used and has its effect. Steps to Reproduce: Get shrine of punishment into play. Set up a KO so that a pokemon is KO'd between turns when the next turn will be for the fairy player. Relevant non-debug log: 166. darth_suicune played Guzma. 167. oORainbowOo's Gardevoir-GX retreated. 168. darth_suicune's Alolan Exeggutor retreated. 169. Swampert became oORainbowOo's new Active Pokémon. 170. Alolan Exeggutor became darth_suicune's new Active Pokémon. 171. darth_suicune put Shuckle onto the Bench. 172. darth_suicune's Shuckle used its Fresh Squeezed Ability. 173. oORainbowOo's Alolan Ninetales-GX had 1 damage counters put on it from Shrine of Punishment. 174. oORainbowOo's Gardevoir-GX had 1 damage counters put on it from Shrine of Punishment. 175. darth_suicune took a Prize card. 176. darth_suicune took a Prize card. 177. oORainbowOo's Alolan Ninetales-GX was Knocked Out. 178. It is now oORainbowOo's turn (Turn #9). 179. oORainbowOo drew a card. 180. oORainbowOo's Swampert used its Power Draw Ability. 181. oORainbowOo drew a card. 182. oORainbowOo drew a card. 183. oORainbowOo drew a card. 184. oORainbowOo played Rare Candy. 185. oORainbowOo put Gardevoir onto the Bench. 186. oORainbowOo's Ralts evolved into Gardevoir. 187. oORainbowOo played Diantha.

    Bench Damage Bugs

    Client: Card: Machoke Card Number: Guardians Rising # 64 Expected Action: Prevent all damage done to your Benched Pokémon by your opponent's attacks. Your opponent’s attacks and Abilities can't put damage counters on your Benched Pokémon. Actual Action: Pokemon ability (Giratina Lost thunder #97) puts damage counters on benched pokemon Steps to Reproduce: Evolved ditto prism star into machoke. Opponent used Giratina from discard pile to put damage counters on benched pokemon. Card: Sky Pillar Card Number: Celestial Storm #144 Expected Action: Prevent all effects of the opponents attacks, including damage, done to benched Pokemon. (both yours and your opponents) Actual Action: Prevents damage from Spell tag (Lost Thunder #190) Steps to Reproduce: With Sky Pillar active, knock out a Pokemon with Spell Tag attached. Spell Tag is unable to put damage counters on benched Pokemon. Thanks Mod_snow for providing proper formatting
  17. I was asking myself how to check and find the Yellow alternate cards in the Filters when you're going to search a card in Trading section. You know, you enter Trades, Public offers, then choose Cards and in Card filters, how to find that Yellow alternates? I've just realized myself you can search for the exact card entering the card number. I just thought letters were not allowed, but yes, you can search for Set + Card+a (like BKT 146a). So I went to try to find Yveltal EX: XY Black star promo 150a. Mmm no, the text in the box becomes red = doesn't exist. Ok, let's try with another, Jirachi XY Black star promo 67a. Oh, text in red. You can go ahead and Intro that red text, but it searches for the 150, or the 67. All of them. Mixed. The 150 and the 150a so you need to check trade by trade and in some it's the 150 and other trades it's the 150a. Filter doesn't filters. Same with Jirachi, both appear in trades, 67 and 67a. Mixed. This doesn't happens when you search for a set Yellow alternate promo. Darkrai GX BUS 88a? There it goes, only the exact Yellow alternate card in trades. Delinquent BKP 98b. There goes, perfect. Only the exact card when you search in the sets. Try with S&M Black star promos, just in case it's an old thing of XY Black star: Tapu koko S&M Black star promo 30a. Mixed again, SM30 and SM30a it seems Black star promo Yellow alternate cards are not added to the list of existing cards themselves so filter doesn't recognize the Alternate Yellow cards as unique or different than the regular Black star promo. Am I right? Thanks
  18. La habilidad de Manaphy Ex (33/122), dejo de servir en energias especiales "Splash Energy" (113/122 ) (unida a Pokemones Agua). Al tratar de utilizar la habilidad de Manaphy Ex, la energia se va al pozo de descarte. The ability of Manaphy Ex (33/122), I stop serving in special energies "Splash Energy" (113/122) (joined to Pokemones Water). When trying to use the Manaphy Ex skill, the energy goes to the discard pit.
  19. ProfessorElms

    Mt Coronet BUG

    Anytime I try to use Mt Coronet te retrieve two metal energy from my discardpile to my hand the option will not pop-out, time will be called and my turn will end not before retrieving the energies.
  20. You are able to use Alolan Diglett's LOT #122 Call for family attack when your bench is full. The game will not allow you to add to your bench when full but since it is public knowledge that you have a full bench you should not be able to use the attack at all.
  21. Client: Android Card: Ninja Boy Card Number: XY-Steam Siege 103/114 Expected Action: The selected Basic Pokemon is replaced by a selected Basic Pokemon form the deck with all existing tools, energy, damage and special conditions and effects transferred to the new Pokemon. Actual Action: Game ends with error message: "Error! We're sorry! Your game has crashed due to a server error. Your win streak has not been affected, though, so you can join another game with your current win streak." Steps to Reproduce: Use Ninja Boy on active Pokemon with attached energy with no Pokemon on the bench. (Screenshots attached) (I'm not sure if it has to be the Active Pokemon or no Pokemon on the bench but the error message always appears in this situation.)
  22. I just played a game where i was up against a Zoroark/gardevoir deck with my Zeraora/koko deck. The opposing gardevoir had a fairy energy and a super boost energy attached to it, and i used koko's ability to come in with three lightning energy. the super boost and fairy combined should make for 5 energy, thus mean a 250 damage on tapu koko's GX attack. But when i used the attack, only 100 damage was applied to the opposing Gardevoir. is there something i dont understand about this situation, or is this (as i expect it is) in fact a bug, just like it was with swampert in combination with the Super Boost energy?
  23. Hello, I just started to use this Magnezone 83/156 card again, as I used to do back in the time, but something changed with its ability Magnetic Circuit. I don't know if we can call that a bug, but it's definitely annoying, and since it wasn't working like that in the past, i think it's a problem. How it worked before: You were able to choose as many energies as you wanted at once when you used the abiity, then had to click "finish" when you were done. How it works now: You don't even have the button "finish" anymore, so the ability is stopped when you have attached 1 energy. You have to activate the ability again and again until you're done. So if you want to attach 8 energies to your Pokémon during your turn thanks to Magnetic Circuit, you have to repeat the action and all the animations linked to it 8 times, what a waste of time. Instead of doing that in like 10 seconds, now it lasts almost 1 minute to do so.
  24. Client: Card: Zebstrika Card Number: Lost Thunder #82 Expected Action: Sprint ability allows you to discard your hand and draw 4. Every other such effect that doesn't specify an amount of cards allows you to discard an empty hand, drawing the 4 cards. Examples: Professor Sycamore, Professor Juniper Actual Action: If your hand is empty, Zebstrika's ability is not available to be used, without having used it earlier that turn. Steps to Reproduce: Evolve a Zebstrika from either a Blitzle or Ditto Prism Star. Discard full hand via other means (ultra ball, mysterious treasure, etc). Attempt to use ability.
  25. I was playing a game, and I had just used Superior Energy Retrieval to get some energies, and I had a VS Seeker in my hand that I was going to use to bring out a benched Exeggcute so I could attack it with Articuno after I set it up. I went to use Deluge, and instead of giving me a chance to attach an energy, Articuno used Chilling Sigh instead. This isn't the first time this has happened, and I figured the last time was just me misclicking, but being the second time today, I saved the game log and decided to bring it here. 190. Articuno became LordKieta's new Active Pokémon. 191. LordKieta's Articuno was Knocked Out. 192. It is now LordKieta's turn (Turn #9). 193. LordKieta drew Water Energy. 194. LordKieta played Battle Compressor Team Flare Gear. 195. LordKieta's Exeggcute used its Propagation Ability. 196. LordKieta played Superior Energy Retrieval. 197. Infernal95's Alolan Exeggutor is now Asleep. 198. LordKieta's Articuno used its Chilling Sigh attack. 199. Infernal95 flipped 1 coin(s), resulting in 0 heads and 1 tails, for Asleep. 200. It is now Infernal95's turn (Turn #10). 201. Infernal95 drew a card. I saved the whole game log, but this seemed to be the part that mattered. I can post the entire thing if requested. Thank you.
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