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  1. So I had a long list of glitches that occurred in the same general transaction involved with a tournament -- Glitch #1: When I beat my semi-finals opponent, I was not awarded my three knockouts for the Darkness Daily challenge until after I logged out. Glitch #2: Even though my finals opponent and I had beaten each of our semi-finals opponents, the clock was stuck, still counting down. "Whatever," I say, because I'm playing between studying. Glitch #3: When I went into the shop to look at what there was, the "loading X%" screen came up. PTCGO stayed stuck at 0%, so I logged off and logged back on, assuming I'd A) resolve the problem and get access to the tournament. Glitch #4: When I logged back on, my finals opponent was awarded the tournament win, as if I had conceded.
  2. Hi! Congratulations for the new version, I am happy. Howewer, i found a bug. The habilities ´s buttons in the battles don´t show the cards. I don t know if you understand me haha sorry i am Latin American. Goodbye Latin American *
  3. As the title said deck and cover attack of Dark explorer Accelgor freeze the game. Not only accelgor but Mew's ability versatile that copy that attack freeze the game. I exported the log but I couldn't find in my pc nor copy on the forum. But this thing has happens 2 time in 2 different match (obviusly in a row)
  4. Client: Card: Team Aqua's Secret Base Card Number: Double Crisis #28 Expected Action: While Active The Retreat Cost of each Pokémon in play (except for Team Aqua Pokémon) is * more. Actual Action: Even when the stadium is replaced for a new one it's effect remains e.g: Team Aqua's Secret Base is replaced for Silent Lab the retreat cost remains but the the abilities of the basic pokemon is still functional, so the new stadium effect is not valid. Steps to Reproduce: Replace Team Aqua's Secret Base for Silent Lab or most of the stadiums. Thanks in advance for looking this up.
  5. pas capable de me connecteur au serveur? quoi faire
  6. Hi! I want to start this by saying that im Portuguese so my english might not be that good as expected, but i'll try my best. So i started to play today the pokémon tcg and, obviously i had to play the tutorials. After play agains the guy and the girl i had to play against some more "computer players" and in each battle i would receive an amount of gold. So i reached the last battle and it said i would win a pack of pokemon cards. So the problem is, after i won this battle i went to somekind of store and the little lady form tutorial (the girl from tutorial 2nd battle) is saying for me to click on the package and view it. The thing is that i haven't received any pack and it says on the screen "Não foram encontrados os itens correspondentes aos filtros", translating to you "there weren't found any items with this filters". The only thing i can "click" on the screen is the options and i can't go foward in the game because of this bug! I need help to fix it. I haven't change any filters, and i can't click anywhere in the screen but the options (where you can change the volume and all those things). I logged off and on, i have downloaded all the card in the game (when you go to options you can download all card images) but any of those things helped to get over this problem. I really want to play the game but i just can't and it is just annoying. Please help and awnser fast!
  7. My friend and I traded 10 Roaring Skies packs for 10 Primal Clash packs. When we looked in the collection we had 20 Primal Clash packs(note:we had no primal clash packs prior to the trade). When we opened 5 Primal Clash packs we restarted our game. When we went to open the other packs we had 5 Primal Clash left. If we had known that this glitch existed we would have not opened our packs. It we be nice if we could receive our packs back because we spent money buying the TCG boosters.(My friends TCGO username is babcia2)
  8. I'm not 100% certain that this is the correct place to report this issue. Ever since this most recent update, the holofoil effect on all my foil cards has been very buggy. Some cards are overly holographic, to the point where I can't read the text. Some cards have a very limited foil effect that seems to "stand still" (not shine). Yet others don't have a foil effect at all (even when they are indeed a holofoil card). Furthermore, when many foil cards are on screen at once (such as when deckbuilding), the screen itself (only within the Pokémon TCGO window) has small twitches and bugs, as if the game is having difficulty displaying the foil effect. This has never happened to me before, and my foil cards all looked perfect until the most recent update.
  9. Hi, After the 2.29 patch I've came across a very strange bug, if you trade something for packs (any pack) the game adds another pack to your collection instead of just one and if you restart the game it comes back to normal, for example Let's say I have 2 roaring skies packs and trade some cards for another pack, instead of having 3 the games tell me I have 4 and after restarting I have 3 again. It happened with me 2 times, one with Roaring Skies and the other with Plasma Freeze, I don't know if you can open that "extra" pack and I wont try to open them, but it could lead to some exploits I think I hope you guys fix this =) Thanks for all the wonderful work you are doing with the game
  10. I was opening some XY Roaring Skies booster packs I got from a trade and the game said there was an issue opening them. I had to restart and when I did, the booster packs were gone. I couldn't get them back.
  11. today was finish daily challenge,we was unable to using trump card while playing in the random battle unlimit mode.My'suggestion is hoping technician remove trump from banned list,just do a simple action,exactly just do a rotation format on lysandre's trump card,swap it from standard to unlimit format,problem will solved
  12. Hi, I traded this afternoon a mew ex against a Heracross. I gave the heracross. Now I want to trade the mew ex but I can't ; it came in the non tradable cards... Is it normal? Because the heracross came from another trade with another player... Thank you. Kartoon2244 PS: Sorry for my poor english, it's not my mother tongue =S
  13. I used Inkay's Rip Off attack, and the card revealed from my opponents hand was Blacksmith. The card was then shuffled into their deck, but when they drew a card to start their turn I could see Blacksmith face up in their hand. I asked them, and they said that they did indeed draw Blacksmith that turn. Could this be a bug when the player draws the same card that was revealed and shuffled into their deck? I forgot to get the game log, but if it happens again I will make sure to get it. EDIT: Happened again with my opponents FA Wally, but not with the fairy energy. I completely forgot to get the game log, but I did get a screenshot of it.
  14. Hello, I need help with some problems I have been having this problem from a long time, but didn't take them seriously. But Certainly I need help now ! I needed some HGSS Cards, which I found were found in the basic theme decks ! So, I was able to unlock Basic Blue deck after playing 12 matches. Even though I had already unlocked Basic Water, Fire and the newer theme decks that were given to me already. But before I won 12 matches with Water, I had already won 12 matches with other 2 ( Basic Fire and Basic Green, still wasn't able to unlock them ) I joined the game when we could unlock these decks. And I even played with them to unlock. I also ensured 12 matches were with different Trainers in trainer challenge. Please help. I really like and love the cards from the theme decks and have been proving essential for me Please Help, Thanks for the help
  15. Hi there, I bought a Roaring Skies Booster pack but didn't seem to recieve it? I have video of it too (I was streaming at the time) for any proof or oherwise.
  16. Hi there, again >_> In the recent match I played against a "WillyCl" around 2 turns in I used a Cheren but for some reason it ended my turn and went in my grave instead of giving me three cards. Whether I would have won because of it or not, it still caused a great disadvantage, is there a fix or something for it for the future. And what can you do about it now? First round in and all
  17. Hi there. I have bought the ex-sharpedo 4 packs bundle and its not in my collection. I tried logging out a couple of times but its still not there.
  18. I just tried to redeem 5 code cards from the Legendary Treasures set. I got them all in, and I clicked submit codes but they all just disappeared, and I didn't get any notification of getting them in my collection. I look in my collection, they're not there. I try entering them again, it says they've already been redeemed. I log out and log back in. Still not there. Seriously?? ***, someone reply please. This is ******* me off so much right now. EDIT: Also just used my coins and bought a Phantom Forces pack. It's not there!
  19. First time poster here. I was just playing a match in Versus mode, and began with Aegislash-Ex as my active Pokémon, the one with Mighty Shield ability. The ability, in case you aren't familiar, says "Prevent all damage done to this Pokémon by attacks from each of your opponent's Pokémon that has Special Energy attached to it." <http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/pokemon-cards/xy-series/xy4/65/> for reference. My opponent was playing Hydreigon-Ex, with a Double Dragon energy attached, which is clearly labeled Special Energy in the upper left corner. <http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/pokemon-cards/xy-series/xy6/97/> However, his card's attack has this effect: "This attack's damage isn't affected by any effects on your opponent's Active Pokémon." <http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/pokemon-cards/xy-series/xy6/62/> So does that term essentially mean that my card's ABILITY is the same as it's EFFECTS? If the answer is yes, does that mean that Hydreigon's attack is essentially designed to be an Aegislash-Ex breaker?
  20. Played a normal vs random standard deck. Around the endgame, when I pressed on an Energy Card to place the game suddenly became non responsive at all. Have had this bug happen a lot with Shaymin-ex but first time by just playing a plain Energy Card so thought I would report it. The card is a Pokemon League one so maybe that is where the bug is hiding? Played on PC Windows 8, in windowed mode Image of the game and the card in question that trigged the freeze ****************************** Edit: nvm can't post likes here it seems Edit followup: The opponent left but it didn't end the game for me, waited the timer out just cause, that didn't end the game for me, pressed "Give Up" and that didn't end the game for me, just Alt-F4 left. In case this helps figuring out what kind of bug it is.
  21. As I recently updated one of my decks with the card that once was the most powerful card of the whole game - Pokémon Catcher - I discovered that the text is not showing up correctly in all expansions. To be more precisely the 'golden' Pokémon Catcher from Dark Explorers - the secret rare card no. 111/108 - and both cards from its latest BW expansion where the card was printed - the regular and foil card from Plasma Blast with its no. 83/101 - all had the most important line missing for this card: 'Flip a coin. If heads' ... As of now the cards from Blast and Explorers let a novice assume this card is the same as Lysandre without wasting a supporter the turn (but might have the disadvantage that one can't play the 'Pokémon Catcher without a coin flip' if an item lock is on) which of course is not the case. Thanks for reading and until the next game error message!
  22. i'm in final right now against a guy .. the only pokemon he haves on the play is mienshao.. he does the attack aero turn.. it make 40 damage....... and take the pokemon and all attach card to his hand.. so i think he should haves loses the game... but the game just glitch.. both me and the another the time don't move.. i don't want to quit i was gonna win .. so that was i report..
  23. Client: Latest card: legendary treasures serperior 8/113 the intended action: heal all of your pokemon by one counter between each turn. the actual action: no healing applied to any pokemon. steps to reproduce the effect: have serperior on the bench and with pokemons that have any damage counter on them. (tested this with Plasma Blast Suicune 20/101 and Primal Clash Ludicolo 37/160)
  24. Today i bought a tin box with Sceptile EX and the XY primal clash groudon deck. i redeemed all the codes but i didnt get anything for it. I paid 35 euros for only the cards while i wanted to use these cards in TCGO. is there anything i can do to get my **** back?
  25. Hi , Hi i have been noticing this bug recently in my frequent log-ins . whenever i visit to see my collection at start of the game then images of both absol and its mega are blank (with attacks written) and they are getting downloaded . All other card images are fine , this is only happening with absol and its mega . Looks like there is some problem these two cards in getting stored in cache. Thanks
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