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  1. Cards: Supporter: ClayExpected Action: Discard top 7 cards of deck if any of them are items put them into your hand.Actual Action: The supporter card clay is extremely glitching out. Sometimes it works and sometimes it starts discarding cards from my hand, active Pokemon or benched Pokemon. Sometime it returns cards from discard pile to my hand or back to the deck. It’s completely all over the place and unpredictable. It also causes the game to lag/freeze.Steps to Reproduce: It happens every game... I play a deck that has 4 copies of clay and I can 100% count on it to glitch up and cost me the
  2. Go to the public trades and try to filter for trades involving this card. If you check the Unbroken Bonds box and try to type in the card number, it won't work because the number appears red. However, typing "182a" will get you the results for 182b.
  3. Blissed 80 dog per flip user got to flip twice as much no other card on the field to facilitate this
  4. Good Afternoon Trainers! I was hoping someone would lend me an ear as this seems like a bug to me. In a recent game my opponents Zamazenta V was unable to be damaged by any Pokemon V as well as VMAX. Is this actually a bug or does it somehow stop Pokemon V damage as well as VMAX even though it is not specifically labelled on the card. Is this correct? Kind Regards.
  5. As the title suggests, I can't use Stunfisk's ability Snap Trap to discard an additional Energy when attacked by a Fire Pokémon whose attack requires that an Energy be discarded by the opponent from said Fire Pokémon. So, for instance my Stunfisk is in the Active Spot and is targeted by Braixen's Flamethrower move, which reads: Discard an Energy from this Pokémon (80 Damage). Why, then, can't I discard an energy in addition to the one discarded by the opponent, which would leave the attacking Pokémon with 2 Energy less? Is this a bug?
  6. GrollenKette951

    Wrong card search in German version

    When trying to search cards of Delcatty using its German name Enekoro no cards show up. Instead when using Celesteelas German name Kaguron not only cards of Celesteela appear but cards of Delcatty appear too. This tweet for example shows the problem.
  7. Nepenthes510

    Psychic/Weakness bug

    edit: nevermind I scanned the logs and found the issue.
  8. I stopped playing one and half year ago, and i unnistalled. NOW when i want to play again, i reinstall to the last version i log in, and suddenly all is gone, excepts coins. I demand to have all my collection back!. I spent lots of money getting cards and stuff!. PLEASE CONTACT ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
  9. When using Typhlosion (LOT 42)'s ability Blazing Energy with Triple Energy, it should turn triple energy into 3 fire energy, when i use this effect with Charizard (TEU 14) & i use it's attack to discard all fire energy on it, the triple energy is only active as a single fire instead of 3 fire energy after Blazing Energy. Blazing Energy works with Centiskorch/triple energy & Moltres (TEU 19)/recycle energy.
  10. Hi PTCGO experts! Can someone clarify Milotic V's Aqua Impact attack? If I understand correctly, it's 10 plus 50x each energy cost in the opponent's active Pokemon. Does this mean that if I'm facing a Milotic V and my Dragapult VMAX has a retreat cost of 1, should the Aqua Impact damage be 60? Just curious as my opponent's Milotic V was dealing my Dragapult VMAX 210 damage for the Aqua Impact attack. Game log posted below... Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2071 Archetypes Bundle Version: 14394 Loca
  11. The Ability on this card is not working propperly. He's treated as only Psy
  12. I played a game with the Coin of Arceus of my oponent all the time in the midle of the screen, was weird, Anyway, I kept playing the magcargo deck, but it covered my screen throughout the game
  13. Client: (LIVE)Card: Dusknoir, Sky FieldCard Number: Boundaries Crossed #63, Roaring Skies #89Expected Action: When using Dusknoir's Sinister Hand ability I should be able to select any opposing Pokémon with a damage counter on to move the counterActual Action: With Sky Field in play, when you use Dusknoir's ability Dusknoir becomes large and blocks half of the opponent's bench, making it impossible to select the Pokémon on the right side of their bench if they are the only ones with damage counters on. If you are able to select a different Pokémon with damage counters on Dusk
  14. I made a deck with eevee and multiple eeveelutions but when I use grand bloom-GX, which searches your deck for a pokemon that evolves from each of your benched pokemon and evolves it, it does nothing and just flips the gx counter. Is this a bug? I made certain that I had at least one evolution in my deck but it didn't work.usps tracking showbox speed test
  15. Client: Rowlet & Alolan Exeggutor-GX Card Number: 1/236 Unified MindsExpected Action: Super growth should allow you to evolve on your 1st turn if you go 2ndActual Action: Attack is successful, allows you to look at deck, but unable to select an evolution pokemonSteps to Reproduce: Go 2nd and use the attack on your first turn Game Log Output Begins Here: **** Cards Data Ends Here *** *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2071
  16. CanadianLynx

    [CARD] Missing Clover

    Ultra Prism 129 "this effect works one time for 4 cards" After redrawing missing clover from discard all 4 cards can be played again and again to take prize cards Game Log:
  17. The card Exeggcute with the propagation ability clearly states "Once during your turn (before your attack) if this pokemon is in your discard pile, you may put this pokemon into your hand" when playing against an opponent it is actually able to be used multiple times within a single turn. Long story short, i lost a game because of this. Please fix
  18. AtrociousJR19

    Zeraora GX Bugged

    Zeraora GX grants free retreat even when your Pokemon do not have any lightning energy attached to them. Short videos of the bug to watch & see: [Edited by Mod_Turtle: Only official Pokémon URLs are allowed on the forum]
  19. itderrickh

    [CARD] Giratina UNM

    Giratina works only on active
  20. When a Pokemon with an attack that discards energy from the opponents active Pokemon and knocks out that pokemon, Black Market Prism Star is still registering the pokemon as having the energy attached and not allowing any prizes to be taken. Ex. Zamazenta V knocking out Spiritomb UNB.
  21. Was working just before latest update. Tested and reproduced numerous times. Game Log Output Begins Here: **** Cards Data Ends Here *** *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2071 Archetypes Bundle Version: 14394 Localization Bundle Version: 14410 Current Game ID: 31a14590-b001-11ea-b049-068dbc8c2f7f
  22. I've just played 2 consecutive games using Beast Bringer, and I did not receive an extra prize card either time. I had exactly 6 prize cards at the time, the attacking Pokémon was the one Beast Bringer was attached to, and there were no trainers/abilities/etc. in play that were stopping tools. Anyone else run into this? I can provide screenshots of game logs if needed.
  23. After I use SSH Oranguru Primal Instinct on Jirachi to put it on top of the deck, the ability Pantomime (from DET Mr. Mime) to place it in the prize cards, and collect a prize card using the effects of Missing Clover, Jirachi will not grant an extra prize card after putting it onto the bench. I do not know if Jirachi will function normally outside of these actions.
  24. Client: CoalossalCard Number: Rebel Clash#107Expected Action: Ability can be used when there is energy in the discard.Actual Action: Ability couldn't be used after opponent used Horror House GX attack of Gengar & Mimikyu (Team Up #53)Steps to Reproduce: Have Coalossal on the field before opponent uses Horror House GX. Have energy in the discard. As seen in the game log I just discarded an energy using my opponent's Viridian forest, afterwards I was unable to use Coalossal's ability to attach an energy, the previous turn it worked. On step 51 in the game lo
  25. CanadianLynx

    [CARD] Corsola

    Client: CorsolaCard Number: Sun and Moon #36Expected Action: Call for Family: Search Deck for 2 basic PokemonActual Action: Only allows you to select one basic PokemonSteps to Reproduce: play active Corsola, attach any energy card, use Call for Family
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