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    Bench Damage Bugs

    Client: Card: Machoke Card Number: Guardians Rising # 64 Expected Action: Prevent all damage done to your Benched Pokémon by your opponent's attacks. Your opponent’s attacks and Abilities can't put damage counters on your Benched Pokémon. Actual Action: Pokemon ability (Giratina Lost thunder #97) puts damage counters on benched pokemon Steps to Reproduce: Evolved ditto prism star into machoke. Opponent used Giratina from discard pile to put damage counters on benched pokemon. Card: Sky Pillar Card Number: Celestial Storm #144 Expected Action: Prevent all effects of the opponents attacks, including damage, done to benched Pokemon. (both yours and your opponents) Actual Action: Prevents damage from Spell tag (Lost Thunder #190) Steps to Reproduce: With Sky Pillar active, knock out a Pokemon with Spell Tag attached. Spell Tag is unable to put damage counters on benched Pokemon. Thanks Mod_snow for providing proper formatting
  2. I was asking myself how to check and find the Yellow alternate cards in the Filters when you're going to search a card in Trading section. You know, you enter Trades, Public offers, then choose Cards and in Card filters, how to find that Yellow alternates? I've just realized myself you can search for the exact card entering the card number. I just thought letters were not allowed, but yes, you can search for Set + Card+a (like BKT 146a). So I went to try to find Yveltal EX: XY Black star promo 150a. Mmm no, the text in the box becomes red = doesn't exist. Ok, let's try with another, Jirachi XY Black star promo 67a. Oh, text in red. You can go ahead and Intro that red text, but it searches for the 150, or the 67. All of them. Mixed. The 150 and the 150a so you need to check trade by trade and in some it's the 150 and other trades it's the 150a. Filter doesn't filters. Same with Jirachi, both appear in trades, 67 and 67a. Mixed. This doesn't happens when you search for a set Yellow alternate promo. Darkrai GX BUS 88a? There it goes, only the exact Yellow alternate card in trades. Delinquent BKP 98b. There goes, perfect. Only the exact card when you search in the sets. Try with S&M Black star promos, just in case it's an old thing of XY Black star: Tapu koko S&M Black star promo 30a. Mixed again, SM30 and SM30a it seems Black star promo Yellow alternate cards are not added to the list of existing cards themselves so filter doesn't recognize the Alternate Yellow cards as unique or different than the regular Black star promo. Am I right? Thanks
  3. La habilidad de Manaphy Ex (33/122), dejo de servir en energias especiales "Splash Energy" (113/122 ) (unida a Pokemones Agua). Al tratar de utilizar la habilidad de Manaphy Ex, la energia se va al pozo de descarte. The ability of Manaphy Ex (33/122), I stop serving in special energies "Splash Energy" (113/122) (joined to Pokemones Water). When trying to use the Manaphy Ex skill, the energy goes to the discard pit.
  4. ProfessorElms

    Mt Coronet BUG

    Anytime I try to use Mt Coronet te retrieve two metal energy from my discardpile to my hand the option will not pop-out, time will be called and my turn will end not before retrieving the energies.
  5. You are able to use Alolan Diglett's LOT #122 Call for family attack when your bench is full. The game will not allow you to add to your bench when full but since it is public knowledge that you have a full bench you should not be able to use the attack at all.
  6. Client: Android Card: Ninja Boy Card Number: XY-Steam Siege 103/114 Expected Action: The selected Basic Pokemon is replaced by a selected Basic Pokemon form the deck with all existing tools, energy, damage and special conditions and effects transferred to the new Pokemon. Actual Action: Game ends with error message: "Error! We're sorry! Your game has crashed due to a server error. Your win streak has not been affected, though, so you can join another game with your current win streak." Steps to Reproduce: Use Ninja Boy on active Pokemon with attached energy with no Pokemon on the bench. (Screenshots attached) (I'm not sure if it has to be the Active Pokemon or no Pokemon on the bench but the error message always appears in this situation.)
  7. I just played a game where i was up against a Zoroark/gardevoir deck with my Zeraora/koko deck. The opposing gardevoir had a fairy energy and a super boost energy attached to it, and i used koko's ability to come in with three lightning energy. the super boost and fairy combined should make for 5 energy, thus mean a 250 damage on tapu koko's GX attack. But when i used the attack, only 100 damage was applied to the opposing Gardevoir. is there something i dont understand about this situation, or is this (as i expect it is) in fact a bug, just like it was with swampert in combination with the Super Boost energy?
  8. Hello, I just started to use this Magnezone 83/156 card again, as I used to do back in the time, but something changed with its ability Magnetic Circuit. I don't know if we can call that a bug, but it's definitely annoying, and since it wasn't working like that in the past, i think it's a problem. How it worked before: You were able to choose as many energies as you wanted at once when you used the abiity, then had to click "finish" when you were done. How it works now: You don't even have the button "finish" anymore, so the ability is stopped when you have attached 1 energy. You have to activate the ability again and again until you're done. So if you want to attach 8 energies to your Pokémon during your turn thanks to Magnetic Circuit, you have to repeat the action and all the animations linked to it 8 times, what a waste of time. Instead of doing that in like 10 seconds, now it lasts almost 1 minute to do so.
  9. Client: Card: Zebstrika Card Number: Lost Thunder #82 Expected Action: Sprint ability allows you to discard your hand and draw 4. Every other such effect that doesn't specify an amount of cards allows you to discard an empty hand, drawing the 4 cards. Examples: Professor Sycamore, Professor Juniper Actual Action: If your hand is empty, Zebstrika's ability is not available to be used, without having used it earlier that turn. Steps to Reproduce: Evolve a Zebstrika from either a Blitzle or Ditto Prism Star. Discard full hand via other means (ultra ball, mysterious treasure, etc). Attempt to use ability.
  10. I was playing a game, and I had just used Superior Energy Retrieval to get some energies, and I had a VS Seeker in my hand that I was going to use to bring out a benched Exeggcute so I could attack it with Articuno after I set it up. I went to use Deluge, and instead of giving me a chance to attach an energy, Articuno used Chilling Sigh instead. This isn't the first time this has happened, and I figured the last time was just me misclicking, but being the second time today, I saved the game log and decided to bring it here. 190. Articuno became LordKieta's new Active Pokémon. 191. LordKieta's Articuno was Knocked Out. 192. It is now LordKieta's turn (Turn #9). 193. LordKieta drew Water Energy. 194. LordKieta played Battle Compressor Team Flare Gear. 195. LordKieta's Exeggcute used its Propagation Ability. 196. LordKieta played Superior Energy Retrieval. 197. Infernal95's Alolan Exeggutor is now Asleep. 198. LordKieta's Articuno used its Chilling Sigh attack. 199. Infernal95 flipped 1 coin(s), resulting in 0 heads and 1 tails, for Asleep. 200. It is now Infernal95's turn (Turn #10). 201. Infernal95 drew a card. I saved the whole game log, but this seemed to be the part that mattered. I can post the entire thing if requested. Thank you.
  11. Hey, I tried testing a deck with 2 passimian from Sun & Moon Base and 2 Ultra Prism Passimian. I had the base set passimian as active with a double colourless energy and a choice Band, coupled with all other Passimians on my bench. Total 4 passimians in play. This should hit for 10+ 30 for each benched Passimian = 100 so far Ultra Prism Passimian’s ability “Power Huddle” makes passimians attack’s do 30 more damage. = 160 total Plus choice Band =190 Buzzwole was only hit for 130 twice. Possible bug?
  12. Someone I played against exploited a bug allowing them to use Cobalion's quick guard multiple times in a row without leaving the active or alternating attacks. I have the chat export but I don't want to post names.
  13. Bought Wave Slasher a second time today because i want to build a deck using 4 Greninjas but the cards didn't get added to my collection. Is this a bug? Any way to get them? EDIT: Nevermind, it shows up as a pack to open. Found it.
  14. I got a booster pack from Sun&Moon Forbidden Light, and I don't know if this is normal but the redeem code gave me almost all different cards compared to what I actually got. Some of the cards matched up (4 of them) which makes me wonder if this was a mistake or if the online code simply gives random cards from the corresponding expansion. Either way, an answer is welcome. The code was TCH-KLPR-RGT-YRJ if necessary. Client version is
  15. TruexProdigy

    Splash Energy Glitch

    Ongoing for about a week, I have had issues with the Splash energy. I looked everywhere for an explanation and despite what I find online, I DO understand the card. I know the the Pokemon must be on a water type and will only return to your hand if it is hit by direct damage (not damage counters). Yesterday this cost me a tournament and today it almost cost me a match. Wishiwashi used the 220 GX move on my Greninja Break with a Slash Energy on it and nothing was returned to my hand at all. There was nothing that stopped the energy effect either. I can't understand why this is the case. Any explanation would be nice. I just want to know if I am misunderstanding the card or if this is truly a glitch. Thanks!
  16. Celesteela (Celestial Storm 100) Wont attack with 1 metal energy at the Beginning of Game when both players have 6 prizes.
  17. I'm pretty sure that the opponent using Zygarde GX with the 'Verdict' GX move used it at least twice since my EX pokemon's attack got nullified twice. I think I saw this more than once. could you investigate into this?
  18. I have a Swampert Active with Counter Energy and a Water Energy and I am behind on prize cards. I attack with Swamperts attack "Hydro Pump" and the damage output in 120, when it should be 140 (counter energy should provide 2 water, instead of one
  19. WalterSoljak

    Purugly doesn't work right

    When attacking with the Ultra Prism card #109/156 the "own the place" attack is not activating if I have a stadium in play.
  20. the card are so blurry it's impossible to play... and the problem has been going on since months...
  21. Hi! I have an issue with ruling: If I have 3 or 4 Swamperts (CES 35/168) in play, and I attach a Super Booster Energy (UPR 136/156) to one of them, and attack with it, ¿Why doesn't it hit for 160? In-game damage does just 100 (without other modifiers, and just that energy). I appreciate your answer.
  22. I was playing a match and found a bug. My opponent knocked out my Chandelure with the Faiting Spell ability with his Articuno with the Delta Plus ancient trait. I flipped heads on the ability and he only got 1 prize card.
  23. This bug was firstly found in 2.51 bug list. The 20th of March was approx. 5 months ago and still this bug was not fixed. I'm guessing that removing legacy events was made so devs don't have to fix anything. Smeargle is one of the most important legacy cards and yet no actions were taken. Ptcgo is not all about standard and expanded. I know that legacy players are a minoriry but neglecting this bug so long is unacceptable.
  24. MattPlemons

    Palkia Misprint found.

    I have a palkia majestic dawn 11/100 card that has a minor misprint. For its item its supposed to have "Lustrous Orb" but mine has a mistake, changing it to "Lustrous Ord". I've searched and haven't found another one like it anywhere.
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