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  1. Good Day Team Trust all is well. Today is the 30th September 2020 and I still don't have the option to purchase the new champions path cards on my Pokemon TCG online profile. Please could you assist in fixing this bug.
  2. Eragon151

    Distilled Blast

    Gyarados (SMTU30) discards Splash Energy without effect, although the attack does not specify basic energy.
  3. Littledarkfury

    Crobat V Is Bugged

    Crobat V is bugged. I played it down multiple times in 2 different games and both times i clicked yes to drawing more cards & it did not draw me any cards. Hopefully this is fixed soon Crobat v is literally one of the most important cards in the game right now!
  4. Macher28

    All my cards are gone

    Hello i don’t know what happened I play since few weeks now every day and 2days ago I logged in and all my cards and boosters disappeared. i still have decks I created but if I want to check individual cards and my collection it say “no cards found” I reset my filters and nothing I checked next day and still nothing. can anyone help ??
  5. Hoopa DAA 111 is not hitting for weakness. See Turn#8 in this gamelog to see where I attacked an Indeedee V for 90 instead of 180 damage. In a previous game I attacked into an Oricorio GX (also weak to dark), and again it only did 90 damage instead of 180... Game Log Output Begins Here:
  6. I recently created a deck including Masquerain from Rebel Clash (011/192) which has the attack Threatening Pattern which has the effect: 'During your opponent's next turn, energy can't be attached from your opponent's hand to the defending pokemon'. I thought this would be a great card to fend off the all powerful Welder supporter card from Unbroken Bonds (189/214) which states: 'Attach up to 2 [fire] energy cards from your hand to 1 of your Pokemon. If you do, draw 3 cards'. I just played against a fire deck, and after I had used threatening pat
  7. Build: 11/10/2020 update. Card: Recycle energy Card Number: SM - Unified Minds #212/236 Expected Action: ALL recycle energy should return to hand Actual Action: Only the FIRST recycle energy returned to hand. Most likely an if-then check, which does not account for the amount of recycle energy. Steps to Reproduce: Discard 2+ recycle energy from play. An easy way to set this up is with Porygon-z crazy code
  8. Client: 2.74..0.4997Card: NidokingCard Number: XY - Evolutions 45Expected Action: Tail Swing do 100 damage to opponent's active Pokemon and 20 damage to every opponent's benched Pokemon.Actual Action: Tail Swing do 100 damage to opponent's active Pokemon and 20 damage to some (not all, random?) opponent's benched Pokemon.Steps to Reproduce: Try to use this attack with all 5 benched Pokemon or using Sky Field Stadium card and 8 benched Pokemon (XY - Roaring Skies 89).
  9. Hi, an attack needs coin flips to work it dosent, I then flip again with glimwood tangle stadium card, the attack still fails due to needing 2 heads, coin trick is placed on the card attacking as a tool card before attacking so in theory I should get another turn to flip for the attack but it dosent I dont think, I also had victini with v star ability on the bench and it dosent give me an option to flip again. So basically I'm only getting 2cflips instead of 4,why is that thanks.
  10. My venusaur&celebi tag team couldn't use the gx attack at 226. Therefore I had to use solar beam. I'm wondering why I couldn't use the gx attack.
  11. Client: Tool Scrapper, OranguruCard Number: 208/192, 148/202Expected Action: After swapping the top card of my deck and attacking, I should've drawn the Tool Scrapper from the top of my deck either by opponent using Marnie or in my draw stepActual Action: Tool Scrapper got shuffled into my deck, possibly got swapped with Pokemon Communication 152b/181, but I'm not sure (my 2nd and 3rd swaps were with Tool Scrapper)Steps to Reproduce: Swap the Tool Scrapper with a top card of your deck using Primate Wisdom ability, and attack with either LucMetal's Steel Fist or Zacian V's Brav
  12. Client: Iris, Smeargle, Scoop Up NetCard Number: Plasma Blast #101, Call of Legends #21, Rebel Clash #165Expected Action: The damage boost from Iris should stack with itself if used multiple times through Smeargle's Portrait ability (opponent has Iris in their hand) during the same turn. The damage boost should not be removed if Smeargle is removed from the field through Scoop Up Net. Actual Action: The damage boost from Iris is removed if Iris was used through Smeargle's Portrait ability and Smeargle is removed from the field using Scoop Up Net.Steps to Reproduce:
  13. I had a pokemon in my active spot with big parasol, and feather arrow was able to hit all of my pokemon, even the ones on the bench. This game has some serious bugs.
  14. I retreated a Salamence Vmax by discarding two recycle energies, but instead of going back to my hand, the energies stayed in the discard pile. This happened in Turn 10 of the game log below: Game Log Output Begins Here:
  15. When copying Yveltal GX's "Doom Count GX" with Marshadow GX against a Fairy Type Pokémon that has exactly four damage counters on it and has the "Fairy Charm Ability" tool card attached, the GX attack fails. "Doom Count GX" directly knocks out the defending Pokémon if it's condition is met and "Fairy Charm Ability" prevents damage, not a direct knock out.
  16. I have encountered a bug while playing in trainer's challange, the card Wally ROS 94, was at first working normally then at one game it had ban symbol on it. The oppornent played wally twice and both time it had ban symbol but before that match it had no ban symbol.
  17. TeNRyuBR

    bug, game stopped?

    When playing the qualifiers, I had the displeasure of not being able to play any cards, even when the opponent's deck did not have this ability, when asking friends, I was informed that it is a very old bug, when we will have the maintenance and attention we deserve as players of pokémon trade carding game online? between parentheses there is the extension of the video I published on *******. (****************************************)
  18. Someone please tell me why I lost:Game Log Output Begins Here: *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2111 Archetypes Bundle Version: 14752 Localization Bundle Version: 14756 Current Game ID: 23d2b2c0-0685-11eb-b2b5-069ec13e38e1
  19. Title says it all. Game Log:Game Log Output Begins Here: *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2111 Archetypes Bundle Version: 14752 Localization Bundle Version: 14756 Current Game ID: dc40b820-059f-11eb-b18b-06af515666ed
  20. Have noticed this for a while now, When attaching energies to Charizard from XY Evolutions card 11/108 that are not fire energies it attacks and works and then randomly will not work again for rest of the match????I have been told it was escalated to the Dev team and heard nothing since that was 4 months ago ( I am sure you guys are busy) I am not complaining just making aware I have tested with only water energies, a water and a triple excel energy, and a list of other combos it just stops working.It worked fine for my first 2-3 matches and then all of a sudden stopp
  21. twice i have seen this happen where both me and my opponent have dark Pokémon and darkness energy and we knock out one of them they take prizes regardless of effect of black market prism star and when i was playing in the players cup i got a knock out on a Pokémon that had no energy and i took one prize where it was a two prize knock out witch cost me the match for the players cup i belive there's a bug of some kind of cause on a second time of watching this happen my opponent took 3 prizes from me when i had a vmax darkness Pokémon even though black market prism star was in play and the Pok
  22. I encountered this bug several times, and have tested to see if I am able to reproduce this. If a player has a Pokemon Research Lab in Play, and have a full bench, then the opponent will be unable to play the Pokemon Research Lab themselves on their turn. Edit: The player who's lab is in play is able to use the Stadium even if the opponent has a full bench. This bug only applies for the opponent
  23. So I started the match and the game asked me if I want to draw a card because my opponent didn’t have a type of mon or something and so I accept it but it doesn’t work so I proceeded to spam it until it worked after 7 seconds of spamming it it finally worked but it gave way more then one card my deck was so full I couldn’t even see what I was picking because the cards where covering the other cards right now I’m just worried I’ll get banned for being mistaken as a hacker since I just started has this happened to anybody else?
  24. This just caused me a loss in the first round of a tournament. I want my 8 tickets back. Cards: Noivern 77/111 FUF & Morpeko VMAX 080/202, 204/202 SWSH Expected action: When Morpeko uses its attack, the player should have to flip a coin to see if it worked, due to Noivern's ability. Actual action: No coin flip was performed and the ability was ignored, even though nothing was in play that would've blocked it. I had a game log copied to my clipboard but accidentally deleted it. It should be reproducable though.
  25. Just played a match against Ho-oh EX and Marshadow GX. When the Marshadow used Ho-oh's Rainbow Burn with 3 types of energy attached, it did 210 damage and 420 damage with weakness against my lightning pokemon. The attack should only do 20 + 60, according to the attack description, to total 80 damage or 160 with weakness. Marshadow did not have any tools attached and there were no cards in play that increased the damage.
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