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  1. sakii837756

    Shining Fates Bugged

    Banette-GX grants free retreat even when your Pokemon do not have any lightning energy attached to them.
  2. The card Dark Claw effects don't match the text on the card. It should do 20 more damage for ''each of the attacks'' of you'r Pokemon just like it said in the description below (If this card is attached to a dark Pokémon, each of the attacks of that Pokémon does 20 more damage to the Active Pokémon) but instead it does 20 damage ONLY.... For example i tried using Darkrai and one of Darkrai attacks is Vortex of Darkness which deals 20 damage for each dark Energy attached, so if Darkrai has 3 energy it will be multiplied by 20x3 = 60 damage in total, but if you equip
  3. The Muk card's first ability, Sludge Drag, is not applying special conditions to the new Defending Pokemon (poison and confusion). (HS Undaunted Deck)
  4. splatoon810

    About bugs in PTCGO

    When using the ability of Charjabug , there is a high probability that is will freeze. I would really appreciate it if you could deal with these matters urgently.
  5. cosmic eclipse jolteon, flareon, and vapreon's cheer abilities do not seem to correctly stack in ptcgo. i was trying them out with vapreon-gxs evolved from both an eevee and an eevee-gx, and only the ability from the first card i played (jolteon) applied correctly. the descriptions on the card specify that only one speed cheer can be applied at a time, one power cheer can be applied at a time, and one vitality cheer could be applied at a time, respectively, which seems to imply that all 3 could be active but not 2 of each. i did some reading online and all the comments and posts i found regar
  6. TherealRote

    I have fake decks

    Hello I recently unlocked a few codes after unlocking them I got 2 decks. Anyway, I got the decks anyway. I can neither play with the decks nor do I have the Pokemon cards from the decks in my collection. But unfortunately I see the deck in my Deck Manager with a red X. Can someone help me with the bug?
  7. When Malamar (UNB) uses it's Hypnotic Reign attack and discards a Sudowoodo (BKP) from the opponent's hand, Malamar does not properly copy the attack that the opponent (the player who's Sudowoodo was just discarded) used on the previous turn. Steps to reproduce: Player A has Sudowoodo (BKP) in hand and uses any non-GX attack. Let's take the attack 'Tackle' for this example. Player B uses Malamar (UNB) to look at the opponent's hand and discard Sudowoodo (BKP). Expected outcome: Malamar using Sudowoodo's Watch and Learn copies Tackle Actual outcome: The at
  8. ellomello044208

    Swift Run GX doesn't give immunity

    I was playing a friendly match with my opponent, with me using Jolteon GX and my opponent using Buzzwole GX. I used Swift Run GX on the turn before and no cards were played the remove its effect. My opponent used Jet Punch to KO a Rayquaza GX on my Bench, and this attack went through the effect of Swift Run GX which should've given Jolteon GX immunity from damage, to KO both Pokemon. Here's the Game Log for debugging purposes: I don't believe I missed anything, like a Guzma being played or such, Swift Run just wasn't applied in full effect.
  9. Hi, there is an problem with the image of the german version of Cleffa from the HGSS Black Star Promos. In comparison to the image from the HeartGold & Soulsilver expansion the used image has a fairly low resolution and a completly differnt font used for its text.
  10. So i was using Charizard & Braixen's Brilliant Flame attack & took too long to decide what cards i wanted so the time ticked down to 0 and gave me 1 card for it, then the following turn as soon as my turn started the yellow glow around the cards in my hand went away & i could not click on any cards in my hand & my turn ended without me being able to do anything, i want to imagine that BraixZard was the cause for this glitch when i ran out of time to do my attack, unfortunately i do not have the game log though
  11. crimson515

    [GAME BUG] Toxapex-GX

    I was playing my incredibly bad poison based deck and I used the Super Intense Poison attack with 1 Seviper on my bench, this results in a total of 11 damage counters between turns instead of 1 due to poison. As expected it put 11 damage counters on my opponent's Pokémon, a Togekiss V, they then attached an energy and attacked, between turns only 2 damage counters were put onto the Togekiss V. Here is the important part of the game log 56. crimson515's Toxapex-GX used its Super Intense Poison attack. 57. Gremblowe's Togekiss V took 110 damage because it was Poisoned.
  12. As the title says, playing Professor's Research while Recycle Energy is in hand, discards the Recycle Energy, but you don't get it back. I don't think that's intended, since you should get Recycle Energy back after it's being discarded.
  13. LycanComputer

    [GAMEPLAY] yeah.. game

    i don't think normal type pokemon are super effective to normal type pokemon (there weren't any abilities that would make it super effective) since i was in a game and my normal type did 140 damage and said weakness to a normal type pokemon instead of 70 damage Edit: i also think it happened where a psychic pokemon inflicted damage on a pokemon that had weakness to psychic tho i'm not sure since i think i had jirachi gx
  14. CeCi182


    Hi one player has Galarian Cursola V (CPA-21_EN) has active pokemon, and use the attack Hollow Missile 60 dammage to your opponent and 30 to one on the bench, the opponent had Mew (UNB-76_EN) on the bench, and Cursola still managed to to damage on the mew, is this a bug? because acording to Mew's ability Cursola cant do that type of damage to the bench.
  15. Hello! My oponnent drawn 4 cards, instead 2, attaching Speed Energy on his Pokémon. It is the second time that I have seen this happen in some days but this time I remembered to save the match log. The bug occurs on action 138 on log.
  16. Topic: Weakness Guard Energy does not act as an "effect" that can be ignored by certain attacks Client: Flygon-GX (CEC-110), Eternatus VMAX (DAA-117), Weakness Guard Energy (213-UNM)Expected Action: With Flygon-GX and Eternatus VMAX both in the active position, Flygon-GX uses its Sonic Edge GX attack. This should ignore the effect of Weakness Guard Energy and hit for weakness. Since a Martial Arts Dojo was in play and the Flygon-GX player had more prize cards remaining, the total damage should have been [220+40]*2 = 520! Actual Action: The Sonic Edge GX attack did
  17. ChenteS

    [CARD] Marshadow GX

    Playing a game of expanded and tried to use Marshadows ability with two Bunnelby (with Mad Party) and wasn't able to use it.
  18. I was playing some expanded and noticed that rainbow energy somehow dealt 20 damage instead of 10.
  19. Hello team! I've been playing pikarom alot this week and noticed that probably 1 out of 4 games I'll have at least 1 speed lighting energy not draw 2 cards on attach. I have a game log to show it its fairly close to the end of the match. I have played this deck for weeks without any problems but I noticed this week since I added mewtwo & mew GX the speed lightning is not drawing 2 It's on number 231 in bold sorry its alot Game Log Output Begins Here: *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: 2.
  20. My opponent had a Pokemon which had 70 HP. I hit it for 60 damage and it was also damaged by 10 for being poisoned. The Pokemon didn't KO due to an ability from a benched Pokemon that healed it, however/despite the fact that the animation had already occurred that it was/should have been KO'd i.e. the card was sideways as cards do when they are KO'd. For ease of ref I have cut the relevant part here however the full log is below that. Full Game Log Output Begins Here:
  21. During my match, my guts Herracross and time recall Celebi did not have their abilities resume after the opponent's silent lab was removed. I have the game log here in case you need it. Game Log Output Begins Here: *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here *** Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 2140 Archetypes Bundle Version: 14956 Localization Bundle Version: 14962 Current Game ID: 7e5efdb0-32eb-11eb-be3f-06c5928b56b3
  22. darkness018

    [GAMEPLAY] Stealthy hood

    I was playing in standard game and was using stealthy hood and it stopped phione ability but it doesn’t stop decidueye ability is that a bug or does it’s not count as a ability that it can stop
  23. Client: Latios GX UNM 243Expected Action: Attach Horror, use Clear Vision GX. Attach two fire energy, use Tag PurgeActual Action: Unable to use either attackSteps to Reproduce: Attach said energy, attempt to attack. Haven’t tried with basic psychic energy or alternate art variants.
  24. Pasting game log below. You can see they used it twice in one turn at #139 and #147 Game Log Output Begins Here:
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