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  1. Hello! Client: Urshifu VMAX, mew, scoop up net Card Number: swsh battle styles 170/163 + mew black star promo SM215 + scoop up net Rebel Clash 165/192 Expected Action: Urshifu VMAX gale thrust attack 150 dmg to the opponents active gengar & mimikyu GXActual Action: Gale thrust attack did 10 dmg as opposed to 150 (-20 for resistance) after i scoop uped the mew from active spot and my urshifu vmax became new active pokemon and as it states in urshifu vmax attack: If this pokemon moved from your bench to the Active Spot this turn, this attack does 120 more damage.St
  2. Radruby317

    Ordinary rod

    You can not use both effects of ordinary rod at the same time. I might be wrong
  3. Dear Pokemon TCGO gurus, The Wobbuffet Phantom Forces 036 card seems to be broken right now in PTCGO. It’s ability Bide Barricade should only work when its Active, but it works even from the bench. This card: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-tcg/pokemon-cards/xy-series/xy4/36/ Alternately, it’s possible a copy of this card set a game state while Active while erroneously persisted after it was KO’d. Hard to know. I’ll paste a full game log below for anybody who wants to try to figure out what’s going on or reproduce, if they have the cards. S
  4. Hello! I experienced a weird interaction between Marshadow/Machamp-GX and SS Urshifu. During the game, Marshchamp got its GX move "Acme of Heroism" up along with the bonus attack passive. Upon taking my turn, I used G-Max one blow with the intent of bypassing my opponent's attack effect. Despite this, Marshchamp proceeded to revive after the attack leading to getting a counter-knockout. There was no other ability in play to prevent the knockout besides Marschamp's GX effect. I'm wondering if this is an exception to the interaction, since I would assume the GX effect wou
  5. Client: ExeggcuteCard Number: Plasma Freeze #4, Plasma Blast #5 Card: Empoleon VCard Number: Battle Styles #40, Battle Styles #145, Battle Styles #146Expected Action: Propagation should be able to be used if Exeggcute is in the discard pile while Empoleon V's Emporor's Eyes is turned on and Empoleon V is in the active, as long as there are no additional affects which turns Exeggcute's ability off. Actual Action: Propagation was not usable when Empoleon V was in the active, and when there were no additional effects which turns Exeggcute's ability off.Steps to Reproduce: Di
  6. I had won a pack of Furious fist in the tournament, at the moment of opening it the load took a long time, after that I disconnected from the game and when I re-entered the packet it was no longer there, I thought I had exchanged it and I had forgotten it but in my history of exchanges there was nothing, so it disappeared out of nowhere
  7. Struggle Gloves still gives 30 additional damage even if the attacking pokémon also has a Weakness Guard Energy attached. The special energy effect removes the weakness, which should negate the effect of the Struggle Gloves tool card. The correct interaction was confirmed by Mia Violet of The Pokémon Company, Intl.'s TCG design team. 
 The relevant game starts at 04:18:14 into the vod. A weakness guard attached at 04:25:48
, struggle gloves are attached at 04:26:34, and an attack with damage increased at 04:27:27.
  8. Hoopa (from DARKNESS ABLAZE set) has a glitch. It's Assault Gate attack is ALWAYS active as soon as you put it on the bench. It bypasses the attack requirement of moving it from bench to active first. In other words, it can just stay in the active and continuously attack for 90 damage. This needs to be addressed soon, especially with the PLAYER'S CUP 4 going on.
  9. Client: Hoopa - Basic PokémonCard Number: Darkness Ablaze 111/189Expected Action: The Pokémon in question performs the effect of its attack just by moving it from its bench to the active position.Actual Action: The effect of the attack is permanent once the Pokémon is placed on the bench, making it possible to use its attack at all times, without having to move it to the bench again.Steps to Reproduce: Just put it into play. Here's a Log for this. (I'm sorry if i posted wrong) Game Log Output Begins Here: *** Debug Current Game State Output Ends Here **
  10. Client: Dragonium Z: Dragon ClawCard Number: Cosmic Eclipse 190/236Expected Action: When card is attached to Pokemon with the Dragon Claw attack when sufficient energy is attached the Destructive Drake attack will be available.Actual Action: When attached to Dragonite GX Unified Minds 152/236 with Dragon Claw attack was not available.Steps to Reproduce: Attach three basic energy to Dragonite GX, attach Dragonium Z: Dragon Claw and attack
  11. Like title says every time I place mewtwo down to top deck welder out of discard it never works. Is this a known bug. It completely kills many decks and reiterates how terrible the client is.
  12. Decicdueye reads "Prevent all damage done by your opponent's pokemon V and Pokemon Gx." It is very specific it's only V... But you block Vmax too? Zamazenta V reads "Prevent all damage done to this Pokemon by attacks from your opponent's Pokemon Vmax." So clearly V and Vmax are distinct in card language... Why are Vmax considered V but V aren't umbrella'd under Vmax. I genuinely believe Decidueye should not work the way it is with the text printed on it now. It's a noob trap... You read the card it doesn;t say Vmax the only way you learn is by attacking into
  13. ive purchased both single and rapid strike boxes. the single strike box code card worked properly and gave me the urshifu v single strike as well as the reverse holo single strike energy. however the rapid strike box code card only gave me the urshifu v promo and no reverse holo rapid strike energy. im not sure how this would be possible ? has anyone else had this happen?
  14. A Exeggcute is in the discard pile, the ability is activated and the Exeggcute goes to hand. Quick ball is played and the Exeggcute is discarded. The ability is activated again and the Exeggcute goes to hand. Another Quick ball is played and the Exeggcute is discarded. Then the ability is activated again and the Exeggcute goes to hand again. It is not "Once during your turn" but it is "As often as you like during your turn"
  15. BetaStagoon

    Fearow Roaring skies

    I played against a crushing current deck and there fearow had all electric energy and when it attacked my pokemon weak to electric it said super effective, dont have game log now but if it happens again i will put it
  16. I went to retreat my urshifu vmax which had two rapid strike energies attached and then it told me I had to take off both my rapid strike energies, I check my opponent had no absols in play or things which would add to my retreat cost. Hopefully this can get fixed, thanks!
  17. Apparently, when stuff from shop, I usually check the cards the theme decks have. However, it has come to my attention that unowned cards no longer grey out in the theme decks as they previously did. Making it harder to find, which cards you already own, until you zoom in them and find that you own 0 copies of that particular card !
  18. Just reporting that Rapid Strike Energy sometimes doesn't work, I haven't yet found the exact method of replication, but most commonly I have noticed that it doesn't work while attached to Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX. It's treating the card as if no special energy is attached whatsoever, making you unable to meet the attack cost of the card's second attack.
  19. WishiwashiJoshi

    [CARD] Game Bug

    Hello, i was playing expanded this morning and i was playing against shock lock. They used Evoshock raichu's ability leaving my pokemon paralyzed and then i attached a stealthy hood to my paralyzed pokemon and the stealthy hood did not remove the paralysis. I dont know if it should or shouldn't but the card reads (Prevent all effects of your opponent's abilities done to the pokemon this card is attached to. Remove any such existing effects) from my knowledge that should remove the paralysis. Can anyone help?
  20. During a Theme deck match, i've had a Samurott in play with no damage on it just get KO'ed by Rillaboom's Drum Beating even though the screen showed only 150 damage had been correctly dealt with the damage reduction ability of Samurott. In adition, during a tournament, a Hondoom's attack opperation with both player's hands at the same amount of cards Ko'ed a Charmillion dispite the damage only showing up as 50
  21. GabrielSmartTCG

    [CARD] Cramorant V Glitch

    Hey! Just wanted to report that Cromorant V is bugged. When you go to use spit shot, the card will do no damage and the attack is canceled. Cramorant V is a hugely important card in many decks and with the Players Cup Regional Qualifiers coming up this Saturday, it is critical that this bug is fixed asap
  22. If "my" bench is in some spaces, Irresistible Aroma will work fine. But if there is full, the ability will not work. You can't see your opponent hands and can't put a basic pokemon in opponent's hands. Watch this movie. ************************************************************
  23. The Aether Foundation Employee fullart (LOT SV81/SV94) does not appear when you filter your cards by the "Fullart" collection attribute. As far as I can tell, this is the only fullart Supporter that's like this.
  24. LadyMisticus

    Viridian Forest Bug?

    The card does not seem to work as intended. I was in a tournament match, fighting a player using the Unseen Depths deck using my Laser Focus deck, and my opponent played Viridian Forest. When I attempted to use the card, I discarded a card from my hand as normal, but the basic Energy card that I wanted was not put in my hand, but rather on the top of my deck, making it my next draw. This does not match the card text given. Is there something I'm missing, or is this an actual bug?
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