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Found 601 results

  1. Client: Card: Dawn Wings Necrozma GX Card Number: Ultra Prism #63, #143, #161 Expected Action: Moon's Eclipse GX should do 180 damage before applying weakness and resistance +30 for Choice Band, -20 for psychic resistance of Zoroark-GX, resulting in 190 damage. Actual Action: Moon's Eclipse GX plus choice band did 210 damage. It appears as though resistance was not factored into the attack. Steps to Reproduce: Use Dawn Wings Necrozma's GX attack with a choice band attached and attack a Zoroark-GX.
  2. Poipole Ultra Beast 55/131 Forbidden Light Card: Poipole Card Number: Forbidden Light #55 Expected Action:During your opponent's next turn, if this Pokémon is Knocked Out, your opponent can't take any Prize cards for it. Actual Action: However if Poipole is Knocked Out by any other method than damage from opponent's attack (poisoned, burned, damage counters), opponent still takes the prize card while the text says just "Knocked Out". Steps to Reproduce: 1.Attach an energy to Poipole. 2.Use "Knockout Reviver" attack while Dimension Valley stadium card is on play. 3. Let opponent to Knockout Poipole by any other method than damage.
  3. Hello, I'm in a match right now and the opponent used Buzzap Thunder, now we are waiting for nothing. No one can do anything. I'm pretty sure the guy knows about that bug because he doens't leave the game, though I'm not either. What kind of winning strategy is that, just ban that card please until it gets fixed. EDIT: Oh well not a strategy because it's even impossible to forfeit, I really don't understand how that card isn't forbidden yet.
  4. Card: Espeon EX (or possibly Beedrill) Card Number: Breakpoint #52 (or Evolutions #7) Expected Action: Espeon EX's Miraculous Shine attack devolves all opposing pokemon (in this case 3 Beedrill EVO 7). All attached cards and damage counters remain on devolved pokemon. Actual Action: X All opposing pokemon devolve. All damage counters remain attached to devolved pokemon. All energy cards attached to devolved pokemon are discarded. Steps to Reproduce: Attach energy to evolved pokemon. Use miraculous shine to devolve evolved pokemon. This happened multiple times in game. Forcing to multiple beedrill both active and on the bench. Attached energy were basic grass energy and Counter energy CRI 100
  5. Hi, So the title speaks for itself. Armor Press should give the ability to Type: Null to take 30 less damage from attacks during opponent's next turn, yet it doesn't do anything like that right now.

    Solgaleo not factoring in weakness

    Client: Card: Solgaleo Card Number: Guardians Rising #87 Expected Action: Flareon's Heat Breath should do 120 damage to Solgaleo due to Solgaleo's 2X weakness to fire attacks. Actual Action: Flareon (Ancient Origins #13) used Heat Breath and did 60 damage to Solgaleo; not factoring Solgaleo's 2X weakness to fire. Steps to Reproduce: Attack Solgaleo with any flame attack / pokemon. Attacked multiple times with flame pokemon / attacks before knocking it out and Solgaleo's 2X weakness to flame attacks was never factored in.
  7. EmilRaichu

    [GAME] Charizard EX exploit

    An opponent in versus mode used Charizard EX's Combustion Blast against me two turns in a row, even though that attack explicitly states that: "This Pokemon can't use Combustion Blast during your next turn". Pretty sure it was the Illus. Planeta 12/116 card. (Sadly, I did not record the fight). The way he did it was to use a Float stone on the Charizard EX in combination with Guzma, in order to retreat the Charizard EX that had just attacked using Combustion Blast the turn before, and then switch the Charizard EX back in using Guzma. To my complete surprise, this allowed him to use Combustion Blast again for a second turn in a row! This, to my mind, must be categorized as an unlawful exploit - and hence a bug.
  8. Game Log Output Begins Here: **removed** Game Log Output Ends Here
  9. So I built a deck using Unidentified Fossils. In a match, my opponent put my active pokemon to sleep. I didn't get a heads, so I decided to use switch to make my Unidentified Fossil the active pokemon, then, I went to send it to the discard pile to let my previous pokemon pop back up. With no other pokemon on my bench, it did it automatically, but then the game froze. I am still looking at the match board. The little light is still spinning around my avatar, though no time is counting down for either player, and I can't select concede in the gear icon. I'm going to go ahead and close out of the program and try battling with the deck again. If any issues pop back up, I'll reply to this topic to let you know.
  10. ​​RIP free ladder pack, I've lost 2 packs now one from 2 ladders ago and now again. So idk it happened both times on the first free pack of the ladder. I don't get a notification of it then I go to collection and it's gone. I didn't want to bring it up the first time but now it happen again so it's adding up. plz help
  11. Match crashes when I play rescue stretcher to reshuffle Pokemon into deck. I will see if I can screen cap a picture or a video next time it happens.
  12. Hello, I don't know if here is the right place to seek for help, but I didn't found a better topic. I'm sorry if I am doing it wrong. I just received a in-game notification warning me I have been reported for using innapropriate language at the chat (or something close to that). The problem is: I only use the pre-programmed sentences at the chat, so this is obviously a mistake. The message also said to contact the site if it was a mistake. How should I proceed to clarify that? Thank you!
  13. I was just in a game against somebody and when I used Startling Megaphone (FlashFire, 97/106) their Focus Sash (Furious Fists, 91/111) which was attached to one of their Primal Groudon's (Primal Clash, 151/160) didn't get discarded. I may have overlooked something by mistake but shouldn't Focus Sash have been discarded?
  14. Unnecessary Loading screen after completing a match. Before there was no unnecessary loading screen after completion of a match.
  15. Mega_Mewthree

    Game Froze

    My opponent started drawing for their turn when the server suddenly froze. The 15 second warnings popped up once for each player, and we were each able to send one emoji before that stopped functioning too. The game is still running if you need any more data. Also, the concede button is grayed out and unclickable. Sending a friend request works. Game log: a website <Control + V>bin with ID r1hjAyW8. Replace the <Control + V> with what you think it means. Stuff for devs: Versions Data: Client Version: Server Version: Bundles Version: 1569 Archetypes Bundle Version: 6957 Localization Bundle Version: 6973 Current Game ID: 9a90d030-bc65-11e7-847e-22000afe5cce
  16. RogerBul

    Weakness not applied

    I was playing against someone playing a trubish with float stone attached and i used tapu lele GX's normal attack with two electric energy attached and a fighting fury belt and the damage done was only 50. Weakness was not applied even though the Trubish card read that its weakness was psychic x2. In another game something similar happened, although i cant remember the details. But someone attacked me and weakness was not applied even though i had nothing to modify weakness.
  17. My opponent had a Darkrai-EX with a fighting fury belt attached to it (180hp+40) It had 210 damage on it. I used a field blower to remove the fighting fury belt. The Darkrai-EX damage counter went to 0. So, instead of being knocked out it fully healed.
  18. Your NEW End Result Screen Cause Crashes throughout the matches Why was this even updated as it was not necessary, it caused many crashing
  19. PaulTR17

    Delphox EX doing 1800 dmg

    Just went up against someone after the patch, within a few turns he switched to Delphox EX XY19 and used wonder flare. It appeared just before the attack some break cards and item cards would come up on the screen then once I hit the done button his attack would do over 1000 damage, I took a few screen shots of this and copied the game log, one attack even reached 2000 damage! Here’s a short clip from the game log 124. Tapu Koko-GX became PaulTR17's new Active Pokémon. 125. tonyj7089's Delphox-EX used Wonder Flare and did 240 damage to PaulTR17's Tapu Koko-GX. 126. tonyj7089's Delphox-EX used Wonder Flare and did 240 damage to PaulTR17's Tapu Koko-GX. 127. tonyj7089's Delphox-EX used Wonder Flare and did 240 damage to PaulTR17's Tapu Koko-GX. This would carry on until it reached the 1800ish mark and then knock out my guy. Client: Card number: Delphox EX XY19 Expected action: wonder flare attack should do 80 damage plus 40 damage for each energy in opponents hand. 3 energy in hand should result in 200 damage. Actual action: wonder flare did 1980 damage. I must point out the damage was always in the thousands which ever Pokemon I used but at some points I had the same energy in my hand but damage dealt was different.
  20. Hey! First time happened to me kinda weird thing, so decided to report. Bug is pretty to simple to explain. Shiftry ability "Leaf draw" just did not work properly (I did not received three cards), however I discard energy card. I have got log match copy (or is just copied to clipboard? ), but no idea where to find it. Search did not help me with that. So, if you would be kind and tell me where to find copy of last match, I would share it with you. Anyway, if it helps somehow. Exactly my last match was with that bug.
  21. I'm not sure how this card is still bugged half a year later. but it literally goes into play with an x on it, saying it has no effect. supposed to be +40 HP +10 dmg this has caused me to lose quite a few matches in the past. I would give you its expansion... but I'm not sure which one it is. its symbol its a black circle with 3 lines in it - meeting at the bottom center. PLEASE FIX
  22. So I noticed that after winning the daily ladder mystery box the reward printed "none". Nothing changed after the game ended. No tickets nor coins were added meaning it wasnt a visual bug. Anyone experienced the same thing?
  23. Today I was playing my Rock deck (decklist below) and fighting a psychic deck (not sure of its contents because I forgot to get the gamelog.) We both had to draw a mulligan so the game automatically reshuffled both of our cards into the deck. I was first so on the deck hand I manage to get a carbink down and a rockruff on the bench. It then asks me, if I want to draw a card for my opponents mulligan, however it tells me [27] no, yes or yes [27] instead of just one. Thinking it is just a text glitch I click the yes [27] and actually get 27 cards. Did the other person draw a mulligan 27 times while I only saw one? It seemed pretty instant to me (as in, we both drew one mulligan then both got a pokemon. His pokemon was was a Tapu lele-GX). However during our very short game because I got a full bench really fast, he didn't add any other pokemon to his bench so I would not rule it out. Here is a screenshot of my hand: http://imgur.com/a/kNpMz It might be related to this persons report although I thought I would post mine separately because 1 extra card is different from 27: http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/53786-new-mulligan-system-bug/ EDIT: ****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ****** ##Pokémon - 15 * 3 Carbink FAC 50 * 3 Rockruff GRI 73 * 3 Lycanroc-GX GRI 138 * 3 Sudowoodo GRI 66 * 3 Zygarde-EX PR-XY XY151 ##Trainer Cards - 33 * 1 Professor Sycamore STS 114 * 2 Switch HS 102 * 1 Brock's Grit EVO 74 * 1 Professor's Letter XY 123 * 1 Lillie SUM 122 * 2 Lysandre AOR 78 * 2 Scorched Earth PRC 138 * 3 Max Elixir BKP 102 * 1 Energy Retrieval SUM 116 * 3 N FAC 105 * 4 Choice Band GRI 121 * 4 Ultra Ball ROS 93 * 3 Professor Sycamore PHF 101 * 4 VS Seeker PHF 109 * 1 Professor Kukui SUM 128 ##Energy - 12 * 1 Strong Energy FAC 115 * 11 Fighting Energy Energy 6 Total Cards - 60 ****** Deck List Generated by the Pokémon TCG Online www.pokemon.com/TCGO ******
  24. macboy02

    Mimikyu Copycat Attack

    I was playing against a Darkrai EX deck. I attacked into the Darkrai EX with my Necrozma GX using its Prismatic Burst attack, which did 50 damage since I only had one Psychic and a DCE attached. My opponent then knocked out my active Necrozma GX with its Dark Pulse attack damage of 170. I brought my Mimikyu (GRI #58) active. I attached a 2nd Psychic energy to it and attacked using its Copycat attack (Copycat: If your opponent’s Pokémon used an attack that isn’t a GX attack during their last turn, use it as this attack.). I should have done 170 damage but the game only did 50 damage. It appears to have just copied the amount of damage I did and not what my opponent did to me. I wasn't able to grab a copy of the game log, unfortunately, to open a ticket. Anyone else have this happen to them?
  25. In a versus match (August 12), smeargle's ability (portrait) worked even though garbodor's garbotoxin should have been triggered. I had an eeleckit (evolution of tynamo) in play with ability (dynamo) that was unable to use it's ability. I think I had an keldeo ex (rush in) that also could not use it's ability. Therefore, I believe that the problem was unique to smeargle. I checked the forum and have not seen this listed as a new topic. Either way, I hope brought a problem to your attention, or at least additional detail to resolve the problem. Thank you.
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