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  1. Here is a log of the game: Game Log Output Begins Here: 1. ToxicLax flipped 0 coin(s), resulting in 0 heads and 0 tails, for Beginning of Game. 2. It is now CedricetMartin's turn (Turn #1). 3. ToxicLax drew Double Colorless Energy. 4. CedricetMartin drew a card. 5. ToxicLax drew Professor's Letter. 6. CedricetMartin drew a card. 7. ToxicLax drew Fighting Stadium. 8. CedricetMartin drew a card. 9. ToxicLax drew Fighting Stadium. 10. CedricetMartin drew a card. 11. ToxicLax drew Town Map. 12. CedricetMartin drew a card.
  2. Vaikari

    Full Art Korrina Bugged

    Hello, while I was completing my fighting challenge to evolve 10 fighting Pokemon, I stumbled upon a bug. Each time I play Korrina, it should let me search for a fighting Pokemon and an item. But it doesn't let me. It skips that part of the card. So Korrina is not working as it should be in the card's text. Earlier I saw a player playing a Korrina and they were able to get a Pokemon and an item. Trust me, I am not clicking the "done" button when I should be able to choose an item. It just ignores that part. I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but it is rather irritating consideri
  3. I forfeited 2 matches and the game went unresponsive for the 2 times I forfeited. I had to restart my game each time, is this a new thing? Or is just another bug in a slough of others
  4. Gogoat Blackstar Promos Nr. 16 Normal Version of TCG _______________________________________________________________ Push Down Plant Energy / Colourless Energy Your opponent switches his or her Active Pokémon with 1 of his or her Benched Pokémon. _______________________________________________________________ Forest Press Plant Energy / Colourless Energy / Colourless Energy Flip a coin for each Plant Energy attached to this Pokémon. This attack does 30 more damage for each heads. Cur
  5. This has been affecting my games for more than a few weeks and I haven't seen anything about it on here... I use the fury belt on Pokémon with more than 100 HP and every now and again it doesn't take any affect. I ***** fury belt on my Mega Gyarados EX, the EX got hit for 250 and it was taken out?! This has happened multiple times with multiple Pokémon.
  6. demmonkiller

    Bug en mazos

    Hola buenas tardes lo sieguiete que quiero explicar es que hoy jugue con mi mazo greninja break y al ocupar el ataque frogadier busque en mi mazo los demas frogadier y me parecio uno solo pero con numero 3 debajo de la carta y al seleccionar me aparecio uno solo y al siguiente turno me paso lo mismo tube que ir sacando frogadier por turnos y no por el ataque de frogadier que es buscar en la baraja asta tres frogadier ayuda por favor
  7. The game was working perfectly for me yesterday before the update, but today twice in a row when entering a match up (once in Versus and once in a Tournament) I get a blank screen, the frame for the game is still there, but the display area is blank, it shows a still shot of whatever was running behind it (desktop background etc.) I still have sound, but that's all.
  8. So, Pokemon just made a warning saying: "Got problms login, wait a minute and try". So, I got in. Suddenly... I have no decks!!!! All the 109 decks I had made had dissapeared along with the theme decks!!! I really don't know what's happening but I wish it gets fixed soon.
  9. SpectralNova

    M Gallade-EX Bug?

    Game Log Output Begins Here: 1. ????? flipped 0 coin(s), resulting in 0 heads and 0 tails, for Beginning of Game. 2. It is now SpectralNova's turn (Turn #1). 3. ????? drew a card. 4. SpectralNova drew Pokémon Fan Club. 5. ????? drew a card. 6. SpectralNova drew Lysandre. 7. ????? drew a card. 8. SpectralNova drew Team Flare Grunt. 9. ????? drew a card. 10. SpectralNova drew Cheren. 11. ????? drew a card. 12. SpectralNova drew Steven. 13. ????? drew a card. 14. SpectralNova drew Lysandre. 15. ????? drew a card. 16. SpectralNova
  10. This always happens to me that after a few moments I begin playing TGC my computer crashes!!! Can you please help, I really want to play the game please help From walterwater10
  11. takkashy

    Accelgore NDS

    When you have Shelmet active and evolve into Accelgor (Deck and Cover) the game freezes and your only otpion is END TURN. Please fix that <3
  12. I'm Level 5 in the game and I only have a choice between 2 challenges and can only do 1 per day. I read that once you hit 5 you can have 2 active challenges and complete them. Whenever I draw mystery energy I know it, because a blank card pops up, the game freezes for a few seconds, and the blank card only turns into mystery energy when I either play it or discard it.
  13. myndfr3ak


    Is there any way to implement some sort of punishment for conceding games in versus mode? Just to discourage people from quitting all the time. it makes it difficult to complete challenges when people just quit whenever they feel like it. I was thinking maybe a time limit to play again if they quit too many times in a row.
  14. TabmokLatrom

    Florges BREAK still unplayable

    Hello everbody. I just read, that the 3 BREAK Pokémon, that were disabled from play from about May 2nd were letar re-enabled; still I can't play at least 1 of them: Florges BREAK. If I look onto my decks, it still is stuck in “unlimited” which is, unfortunately, not allowed for standard “Player vs. Player” play. Could someone help me? What I can do to play with Florges BREAK. Here are cards in my decklist with Florges BREAK, just for sure, that no other card is from the unlimited sector: Pokémon: 4-4-4 Ralts-line (Ancient Origins) 3-3-1-2 Togepi-line (Roarign Skies) 3-3-2-2 Flabébé-
  15. Hi there, My brother seems to have an issue when playing tcgo on a pc (windows). Randomly when he attaches an energy to Accelgor DEX 11, he cannot do any other action (he's stuck) and have no other choice than to concede the game. I play often with a deck that contains the same card on my computer and never experienced such issue. Did you ever heard about something like that? Any idea how to fix that? Thank you in advance for your help. Falcom
  16. Pretty frustrating. I was using my fairy deck, and I used Geomancy with Xerneas, and after that everything started going heywire. I no longer could select my Pokemon to use attacks, no longer could attach energies, I could move cards around after they were put on the table, I couldn't use trainer cards, and they would teleport back to my hand when the timer runs out. I could still send messages though. I was gonna just leave it alone, but my opponent was unsportsmanlike so that made me wanna record it to submit it. I lost 4 tickets because of this, so hopefully it helps find whatever bug c
  17. Over the past couple days, the game has repeatedly crashed, and when I have been able to play, I will be in the middle of a match and suddenly lose connection with the server and/or the server becomes slow to the point of causing me to lose the match by time out. This is not a local internet nor computer problem because I have had this problem with many different internet connections and have used different computers. Additionally, I have talked to friends who also play TCGO and they have expressed this same sentiment about the servers being horribly slow or simply kicking them off. When I
  18. So I was playing someone on Versus and they played a "Trainer's Mail" and I immediately started getting a blinking wifi icon in the bottom right part of my screen. I just sat there for about 5 minutes waiting for my opponent to pick their cards. I was connected to the internet the whole time and still am. Anyway, after repeated 15 second countdown timers the game declared me the loser, likely due to inactivity. The thing is, though, that my opponent's card effect never actually completed and I was completely unable to do anything. I didn't disconnect and am still looking at the results screen
  19. When you uses the attacks Precious Ribbon you won't be asked if you like move one fairy energy, it forces to move and not heal SylveonEX. Solve it please.
  20. ************************* The game offered to let me take actions on the opponent's turn after not letting me take any actions on my turn. screenshot in case mods can view it, i know it will get censored.
  21. gundamrules

    Hoopa-EX bug?

    I usually record my games since I'm on video posting website but the one time i didn't something happens to me.I don't know, maybe im reading "ancient origins" Hoopa-EX ability wrong but here it is. Scoundrel Ring: When you play this Pokémon from your hand onto your Bench, you may search your deck for up to 3 Pokémon-EX (except for Hoopa-EX), reveal them, and put them into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward. Here is what happened.I wish I would had thought to have taken his name down in chase he is a hacker or used some bug in the game.I could be the wrong but never the less i should had
  22. In my last vs mode match I played a dark deck against my opponents fairy deck. I had a Muscle Band on my active Zoroark BREAK that faced up against a Mega Altaria EX. I copied its first attack for 100 damage - and thus the resistance of fairy vs dark but the added Muscle Band should equal each other for a straight 100 damage. Instead Zoroark BREAK only did 80 damage. I assume the resistance just overwrote the effect of Muscle Band which of course isn't right here.
  23. Torchic1993

    Evosoda card bug

    Every other time I use Evosoda in a battle, it shows no Pokémon and I end up discarding the card, this has happened on many different occasions.
  24. I was playing a match in vs just a few minutes ago, playing my Sableye lock deck vs a Trevenant Break deck. The opponent played a Trevenant to item lock me, but I played a Hexmaniac to disable the ability for a turn. The Hexmaniac's affect persisted for two additional turns, allowing me to still play item cards. Not sure if it was a Hexmaniac bug or Trevenant.
  25. azukola

    Trevenant Item Lock Bug

    I was playing my Trevenant deck and item lock was working fine at first but then my opponent used Hex Maniac and was able to play items after my turn ended and throughout the game... Game text below: Game Log Output Begins Here: 1. azukola flipped 0 coin(s), resulting in 0 heads and 0 tails, for Beginning of Game. 2. It is now fabiankeyra1's turn (Turn #1). 3. fabiankeyra1 drew a card. 4. azukola drew Lysandre. 5. fabiankeyra1 drew a card. 6. azukola drew Psychic Energy. 7. fabiankeyra1 drew a card. 8. azukola drew Psychic Energy. 9. fabiankeyra1 drew a card. 10. azukola drew Teammates. 11.
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