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Found 606 results

  1. I was in versus against a m sceptile/malamar-ex deck usisng my own mega sceptile deck. Now, mega sceptile ability prevents effects effects from abilities done to mega sceptile, including malamar ex's, however when an energy got attached because of mega sceptile's attack to malamar ex, my own mega sceptile was put to sleep. I was hoping to get this resolved because to my knowledge that shouldn't have happen.
  2. This is a new one to me, and I couldn't find anything about it in the Known Bugs thread, so here it goes. I was playing the despicable Trevenant Lock deck, and 3 different cards simply did not display pictures at all. The space for them to be there in my hand or on the playing field were there, but there was no image, distortion of background, anything. The three cards were: Gengar EX (Full Art if that matters), Dimension Valley (PhF), and Mystery Energy. This made it extremely hard to play, because I had no idea what I was trying to play at times.
  3. Ok this is the scenario, opponent has a Sigilyph with more than one tool on it. I play a Garbodor evolving a Trubbish that already has a Tool attached (I don't know if it breaks placing the Tool 2nd). I play the Garbodor and when the function is starting the game freezes. I can still talk in chat (and they can see it and reply to me) but I am unable to move as the Garbodor is just above the Trubbish in status as if it is waiting for the enemy to remove the tools but I never regain control. This is different to the interface bug I presume in the issues notes as there is no note of gamebreaking in it. It also means I cannot face toolbox with Garbodor (which it is designed to counter) as it will stop me from interacting with my game. I know links are not allowed usually but I believe this is helpful. I created a puush: puu DOT sh / q3aFz / 8aba57e56d Please let me know if this is against regulation but it is an annoying bug that has happened twice to me so far. The puush is a png of the status screen I have, later my Garbodor returned to my hand when my timer reached 0 for the turn (My timer for the game never changes and nor does my opponent). I assume it is because I lost. I am on Windows 10 PC with 8gig ram etc and I was running it at Fastest Performance Settings in Windowed of resolution 1280x960. I doubt any of the specs actually change anything I just thought I would show it isn't a problem with my end.
  4. For some reason the game log wouldn't save, but if I encounter it again, I will save it next time. When I was up against another player in a versus match, I had Jolteon out on the field as my active Pokémon and my opponent had Lugia (Fates Collide 78/124). I used Pin Missile on my opponents Lugia (3 heads, 1 tails) which did 60 damage (this could be a possible bug in itself as it doesn't seem Lugia's Pressure ability took away 20 damage) but shouldn't have Pin Missile done 120 damage due to weakness?
  5. Hi, I've just bought an in-game deck in the store but it is not showing in my deck list, thus impossible to use, but my tokens were subtracted, same thing happened last week when I won the Rhyhorn cards in the versus mode, it said i got them but they do not appear in my card collection. Of course I have tried to log in many times but nothing happens. What should I do?
  6. The game crashes on me constantly during either versus mode or tournaments while I'm in battle it happens no matter if I'm winning or losing its quite aggravating especially when trying to complete challenges and the game crashes on you every time you try to start a battle.
  7. madhatter060590

    android tablet bugs

    My game has been glitching in verse my starting hand was fine but no pokemon so when I redrew my hand and one card didn't show then again had to redraw my hand and only got four cards total and almost every game has crashed not only my app but my entire tablet this is the case in almost every mode in the game from trade too boosterpack openings then there is the crazy amount of data needed makes it almost pointless to even offer on mobile devices I had to delete all my apps to fit it on my tablet and it has filled my memory up to 97% there must be some way to compress some of the files and why is there no ingame support to report problems and conserns so those of us on mobile don't have to exit the app to report problems with the app I really like this app but there are so many issuse and when I see that most of the known problems on the list are just vizual problems and none of the issuses listed by the beta users...why that is why we are here to test and help fix problems but if you guys don't listen what's the point
  8. LegendofZapdos5

    Active Challenge is not working

    Hello Mods/Admin I was doing the fire champion fire challenge (Ko 12 pokemon with your fire types) I have been using my Entei/Shaymin deck and I have had several kos over the past few games but the kos are not being added up in the challenge bar after each game. Am I doing something wrong? do you have to ko fire type pokemon with fire types or do you only have to ko basic or evolution pokemon with fire types? I just wanted to report this bug. If I'm doing it wrong-Please let me know and I apologize for taking up your time. (Seeing as you are trying VERY VERY HARD to sort all the problems you have been encountering this week alone).
  9. In a legacy match recently, I was playing a deck with Garbotoxin Garbodor (Legendary Treasures 68/113). In the late game of the match, I had two Garbodors in play, with both having a Float Stone (BREAKthrough 137/162) attached. The text of Garbotoxin states that "If this Pokémon has a Pokemon Tool card attached to it, each Pokémon in play, in each player's hand, and in each player's discard pile has no Abilities (except for Garbotoxin)." However, with both Garbodor having a Float Stone attached, my opponent was able to use Blastoise's (Unleashed 13/95) Wash Out ability (It was listed as ability on the card when I was in the match)
  10. Very simply, only the default deck box shows up while in a match. This doesn't happen to any other boxes. Thanks!
  11. Barrahmut

    Bug at versus mode battle

    The game is always crashing/closing when i enter a versus battle.I can play every other mode of the game but sometimes the game crash after a short time of playing at versus . that way i will never end a game at versus mode . I only won 1 time because a player that I battle with gived up in the first round in the first oportunity. I would like to play versus battle because it give tresures and others good things and play it til the end of battle. I have planty of space in my tablet and i dont have any virus so it must be a bug. Please fix it the faster way possible so that i can play versus mode battle without it closing in the midle of the battle. My account in the game is Vaztiago90 and my player name is barrahmut.
  12. Cadyzilla

    versus legacy auto win bug?

    When I play in Versus and try to play a legacy deck, it will say victory before the coin is even flipped. This has happened 6 times in a row and I tried restarting the game. Then it counts for a win and the versus ladder goes up 10 points even though it didn't even make it past the coin flip. I don't know what is going on. Does not happen for any of the other deck categories in versus
  13. Here is a log of the game: Game Log Output Begins Here: 1. ToxicLax flipped 0 coin(s), resulting in 0 heads and 0 tails, for Beginning of Game. 2. It is now CedricetMartin's turn (Turn #1). 3. ToxicLax drew Double Colorless Energy. 4. CedricetMartin drew a card. 5. ToxicLax drew Professor's Letter. 6. CedricetMartin drew a card. 7. ToxicLax drew Fighting Stadium. 8. CedricetMartin drew a card. 9. ToxicLax drew Fighting Stadium. 10. CedricetMartin drew a card. 11. ToxicLax drew Town Map. 12. CedricetMartin drew a card. 13. ToxicLax drew VS Seeker. 14. CedricetMartin drew a card. 15. ToxicLax drew Fighting Energy. 16. CedricetMartin drew a card. 17. ToxicLax drew Cubone. 18. ToxicLax drew Regirock-EX. 19. ToxicLax drew Cubone. 20. ToxicLax drew Fighting Stadium. 21. ToxicLax drew Trainers' Mail. 22. ToxicLax drew N. 23. ToxicLax drew VS Seeker. 24. Regirock-EX became ToxicLax's new Active Pokémon. 25. ToxicLax put Cubone onto the Bench. 26. ToxicLax put Cubone onto the Bench. 27. CedricetMartin drew a card. 28. CedricetMartin drew a card. 29. CedricetMartin attached a Water Energy to Regice. 30. It is now ToxicLax's turn (Turn #2). 31. ToxicLax drew Marowak. 32. ToxicLax played Trainers' Mail. 33. ToxicLax drew AZ. 34. ToxicLax played Fighting Stadium. 35. ToxicLax played N. 36. ToxicLax drew Lucario-EX. 37. ToxicLax drew N. 38. ToxicLax drew Fighting Energy. 39. ToxicLax drew Fighting Energy. 40. ToxicLax drew VS Seeker. 41. ToxicLax drew Float Stone. 42. CedricetMartin drew a card. 43. CedricetMartin drew a card. 44. CedricetMartin drew a card. 45. CedricetMartin drew a card. 46. CedricetMartin drew a card. 47. CedricetMartin drew a card. 48. ToxicLax put Lucario-EX onto the Bench. 49. ToxicLax attached a Float Stone to Regirock-EX. 50. ToxicLax attached a Fighting Energy to Regirock-EX. 51. It is now CedricetMartin's turn (Turn #3). 52. CedricetMartin drew a card. 53. CedricetMartin played Tierno. 54. CedricetMartin drew a card. 55. CedricetMartin drew a card. 56. CedricetMartin drew a card. 57. CedricetMartin attached a Double Colorless Energy to Regice. 58. CedricetMartin played Dive Ball. 59. CedricetMartin drew Kyogre-EX. 60. CedricetMartin put Kyogre-EX onto the Bench. 61. CedricetMartin's Regice used Resistance Blizzard and did 70 damage to ToxicLax's Regirock-EX. 62. It is now ToxicLax's turn (Turn #4). 63. ToxicLax drew Heavy Ball. 64. ToxicLax attached a Fighting Energy to Cubone. 65. ToxicLax played N. 66. ToxicLax drew Power Memory. 67. ToxicLax drew Marowak. 68. ToxicLax drew Strong Energy. 69. ToxicLax drew AZ. 70. ToxicLax drew Zygarde-EX. 71. ToxicLax drew Professor's Letter. 72. CedricetMartin drew a card. 73. CedricetMartin drew a card. 74. CedricetMartin drew a card. 75. CedricetMartin drew a card. 76. CedricetMartin drew a card. 77. CedricetMartin drew a card. 78. ToxicLax put Marowak onto the Bench. 79. ToxicLax's Cubone evolved into Marowak. 80. ToxicLax put Zygarde-EX onto the Bench. 81. ToxicLax attached a Power Memory to Zygarde-EX. 82. It is now CedricetMartin's turn (Turn #5). 83. CedricetMartin drew a card. 84. CedricetMartin put Regice onto the Bench. 85. CedricetMartin put Mudkip onto the Bench. 86. CedricetMartin played Tierno. 87. CedricetMartin drew a card. 88. CedricetMartin drew a card. 89. CedricetMartin drew a card. 90. CedricetMartin attached a Water Energy to Regice. 91. CedricetMartin's Regice used Resistance Blizzard and did 70 damage to ToxicLax's Regirock-EX. 92. It is now ToxicLax's turn (Turn #6). 93. ToxicLax attached a Strong Energy to Marowak. 94. Marowak became ToxicLax's new Active Pokémon. 95. ToxicLax flipped 2 coin(s), resulting in 1 heads and 1 tails, for Bonemerang. 96. ToxicLax's Marowak used Bonemerang and did 90 damage to CedricetMartin's Regice. 97. It is now CedricetMartin's turn (Turn #7). 98. CedricetMartin drew a card. 99. CedricetMartin attached a Double Colorless Energy to Regice. 100. CedricetMartin played Pokémon Center Lady. 101. CedricetMartin's Regice healed for 60. 102. CedricetMartin's Regice used Resistance Blizzard and did 70 damage to ToxicLax's Marowak. 103. It is now ToxicLax's turn (Turn #8). 104. ToxicLax flipped 2 coin(s), resulting in 2 heads and 0 tails, for Bonemerang. 105. ToxicLax's Marowak used Bonemerang and did 150 damage to CedricetMartin's Regice. 106. CedricetMartin's Regice was Knocked Out. 107. ToxicLax took a Prize card. 108. Regice became CedricetMartin's new Active Pokémon. 109. It is now CedricetMartin's turn (Turn #9). 110. CedricetMartin drew a card. Game Log Output Ends Here Suddenly I was unable to draw cards from my deck but continue playing as normal I had to concede the game. Please help!
  14. Vaikari

    Full Art Korrina Bugged

    Hello, while I was completing my fighting challenge to evolve 10 fighting Pokemon, I stumbled upon a bug. Each time I play Korrina, it should let me search for a fighting Pokemon and an item. But it doesn't let me. It skips that part of the card. So Korrina is not working as it should be in the card's text. Earlier I saw a player playing a Korrina and they were able to get a Pokemon and an item. Trust me, I am not clicking the "done" button when I should be able to choose an item. It just ignores that part. I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but it is rather irritating considering the fact, nearly every fighting deck runs Korrina. Grabbing only one Pokemon is like using a dive ball for fighting Pokemon and wasting my supporter for the turn. :/ Not very fun.... EDIT: This happens in deck manager when I play test with Korrina too.
  15. I forfeited 2 matches and the game went unresponsive for the 2 times I forfeited. I had to restart my game each time, is this a new thing? Or is just another bug in a slough of others
  16. Gogoat Blackstar Promos Nr. 16 Normal Version of TCG _______________________________________________________________ Push Down Plant Energy / Colourless Energy Your opponent switches his or her Active Pokémon with 1 of his or her Benched Pokémon. _______________________________________________________________ Forest Press Plant Energy / Colourless Energy / Colourless Energy Flip a coin for each Plant Energy attached to this Pokémon. This attack does 30 more damage for each heads. Current Ingame Version of Gogoat _______________________________________________________________ Push Down Fairy Energy / Colourless Energy Your opponent switches his or her Active Pokémon with 1 of his or her Benched Pokémon. _______________________________________________________________ Forest Press Fairy Energy / Colourless Energy / Colourless Energy Flip a coin for each Plant Energy attached to this Pokémon. This attack does 30 more damage for each heads. _______________________________________________________________________ As you can see the requirements are Wrong Just had a Game where my enemy played this card - it's only a visual issue. Gameplay behaves like it's intended. Don't know if you can use moves with fairy energy ?! Visual Bug - Displays Fairytype Energy as Move Costs.
  17. This has been affecting my games for more than a few weeks and I haven't seen anything about it on here... I use the fury belt on Pokémon with more than 100 HP and every now and again it doesn't take any affect. I ***** fury belt on my Mega Gyarados EX, the EX got hit for 250 and it was taken out?! This has happened multiple times with multiple Pokémon.
  18. demmonkiller

    Bug en mazos

    Hola buenas tardes lo sieguiete que quiero explicar es que hoy jugue con mi mazo greninja break y al ocupar el ataque frogadier busque en mi mazo los demas frogadier y me parecio uno solo pero con numero 3 debajo de la carta y al seleccionar me aparecio uno solo y al siguiente turno me paso lo mismo tube que ir sacando frogadier por turnos y no por el ataque de frogadier que es buscar en la baraja asta tres frogadier ayuda por favor
  19. The game was working perfectly for me yesterday before the update, but today twice in a row when entering a match up (once in Versus and once in a Tournament) I get a blank screen, the frame for the game is still there, but the display area is blank, it shows a still shot of whatever was running behind it (desktop background etc.) I still have sound, but that's all.
  20. masteroflyf

    What's going on with decks?!

    So, Pokemon just made a warning saying: "Got problms login, wait a minute and try". So, I got in. Suddenly... I have no decks!!!! All the 109 decks I had made had dissapeared along with the theme decks!!! I really don't know what's happening but I wish it gets fixed soon.
  21. SpectralNova

    M Gallade-EX Bug?

    Game Log Output Begins Here: 1. ????? flipped 0 coin(s), resulting in 0 heads and 0 tails, for Beginning of Game. 2. It is now SpectralNova's turn (Turn #1). 3. ????? drew a card. 4. SpectralNova drew Pokémon Fan Club. 5. ????? drew a card. 6. SpectralNova drew Lysandre. 7. ????? drew a card. 8. SpectralNova drew Team Flare Grunt. 9. ????? drew a card. 10. SpectralNova drew Cheren. 11. ????? drew a card. 12. SpectralNova drew Steven. 13. ????? drew a card. 14. SpectralNova drew Lysandre. 15. ????? drew a card. 16. SpectralNova drew VS Seeker. 17. ????? drew a card. 18. ????? drew a card. 19. ????? drew a card. 20. ????? drew a card. 21. ????? drew a card. 22. ????? drew a card. 23. ????? drew a card. 24. SpectralNova drew Shaymin-EX. 25. SpectralNova drew Psychic Energy. 26. SpectralNova drew Mewtwo Spirit Link. 27. SpectralNova drew Psychic Energy. 28. SpectralNova drew Acro Bike. 29. SpectralNova drew Acro Bike. 30. SpectralNova drew Psychic Energy. 31. Shaymin-EX became SpectralNova's new Active Pokémon. 32. SpectralNova drew Cheren. 33. SpectralNova played Acro Bike. 34. SpectralNova drew Enhanced Hammer. 35. SpectralNova played Acro Bike. 36. SpectralNova drew Cheren. 37. SpectralNova played Cheren. 38. SpectralNova drew Double Colorless Energy. 39. SpectralNova drew Ultra Ball. 40. SpectralNova drew VS Seeker. 41. SpectralNova played Ultra Ball. 42. SpectralNova drew Hoopa-EX. 43. SpectralNova put Hoopa-EX onto the Bench. 44. SpectralNova's Hoopa-EX used its Scoundrel Ring Ability. 45. SpectralNova drew Mewtwo-EX. 46. SpectralNova drew M Mewtwo-EX. 47. SpectralNova put Mewtwo-EX onto the Bench. 48. SpectralNova attached a Mewtwo Spirit Link to Mewtwo-EX. 49. SpectralNova attached a Psychic Energy to Shaymin-EX. 50. It is now ?????'s turn (Turn #2). 51. ????? drew a card. 52. ????? put Gallade-EX onto the Bench. 53. ????? attached a Fighting Fury Belt to Phantump. 54. ????? played Dimension Valley. 55. ????? attached a Lucky Helmet to Gallade-EX. 56. ?????'s Phantump used its Ascension attack. 57. ????? attached a Fighting Fury Belt to Trevenant. 58. ?????'s Phantump evolved into Trevenant. 59. It is now SpectralNova's turn (Turn #3). 60. SpectralNova drew Pokémon Center Lady. 61. SpectralNova put M Mewtwo-EX onto the Bench. 62. SpectralNova attached a Mewtwo Spirit Link to M Mewtwo-EX. 63. SpectralNova's Mewtwo-EX evolved into M Mewtwo-EX. 64. SpectralNova played Cheren. 65. SpectralNova drew Lysandre. 66. SpectralNova drew Pokémon Center Lady. 67. SpectralNova drew Cheren. 68. SpectralNova attached a Double Colorless Energy to M Mewtwo-EX. 69. M Mewtwo-EX became SpectralNova's new Active Pokémon. 70. SpectralNova's M Mewtwo-EX used Psychic Infinity and did 70 damage to ?????'s Trevenant. 71. It is now ?????'s turn (Turn #4). 72. ????? drew a card. 73. ????? attached a Psychic Energy to Gallade-EX. 74. ????? put M Gallade-EX onto the Bench. 75. ????? attached a Lucky Helmet to M Gallade-EX. 76. ?????'s Gallade-EX evolved into M Gallade-EX. 77. It is now SpectralNova's turn (Turn #5). 78. SpectralNova drew Ultra Ball. 79. SpectralNova attached a Psychic Energy to M Mewtwo-EX. 80. SpectralNova played Cheren. 81. SpectralNova drew Psychic Energy. 82. SpectralNova drew Psychic Energy. 83. SpectralNova drew Cheren. 84. It is now ?????'s turn (Turn #6). 85. ????? drew a card. 86. It is now SpectralNova's turn (Turn #7). 87. SpectralNova drew Ultra Ball. 88. SpectralNova attached a Psychic Energy to M Mewtwo-EX. 89. SpectralNova played Lysandre. 90. M Gallade-EX became ?????'s new Active Pokémon. 91. SpectralNova's M Mewtwo-EX used Psychic Infinity and did 160 damage to ?????'s M Gallade-EX. 92. ????? drew a card. 93. ????? drew a card. 94. It is now ?????'s turn (Turn #8). 95. ????? drew a card. 96. ????? attached a Mystery Energy to M Gallade-EX. 97. ????? played Pokémon Center Lady. 98. ?????'s M Gallade-EX healed for 60. 99. ?????'s M Gallade-EX used Unwavering Blade and did 220 damage to SpectralNova's M Mewtwo-EX. 100. SpectralNova's M Mewtwo-EX was Knocked Out. 101. ????? took a Prize card. 102. ????? took a Prize card. 103. Hoopa-EX became SpectralNova's new Active Pokémon. 104. It is now SpectralNova's turn (Turn #9). 105. SpectralNova drew Misty's Determination. 106. It is now ?????'s turn (Turn #10). 107. ????? drew a card. 108. ????? played Pokémon Center Lady. 109. ?????'s M Gallade-EX healed for 60. Game Log Output Ends Here There was no stadium card in play, or pokemon tool, OR pokemon ability that negated weaknesses or resistances, but the mega gallade took regular damage from my mega mewtwo while he dished out x2, both pokemon have psychic as their weakness so why did this happen? if I am missing something please let me know.
  22. Walterwater10

    My computer crashes when I play TCG

    This always happens to me that after a few moments I begin playing TGC my computer crashes!!! Can you please help, I really want to play the game please help From walterwater10
  23. takkashy

    Accelgore NDS

    When you have Shelmet active and evolve into Accelgor (Deck and Cover) the game freezes and your only otpion is END TURN. Please fix that <3

    Mystery Energy and Challenges

    I'm Level 5 in the game and I only have a choice between 2 challenges and can only do 1 per day. I read that once you hit 5 you can have 2 active challenges and complete them. Whenever I draw mystery energy I know it, because a blank card pops up, the game freezes for a few seconds, and the blank card only turns into mystery energy when I either play it or discard it.
  25. myndfr3ak


    Is there any way to implement some sort of punishment for conceding games in versus mode? Just to discourage people from quitting all the time. it makes it difficult to complete challenges when people just quit whenever they feel like it. I was thinking maybe a time limit to play again if they quit too many times in a row.
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