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  1. GrewupGeek

    Card Effects Not Working

    Hey, ever since the last upgrade, some of my cards aren't working completely, mainly the effects from abilities or attacks don't activate like they are supposed to. Like for example, when I play Aegislash or Altaria, their abilities to remove weakness never activates once when put onto the field. And when it comes to playing Jirachi, the one I use has the move Doom Desire, which knocks out my opponents active pokemon at the end of their next turn, yet the opponents pokemon is still in play, and I wasted a couple of energy cards. And this isn't from another pokemon ability to cancel other ab
  2. Mega_Mewthree

    Sylveon Wonder Energy Glitch

    When Sylveon used it Curling Ribbon attack on my Xerneas Break which had a Wonder Energy attached, it was able to move my energy off of it.
  3. I would like to report a bug related to Talonflame. Playing a game today versus, he came in my hand and could not start with him even though he had the ability, if you come in my initial hand, I can put it in the field. Please find attached a photo with the bug. Thank you.
  4. Server Version: Client Version: XY: Basic Green Deck Simisage's Torment effect doesn't work after attacking and being knocked out from Chesnaught's Spiky Sheild abililty. Chesnaught is able to use Touchdown, it's only attack, on the new active Pokemon the next turn. So here's what happened in-game: ... Both players are using the XY: Basic Green Deck Player 1 active Pokemon: Simisage (with 60 damage counters) Player 2 active Pokemon: Chesnaught Player 1 turn: Simisage(30HP left) uses Torment on Chesnaught. Player 1 selects Chesnaught's Touc
  5. I was testing out the new Steam Siege theme decks. I had already played ninja boy a previous turn. On my field was Hawlucha. Every time a tool would be played I would get a prompt asking if I wanted to switch my opponents Pokemon. This happened in 3 different games.
  6. Both of us only have active pokemon. After I defeated the enemy's active pokemon, the game doesn't progress. The game still runs but the timers are stopped. I could still look at the cards and go to the menu but it doesn't proceed to the victory screen. It also shows that my prize cards reduced by 1, but I didn't see the card go to my hand or anything. I can't concede as well so I have to close the game... Anyone else bump into this problem? This is really frustrating it already happened to me a lot of times
  7. Basically when I was playing a versus match, I had sky field out and 6 Pokemon on my Bench and then my opponent played a Parallel City with the side limiting an opponent to 3 Pokemon in the Bench facing me. I was then prompted to discard Pokemon and it only had me discard until I had 5 on my Bench, and that was it, I just played with 5 on my Bench... I have a picture but I do not know where to put it.
  8. Hi, I want to report some noticed issue about Tauros and Regice. Both have issues about their second attack. Tauros: You don't throw the corretly number for the attached energy on Tauros. Regice: Regice prevents damage and effects by all pokemon. Not by Pokemon-EX which is written on the card. I am sorry for my bad grammar etc.
  9. When i have used supporter cards the require you ton hit "done" after selecting cards ito freezes on me not allowing me to finish my turn causing me to lose on a few occasions very frustrating. Please fix. Sincerely MrMcgriddles
  10. Hello, I have been experiencing a game bug that freezes the game. It happened to me twice already on VS battle, the most recent one being 10 minutes ago. I have a daily challenge to KO 16 Pokémon using Darkness type... and I was about to lose the battle. When my Opponent took the last prize card, the game froze. Timers stopped for both players. I could not even Concede, so the only way out was to exit the game (force-close it). Other than that, it did not count the 3 Pokémon KO'd using my Darkness type Pokémon when I logged back in. Please take a look into this. Thank you.
  11. I just had a game where my first Yanmega BREAK had a muscle band on it and so Manectric-EX was able to use Assault Laser and deal 120 damage. But the next few turns the opponents Manectric-EX was able to deal out 120 damage with Assault Laser when my Yanmega BREAK and Yanmega didn't have any tool cards attached to them. I'm not sure if this is an old problem with Manectric-EX or an new one with the new Yanmega and the Yanmega BREAK cards. It could be like with that stadium card that added to retreats but the effect was still there if removed but with my tool cards. I will be emailing the e
  12. mrpowell051043

    Shadow Circle does not work.

    When I use my Shadow Circle Stadium it does not ever stop my weakness. All of my Darkness Pokemon are still weak to whomever they had been weak to.
  13. Me and my friends have ben playing this game for very long, now we are having this issue and I decided to post a topic here for all of us. This bug appeared after steam siege update yesterday! It's very annoying and impossible to play! When you search your deck for a card, (using the effect of any card, like Professor's letter, Skyla, Pokemon Fanclub, anything similar), the mouse wheel doesn't work properly! If you spin it very fast like crazy it only works sometimes for a short distance, then stops somewhere again. BEFORE the update (I've been playing for 3 or 4 months) it always worked per
  14. I was in versus against a m sceptile/malamar-ex deck usisng my own mega sceptile deck. Now, mega sceptile ability prevents effects effects from abilities done to mega sceptile, including malamar ex's, however when an energy got attached because of mega sceptile's attack to malamar ex, my own mega sceptile was put to sleep. I was hoping to get this resolved because to my knowledge that shouldn't have happen.
  15. This is a new one to me, and I couldn't find anything about it in the Known Bugs thread, so here it goes. I was playing the despicable Trevenant Lock deck, and 3 different cards simply did not display pictures at all. The space for them to be there in my hand or on the playing field were there, but there was no image, distortion of background, anything. The three cards were: Gengar EX (Full Art if that matters), Dimension Valley (PhF), and Mystery Energy. This made it extremely hard to play, because I had no idea what I was trying to play at times.
  16. Ok this is the scenario, opponent has a Sigilyph with more than one tool on it. I play a Garbodor evolving a Trubbish that already has a Tool attached (I don't know if it breaks placing the Tool 2nd). I play the Garbodor and when the function is starting the game freezes. I can still talk in chat (and they can see it and reply to me) but I am unable to move as the Garbodor is just above the Trubbish in status as if it is waiting for the enemy to remove the tools but I never regain control. This is different to the interface bug I presume in the issues notes as there is no note of gameb
  17. For some reason the game log wouldn't save, but if I encounter it again, I will save it next time. When I was up against another player in a versus match, I had Jolteon out on the field as my active Pokémon and my opponent had Lugia (Fates Collide 78/124). I used Pin Missile on my opponents Lugia (3 heads, 1 tails) which did 60 damage (this could be a possible bug in itself as it doesn't seem Lugia's Pressure ability took away 20 damage) but shouldn't have Pin Missile done 120 damage due to weakness?
  18. Hi, I've just bought an in-game deck in the store but it is not showing in my deck list, thus impossible to use, but my tokens were subtracted, same thing happened last week when I won the Rhyhorn cards in the versus mode, it said i got them but they do not appear in my card collection. Of course I have tried to log in many times but nothing happens. What should I do?
  19. The game crashes on me constantly during either versus mode or tournaments while I'm in battle it happens no matter if I'm winning or losing its quite aggravating especially when trying to complete challenges and the game crashes on you every time you try to start a battle.
  20. madhatter060590

    android tablet bugs

    My game has been glitching in verse my starting hand was fine but no pokemon so when I redrew my hand and one card didn't show then again had to redraw my hand and only got four cards total and almost every game has crashed not only my app but my entire tablet this is the case in almost every mode in the game from trade too boosterpack openings then there is the crazy amount of data needed makes it almost pointless to even offer on mobile devices I had to delete all my apps to fit it on my tablet and it has filled my memory up to 97% there must be some way to compress some of the files and why
  21. LegendofZapdos5

    Active Challenge is not working

    Hello Mods/Admin I was doing the fire champion fire challenge (Ko 12 pokemon with your fire types) I have been using my Entei/Shaymin deck and I have had several kos over the past few games but the kos are not being added up in the challenge bar after each game. Am I doing something wrong? do you have to ko fire type pokemon with fire types or do you only have to ko basic or evolution pokemon with fire types? I just wanted to report this bug. If I'm doing it wrong-Please let me know and I apologize for taking up your time. (Seeing as you are trying VERY VERY HARD to sort all the pr
  22. In a legacy match recently, I was playing a deck with Garbotoxin Garbodor (Legendary Treasures 68/113). In the late game of the match, I had two Garbodors in play, with both having a Float Stone (BREAKthrough 137/162) attached. The text of Garbotoxin states that "If this Pokémon has a Pokemon Tool card attached to it, each Pokémon in play, in each player's hand, and in each player's discard pile has no Abilities (except for Garbotoxin)." However, with both Garbodor having a Float Stone attached, my opponent was able to use Blastoise's (Unleashed 13/95) Wash Out ability (It was listed as abi
  23. Very simply, only the default deck box shows up while in a match. This doesn't happen to any other boxes. Thanks!
  24. Barrahmut

    Bug at versus mode battle

    The game is always crashing/closing when i enter a versus battle.I can play every other mode of the game but sometimes the game crash after a short time of playing at versus . that way i will never end a game at versus mode . I only won 1 time because a player that I battle with gived up in the first round in the first oportunity. I would like to play versus battle because it give tresures and others good things and play it til the end of battle. I have planty of space in my tablet and i dont have any virus so it must be a bug. Please fix it the faster way possible so that i can play versus mo
  25. Cadyzilla

    versus legacy auto win bug?

    When I play in Versus and try to play a legacy deck, it will say victory before the coin is even flipped. This has happened 6 times in a row and I tried restarting the game. Then it counts for a win and the versus ladder goes up 10 points even though it didn't even make it past the coin flip. I don't know what is going on. Does not happen for any of the other deck categories in versus
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