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  1. I noticed this morning that when I win a match in versus mode and the wheel spins for the bonus mystery box prizes, the wheel will land on an unredeemed box, but when I'm taken back to the versus mode page, I never receive my mystery prize.
  2. Hi, i have a problems with playing the game, after last update. For example i played a versus game with my legacy deck. I clicked on play, then the game connected me with random player, but after few seconds, when the game started, it wrote me: winner and sent me back to main versus game page. I think this isnt something special, but it happens mybe 10 times in row. After this 10 attempts to play a game, I finally started to play with some player. I had well played and i had only 2-3 price card remaining and my oponent has more then me. (I think it was 5.) So I was very suprised when I saw t
  3. While playing multiple different decks involving Battle Compressor (Phantom Forces 92), while in the process of selecting cards to discard, I am unable to check my discard pile apart from right clicking on the top card and getting a zoomed in view of that single card. Additionally, when receiving a mystery box from the Versus wheel, what you receive from the mystery box does not immediately pop up if you receive a tournament ticket. While you can check what you got by going to notifications and clicking the "Products Opened" alert, I just thought this was something you should know. Tha
  4. Client: 1152 At the beginning of a recent Versus Theme match, after the intro screen, when the playmat came up, the notification "Please wait for your opponent to load the game" came up, then after a minute or so... DEFEAT! The recap of the game said I had lost because I had run out of time. I'm guessing it must have been my turn to call the coin toss to see who goes first. Though the coin and choice of Heads or Tails never was displayed. This has happened once or twice in the past, in other builds, so hopefully it is a known issue. It doesn't show up in the list for known bu
  5. Dajreck

    VS-Matches don´t start

    There seems to be a problem with the Versus Matches. Three matches in a row now, it says that the opponent can´t load the game. In the first match i won after a forfeit after 15 minutes. In the second match the opponent forfeited after 1 minutes and 30 seconds. The third match I seemed to forfeit, although I didnt do it. Now its the fourth match where the same thing is happening.
  6. Dajreck

    Walkover timer

    This is not strictly a bug, but I know that alot of people experience this. Now I am waiting for my opponent to load the game. It has been 5 minutes since my game loaded into the game screen. On reddit people report to have waited a solid 15 minutes. Maybe the timer for walkover / forfeit should be 2 or 3 minutes. That way players don´t have to waste 15-20 minutes. I can always forfeit the match myself, but why should the players that don´t seem able to load the game benefit from this?
  7. Hi there, I use the above card (Sigilyph) in my main deck. Now it's first move Reflecting Shield is meant to put 5 damage counters onto the ATTACKING pokemon if it's attack or even knocked out. But for some reason it instead puts 5 Damage Counters on itself? Could someone make whoever needs to aware of this problem. Thanks Jackisarnie
  8. sterlingW

    BUG REPORT - 2.39

    BUG REPORT - 2.39 Gameplay The Mystery Box Pop Up need be shown again because the notification sometimes does not even appear. After Knocking out a pokemon animation stalls causing extended waiting time this need be fixed to ensure no animation stall. Attaching Energy the animation stall causing extended gameplay time. These animations bugs that slow our gameplay down need to be fixed. (Is not our computer) Cards Dangerous Energy [All Set] is bugged. The Damages does not work when a EX hits a Dark Pokemon attached with Dangerous Energy. This need to be fixed asap as
  9. ​Hey, ​mir ist es nun das dritte Mal passiert, dass ich die Poke-Ausrüstung Kampfgeistgürtel ​(+40Kp, +10 Angriff) an einer aktiven Karte angelegt habe und die Karte einfach ignoriert wurde, sprich die 40 zusätzlichen KP nicht mit berechnet wurden oder meine Angriffe keinen erhöhten Schaden machten. Alle drei Spiele deswegen verloren.
  10. masteroflyf

    Magearna-EX issues

    I've been excited by Magearna's ability, It's useful but it has some severe issues. First Magearna's Skill: "Prevent all effects of your opponent's attacks, except for damage, done to each of your pokemon that has any metal energy attached to it (Existing effects are not removed)" So, Honedge "Metal Sound" attack should have left my opponent confused. I only had Magearna-EX and Honedge in play, my opponent had no Magearna-EX. However, my "Metal Sound" had no effect (displayed in the animation). Then, Lucky Helmet affects ME when I receive damage. This effect is not trige
  11. UnlimitedProf

    Pichu Card Not Working Properly

    For some reason, when Pichu uses his Playground attack, it only allows both players to put up to 3 Pokemon on the bench when the card clearly says as many as we both want. This used to fill up to the whole bench like it should. This must be a bug. Can this be fixed? Thanks!
  12. I've been using Weavile's Tear Away ability on spirit links without any problem but when i tried to remove a Bent Spoon I got a "fail animation" (there was no Hex Maniac or Garbodor in play). The Bent Spoon should only prevent from the effects of the opponent's pokemon attack but not any abilities. I hope this will have been fixed by the time a new update is released. Thanks in advance
  13. 2 times i have made Rayquazza active in play its ended the game in defeat strait away i had full bench with garados +6 water and embor 4fire and one water and rayquazza too with one of each energy knowing id be able to attach a 3ird i played him in then the game ended in me being defeated ???? saying i had no card to play like ive got no pokemon left i had 3 prize cards opponant had 4 ? im sorry but whos winning ? he had a eve in play and on bench ???? guys more faults now since the server went down really appreciate what you guys do but cmon? also fighiting fury belt +40 hp on Garados
  14. Antarem

    Eelektross energy bug

    which card: Zapplarang holopgraphic with the ability (couldnt find the nr after searching) what: attacking with electricannon and using the chance of +50 extra damage takes all electric energy away instead of just 1 how it is said in the text. to which card: Hariyama not holographic with the attack fake out client version:
  15. I was playing with a Metal Toolbox Deck in expanded against what looked like the Mega Audino deck that won the world championships. I had a Genesect EX (Fates Collide #120) against a Mega Audino (Fates Collide 85) and attached to my Genesect I had a Float Stone (Breakthrough 137). I tried to use the Drive Change on my turn and it allowed me to click Drive Change (no Hex maniac or other ability disruption had occurred) and the card just shook like cards do when a move doesn't do anything, and the float stone stayed on the Genesect. Next turn, I retreated my genesect to my bench, tried to drive
  16. I posted this in the game feedback section originally, where I was told that this in fact a bug related to the card, so I have reposted it here.. So I played a game against this guy that was running a Spiritomb in his deck... But it was unlike any other card I had ever seen before. Basically it had an ability that allowed it to move damage counters from the enemies pokemon to other pokemon as many times as it wanted, even if the counters they moved onto a pokemon knocked it out, they would still be able to move damage counters from that knocked out pokemon to other pokemon as long as they
  17. Darty17

    Basic Green deck missing

    Hello, In versus mode, I can no longer select the BAsic Green deck - it does not appear in my list of decks.
  18. x-Z-IE-R-O-x

    Float Stone Bug

    Attaching a Float Stone to my active Pokemon will sometimes result in a Game crash where both timers stop and I cant do anything but concede or close the App
  19. XenonHacks

    Are the servers down?

    I started playing this game about an hour ago, im on my 5th match and the game freezes on me so I closed the client, but now when I try to log in to continue the match it says loading data from the server please wait and and finishes but then just does nothing and shows this ********************* uninstalling and clearing my registry does nothing.
  20. **************************
  21. My active was Zoroark Break and my opponent's was Greninja Break (sleep). I used Foul Play to do Shadow Stitching twice on Greninja without a problem. Then Greninja woke up and used Shadow Stitching on Zoroark. On my turn, when I used Foul Play it just fizzled and I did not get the option to choose one of Greninja's attack. It looked to me like Shadow Stitching stopped Foul Play. It should not have happened since Foul Play was an attack and not an ability. Below is part of the log. Let me know if Dev needs the full log. Compare #159 (successful Foul Play to Shado
  22. Just got out of a battle with my Psychic deck, which uses Grumpig (**** 31/124.) Used Head Walking, which should raise a Power Gem Carbink from the discard pile, and it did. BUT the 30 damage counters went on Grumpig, instead of the target Pokemon! I have the log saved, if that will help. I will play more games and teast head-walking. Thank you, ZevKyogre
  23. Mega_Mewthree

    Sylveon Wonder Energy Glitch

    When Sylveon used it Curling Ribbon attack on my Xerneas Break which had a Wonder Energy attached, it was able to move my energy off of it.
  24. I would like to report a bug related to Talonflame. Playing a game today versus, he came in my hand and could not start with him even though he had the ability, if you come in my initial hand, I can put it in the field. Please find attached a photo with the bug. Thank you.
  25. GrewupGeek

    Card Effects Not Working

    Hey, ever since the last upgrade, some of my cards aren't working completely, mainly the effects from abilities or attacks don't activate like they are supposed to. Like for example, when I play Aegislash or Altaria, their abilities to remove weakness never activates once when put onto the field. And when it comes to playing Jirachi, the one I use has the move Doom Desire, which knocks out my opponents active pokemon at the end of their next turn, yet the opponents pokemon is still in play, and I wasted a couple of energy cards. And this isn't from another pokemon ability to cancel other ab
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