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  1. This is a difficult bug to describe. Okay, so I'm playing Ancient Trait Fearow Promo XY57. This has the Ancient Trait that I can evolve it from Spearow the turn that I play Spearow. This is irrelevant to the bug, as far as I know. My opponent was playing Ancient Trait Articuno from Roaring Skies. This has the Ancient Trait that it can take one extra prize when it takes a knockout. Fearow already had some damage on it. So did Articuno. I gave Fearow a Bursting Balloon. Articuno knocked out Fearow, but I also knocked out Articuno with the damage from the balloon. The bug her
  2. Dear All, I just recently experienced today a bug wherein after reaching over 2000 versus points, I didn't get the Full Art Pokemon Center Lady which supposed to be the reward. Has anyone also experienced this problem? Please help me out regarding this matter. - Jeremy
  3. If someone can show me how to post an image, I would welcome it. In any case, I played a game against a deck with a BKP Trevenant with the "Nervous Seed" ability. In spite of the fact that Hex Maniac was not played and there were no ability lockdowns from Garbador, I'm at a loss for how this could have happen
  4. LantisHero

    Victini EX - Suicune

    When using Victini EX atack, Turbo Energize, to put energy cards on Suicune with Ability Safeguard, the energy cards went directly to the discard pile, I do not know if it is a bug or is the ability, because is the first time it happens
  5. Good day everyone! I am new to this game,currently at level 0. I am trying to clear the first challenge,which is "win 1 match with a theme deck that contains water Pokemon." I created a deck with full water pokemons,and enter "versus" and win players. However,there is totally no progression at all,showing 0/1. Tried win one more match,and its still the same. Can i know what's the problem with this? Save me!
  6. Every time i start a Versus match it says opponent Won thanks for Watching. Anyone else? EDIT: Only effected on one deck, they deck list is posted below, but on the preview screen there is 61 cards, the last is unknown? ****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ****** ##Pokémon - 16 * 1 Hawlucha STS 97 * 4 Xerneas BKT 107 * 1 Diglett EVO 55 * 1 Vulpix PRC 20 * 1 Ninetales PRC 21 * 1 Galvantula STS 42 * 2 Joltik STS 41 * 1 Mew *** 29 * 2 Remoraid BKT 32 * 2 Octillery BKT 33 ##Trainer Cards - 32 * 2 Escape Rope PLS 120 * 2 Trainers' Mail RO
  7. GrumpyLover

    Sudden loss of control

    I was in a versus match. The game was going normally (saddest part, I was winning) and then I tried playing a trainer card. I was waiting for the window to pop up so I can choose the card I wanted to add to my hand. However the window never showed up. I couldn't do anything until my turn ended. The time and the smiley face chat was going normally and the opponent didn't seem to have any problems. This happened every turn after that. I tried placing energies, pokemon, trainer card but it didn't do anything and returned to my hand when my turn automatically ended. So far this didn't happen t
  8. Lonelyricist

    Cofagrigus - Damagriigus

    HELP!!... Does anyone know why when I try to use the damagriigus attack with cofagrigus on the online TCG it won't work?.. I tried to use this to swap 160 damage from my mewtwo EX to the opponents active pokemon but it seems to not work. The card doesn't say it doesn't work for EX pokemon yet the coding seems to not do it for any of my EX pokemon.. It's ruining my deck and would like to know if anyone else has had the same problem? Thankyou
  9. I waited for my opponent to load into a versus match the game timed out at 1 minute and 53 seconds of game play time. It was declared that I ran out of time and had lost even though I was ready a waiting for my opponent. I feel me loosing because the opponent did not load in is wrong.
  10. Passed the Chandelure evolution line rewards for current ladder and did not receive them in collection.
  11. I completed the challenge in versus mode and scored over 2000 points and did not receive the 2000 score card. In the game it appears as if I had won, but it does not appear in my collection, nor did I get the animation I won the card when I completed the necessary points. I took a print from the screen, if necessary I can send it later. I await the solution. Best regards JuarezFilho
  12. I'm currently at 880 Versus Ladder points. I didn't get my Genesect-EX reward at 690 versus ladder points YET I got my Rare Holo Chest at 820 versus ladder points. When I looked at my collection, 1 Genesect-EX was missing. So I check for any other missing stuff on my collection. When I looked at the "packs" tab, I lost 1 tradable steam siege pack. Please help me.
  13. pkrsgenome

    Pokemon TCGO Bug

    I'm currently at 880 Versus Ladder points. I didn't get my Genesect-EX reward at 690 versus ladder points yet I got my Rare Holo Chest at 820 versus ladder points. When I looked at my collection, 1 Genesect-EX was missing. So I check for any other missing stuff on my collection. When I looked at the "packs" tab, I lost 1 tradable steam siege pack. Please help me.
  14. Popeybudin

    Vs reward missing

    I didn't get my 4 chest reward from the vs reward ladder, two days going three and nothing
  15. ZenoV2

    Reward not received

    I did not receive 5 boosters of the reward Versus (1670v + 2 packs won previously and 2 confine how is it made ? And do you can repair that ?
  16. I already filed my ticket, but yet I'm still curious about a potential bug... Has everyone else encountered an inability to attach energy to any of their pokemon, although they could still select the energy and drag it, as a result of an earthquake from an opponent's attacking dugtrio(from evolutions) that, as mentioned in topic, KO's its own bench pokemon? ^ As I don't see it on the bugs list, I'm curious to see if any other players encountered the same thing I did...
  17. jcgss77

    VS ladder bug

    So I attained the 5 packs tier on the VS ladder, and when the game finished the little jingle to celebrate my victory, it filled in the WHOLE LADDER, all the way to the end. It has marked that I have attained the FA Fan Club, yet I still only have the one I got from the last time I attained it on the ladder. I am submitting a ticket as soon as I finish typing this. Anyone else see this issue?
  18. I am not fully sure that this is a bug per se because I have not found any answers to the ruling in question, nonetheless, if it is a bug then I figured I might as well report it. While playing a deck with Mega Slowbro EX (Evolutions 27), there were Heavy Boots (Breakthrough 141) attached to my active Mega Slowbro and a Manaphy (Breakpoint 116) on the bench. I used Low Roll Spin and became confused. I see where the interaction could occur due to Manaphy's Aqua Tube granting pokemon with Water Energy attached No Retreat Cost and Heavy Boots only working on Pokemon with 3 Retreat Cost or mor
  19. Played a match where magearna-ex knocked out my chandelure with faint spell ability, the ability flipped heads but magearna was not knocked out. There were no other factors in play but Magearna-ex's ability that prevents effects from attacks. Is this how its supposed to work?
  20. Clearlove518

    Fighting Fury Belt Bug

    I found that the fighting fury belt's +10 damage is not working on Dragonite's (Roaring skies 52/108) Heavy Impact. I not sure about other cards.
  21. Hello, I activated 'ultra ball' when the timer was at low (3 to 1 seconds left), the card was placed on the board but the timer did not deem it an action, thus the card returned to my hand. Next turn I could not activate any cards or select a pokemon to send out to battle when my oponent knocked my active pokemon out. (couldn't activate anything so they were easy pickings) This bug lost me the final of a tournament as I could not activate any cards. I was playing tournaments on PC.
  22. M Glalie Ex had more than 10 damage on it but it's attack would only do 100 damage to the defending pokemon This has happened multiple times already. Game Log Output: 189. SteContiero played Parallel City. ***. SteContiero played Professor's Letter. 191. SteContiero drew Psychic Energy. 192. SteContiero attached a Psychic Energy to Trevenant. 193. SteContiero played Professor Sycamore. 194. SteContiero drew a card. 195. SteContiero drew a card. 196. SteContiero drew a card. 197. SteContiero drew a card. 198. SteContiero drew a card. 199. SteContiero drew a card. 200. SteContie
  23. In a recent Standard format match, I had a Mew EX (Legendary Treasures RC24) with two grass energy attached active against a Zoroark Break (Breakthrough 92) which was placed on top of a Mind Jack Zoroark (Breakthrough 91). When I tried to use Versatile to copy Mind Jack, I was unable to copy that particular attack. However, I was able to copy the Bee Revenge attack of the Vespiquen on my opponents bench, so there was clearly no issue with the energy requirement. There wasn't any ability suppression or anything like that.
  24. Opponent attached Bursting Balloon to their Pokemon during his turn, My Shaymin EX attacked his pkmn with Sky Return. It still has 60 damage while its in my hand. I played it in my next turn to my bench. It still has 60 damage even if it was just played into the bench. Used it again to attack with sky return, damage is removed upon removal of the pkmn from the play area. Game Log Output Begins Here: 1. Green_Drake flipped 1 coin(s), resulting in 1 heads and 0 tails, for Beginning of Game. 2. It is now Rizel172's turn (Turn #1). 3. Rizel172 drew a card. 4. Green
  25. MaSkullzOnFire

    Dangerous Energy Bug?

    I am not entirely sure if the bug lies with Dangerous Energy, Yveltal, Fighting Fury Belt or Sceptile-EX but it was those that were active. Sceptile knocked my Yveltal out which had the Dangerous Energy attached but it didn't do the additional damage like it said it should and Sceptile remained at 40HP damage instead of 60. Game Log Output Begins Here: 1. MaSkullzOnFire flipped 1 coin(s), resulting in 1 heads and 0 tails, for Beginning of Game. 2. It is now ricardo2456's turn (Turn #1). 3. MaSkullzOnFire drew Misty's Determination. 4. ricardo2456 drew a card. 5.
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