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Found 606 results

  1. In theory this weekend all packs of mysterious boxes would be XY-Roarning Skies. Well the thing is I've got two envelopes by this method and are XY-Flashfire. I feel cheated.
  2. I played today against m rayuqaza deck, my oppoent played skyfield,and used robo subistute,but the problemiis that i didn;t know about this because i couldn't see them, between his keldeos was gap, i could only see his 4 pokemons,that;s why i was so suprised i got hit for 180 damage,it this problem already known?
  3. Wanted to report that I had a game freeze during a Ninetales' Bright Look Pokemon Power (This is the Dragons Exalted Ninetales). Opponent's active Pokemon (A Seismitoad-EX) was burned and poisoned already, so when I played Ninetales onto my Vulpix, I said "No" when asked if I wanted to switch my opponent's Active pokemon, and the game froze. Both my opponent and I were locked out of the "Concede" button when this occurred as well. Besides those pokemon, my opponent had a Swirlix (Primal Clash, I believe) benched, and I had a Malamar-EX benched. No prizes had been taken, as it was only the 3rd turn of the game. Thanks!
  4. This has been happening a multitude of times for the past couple days, and its rather aggravating. Every so often, I get logged off and pushed out of what I'm doing, and I'm given the notification that says "I've been Inactive for too long, and have been disconnected". But I haven't been inactive at all. I could be talking to someone, making a deck, or even in a battle, and the game forces me out of whatever I was doing for "inactivity". On top of that, the game doesn't let me log back in afterwards, and I have to reload the browser.
  5. Mods i have got a serious bug Client: Card: Junk Arm Card Number: Triumphunt #87 Expected Action: Junk must be able to put pull any trainer card from discard pile. In discard pile selection all trainers cards must appear for selction Actual Action: Junk arm is only pulling item cards from discard pile. In discard pile selection screen only item cards are shown Steps to Reproduce: Junk arm must be able to pull all trainers cards including supporters , stadiums and item cards.
  6. Ok...after the Fairy Accelled Ursaring Disaster....I made this new deck based off of the suggestions made in the last one....here it is! EDIT- i just added pyroar... Pokemon-14 2-2 Aromatisse line (obviously...it's to move energy for attacking and retreating with fairy garden!) 2 Palkia EX (sets up lugia) 2 Lugia EX (is a beast) 2 Deoxys EX (boosts palkia, is a beast with helix force) 1 Keldeo EX (+fairy garden switches) 1-1 Pyroar line (wall for palkia ex to strafe into) 1 Xerneas (accelerates) Trainers-32 Supporters-12 4 N 4 Professor Sycamore 1 Shadow Triad 2 Colress 1 Skyla Items-12 2 Level Ball 3 Ultra Ball 1 Team Plasma Ball 3 Colress Machine 2 Tool Scrapper 1 Super Rod 1 Switch Stadiums-3 3 Fairy Garden Tools (including ACE SPEC)-4 3 Muscle Band 1 Life Dew (wish i had Dowsing Machine) Energy-14 6 Fairy Energy 4 Plasma Energy 2 Double Colorless 2 Rainbow Energy Please leave comments and suggestions!
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