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  1. Since the new client I keep running into a bug with Prof. Birch. When play shifts to my turn, birch is usable and ready for play; if I play ANY other card before playing professor birch, suddenly he's no longer available. The game acts as though I just played a supporter already that turn. (Play a new basic, add an energy, use an item, etc. etc.) I've ran into this consistently now across multiple matches but it only seems to be affecting Professor Birch. Tkx.
  2. As the title said deck and cover attack of Dark explorer Accelgor freeze the game. Not only accelgor but Mew's ability versatile that copy that attack freeze the game. I exported the log but I couldn't find in my pc nor copy on the forum. But this thing has happens 2 time in 2 different match (obviusly in a row)
  3. Last time I played a game with Victini EX to accelerate in this way energies to my benched Pokémon. Its first attack "Turbo Energize" lets you search for up to two basic energies and then attaches them to your benched Pokémon in any way I want. I attached a fire energy as the requirement for the attack and then the help showed me all my basic energies. I choose two different energies as I had two different type Pokémon on the bench. I picked one for the no. 1 spot (top) and the 2nd spot. Then the game lets me choose my benched Pokémon and I clicked on the first as I had its basic energy t
  4. Just when we thought this glitch was fixed, now it's back and it's worse than before. Now when Shaymin-EX is put in play (like before only some of the time, not every time): 1) The match hard-locks 2) The timer stops altogether (which prevents timing out) 3) Neither player can concede
  5. At times the pop up that tells you that my opponent is inactive just appears for no reason and never goes away. My opponent might still be having their turn and it will pop up and never go away, resulting in me unable to have my turn and I instead get warnings (too bad if I am winning huh?) or my opponent is inactive, it counts down to 0 and I don't get a victory message, it just gets stuck. I cannot conceded either, I have to close the program and it does not register my win. I also have an issue with Avatars. They simply do not appear. I see white skin, hair, maybe a distorted hat, and t
  6. I'm using a Lenovo Yoga 2 convertible with Windows 8.1. Sometimes (I want to say often), when I'm using the touch screen, I cannot view the discard pile any more for the rest of the game. Instead of seeing the list of cards, the discard pile's top card is flipped face down when I tap or click the discard. This affects both players' discard piles and switching back to regular touchpad/mouse input doesn't fix the problem. It also appears in the middle of games when I switch from regular (touchad/mouse) input to touch. It's not related to tapping the discard, I've had this appear when onl
  7. Playing random matches this weekend to grind out some roaring skies packs, and i'm not getting all my coins. It seems to be roughly half is all. Please help!
  8. Played a normal vs random standard deck. Around the endgame, when I pressed on an Energy Card to place the game suddenly became non responsive at all. Have had this bug happen a lot with Shaymin-ex but first time by just playing a plain Energy Card so thought I would report it. The card is a Pokemon League one so maybe that is where the bug is hiding? Played on PC Windows 8, in windowed mode Image of the game and the card in question that trigged the freeze ****************************** Edit: nvm can't post likes here it seems Edit followup: The opponent left but it didn't end the ga
  9. So I'm playing a game and a retreat Haawlucha to make Landorus my active pokemon and the game freezes. Cammie appears after a while but when I delay her my timer stops and the game is just stuck in time (for like 10 minutes). Here is the log: Game Log Output Begins Here: 1. someguy797 flipped 1 coins resulting in 0 heads and 1 tails, for Start of Game. 2. It is now azukola's turn (Turn #1). 3. someguy797 drew a card. 4. someguy797 drew a card. 5. someguy797 drew a card. 6. someguy797 drew a card. 7. someguy797 drew a card. 8. someguy797 drew a card. 9. someguy797 drew a card. 10. azukola dre
  10. I've verified it myself on multiple occasions at the moment, that whenever during a match we play an item card which says .... use the effects of the card, and then shuffle your deck For eg. Level ball, Draw a pokemon with HP 90 or less, then shuffle your deck afterwards // The clientele doesn't shuffle the deck at all ! If u use a new item exactly after it or anytime ( before usage of a supporter that shuffles deck ).. and click on SHOW ALL CARDS, the allignment of the cards in the decks is exactly the same. All this really amounts to a loss or a potential loss in many
  11. All right everyone, I just was about to start a match, but it would not load for like five minutes. So, I closed the game, opened it up again, and now after the authenticating, there's a pop up that says protocol error and I cannot access the game. Does this have to do with the repair of the of the shop? (I am playing on iPad) please help!
  12. This is probably a relatively minor bug. I'm on a touch screen laptop, and for the most part, the game runs fine, with most actions working as they should on the touch screen. The problem is that with certain prompts, touching/tapping the cards doesn't work. It seems to select and just as quickly deselect the cards that I tap. Two prompts where I've noticed this are choosing the basic pokemon to stay on your bench on turn 1, and selecting the pokemon to discard after using an ultra ball. I can use my computer's mousepad to select them, but tapping just doesn't work.
  13. i was locked into a losing position because my celebi-ex had a retreat cost of 5 [C], which wasn't supposed to happen in the situation i was in my opponent had only one team aqua's muk [DCR 8] in play on the bench. the stadium card in play at the time was fighting stadium, and not team aqua's secret base [DCR 28]. team aqua's muk's ability description is: my opponent had other team aqua's muk and team aqua's secret base cards in their discard pile, but not in play, so they should not have been in effect. the only other cards in play on my opponent's side were other team aqua's po
  14. I hope this is one of the various bugs that are tackled on in the new patch, but just in case: Upon multiple occasions, especially while playing tournaments, I encountered a bug that wouldn't allow me so see the cards in my own discard pile, or in my opponents. This is a serious issue, not only for cards like Mega Turbo, VS Seeker, Dark Patch, Junk Arm and so forth (note that those cards still work, though you have to fish in the blind so to speak) , but only for basic informations about the cards both players have already played during a match. Please tell me that this is going to be
  15. I've been battling a lot of trainers lately who have the Shedinja (Roaring Skies 11) card in their deck. They use the combination with Frozen City where you add two damage counters to a poke'mon you attach energy to. This lets Shedinja use Hopeless Scream pretty affectively for almost nothing. Which is fine. That's a nice combination. But I've been noticing that the Shedinja's will take 3 damage counters and still be alive. I just finished a tournament battle where all the Shedinja (they had four in the deck and kept reviving them if one did happen to faint) had 3 damage counters
  16. It seems the team fixed the M Absol Coins' appearance, and it no longer looks like a red Arceus anymore. Thanks for that! ^^ However, there's another glitch: When you enter a match with someone, at the start of the match you flip for the first turn right? Well the Absol Coin is strangely on the OPPONENTS SIDE, and on my side, there's a big white box where the coin is supposed to be. I'd appreciate if someone from the team could take a look at this, thanks!
  17. I played against ex charizard during a match. My opponent was able to use combustion blast three times without using any helps(if there is any via trainers etc.). You are only able to use the attack every other turn right?
  18. I just participated in an Expanded tournament. My opponent pointed out to me that I was using Pokemon Communication (HeartGold & SoulSilver #98), which should be banned from Expanded play. I hadn't clued in myself, because I used this deck a lot in Expanded format before and it didn't occur to me to question its current status. The card worked fine, though my opponent did beat me anyway. What gives? Have we misunderstood what it permissible in Expanded format? Or is this a bug?
  19. Since the latest update, I've been facing these problem in most of my PVP matches. I waited for a long time to report about the same .. trying to make sure I'm not on the wrong side. Unfortunately, some players that I've discussed this issue with also support my version. The Coin Flip springs a tail on 80-85% of the occasions . so much so that I cannot even decide which match's screenshot to take and submit as a ticket in private. . Whenever It lets me flip a coin .. at the start of the game, going for a tails is almost a sure-shot guarantee of getting first turn, and then there's la
  20. Client: Card: Beedrill and Pawniard Card Number: XY #5 and XY #81 Expected Action: When Beedrill succesfully activates Flash Needle's "Prevent all effects of attacks" -state, on the next turn when Pawniard attacks with Cut Down the game should note the player the situation or just move on to the next turn. Actual Action: The game doesn't respond as intended. The game cannot be conceded on Pawniard's player's client. Inactivity timer ends the match. Steps to Reproduce/Implications: I presume this works with any ability, attack and item which creates the state "Prev
  21. Hi, I was playing against [Content removed - posting player information on the forums is not permitted. -Mod. Poplar]. The game was nearly over when all I had left was to look for an energy through the last 5 cards I had left in my deck. I used a Juniper thus resulting to a bug. I couldn't do anything for a few minutes and couldn't even concede. Although I understand the reaction of my opponent, I was called a bad loser even though I tried to explained to the person that I could not make any move. I don't know if ti has anything to do with me playing juniper. Ben
  22. In some matches that I play, when I use Togekiss from Roaring Skies set's ability it'll lock up my screen where I don't get to see the energies or concede from the match. I end up having to close the whole application. Please help!!
  23. For a while I know there has been a bug that causes the game to freeze up sometimes when you use a draw effect: in the past N and Lucario-EX have triggered it for me. I just had a match where the new Shaymin-EX (ROS) did it as well. Included is the game log. --------------------- Game Log Output Begins Here: 1. Otakutron flipped 1 coins resulting in 1 heads and 0 tails, for Start of Game. 2. It is now Otakutron's turn (Turn #1). 3. Khalldor drew a card. 4. Khalldor drew a card. 5. Khalldor drew a card. 6. Khalldo
  24. Lysandre trump card ban seems to have wrecked the game for me. 1. Ghetsis caused my turn to end for the first time ever in my case. 2. Cammie inactive notification popped up which of lately hasn't been happening to me. Now this happened in my first three vs matches since the ban, only one was played out normally and even that one was cut short with my opponent conceding. Will report if any other bugs arise but i'm very much concerned right now.
  25. Game based actions, or whatever they're called, don't work. A big one for me is revenge. I am not getting the extra 70 dmg. I have a deck that is built around that, and has items to boost attack even further, but it still only does 20 dmg!!! I lost 3 games because of that. Other similar attacks won't get extra dmg either. I forget which ones though. And some items also don't work. Like Muscle band or something, the one that boosts attack, sometimes won't work. It just flops. UGH!! Help?
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