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  1. In Versus Mode in the Unlimited format, when clicking on Junk Arm (Triumphant #87), the card activates and it forces you to discard two cards from your hand. If you change your mind before discarding the cards, there's no going back. Also, if you only have two cards in your hand, it automatically discards those two cards and lets you search your Discard Pile for an Item card. Other, newer discarding cards such as Ultra Ball, Superior Energy Retrieval, et cetera, the card doesn't actually get put in the Trainer card field/area on the playing mat/field/area until you select two cards to
  2. Sometimes I can't chat in Versus Mode. No matter what I type, how many times I type it, when I type it, whatever, it won't show up. Nothing happens at all. No error, nothing. This happens sometimes whilst playing Versus Mode. I don't know what's causing it, but it truly is annoying.
  3. N just made a huge unfair glitch where at the start of the game, my opponent went first and played N which dropped me to 3 cards!!!!! instead of the 6, completely unbalancing the game for the remainder of the match. Here's the log of when it took place at the start of the game, Entries 24-33 show when it happened: Game Log Output Begins Here: 1. Linnell flipped 1 coins resulting in 0 heads and 1 tails, for Start of Game. 2. It is now jaimee71's turn (Turn #1). 3. jaimee71 drew a card. 4. jaimee71 drew a card. 5. jaimee71 drew a card. 6. jaimee71 drew a card.
  4. When my opponent used the card Ace Trainer, he drew six cards and I drew three, as normal. However, the next turn, after I had taken another prize card, he used it again. He drew six cards and I drew two. (?) I don't know what happened to cause it and I haven't been able to reproduce it. Thanks for your time.
  5. The Silent Lab Stadium card has been having some bug issues. There have been different circumstances where the card will work and a different game it won't. For example, just a little bit ago, Pyroar and another Fire type pokemon (can't remember which) were able to use their abilities against me even though Silent Lab was still in play, and there were no items or supporters used against me to allow my opponent to have the abilities used again.
  6. So this isn't the first time this has happened, but while I'm in a match it tells me my opponent has been inactive too long, then i wait to win and I get kicked. After that I try to re-login and I have to wait...wait...wait...and wait and still can't login. Finally after 10mins now I was able to login. I'm not sure if I lost the match or won it. This really needs fixed, and if its the problem of the server being overloaded or having mass logins, please make another server...that would be a great to have be fixed. Thanks, CPTxAce
  7. Client: Card: Yanmega Card Number: Phantom Forces #4 Expected Action: Switching into Yanmega and using Surprise Strike should deal 100 damage, rather than 50. Actual Action: Surprise Strike dealt only 50 damage despite Yanmega having become my Active Pokémon during that turn. This happened twice during the same match, despite me using that deck a lot and never really having this issue prior to that. Oddly enough, that very same Yanmega did receive the proper boost later during the same match afterwards. The likely explanation is a need for a Leaf Energy attached - the failed
  8. Client: Card: Latios EX Card Number: Roaring Skies #58, Roaring Skies #101 Card: Team Flare Hyper Gear Jamming Net Card Number: Phantom Forces #98 Expected Action: As my opponent's Latios EX had no Pokémon Tool attached to it, it should've been possible for me to attach to it the Jamming Net from my hand. Actual Action: When I picked the Jamming Net, the game properly asked me to pick the opponent's Pokémon EX to attach it to, but after I clicked on Latios EX, nothing happened. My opponent let me know through the chat that they could see my Jamming Net for a short time, but
  9. I believe I've encountered two bugs. 1. Is there a maximum limit for trainer tokens? I've been playing vs games and reached 25,000 tokens but I can't get anymore tokens once I reach that limit. I bought a Roaring Skies booster pack to test if this is a bug, and my tokens were spent so I was down to 25,905. I played a few more vs games and earned a vs reward of 50 tokens and now I'm stuck at 25,993 tokens. 2. Whenever I get a token reward now via the prize wheel (10, 15, 50 tokens, etc.), it's never added to my account. My guess is since I have 25,993 tokens, the reward is never add
  10. Inactive Timer Bug is NOT FIXED Most of you will notice it.
  11. hello I post this topic to share with you a very odd bug. when the reward versus were reset . my reward bar is up to the maximum any seulet I have not received any reward but of course I can not get them because of her . Is there a possibility to fix this problem ?
  12. Hello, The card Exeggcute (102/101 Plasma blast) and from (4/116 Plasma Freeze) cannot have their ability Propagation used from the "abilities" menu on the right hand screen. Well, sometimes it works, and other times, it does not. However, I did find a temporary workaround by left clicking your discard pile and left clicking the Exeggcute from the discard pile. Also, this temporary solution does not always work.
  13. I'm aware that the versus points in the game (regarding rewards) pause after you have finished attaining all of the prizes, but my problem has to do with the versus points on the online leaderboards. Even though I've continuously played hundreds of versus matches after I reached the full art Fan Club, it just says I'm at 775 points. (in the game it paused at 770) Its frustrating seeing everyone else with such high scores while mine is frozen :{(
  14. Hello there! Today I obtained 180 VS Points, but I did not get 100 tokens!! Please fix and compensate! (I don't even know if I got the 25 tokens)! Thanks
  15. I was using an Excadrill from Primal Clash (The half-art one that can attack twice in one turn). I was down to 10 HP and attacked a pokemon with a rocky helmet that KOed my Excadrill. The next pokemon I sent out, a Lairon was able to use the second attack.
  16. I've noticed that the warning timer in game doesn't always give you as much time to click 'Resume' as it claims. Just lost a match where I went to click resume with 4-5 seconds remaining but received a loss before I clicked. Hopefully this was just lag, but I'm not so sure that's the case.
  17. I use EXP share item card quite a lot in my decks, its works pretty well in game but when any Fighting type pokemon (except mega groundon EX for somereason) EXP share doesnt work and i cannot move my basic energys from my KOed pokemon to the equipped pokemon. Fighting Types are strong but it does lose my chance of winning or a good fight due to this bug . can this bug please be fixed when the Ancient Origions update comes or as soon as possible. Thanks
  18. I was in a versus match and I lost. I got the daily 11 coins bonus, the 12 coins in the losers mystery box and, completed my 60 coins grass daily challenge. I should have 83 coins added to my account but I only had 48 in it.
  19. Hello Again! I want to let you, the developer team, made aware that I am able to replicate this bug for you so that you can find it and test it to fix and improve the game for everyone. This bug happens when you log in and log out from multiple devices (NOT ALL AT ONCE). I first noticed this when I was logged into PTCGO from my desktop, then I decided to log back in from my Ipad. I was searching for my deck in Versus mode called " Tidal wave" and it was not on the "conveyer belt" of my deck choices. I then tried logging out of that device but to no success. I knew the deck was still on
  20. Hello! I encountered a bug twice that would not allow me to play multi copies of the card, "Hypno toxic Laser" (from Plasma Storm) on my turn, allow me to explain. My hand consisted of (3) "HypnoToxic laser", (1) "Ultra ball", (1) "Trubbish", and (1) "Water Energy". I played a HypnoToxiclaser and flipped heads to Poison and put to sleep my opponent's active Pokemon. Then, I played Ultraball to discard a Water Energy and a Hynptoxic laser to Search for a "Shaymin EX" (to allow me to draw cards via his ability). In order to get the maximum cards with Shaymin EX, I played the Trubbish an
  21. After today's update, the propogate ability is not working for eggxecutes in the discard.
  22. Hi, I start searching a game in versus mode and then the message box with the Cancel button disappears, a new chat room appears as if I was inside a game but I'm still in the VM menu, all the other buttons (menu, main screen, shop, etc) except for the chat tab are unresponsive and the big Play button is shaded. I just have to restart the game.
  23. This has happened me a few times now and now its getting extremely annoying. When i retreat a pokemon by clicking the retreat button on the side next to the end button and attach energy button. it doesnt retreat my pokemon. it ends my turn instead. This doesnt happen all the time but happens at least 1 or twice a day and cost me games due to this bug.
  24. I think I have the title close enough. This is not a big issue but over the last few weeks I started to use the Champions Festival Stadium card. Not sure if it is this card or not but never saw this issue before I started to use the card. So when I look at the end game report card my healing for the game seems to be a little higher than it should but I may be wrong about that as I don't keep track. Yet when I look at my opponents heals it will say zero when I know they had used my stadium card to heal during the game. I don't see this happen every game but only maybe one out of ten games. I ju
  25. As many of you may or may not know, the card Aegislash has an attack, King's Shield, which deals damage then prevents all damage the next turn. The attack King's Shield specifically states that if this attack is used, it can not be used again the next turn. Well that is simply not the case. After Aegislash uses its attack and prevents damage, a player can use another card on his bench, with the "Rush in" ability, which swaps Aegislash with that pokemon. Then the player can use Aegislash's ability from the bench, Stance Change, to swap itself back to being the active pokemon, which seems t
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