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  1. So I was just completing my daily challenge, using the Storm Rider theme deck and I had an issue using Electrode. In a game where I used it to attack and then transfer energy to a benched pokemon, everything worked fine. The game after I felt no need to transfer energy, and and answered "No". The 2nd time I used, I wanted to transfer those energy and the question didn't even pop. The game got stuck and forced me to disconnect. The "Inactive for ...." showed twice and I felt it would not improve from there and left the game. I checked my internet connection and don't think that was the pr
  2. After the update (, I have received a Special Challenge for the first time. However, the name and the description of said challenge are: com.direwolfdigitalcake.data.achievements.quests.special.FieryFlamesSpecialQuest.Title and com.direwolfdigitalcake.data.achievements.quests.special.FieryFlamesSpecialQuest.Description respectively. Clearly a mistake that prevents the game from loading the data properly, making it impossible for me to know what I'm required to do. This is urgent, especially as it's likely to affect more users and more than just this one Special Chal
  3. I had Regice as my active Pokemon. I used Resistance Blizzard because I was against a M Manectric EX. My opponent had Swellow on his bench. He used its ability Drive Off to force my Regice onto the bench and bring out a Marhstomp I had on my bench. Then my opponent used Lysandre to bring back Regice as my active Pokemon. Then he attacked with his M Manectric EX's Turbo Bolt. My Regice took 0 damage. Shouldn't my Regice have taken the 110 damage, because being placed on the bench should wipe out all effects that have been placed upon him? I have the game log saved, but I can't post it
  4. During a match (this has happened 3 times so far) I was waiting for my opponent to finish their turn and nothing is happening. No "opponent inactive" timer pops up and after awhile their turn plays out quick and I get the "defeat inactive" popup. This only happens on the opponents turn also. I do have really good internet connection and rarely is it slow or inactive.
  5. Hello. I am an avid player of PTGO and recently I've been experiencing lots of issues regarding inactive losses and disconnects. I've tested my network, my wireless drivers, my basic connection and everything works just fine. It's quite frustrating whenever I want to play I keep losing to this, let alone being able to play at all. After spending tons of time collecting cards to enjoy this game I don't know what to do. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this problem I would appreciate it. thanks!
  6. Guys, today i have seen 2 bugs in my game, the first one occured when my opponent used Articuno's Chiling Sigh attack and the effect of Sleeping continued in my card even when it was sent to the discard pile ( by another attack). The second bug occured when my opponent used the N card, i had six prizes yet, but i didn't take any card back from my deck. is it common?! Thank You
  7. I just found out that one of my decks in expanded became unavailable as I tried to test for the upcoming tournament this weekend. I didn't knew first what happened and which card it was until I saw in the deck manager that Shiftry (ND - 72/99) became a big red X. Why happened this?
  8. During a game my opponent attacked with Regice AOR using Resistance Blizzard which does damage and then prevents all effects of attacks and damage done to that Pokemon by your opponents Pokemon-EX during his/her next turn. However, I used Escape Rope to force my opponent to switch it to the bench and then used Lysandre to bring it back to the active spot. However, when I attacked with my Pokemon-EX I was not able to do any damage. Retreating to the benched should have cleared my opponents Pokemon of all active effects. Thanks!
  9. I've had Wally (Roaring skies 94) fail twice to evolve Silcoon (Roaring Skies 4) into Beautifly (Roaring Skies 5). Wally's Card text states that it can be used on the turn a card was played, and I know for a fact that the Beautifly was in my deck. Ultra ball recognized it as a card the same turn, and the "show all cards" option on Wally showed Beautifly but prevented me from selecting it. In both cases of this occurring, I had Forest of Giant Plants (Ancient Origins 74) in play so there should be no problem with the evolution anyway even though Wally's card says it should be fine.
  10. Usually I am able to place a Basic Pokemon onto the bench and then hit "Undo Last Action" to bring it back to my hand. A couple times, I placed a Shaymin-EX (with Set Up) onto the bench when my oppponent had an active Wobbuffet (with Bide Barricade). This stops the Set Up ability and my Pokemon just goes onto the bench without any effects. I should be able to undo the action to bring the Shaymin-EX back to my hand. However, there was no "Undo Last Action" button available after I placed my Basic down.
  11. I had Triumphant 9 Solrock on my bench that stated that as long as I had Lunatone in play, damage counters couldn't be removed from any pokemon. In the past this had worked great, but as of this last battle, my opponent was able to play both a potion as well as a Pokemon Center Lady to heal their Golurk. Yes, also, I did indeed have Lunatone on the bench. At the time of healing, I had both Triumphant 25 Lunatone and Plasma Storm 73 Lunatone in play. There was no Silent Lab/Garbodor/Wobbuffet in play, although that wouldn't change much, since it was Solrock's Pokebody not working, and not
  12. In Versus Mode, team plasma cards in the opponent's hand are "visible" through the card backs. A blue border occasionally appears around these cards, making them stand out from the rest of the cards in the opponent's hand. Unfortunately, I failed to take a screenshot of this issue, but I will report back if it happens again. Specifically, the other player was using the Rayquaza card sleeves. This is the first time I have noticed this glitch, so I do not know if it occurs for different sleeves. It happened in a Versus Mode match. I am running the latest PC client of the game.
  13. Hello. So I was playing Versus Mode in the Unlimited format. My opponent had a Latios-EX (Roaring Skies #58) and it used the "Light Pulse" attack. Light Pulse is an attack for one Water Energy, two Psychic Energy, and one Colorless Energy which does 110 damage and has an additional effect: "Prevent all effects of your opponent's attacks, except damage, done to this Pokémon during your opponent's next turn." Its wording is that it prevents all effects of your opponent's attacks in your opponent's next turn. I then used a Lost Remover (Call of Legends #80) which puts a Special Ene
  14. I know this may not be considered a bug, but it has to be fixed. Today I played a tournament and my opponent used Regice's Resistance Blizzard, the buff from this attack is not displayed in the card buffs. Just to be sure i still attacked it with my EX and the effect was working (i did 0 damage), however i think this has to be fixed and the buff should be displayed so players won't get confused.
  15. Hello. So I was playing a random match in Versus Mode. My opponent began the game. It took about two minutes before my opponent did anything. After about two minutes, my opponent places a Basic Energy to his Active Pokémon. Right after that, the game froze. Nothing happened. After a minute, it said "DEFEAT" with a broken star and I had lost the game. I thought my opponent was inactive because there was a pop-up window saying that he was inactive, but he clicked continue on it. This is not the first time this has happened. The game freezes and I lose due to "inactivity" even th
  16. Sometimes when playing, one of my opponent's Pokémon suddenly has no weakness or resistance. This happens quite a lot, frankly, and there's not any abilities, attacks, Stadiums, Supporters, et cetera that shut off the weakness and resistance at the point it happens. The Pokémon has weaknesses and resistances, but it doesn't show for some odd reason. By the way, I tried to post an Imgur link to a screenshot of this, but it just censors the link. What I am talking about is that sometimes a Pokémon's weakness and resistance is not shown when hovering over the card with your mouse.
  17. Hello. I'd made a deck revolving around the Black Star XY58 Malamar promo for Unlimited, but now recently said Malamar has been banned and now it has a giant red X just like cards like Lysandre's Trump Card and First Ticket. I should be used banned cards in Unlimited, right? Well, I saved the deck. It has just cards that I own, and it has 60 cards. It still says: X Theme X Standard X Expanded X Unlimited I can't even play it in Unlimited. I can't even see it in the deck list in the Versus deck select screen.
  18. I put an Exeggcute (Plasma Freeze #4) and I immediately regretted that, so I tried to undo, but there was no undo button.
  19. I currently have the daily challenge to do 750 damage to opposing Pokemon with my water Pokemon. I played a few trainer challenge matches on my iPad, successfully scoring damage from my water types. No credit was awarded towards the daily challenge. Just now I tried Versus matches on my iMac, again scoring damage (including 260 from my Blastoise) and seeing no credit on my daily challenge. Please help.
  20. Not trying to be rude by any means but I thought this Kami Bug was supposed to be fixed with the last client update?! Was playing my Superpowered Golurk deck VS Landours/Lucario/Bats and had clear advantage due to weakness typing against my opponents entire deck. I'm about to win the game (2 prizes or 1 ko to my opponents 4 prizes remaining) with a Lysandre in hand to bring forth Lucario-EX for the final OHKO..........then Kami appears saying my opponent is inactive and proceeds to count down to 0. It reaches 0 then says I'm inactive but allows me to cancel it out which then returns the
  21. Hi i want to report bug, opponent played N and i draw 0 cards from it that cost me the game.
  22. When I M2 my discard pile the top card changes to a card back instead of bringing up a dialogue box to search my discard, making it impossible to search my discard pile without simply playing a card that lets me pull from my discard anyway.
  23. Sometimes when playing Versus Mode, when clicking on the discard pile, it makes a weird sound, the discard pile's top card turns upside down, and I can't see what cards are in the discard pile. Really annoying!
  24. I won my versus match and have 460 battle points but still have not recieved my coins
  25. The challenge with a Shiftry deck begins after the non-Shiftry player had a turn. This time I played with that deck to shuffle all the Pokémon back into the deck I went second and my opponent placed an own stadium. On my turn I replaced the stadium with my evolution help of the new stadium from Ancient Origin Forest of Giant Plants. I evolved Seedot into Nuzleaf and was able to get out Shiftry to use the ability Giant Fan. Then I played the card Devolution Spray to de-evolve Shiftry ino Nuzleaf and then I wanted to evolve Nuzleaf again into Shiftry with the help of the stadium - it i
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